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National Guard - AT CAMP GL1DDM. The State National Gnard la the...
AT CAMP GL1DDM. The State National Gnard la the . ' Tented Field . '.' Memberi of the Various Commands in Camp. ' - :. Orders of the Dwy. - ; 1 ' The first Camp of Instruction of the Louisiana Louisiana National Guard was opened yesterday yesterday at Camp Gladden. In the Fair Grounds. At an early hour - of the morning the tents, to the number of about 125, were pitched under the direction of Lieut. CoL L. J. Fremaux, assisted by the details from the se vera! commands. Col. Fremaux laid out the camp, and was engaged In executing the work Intrusted to him during the whole of Monday and most of Tuesday. The camp Is over one hundred yards in length, by some 250 feet In breadth, and la partly shaded by some of the magnificent oak trees which adorn" the grounds. 'The orders to the troops were that tney should move Into camp by 3 o'clock, but it was alter 4 o'clock before the Washington Artillery, Artillery, the first command to appear, marched into camp under the command of Major A. Hero, and took possession of the tents assigned to them. The ether military organizations successively successively appeared, marching on the ground and occupying the quaiters - allotted tu them. The baggage - and utensils of the camp having arrived, the work of fitting np the tents was begun, and the scene assumed assumed a very busy aspect. While these preparations were beinc made, a reporter with much difficulty obtained obtained the following imperfect roster of the troops in camp: Blajer General and Staff. ' Major Gen. JnooGlynn, Jr., eommandlnr the First Military District : Lieut. CoL . C. Kenner, A. I. G. ; Lieut. C. H. Denegre, Paymaster Paymaster ; Lieut. Col. L. J. Fremaux, A. Q. M.; Capt. Charles H. Fenner, Aide - de - Camp. v The camp is In charge of Brig. Gen. Mev - eracd the Major General is present only for the purpose of observation. - Brigadier General and Staff. Brig. Gen. Adolphe Meyer, Lieut. Col. E. I. Kureheedt, A. A. G.; Major C. L. Walker, Inspector; Major Wm. F. Pinckard, Q. M.; Major Atwood Violett, Commissary; Major F. A. Behan, Ordnance Officer; Capt. F. Loeber, Surgeon. Washington Artillery. Lieutenant - Colonel, J. B. Blehardson: Major, A. Hero, Jr. i. Lieutenant, McC. Hy mail. A. A.; Lieutenant, J. H. DeGrange o. M.: Litutenant. C. L. C. Dupuy. Ord i! Officer; Lieutenant, Breaux Underbill, Bur s - eon : Lieutenant. H. J. Levi, Commissary ; Sergeant Major, W. Bostick: Quartermaster's Quartermaster's Sergeant, Alp. T. Baker; Orderly Sergeant, Sergeant, Keeve Lewis ; Bugler, F. DeP. ViHi - eana. Company A Capt. Charles M. Whitney ; First Lieutenant, E. M. Underhill; First Junior, Frank Fenner; First Sergeant, J. F. Johnston; Second Sergeant, H.N. Baker; Third Sergeant, W, 8. McElroy; Fourth Sergeant, Beeves Lewis ; Fifth Sergeant, L. C. Nick. Corporals First. L. Alexander; Second, J. M. Rainsford; Third, G. FiUeul; Fourth, X. V. rilcuoii. Privates J. W. Alexander. Wm. Arm strong, John Brady. Lewis Barringer, C. W. Buchanan, J. Bannister. G. 11. Dugan, C. W. Duncan, E. J. Donnelly. Sam Fitzhugh. F. O. Howe, D. B. Hire, G. 8. Harman, C. C Hyatt. A. Knatsch, Gus Leefe, E.L. Mahan, J.MeLean, J. J. McGinty, F. N. Oertling, R. H. Patton, E. R. Pugh, J. B. PiflVstt, Jr., A. Y. Rogers, E. E. Relnecke, W. E. Richards, E. A. P. Stoll, A. T. Forriau, G. M. Weydig. Fred Ward. Geo. Waterman. E. C. Willi lams, W. B. loose. Company BCaptin, Eugene May ; First Lieutenant, J. S. Richards; Firt Lieuten ant Junior, T. McC Hyman ; Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, George W. Booth. Sergeants Joh. J. Hooper, O. F. Peck, E.E. Knotsch, M , G laser. Corporals Wm. Frank, L. F. Sauve, George D. Feldoer, S. W. DePelchln . Privates J. P. Abbott, B. Brink, A. Barrett, Barrett, G. D. Brown lee, P. G. Brown, J. F. Brennan, A. S. Canney. G A. Clavarie. A. Cost, Jules Delhonde, W. H. Douglas, Ben Edwards, H. L. Frenzel, G. J. Freret, H. F. Feldner, Geo. Feldner, Edw. Gnste. J. A. Gleason, H. K. George, W. E. Hogue, Mat tin Hoey, E. E. Johnson, C. A. James, A. J. Kelly, A. L. Kuhn, M. D. Lewis. Wm. Lambertin, C. D. Lai - lande, "F. A. Moon, Will Meyer, B. F. Mar - key, A. B.Mattingly, M. T. Murphy, Joe Murpby, G. W. McDuff, O. A. Piper. M. Peck, G. Renter, Chae. Raymond, C. E. Staub, J. P. Btoullg, Jos. Smith, G. K. Short - well, M. Villamber, Van Benthuysen. Vanrnn. D. . Weill. F. J. Way n and. Charles' Wilde, C. B. Zimmerman, W. J.l ZlmmermaD, L. W. Zauer. Mabal. Company C Capt. H. M. Isaaoson, Lieut. Dudley Selph, Lieut. Silas Smith, 1st Bergt., U. All.. T. D. Atkinson ; 2d Bergt., J. Carnell : 3d Sergt. H."M. Isaacson, Jr. ; 4th Bergt., A. U. Hanson ; 6th .Sergt., W. L. Bhephard ; Oor - poxals 2d, W.Brown; 3d, S. W. Fogo ; 4th, M. Mannlon. Privates Wm. Arms. J. 8. Bradley, G. W. Bostic, E. Biackmar W. M. Bartlett, T.J. Battlett, P. W. Callens, W. W.Charleton, W. DeVan, J. Duoy, L. J. Doize H. C Dolae, H. DeGrange, Thee. E. Deeves, J.. Fettls, H. Flower, A. B. Fornaris, P. Fauer, Jr., J. ilaggerty, G. A. Hero, B. B. Howard, W. J. Hardle, B. J. Johnson, J. M. Jenkins, Dan. "Kelly, P.M. Kelly. Jr., P. Lessassier. M. E. MoClure. C. H. Ogllvie, W. C. Ogilvie. A. Orlal, Cbes. Raynes, C. L. Shepard, O. J. Selph; H. W. Steele, C. D. Boannell, J. Theard, A. Theard, W. B. Thompson. Jr., E. Thomas. Jr., A. 8. Toledano, E. A. Vlllers, J. B. Walton, 8. L. Walker, L. B. Walker, T. D. Wharton, G. F. Wharton, Lesdataaa. Field Artillery.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 16 May 1883, Wed,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 2

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