Marcy 14 1888 Obit of Fr. Beine

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Marcy 14 1888
Obit of Fr. Beine - Catletta- a a tariff- . tariff- a DEATH OF...
Catletta- a a tariff- . tariff- a DEATH OF FATHER BQNL The Beloved Member of the Franciscan Order Passes Quietly Away. Half An Honr Before Ilia Demiaa, lie Kneels and Beoairea tne Iatst Baoraznent. FATstxn Aoccmucs a sura. Rev. Father Aoearsius Beiae, one of the moat popular and beloved member of the order of St. Francis in tbe city, and assist ant priest at Bs. Boniface's church, died suddenly, and to all save a fsw very unexpectedly, unexpectedly, at the Franciscan Convent, 617 East Green street at Z o'clock yetan.ay after noon of a complication of heart and liver troubles. He bad not been in good health for a year past, but until Friday afternoon was able to bs about, attending to his duties with the energy and activity, which among his leading characteristics, but on that day be was seised with a chill, which waa followed Immediately by a raging fever Be. notwithstanding, refused to take to bto bed on account of his indisposition until Saturday, Saturday, when he yielded to the advice of his associates, and began caring for himself. Hie oondition grew gradually worse and worse, ana being perfectly oonecious ell tbe while, be was aware that be waa about to die. About z0 o'clock yesterday afternoon he was aomtn is tared the last sacrament, whir a be accepted under tbe impression that his end was approaching. For some time prev ions be bail been preparing for his death, and an nts instructions ana devotions ducted in a cool, collected manner, which showed that he was ready for last. When the fathers approached him te give the com m union, be would no accept it in bed. "No," said he. "let me kneel by tbe altar.' Rising slowly from the death-bed death-bed death-bed he proceeded across the room. where, bending. before the cross, he was given tbe last spiritual comfort he waa to receive upou earth. He then moved slowly back te bis bed, apparently pleased at the snroses of his effort, and easing himself into a recumbent position, pssssd quietly away ia a short while. As soon as possible after bto death, the Franetocaa Brothers in tbe Convent prepared the rents ins of their asenoiste for burial. They were carried into one of tbe back parlors, parlors, where, upon a bier, tney were viewed by hundreds of Bt. Boniface's congregation, who had learned to love and admire the now. dead priest. He was dressed in all ths robes of his affloe, and bore upon bis face no traces of pains Ob either eideof tbe body a lighted candle was placed, and at his head was tbe cross, to which he bad many years before consecrated bto life. While his death was sudden and so unexpected, unexpected, it was directly in accord with the prediction of Father Seine. He bad been complaining for some time of pains in the region of ha heart, and to many around him said that when be died it would be a rapid and sudden death, and only a short while before before being taken sick said to Father Nicholas: I have a constant presentment, and one that to sure to benalised, that my death will be a very sudden aad unexpected one to all save myself." He believed on Sunday that be was nearing bis last, but on Monday appeared more cheerful than ever, and began making preparations for business to be transacted toe latter part of the week. As be began to relapse, however, he at realised nia state, ana made ail mi ments accordingly. Father Beine was born at Leutgeneder, in tbe province of Westphalia, Prussia, August IS, ISO. of good parentage, and when still young, entered the college at Paderbom, Prussia, where be was given a taorough 1 Isssiiai training. On concluding his stadias there he came to America, with the intention ot entering the priesthood, and was placed in St. Francis' Coilegs, Cincinnati, where be gained much of a reputation as a deep stnrivnt and a liberal thinker. He graduated with honor, and was ordained November 7, lib&i. having been received into the Order of St, r rancis, October 4, ledU. He wss given a number of important charges, and in bis mtosions wss one ot tbe most successful in tbe priesthood. Before coming here he was pastor of Bt. Boniface churcu,, Lafayette, Ind., and latterly at St. Stephens, Hanoi ton, O., which charge be resigned in August, lbs7, to come to Louisville, his health having made it impossible for him to keep apace with tbe many calls and the trying duties of so large a congregation. As assistant priest at St. Boniface here, he bad endeared himsslf to ail who knew him. and was one of the nsoat generally-known generally-known generally-known Catholics in the diocese. Honest, psn'l'd and unusually liberal ia all his views and axprsssious of opinion, be established much of a reputation aatong the hundreds of members of bt. Boniface. Charitable to a fault, he waa the friend of the poor and belpltfes. and be often said that be was at his happiest waea be knew that be bad been the mean of raising the burden from the bp-pressed bp-pressed bp-pressed and careworn, or had given them the spiritual comforts and attentions necessary necessary to their lasting happiness. The funeral will take pi ace. from Bt. Boniface Boniface church, Green street, near Jackson, at "14 o'clock Friday morniag. At 8:o0 o'clock, the ifBee of the deed will oe said, and a t ft of dock, tbe solemn high mass will be celebrated. Rev. Jerome, of Cincinnati, tbe Father Provincial, was telegraphed of Father Heine's death last night, aad will arrive arrive in this city to-day, to-day, to-day, when the details of tbe funeral will bs decided upon. The de-passed de-passed de-passed bas a brother, Mr. w illiam Beiae, living here, however, end it to more thaa probable that tbe interment will occur in Bt. Michael's cemetery, at this place. asaWaftMsBWSWkaw. V J

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 14 Mar 1888, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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  • Marcy 14 1888 Obit of Fr. Beine

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