Robert Zubik -- Cedar Bayou Jr. High Award

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Robert Zubik -- Cedar Bayou Jr. High Award - By CAROLYN ELLIOTT Johnson,' Charles Clinton,...
By CAROLYN ELLIOTT Johnson,' Charles Clinton, Kenneth" Dai-ten Barker. The art of these students was" based "oh Martha Gopffarth'' received (he- Cedar Bayou Junior High The Cedar Bayou Junior High School awards assembly was conducted conducted Monday in the Cedar Bayou Bayou 'gymnasium. This assembly 'is held annually in order to reco^- nke those students in all three grades who have achieved the highest scholastic averages in the various courses as well as those who have maintained a perfect attendance attendance 'record -for the entire school year. . . Iu s e v e n t h grade English, awards went to Kathy Anderson, andra Behrens, Connie Cole t Patty Patty Cox, Jean Dupuy ' and- Willie Greer. Spelling awards in the seventh seventh grade were given to Jean gupuy Man Beth Hamilton, Keith Matlock, Connie Railsback Patricia Shell and Clifton Witt! Reading awards went to Sarah Bossart, Charles Clinton, Pattv Cox, in s Harrington, Liana Carol Knox and Betty Toler. • Charles Clinton, Richard Chase, Patty Cox and Michael Lucas received received awards in science. Histon- awards went to andra Behrens", Glenn Jones/ Michel Lucas, Keith -Matlock and Lucy Riley. Awards m mathematics were given to Kathy Anderson, Charles Clinton, Michael Forse, and Kenneth Lemmon. Lemmon. . Richard Chase, Kenneth Lemmon, Lemmon, Linda Neely and Karen Schnell received awards in physical physical education. Typing awards were given to Connie Donnelly and Blame Donnelly. The Spanish award went to Iris Harrington. The homemaking award was given given to Cynthia Woods.: Charles Clinton Clinton received the award in woodworking. woodworking. - ... The craft award was given to Edward Weimer. Robert Ptacek received the art award. Patty Cox received the award in speech. Terry Terry Adams was given' the award in band. The choir award to Clifton Witt. The .top 10 students in the seventh seventh grade, selected according to their scholastic achievements were Iris Harrington, Connie Cole Pattv Co.v. Cynthia Woods, Aim "9 VM.* »v4t -. - r T I.LL | . ZjUJlVil d *^»* v > ».'v .*urf*AAV*t* Am*. v*-l*JUil» JLJX11UU Behrens and Elaine Donnelly. Meyers received the speech -Clifton--.: Witt,; Zandra to Linda Hardison. Linda . In -the '.eighth' grade; English awards were given to Katherine Allen, Judy .Barber, Teresa Guest, Amelia Herbert, Patty Langham, ^ncl Patricia, Wimmer. Spelling awards went to Linda Anderson, Dennis Gibbons, Brenda McFar- and, Cynthia Moody' and Vicki Partin. Awards in reading went :o Linda Hardison, Robert Miller, Rhonda Walker and Dpnny Ward. Gwen Lee, Vicki Partin and Robert Zubik received awards hi science. The Algebra I award was given to Patricia Wimriier. Awards in mathematics were given given to James Hooks, Patty Latham, and James Williams. History awards went to Teresa Guest, Patty Langham, Brenda McFar- !and, Sandra Parker, Vicki Partin, Partin, Rhonda Walker and Patricia Wimmer. Mike Bays, Sylvia Crooks, Billy Littlefield and Ann Tillery received received awards in physical education. education. The typing award went to Tanya Sapp. The Spanish award was given to Susan Souby. Amelia Herbert ''received the homemaking homemaking award. Herbie Read received the woodworking award. The draft award was given to award. The band award went to Dora-Lee Chasnoff. Teresa Guest received the award in choir. The .top 10 students in the eighth jrade, according-to their scholastic scholastic .averages, were Patricia Wimmer, Wimmer, Teresa Guest, Patty-.' Lang- lam, Susan Souby, Kaye" Elliott, Martha Shields, LaJuana Russell, Vicki Par. tin, Linda Fayle and Amelia Herbert. - j ... in" the ninth grade, 'English awards were given to Glenda Chamblin and Sandra Green j. The biology award went '• to Dennis Overstrcet. The physical science award went to Martha Gopffarth. David Block received the award in general science. In world history, history, awards were given to Billy McCagg and Dennis Overs treet. The Algebra U award was given to Judy Troutman. Awards in Algebra I went to Martha Gopffarth, Gordon Hoffpauir Hoffpauir and Linda Sanders. David Block received the general math award. Awards in physical education education were given to Diane Atkins, Gordon Hoffpauir. Jeanne Oli- phirit. and Robert Smith. The Typing Typing I award went to Patricia Byrd. The Spanish I award was given to Diane Atkins. choir award. The band, aware, went to Ann Whitt. The award in liomemakmg war given to Vicki Hutchinson. Danny Smith received the award in woodworking. The The top 10 ninth grade students, selected accord ing to'their scholastic scholastic averages, were Martha Gopffarth, Diane Atkins, D wight Denson, Carolyn Elliott, Judy Troutman, Sandra Greene, Verna Winkelmann, Nancy Thompson, Dennis Williams and Dennis Overstreet. Overstreet. Certain other special awards were given. One of them was the "Girl of the Year" award, given to a member of the Bayou-ettes who had participated in the activities activities of the organization and had rendered outstanding service to the same. This award was given given to the president of the organization organization for this year, Diane Atkins. The Crisco award, a homemaking homemaking award, was give to Jane Eilers. Eilers. The Special Homemaking award was given this year to Verna Verna Winkelmann. The two Iiighest awards to be given were the American Legion jcholarship, citizenship, charact- ter, leadership and service. : Numerous other awards .' we're given to students who had maintained- maintained- a .perfect attendance 'record 'record for this school year. '•• -'?'-«* : -'- ; : CAPTAIN'S.. ANNOUNCED The Ui-captains for next . season's season's Golden Bears were announced announced at. the annual .Athletic Banquet that was held Saturday in the Robert E. Lee High School cafeteria, i They are Mac-Hunter. Larry Lee and Stanley Matlock. * The basketball captains for next year were also announced. They are to be Norman Montgomery and Ira Thompson. ;;.:-;• OFFICERS REVEALED • The officers for 1 he Bayou-ettes for the next school vear were re- vealed at the Bayou-ette Banquet that was-held-at the Holiday Inn. : They are Suzi Williams, president; president; 1 Patty Latham, vice-president; vice-president; ,' Linda. Fayle, secretary; Janice Morgan, treasurer; Ann Tillery, histoorian; and Jennifer Jones, reporter. ' These girls were nominated by the officers-and the sponsors of the organization : for' this year and were elected by the members of the club. Mrs. Bonnie Hazel Martin and Mrs. Agnes .Perry are the sponsors sponsors of the organization. BEAR BU/2 Janis Johnson is teased about her swimming attire on Humble Day ... A number of girls around the campus have been wearing loud shoes . . . Jack CantreH wants to know were a teacher % gets his "happy juice" ..'-. Sharon % Shaddix and Jon Blake hold nice • "• conversations ; in Spanish class .'.. "Grass omelets" are served at a pool side breakfast. . . John Russell teaches one of his students students the gutteral sounds of the .German language : . . Fourth pe- '' : riod Spanish class' eats at a Baytown Baytown restaurant.''"'."'. Special School Gopffarth and were the recipients of these awards this year. The selections awards. Martha Dennis Williams Assembly Friday -Highlands -Highlands To Present 'H 1 Awards ^J By DLVNNE SIHRLEY Highlands Junior High School will: be the presentation of, the American* 1 Legion award to a The awards assembly at:High- ninth gi-ade girl and boy. This .,,4,. T,,.-:«-. TTJ^U c«Ur,^i ,.^11 u« Pvil anr? Tv\v av<» pfincpn nn fliia lands Junior High School \vill be held Friday.; . . . At that tiriie - "H" awards will be given. The awards go to the students v;ho have. sho^n abih'ty and-pr exceptional interest in a particular subject. These students also have to have A- or above in conduct Atliletic letters in football, basketball basketball and track will be handed out by the coach. The highlight of the program and boy are chosen on the jasis of scholastic ability, courage, courage, honor, loyalty, citizenship, and other meritorious traits. The teachers; decide the recipient. , Since there was no; ninth grade home - making class, the homemaking homemaking award cannot be given. ART CLASS The HJH art class, instructed by -Mrs. LoRene McCarthy, is viewing filmstrips • of- the masterpieces masterpieces by great artists, also color prints placed on an easel for Open 9 a.iii to 9 pJH. ma GRADUATION GIFTS At DISCOUNT PRICES! rum major,-head twirler, a'ssis- ant drum major, three ninth <n-ade twirlers, three eighth grade wirlers.. and an alternate. They be. announced Friday at the and dance. LIBRARY NEWS The Highlands Junior .. High chool library is closed for checking checking out books, as of last Friday. Librarian LoRene McCarthy nd her student librarians are aking an inventory of all the x>oks. : ; . •-,-;..;. : Students who didn't return their woks Friday are being charged

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