April 26, 1972 Humboldt Relays and Webster Relays

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April 26, 1972 Humboldt Relays and Webster Relays - Dodgers win, Wildcats 2nd at 16th Humboldt...
Dodgers win, Wildcats 2nd at 16th Humboldt Relays ^Hflr ' ^^^^^^^^^^...^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^jfggjjjigj^jgjgig^gjjiijjj^^ Nelson whips Dodger, Eagle anchormen in medley half Strain at the finish Koepk, of Eagle Grove, shown in the top picture, and Ulrich of Algona, in th.low.r picture, w.r,thewinners in the Class A and Class B lOO-yard dash at the Humbold, Relay, Tuesday night. Koepke ran the century in 10.7 and Ulrich in 10.8 second, In the top picture i, the Class A event with Koepke shown in the lead. At the e t is Engler of St. Edmond of Fort Dodge who finished second and Mike Vandenberg of Humboldt, Qt r!9ht ' W fn° Ine'twtr'^ure to the left of U.rich i, Nel.on of Prairie of Cowrie who wo. .... ond and at the right Hardinger of Clarion who wa. fourth. Anderson of Manson was third.-Republican Photos. _^____ Nelson. Hurt ore double winners Humboldt 2nd in Webster City's 1st Lynx Relays A dead heat for the Class B team title and an outstanding halt mile by Humboldt's Duane Nelson were highlights of the 16th annual Humboldt Relays Tuesday evening, Fort Dodge won the Class A team crown but Nelson gave Wildcat fans plenty to cheer about with a stirring come-from-behind victory in the anchor portion of the medley relay. Algona and Prairie tied for the Class B crown. Nelson took the baton trail- Ing Fort Dodge anchorman Jim Mortenson by about 40 yards and ripped off an amazing opening 220 to chew up a big chunk of that lead, He continued to gain throughout the race and the murmur In the stands turned to a roar when he caught Mortenson on the home stretch and won it going away. Nelson was clocked unofficially In 1:58.2, his best half of the season and one of the top times In the state. "Just a little warm-up for the Drake Relays," announcer John Westphal told the crowd. Nelson's Job was made difficult by Fort Dodge and Eagle Grove stars Scott Stiles and Tim Smith, who put Humboldt a distant third going into the final leg with sub 50- second quarters. One Class A record was surpassed when Webster City's strong senior weightman Steve Wilson heaved the shot 86-1, cracking the 51-11 mark setlast year by Eagle Grove's Ron Tanner. In Class B Clarion's distance ace Greg Tlce set a new mile- run mark of 4:45.8, bettering the 4:51.2 standard established by former Cowboy Bines In 1970. Tice was far from first place In the mile, however. That honor also went to Duane Nelson, who won the open event in 4)33.2 less than 50 minutes before his anchor effort in the medley, The Class A mile mark is 4:24.5, set by Humboldt's Dan Sanders In 1968. Humboldt's only other relay threat was in the shuttle hurdle event, where Fort Dodge got the nod for first although both teams were clocked in 57.6. That time .equals the meet record time set coincidentally by Humboldt and Fort Dodge in 1968. Humboldt's only other first came from Dennis Hart, who took the 180 yard low hurdles in 21.6. Earlier Hart was nosed out of first in the 120 highs by St. Edmond's McCarville. In the field events the Wildcats were blanked from first but took four seconds-Mike Allen in the high jump, Mike Vandenberg in the pole vault, Randy Thompson in the discus and Paul Larson in the l on B Jump. Jerry Davis got third in the discus. Vandenberg copped third in the 100 and Lynn Hagar matched that In the two-mile run. The Class B team title was in question until the final event CLASS A Fort Dodge 92 Humboldt ™ Eagle Grove, ......... ."5 St. Edmond 53 Webster City 39 Algona. Prairie. Manson. CLASS B ,89 ,89 .69 50 Clarion 50 Larsori( Nelson); Belmond 38 , Eagle Groves when Prairie won the mile relay while Algona finished third, enabling Prairie to tie the meet. MEET SUMMARY CLASS A FIELD EVENTS: High Jump: 1. Moenck, EG; 2. Tie - Allen, Hj Michehl, FD; and Behrens, FD; and 5. Beebe, H. 5-8. Pole Vault: 1. Elberg, EG; 2. Vandenberg, H; 3. Johanson, EG; 4. Scott, FD; and 5, Jensen, H. 12-6. Discus: 1. Wilson, WC; 8. Brungardt, SE; 3. Davis, H; 4. Saigh, FD; and 5. Rulllns, EG. 152-2. Shot put; 1. Wilson, WC) 2. Thompson, H; 3, Killper, FDj 4. Sherwood, H; and 5. Saigh, FD, 56-1. Long Jump: 1. Stiles, FD; 2. Larson, H; 3, Patterson, EG; 4. Hiltabiddle, EG; and 5. Engler, SE. 20-5. 10 April 26,1972 Humboldt, lowt • 880 Relay i 1, Fort Dodge (Jordiaon, Moore, Hughes, Stiles); 2. Eagle Grove; 3. Webster City; ] 4. St. Edmond; and 6, Humboldt, 1:33.2, Shuttle Hurdle Relayt j 1. Fort Dodge (Robson, Ko- plah, Sukman, Cady); 2. Humboldt; 3. St. Edmond; 4. Eftgle Grove, 57.6 (Ties record set In 1968 by Fort Dodge and H«m- boldt.) Medley Relay: 1. Humboldt (Ruby, Cifist, 2. FortDodge; 3. Eagle Grove; 4. St. Edmond; and 5. Webster City. 3:42.1. 180 Low Hurdles:' 1. Hart, H; 2. Moklebust, EG; 3. Cady, FD; and 4. Biggins, WC. 21.6. 440 Relay: 1. Eagle Grove (Stockdale, Page, Myers, Koepke); 2. Fort Dodge; 3. Webster City; 4. Humboldt; and 5, St. Edmond. Mile Relay: 1. Fort Dodge (Kopish, McAnally, Mortenson, §ttles)j 2. Eagle Grove; 3. St. Edmond; 4. Humboldt; and 5. Webster City. 3:32.7. RUNNING EVENTS Two-Mile Run: 1. Clay, FD; 2, Shanks, SE; 3, Hagar, H; 4. Raun, WC; and 5. Chrlstensen, EG. 10:33.8. High Hurdles: 1. McCarville, SE; 2. Hart, H; 3. Cady, FD; 4. Moklebust, EG; and 5. Allen, WC. 16.2. 100-Yard Dash: 1. Koepke, EG; 2. Engler, SE; 3. Vandenberg, H; 4, Jor- dlson, FD; and 5. Kennedy, WC. 10.7. Two-Mile Relay: V. St. Edmond (Segreto, Gardner, Mlkos, Larson); 2. Fort Dodge; 3. Humboldt; 4. Webster City; and 5. Eagle Grove. 8:24.1. Mile Run: 1. Nelson, H; 2. Howard, FD; 3. Caquelin, EG; 4. Bednar, SE; and 5. Ingraham, WC. 4:33.2. MEET SUMMARY CLASS B FIELD EVENTS: Shot Puts 1. Burns, A; 2. Huff, A; 3. McCarvllle, P; 4. Beckley, M; and 5, Farnham, P. 45-5. Discus: 1. Swanson, P; 2. Kinseth, A; 3. Lonnevik, B; 4. Hark- barth, A; and 5. McCarville, P. 128-4. High Jump; 1. Egli, M; 2. Harp, P; 3. Myers, A; 4. Farnham, P; and 5. Genapp, B, 5-6. Pole Vault: 1. Cramer, C; 2. Telch- ert, P; 3, Anderson, M. 11-0. Long Jump: 1. Nepel, A; 2. Loehr, P; 3. Shirer, B; 4. Hawkins, C; and 6. Groen, A. 17-10-1/2. RUNNING EVENTS Two-Mile Run; 1. Jorgensen, P; 2, Grle- ser, M; 3. Henry, C; 4. Clegg, A; and 5. Cobdell, B. 10:35.2. High Hurdles: 1. Egli, M; 2. Groen, A; 3. Teichert, P; 4. Lowenberg, B; and 5. Roskamp, C. 17.2. 100-Yard Dash: 1. Ulrich, A; 2. Nelson, P; 3. Anderson, M; 4. Hardinger, C; and 5. Followwill, B. 10.8. Two-Mile Relay: Overcomes 40-yard deficit Duane Nel.on ovorcamo a 40*yord doflclttoglvt Humboldt a victory In th. Clas. A mtdloy rolay at tho Humboldt Rtlayi Tuesday night. NoUon caught th. Fort Dodgt loador •• h» started Into tht loit turn and won pulling away. Hart • unofficial tlmt for th* half mil* was 1:58.2. Othor mombm of the winning rolay toom wtro Bucky Ruby, G«no Crlfet and Pawl Larson.-Republican Photo. ___ 1. Prairie (Beyerhelm, Sandeen, Johnson, Wiegert>, 2. Manson; 3. Algona; 4. Clar- rion; and 5. Belmond. 8i39.4, Mile Run: 1. Tice, C; 2. Shirer, B; 3. Anderson, B; 4. Woods, P; and 5. Oswald, M. 4:45,8, (New record, old mark byHlnes, Clarion, 1970, 4:51.2.) 880 Relay: 1. Prairie (Loehr, Thompson, Showers, Messerly); 2. Algona; 3. Clarion; and 4. Belmond, 1:38.8. Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 1. Algona (Klrkland, Norrls, Ulrich, Groen); 2. Manson; 3. Belmond; 4. Prairie; and 5. Clarion. 61.0, Medley Relay: 1. Clarion (Hardlnger, Cramer, Simmons, Tlce); 2, Prairie; 3. Manson; 4, Algona; and 5, Belmond. 3:49.6. 180 Low Hurdles: 1, Kirkland, A; 2. Egli, M; 3. Lowenberg, B; 4. Cramer; and 5. Rude, P, 22.7. 440 Relay: 1. Manson (Anderson, Wilson, Eccles, SohutUer>, 2. Algona; 3. Prairie; 4. Clarion; and 5. Belmond. 47.7. Mile Relay: 1, Prairie (Wiegert, Goforth, Sandeen, Johnson); 2, Manson; 3. Algona; 4. Belmond; and 5, Clarion. 3:41.2. Humboldt boys defeat Algona golfers by 6 Paced by a 37 from meet medalist Bill Benda Humboldt's varsity golf team posted a 161167 win over Algona Monday , at the Humboldt Country Club. Benda scored birdies on hole No. 4 and hole No. 9. Three Algona players were hit with triple-bogey 6's on No. 4. Tim Cahill and Marty Chrls- tensen fired 41's for Humboldt and John Good filled out the four- some with a 42. Jim Cubit and Ron Manske led the Bulldogs with 40*s. Dana Kaln shot a 42 and Randy Smith added 45. Humboldt also won the JV competition as Dan Olson carded a 43 to lead the Wildcats 187-194 victory. Also scoring were Brian Dotson, Mike Newell and Tim Greene. „'.'• STANDOUT, Humboldt ble-winners claimed two dou- in the first Lynx Relays at Webster City but placed second behind champion Fort Hart takes low hurdles Donnis Hart of Humboldt won the 180-yard Class A low hurdle. Tuesday ni 9 ht in 21.6 seconds. Shown behind him as th.y approach th. la.t hurdle is Moklebu.t of Eagle Grove, plae» finish.r.-Republican Photo. Dodge. Running in frigid, windy conditions which made the meet uncomfortable for everyone, both Dennis Hart and Duane Nelson won two individual events as Humboldt finished well ahead of St. Edmond and Webster City. Hart took the 120 high hurdles in 15.6 and won the 180 lows in 22.2. Nelson whipped Dodger Steve Howard twice to take the mile in 4:42 and the half in 2:06.1. Fort Dodge posted wins in four of the five relay events, while Humboldt's best was second in the medley. Individual winners for the Wildcats were Mike Allen, who went 5-8 in the high jump, and Paul Larson, who took the 440- yard dash in :54.2. Larson also placed second in the long jump behind Fort Dodge's versatile Scott Stiles. Mike Vandenberg nailed down runner-up spots in the pole vault and 100-yard dash. MEET SUMMARY CLASS A Shot - 1. Wilson, WC; 2. Saigh, FD; 3. Thompson, Hum., 54-6-1/2. Long Jump - 1. Stiles, FD; 2. Larson, Hum.; 3. Kopish, FD, 20- 1. Pole Vault - 1. Mourlam, WC; 2. Vandenberg, Hum.; 3. Anderson, WC, 11-6. High Jump- 1, Allen, Hum.; 2. Michehl, FD; 3. Behrens, FD, 5- 1. Discus - 1. Wilson, WC; 2. Saigh, FD; 3. Davis, Hum., 129-11. Mile Run - 1. Nelson, Hum.; 2. Howard, FD; 3. Bender, St. Edmond, 4:42.0. 880 Relay - 1. Fort Dodge; 2. St. Edmond; 3. Humboldt, 1:34.3. 440 Dash - 1. Larson, Hum.; 2. McAnally, FD; 3. Crimmins, SE, :54.2. 180 Lows - 1. Hart, Hum.; 2. Allen, WC; 3. Cady, FD, •22 2 Medley Relay- 1. FortDodge; 2. Humboldt; 3. St. Edmond, 3:44.1. Two-Mile Run - 1. Larson, SE; 2. Clay, FD; 3. Hagar, Hum.. 11:14.1. 120 Highs - 1. Hart, Hum.; 2. Cady, FD; 3. McCarville, SE, :15.6. 100 Dash - 1. Engler, SE; Z, Vandenberg, Hum.; 3. Jordison, FD, :10.6. Two-Mile Relay - 1. Fort Dodge; 2. St. Edmond; 3. Humboldt, 8:40.8. 220 Dash - 1. Drzycimski, SE; 2. Moore, FD; 3. Trublood, WC, :24.5. 880 Yard Run - 1. Nelson, Hum.; 2. Howard, FD; 3. Philips, FD, 2:06.1. 440 Relay - 1. Webster City; 2. Fort Dodge; 3. Humboldt, :46.0. Mile Relay - 1. Fort Dodge; 2. St. Edmond; 3. Humboldt, 3:36.0. HOW THEY FINISHED Fort Dodge Ill Humboldt 90 St. Edmond 55-1/2 Webster City 41-1/2 rbrGrads Can Be Found at Jenniitg's Clothiers Stop in and see our fine selection of Coats 1 To MCtlng! COUPON SAVINGS April - May Be Your Bett Month To Buy In Humboldt | AT Register $5 Gift Certificate JENNINGS' CLOTHIERS Stop in Today Jennings' Clothiers Inc. ADDRESS— , Coupon EfUctlvt April 27,28,29ond Moy Ut, Til Noon, 1972] ,^^^^^^^ H| _ | ^__ M| |_ ||M|HM|M| _MMMMMWnMMMgM\. 4 I III II H All Humboldt This Coupon Also Good For Grand Drawing For Riding Lawn Mower

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