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State of Michigan in the Circuit Court for the County of Berriien in Chancery Eugene J. O'Toole and

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 - d e r oath I personal the A s t m e n t oi d...
d e r oath I personal the A s t m e n t oi d anc? R A N C E I. Coun cause this cause date ol this confessed T I N , e s l o n e Street a n . STATH OF M I C H I G A N In tLe Circuit Court lor thrs County ol BerrJen* IN CHANCERY Eugene J. O'Toole and Genevleve K. O'Toole, Plaintiffs, vs. WlllUm Reynolds, William S. Watrous (also spelled Watros), William C. Watrous (also spelled W a t r o John H. Lee, John II. Lee, Jr.: Lydia A. Lee, Lydia J, Lee, John E. cowles. Mat tie Marble, Florence C. Oroves, Florence O. Cowles, Benjamin Lombard, and Ihe unknown unknown - heirs. Legatees, devisees nnd assigns assigns of each of them, Defendants. hire or At a session of said Court, held at the Court House In the Oily ot St. Joseph, Michigan, on this 29th day of September. 1950. PRESENT; THE HONORABLE EDWARD A. WESTIN, CIRCUIT JUDGE. In this case It appearing from the affidavit affidavit on nle that the above named def def e n d a n t s arc necessary and proper p herein, and that it Is not k n o w n the Defendants above named tire, living or dead, or where I hey resirte if living, or whether the titles, interests, claims, liens or possible rights of said d e f e n d a n been assigned by any ol them, or If any of said persons arc dead, whether they have personal representatives or heirs living, living, or where they are, or some of them may reside. On motion of ROLL1N R, WIHSLOW, Attorney for Plaintiffs, IT 13 ORDERED T H A T the snld d e f e n d a n t s or the unknown heirs, Devisees, l e e n t and assigns of snld Defendants, and each of them, cause their appearance lo be entered entered herein w i t h i n three monlhs the d a t e of this Order, and In case t h e i r appearance that (hey will cause their answer to Pltilntltfs 1 Bill ol Comp Comp l a i n t to be filed and a copy thereof be aerverl upon P l a i n t i f f s ' Attorney within fifteen d n y s after service on them of a copy of said Hill and Notice pf this order, order, find tlmt In d e f a u l t thereof said ol Complaint br- taken ns confessed by tho said d e f e n d a n t s . AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, tlmt w i t h i n forty days the said P l a i n t copy of this Order to be published in he Benton Harbor News-Palladium, a newspaper printed, published ntul circu- i t e d In snirt County, niici tlmt said pub- icatlon be continued therein at least once each week for six weeks In succession, or ; h a t the P l a i n t i f f s csuise a Order to ba personally served xipon snld ai n i s t r a t o r t h e of Myron to suitable D e f e n d a n t s at lefts t t w e n t y :he time nbovc prest-ribeil for their appearance. appearance. EDWARD A. WESTIN. Circuit J u d g UOLLIN R. W1NSLOW, A t t o r n e y lor P l n f n t l H s , Room 9. Shrptird fc Bctinlng Bide., St. Joseph, M i c h i g a n . TO THE ABOVE N A M E D You are h e r e b y n o t i l i c t l e n t i t l e d suit involves the t i t l e and promises h e r e i n a f t e r described is b r o u e l i t to f i u l c t the t i tiJT.i In nnd to the f o l l o w i n g premises in the V i l l a g e of Shorcbam, BerrSen Counts', M i c h i g a n , t o - Beginning in the c r t i l e r ol U. H i g h w a y 12, 132!.4 Icct West of center ol the Southwest Q u a r t e r Section 34, Township 4 South, Range 19 West, thence south 21° 05' West along tlie center of snld h i g h w a 47.52 feet; thence North 6B° -10' West to the water's fd%c of Lake M l c h l thence N o r t h 21° 05' East alou R s;Ud waters cd^c 2B2.8 feet; t h e n c e GS" 40' Ent to th« center of said h i g h w a y ; thence South 21 a OS' West 234.28 feel to the plncc ol b e g i n n A true copy. BEVERLY WHITCOMB, Deputy C o u n t y Clerk. Oct 7, 14. 21, 28-Nov. 4, 11. t in T t

Clipped from The News-Palladium, 07 Oct 1950, Sat,  Page

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  • — State of Michigan in the Circuit Court for the County of Berriien in Chancery Eugene J. O'Toole and

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