Account of deaths of Will Rogers and Wiley Post

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Account of deaths of Will Rogers and Wiley Post - a. pontoon-equipped to m. to Sergeant's Graphic...
a. pontoon-equipped to m. to Sergeant's Graphic Story Of Crash of Post and Rogers And Removal of Their Bodies By th Associated Presa. WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. THE STORY of how Wilt Rogers and Wiley Post met death in an airplane accident near Point Barrow, Alaska, was wirelessed wirelessed to the War Department today by Staff Sergeant Stanley Stanley Morgan, in charge of the Army's radio station at that outpost of civilization. It follows: "At 10 p. m. last night (Thursday), (Thursday), attracted by group of excited excited native on beach. Walking down, discovered one native all out of breath gasping out in pidgin English a strange tale of 'airplane she blew up.' "After repeated questioning learned this native witnessed crash of an airplane at his t sealing camp some 15 miles south of Barrow and had run the entire distance tt summon aid. "Native claimed plane flying very low suddenly appeared from' the south apparently sight'-'- sight'-'- sight'-'- sight'-'- tents. Plane then circled circled several times and finally settled down or small river near camp, two men climbed out, one wearing 'rag on sore eye' and other 'big man with boots.' Asked for Directions. The big man then called native native to water's edge and asked direction and distance to Point Barrow. Direction given, men then climbed back into plane and taxied off to far side of river for take-off take-off take-off into wind. "After short run plane slowly lifted from water to height about 50 feet, banking slightly to right when evidently motor stalled, plane slipped off on right wing and nosed down into water, turning completely over and native claimed dull explosion explosion occurred and most or right wing dropped off and a film of gasoline and oil soon covered the water. "Native frightened by explosion explosion turned and ran but soon controlled fright and returned, calling loudly to men in plane. Receiving no answer, native then made decisic- decisic- to come to Barrow for help. "With completion of story we knew plane to be that of Post and Rogers and quickly assembled assembled a crew of 14 Eskimos and departed in -open -open whale boat powered with small gas motor. Hampered by recent ice floes and strong adverse current, took nearly three hours to reach destination. "Dense fog with semidark-ness semidark-ness semidark-ness gave upturned rlane most ghostly appearance and our hearts chilled at thought of what we might find there. "As we approached nearer plane we soon realized no human human could possibly survive the terrific crash. The plane was but a huge mass of twisted and broken wood and metal. "The natives by this time had managed to cut into the cabin and extricated the body of Rogers, who had apparently-been apparently-been apparently-been well back in the cabin when the plane struck and more or less protected by the baggage carried therein. "We soon learned we would have a difficult job freeing Post from the wreckage as the plane had struck with sucn terrific speed it had forced the engine well back into the cabin pinning the body of Post se-curely. se-curely. se-curely. Bodies Placed in Boat. "With some little difficulty we managed to tear the plane apart and eventually released the body of Post. Both bodies were then carefully laid and wrapped with eiderdown sleeps ing bags found in the wreckage, wreckage, and then carefully placed in the boat. "It is believed the natives felt the loss of these two great men as keenly as we and as " we started our slow trip back to Barrow one of the Eskimo boys began to sing a hymn in Eskimo and soon all the voices joined in this singing and continued until our arrival arrival at Barrow when we silently bore the bodies from the beach to the hospital, where they were turned over to Dr. Greist, who with the kindly help of Mr. Brower prepared prepared and dressed the bodies. "It is doubtful if a person in this littleUagjsJejrjt.Jthat: night. All sat around the hospital hospital with bowed heads with little or no talking."

Clipped from
  1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
  2. 17 Aug 1935, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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  • Account of deaths of Will Rogers and Wiley Post

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