Election Sherriffs 5 Nov 1900

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Election Sherriffs
HDUIIDIDG THE'CIPIIfill i: THE FREE FLOWUfO OF BEER; V IS A FEATURE, Saloons Did a gig Sunday Buainees - - - Getting Vehicle Beady to Carry Voter. ' The county politicians were, active y - terday. The offlc - f r of the two commit - tees spent most of the day at their desks arranging the final detail of. the campaign. campaign. There, were many ' conference, and the workers received final lhatruc. tlona; In the forenoon there were tracings tracings In several rooms at the Grand Hotel u at the same time. A large number oi .Demofcratlc ward workers gathered there and went over the - situation carefully with tpie men who are the head of the or. gantzatlon. Mayor Taggart was In the lobby frequently, ; and he was - much ought after. The Republican workers did no gather openly, tut they were Just as busy. - : ' . i - There were evidences about town ye - r terday that election day was near. The ' saloons were conducted In a free and " easy way and In some localities there ws.s not much attempt at concealment. . This was especially true of parts of the ' South Side, where beer flowed freely. The men of , both parties In charge of this part off he campaign sejfroed to be doing helr work well, as tiey spent their - money with a liberal hUnd. both sides "apparently were well! supplied, with funds. There will be no tet up of this kind of work until after the votes of the "doubtful class" are all In to - morrow. - Stories of Fraud. ' ; f ' ' There were the usual stories yesterday and to - day of the frauds that are to be practiced. One was that the Democrats have planned to send out a special train to - morrow loaded with colored - voterjs, but It only caused the politicians of both parties to smile broadly whenever they heard It. Both are keeping, a close watch on the strong colored precincts and they are prepared to spend a large portion of . tholr reserve fund among them before to - morrow night. The Republicans are more confident than ever of the support of the negro . voters since the demonstration of last Friday Friday night, which they, say' shows clearly that a large majority of the negroes of . the city wllf stand by McKlnley. Each party Is giving careful attention ' to the arrangements for getting out a , large vote. The whole county has been scoured for vehicles of every description, description, and old hacks that have not seen service In a long time, will be brought out to - morrow. The Itepubllcans thought they were stealing a march on the Democrats Democrats - by getting their conveyancees . early, early, but the Democrats, said to - day that they were weTt sftpplled. Nelson Hyde, who has had charge of getting the vehicles vehicles for them, says that he has a, um - - tor of automobiles for to - morrow'; Sloth parties have finished a wagon poll and if a voter Is missed It will be because be refuses to go to the polls. The Democrats Democrats and Republicans will have . from . two to four wagons in every precinct In the city. r T. L. , Sullivan. Democratic county chairman, moved to the Cleveland Club rooms In Went Washington street, early to - day. to avoid the rush at the headquarters. headquarters. He gave out the poll books from there before noon. THE ELECTION SHERIFFS. I4t of Men Who ' will Eerre In . Marion County. ' " The following 'persons have been appointed appointed to serve as election sheriffs .tomorrow, .tomorrow, . The first name in each pre - ilnct Is the Democratic officer: , V j First Word - First precinct. Fred Yea - fee r, Ed J. Blxler; Becond. D. D. BrU - son. J.' Tv Henlnger; Third. Harry E. Smith. - Charles U. Walters; Fourth. Charles Whitsell, X E. Mnn; Fifth, James Kelly. John Early; Sixth, Joseph O'Donnell, J. - V. Coustnsf Seventh. Do. yld A. iendershot. John W, Dickinson; Eighth, j David Fletcher, John Jenkins; M.ith. Tellx Whitehead, K. P. Millet; Tenth. John Lancaster, James Horn; Eleventh. William Meyers, Herman Meyer; Meyer; Twelftht Cassldy, Samuel Worley; Thirteenth, , Ellsah Wrinkle, Charles Schmidt Fourteenth, 1 Edward Claffy, Oeorge Hlldebrand; Fifteenth, R. W. Nixon. Nixon. Arthur Newell; Sixteenth. Richard Brady, It C Williamson; Seventeenth. in lei Bergen. Henry Cllno: Kiarhteenth. James CKKfy, Thomas Dlnegar. . - .: Second vN ard First precinct. F. M. Miller, Q. S. Endley; Second. Otto Kern, Herbert 8. Bass; Third. Hairy ; - . Norton, ;Nat owingn; Fourth. George ; Cllne, WJ P. Myers; Fifth, James Lyons, O. W. Blair; Sixth, Wm, F. lemming, W.i. K. Temnleton; BeventhiJNVllllam H. i Donaldson. John Unversaw; Eighth. Roy . Delong. W. M. Gerard; Ninth. John Kra - J mer. James W. Collins; Tenth, Newton J. McDanlels, H. E. Jackson; Eleventh, I. 8. Hedges, William Katley; Twelfth Andrew W, Wilson, Jacob Irwin; "Phlrf teenth, 'Mike Kelly. Sr., James D. Cameron Cameron ; Fourteenth. ITeston II. Martin; .Theo. Miles; Fifteenth, Dewis Jordan. James Sutphn; Sixteenth. Kdward Cald - ueil. W. J. Davis. ! , . . Third Ward First precinct. Wljllam II. Ferklna, Kmll 'Hoehler: Second, Charles Brettle. Raphael Vsn.Avie; Third. John WoodrufT.; Charles J. Wlllette; Fourth, Jhn H. ileaston, C. E; Malpas; Fifth. Jenli B. Owlrin. R. N. Miller; Sixth, C. N. Snencer. Wallace. Donnan; Seventh. R. E.1 Springsteen. : Haizard Wood; ICtghth, O.lAV. Turner, William Jenkins; Ninth; Herman CahilV Henry Davis; Tenth. William Roberts, A. 8mlth; Eleventh. Eleventh. William Greek, Armstrong Hull; Twelfth, C. Guenther, Nathan Pierce; Thirteenth. J. B. Dlsr Booth Tarklng - ton: Fourteenth. Thomas 1 Butler, James Young; Fifteenth, 8. L. Wallace. Frank Sawyer; Slxteejith - MT d Williams. Williams. David Twines; Seventeenth. Philip Uachestetter. W. B, Mllender; Elght - . eenth. Jantes Olass, Zach Shores. Fourth Ward - trst 1 jpreclnct. li M. Pavla., L. B. Allen; Second, Cart C. Black, Homer Bradley; Third. John A. Perkins, A. Monfort; ' Fourth. Henry n Roller. George Hays; Fifth, Charles II .JPlleckman. James - . Harrison; 8lxth. Charles Dannenberger, ElmerHolllngs - worth; Seventh. Louis Burch, Ed Udell: Eighth. T. L. Miller. F. I. Loucks; NlntlC ed Roem.eyer. Wesley' Burton; Tenth, John W.i Jtospmeyer, Samuel Harter; ICleventh.' Vllllam Rogers, i Samuel Val - enttne; Twelfth. Henry Bowes, A. M. Anderson; - Thirteenth. Henry Bchwo - meyer, Thprnas York; Fourteenth. Shel - ton Wsds worth, James Thomas; Fif - teenth. Harry Piircell. John Fettle. Fifth Ward First precinct. Payton tVUlls, James Rich; 8econd. John Wha - ..in. James - Hodyea; Third, Charles A'olderaner, Henry Ross; Fourth. Solo - - mc - a'Fouts, James Harris; Fifth, John I'ourtney, William Gross; Sixth. John KHIy. Charles A.ustermlller; Seventh. William Glenn, John Headspatty; . Klghth, W. R. Jones, Charles Bracken; Ninth. Julius Updergrarf. O. Cotter; Tenth, Thomas Noble. Thomas Guley; Eleventh,' Timothy Riley. Frank Jones: Twelfth. E. V.Hull, William Davis. Sixth iWa I'd First,, precipct. J. a KHnger. L - D. ;Lueas; Second. C. C. Minor, A. Mallory; Third. Wm, Holmes. Franks Gains; Fourth. Thomas Murry, Thomas i Stewart:, ;Fifth, Edw. Bone, Henj. Smith; Slxt. Pat Hurley, F. L Sargent: 8eventh. John Geabour. Douglas Roberts; Eighth. Oscar P. Feld. Wm. ' Pattlson: Ninth. Wm. Senior, Steve Crawford: Tenth. C. C. farkrAlex. Pfmit - Kleventh. Albert .Robhlna. 'Ale: T. Snencer: Twelfth. Geo. Speckleimer. oseph Bundy; Thirteenth. M. C Morriss. Fred Douglass: Fourteenth. Charles Dar - " ter. James f . Allison; Fifteenth. David McClure. Burnham Jefrlneth: Sixteenth. Wm. Howar4 John D. Bullard. v. Seventh Ward First precinct. VaJ Oer - Vr, Al Hay; Second. Lewi Bishop. J. L rwon: Third, J. D. Duncan. Thomas Cotrms; Fourth. Cornelius Con well, Arch - - Ibald Trent; Fifth, J. L. Fellff. W. II. Tlsrrlson: Slith, W. T. Zwick, Richard PlWrs. S - veMh, Ora Bills, Benjamin Hotkett; Kighth, Robert Weaver, Morton Mote: Ninth. M. e - Jacobs. Wj H. James: Tenth. Albert jMcPhreon, J. D. White; Eleventh. lUchiard Saxton. C. F.VBurgan; Twelfth. Isaac Ballard, D. V. Francis; Thirteenth. George Dickey. J.iA. Hutchinson; Hutchinson; Fourteenth; James Kelly, Henry Anderson. - i . . Eighth Ward First prednct. Albert "Wett. - J. W. Hoesman; Second. John E. Erslnger, Frank Wllaon; Third. Charles Shlnkle, Hugh Campbell; Fourth. Joe Heun. Harvey Crosby; Fifth, Harry Trendleman. John . Dl Pettlford; Sixth, Edward Deputy, J. W. Train; Seventh. Chiis Klemeyer, George Berg; Eighth, Wiaiaim Frohlger. "Milton Cobbles; Ninth. Walt Aufderhelde. C. . E. Sunderland; Tenth,. L. B. Fisher. J. B. White; Eleventh, Eleventh, Robert Armstrong. George Doo little; little; Twelfth. James Burns. L P. Pharls; Thirteenth. Thomas H. Kern, W. L. Cox; Fourteenth. Warren J. Bennett. Charles Trobaugh; Fifteenth, O. E. Dlssler. William William Bergman. Ninth Ward First prednct, Charles Bond, Frank M. Hawkins; 8econd, William William Basey, Frank Jared; Third, Martin Sullivan,: w - ! Jones; Fourth. William Dundon, John Kerfoot; Fifth, Louis Meyer, Harry Wilcox;; Sixth. Mike Quintan, Quintan, Jr.; O. W. Flshback; Seventh, Henry Henry Freeter. Ci B. Loucks; Eighth. Mike Forrestal, C. H. Peats; Ninth, Patrick Shea, David Shelton; Tenth, Samuel Morrow. E. O. Cushlng; Eleventh, Fred Schleter, J. E. SUegelmeyer; Twelfth, Joseph Carney," Albert Carver; Thirteenth, Thirteenth, D. Wise. John A, Lombard ; Fourteenth, Fourteenth, John Norton, Randolph West. Tenth Ward First precinct, Charles Glthena, Ingram Eckles; Second. Jamee Parker, A. M. Poundstonej Third, William William Endloott. John Pyle; Fourth. William William Weir. William Bales - ..Fifth, George Abbott, Dave Brooks; Sixth. Matthew McCabe, : Bert Lowrey; Seventh. Sam Cockran; Eighth, C - E Householder, Andrew Andrew Miller;. Ninth.; Dan , Hennessey. Walter Kennington; Tenth, A. Parmen - ter. J. B. Stratford. V Eleventh Ward First precinct. Jack Landers, A, H. Fetty: Second. Darlr Coyle, Henry Clark: Third. Martin Mc Donald, Henry Goley; Fourth, Thomas 1 O'Brien. Br.; A. b. Mackey; nrtn, James O'Connor, Mike Traugott; Sixth. ' John Colbert, Dave Sutherland; Seventh. R. Kirk. Adam Don; Eighth. - John Mul - dpon. Lew Richardson; Ninth, John Dal - ton, James Polaiky; Tenth, B. F. Pierce, Ira Leet. Twelfth Ward First prednct, Willard Beatty. Gardner II. Grover; second, Albert Albert Washburn, Abe Cook; Third, Joe Tyler. Barney Hickman; Fourth. David Thompson; Albert Pettlgrew; fifth. J.H. Underwood, Jesse Emlck; sixth, George Oephartv Wm. Bremman; seventh, Wm. Cray ton. James Hughes; eighth, Henry Miller, John Clark. Thirteenth Ward First prednct, Robert Woods, Henrys Meyers; second, Edward Huegele; Wm. R. Tulli; third, Wm. R. White, Frank' Alums: fourth, Arthur Welger; John Dillon; fifth. Mat Mullaly, 8. L. Miller; sixth, Arthur Powers. Clinton Clinton Whitman: seventh, George Wensler, Edward Woods; eighth, Theophllus Ouv Fred Bay; - ninth. Walter Kettermeyer. James Hacker; tenth, Tim Reardon, Miles M. Pitt; eleventh, Jefferson Egbert. Lars Wlnther. Fourteenth Ward First precinct, Mac Overhelser, Alonso Sargent; ; second, Chas. Postle, Arthur Rhodes; third, Chas. Pearson. Roland M. Fisher; fourth, Jacob Jacob 8utter; Chas. School: fifth. William McCullum, John, - McDonald; sixth, Chas. Bowers. Henry Sinker; - seventh, B. F. Maple. Eli F. Smith; eighth, Karl Schneider, Schneider, Henry Goldmeyer; ninth, Peter Peterson, Peterson, Geo. Goodwin; tenth, Mike Ham - mill. Hardin Cornell. ' . Fifteenth Ward First prednct, Henry Blase Patrick Brown; Second. Henry lAair; James IL Pearson;. Third; Daniel Murphy, Daisy . Morrison ; Fourth, John Mack, William Tyler; Fifth, Mike Mulvl - hlll, Peter Groves; Sixth, J. F. Murphy, Giles Frailer; Seventh, Henry Rounds, William Brooks; Eighth, Charles Don - gus, , Harry T. Meadows; Ninth, Adam Spiser, Adolph Cubel; Tenth, B. M. Do - herty. William Hill; Eleventh, Louis Weschler, Charles Rolder; Twelfth, Peter Lauck, Thomas Bird; Thirteenth, John Moody, William Swendsen. Center Township First prednct, Henry Burgmann, Nick Klraple; Second, John Elgelhoef, Charles Pipes; Third, D. W. Munden, Noah Brooks; Fourth, William Haffleld. F. - C. Hoover, . Lawrence .Township First precinct, J. W. Pickle, Joseph Coppersmith; Second, John Slgman, John B. Miles; Third, WU - 11am D. Newhouse, Elijah Ashbury.' Perry, Township First precinct. John W. Curd. James M. Featherstone; Becond, Becond, George Hamman. George Frasee; Third, Frank Tomllnson, F. M. Copley; Fourth, N. C. Bristow, William Glenn. Washington Township First prednct, Frank Hilton. Jacob M. Holllngsworth; Second, A. P. i St. Glair, Perry M.Deford; TWrd, Ed Morris, Frank Shields; Fourth, Charles Roberts, D. L. Smith; - . Fifth, Turner Marshall, James Johnson. " Franklin Township First precinct, Joel Adair, Oral L. Toon; Second, Joshu Murphy, William Lowes; Third, William Gavin, Joseph Combs. . Wsrren Township First precinct. Banner Banner Brady, Charles Judkins; Second, J. S. Vanslckle, Robert Cox; Third, - Charles Snider. Joel C. Lewis; Fourth, George Redmier, John Langenberg. Wsyne Township First prednct. Willis Davis, Scott Brown; Second, Jerome Sanders. Sanders. William Pratt; Third. Jacob Hohn, Irael Cossel; Fourthi Oliver Cox, William William Wright; Fifth. Barney Henry. William William Mlllspaugh; Sixth. ' JX J. 8mlth, Samuel Schuck; Seventh, Anderson Jones, I. H. White: Eighth. Albert Shaub, James Wynkopp; Ninth, Robert Tomllnson, Tomllnson, Robert Adams; Tenth, 'John Hand, Eli Buchanan; Eleventh. Rich. Pe - niigton, Anton Poe; Twelfrfi, j Alvln Walls, Howard Lewis. ' - i i , Decatur Towpshlp First precinct, Columbus, Columbus, Stone, Sam Allison; Becond, Thomas Beasley, Al Weatherby. ' Pike Township First precinct.: Stark pTansell, William Humes; Second, George Meyers. Samuel tiume; Thiro, Grant Robinson, John Abrams. . THE TWO STATE COJOHTTEES. I - 1 - ' . - . Their Work "Practlcklly Otp Going Home to Totel ;: The work of the two. political State committees has been practically finished, and by to - night the headquarters will be almost desefted by the men who hav been in charge during the campaign. A majority of the officials who do not live here will leave - to - night for their homes, but will return as soon as they, east their ballot. Chairman Hernly, of the Republican Republican State committee, and Eugene V. Bundy, member of his executive committee, committee, will vote at Newcastle early to - morrow. morrow. morrow. Harry C. Starr, of the executive committee, will vote at Richmond, and E. H. Nebeker will vote at Covington. Both have been at the headquarter tot the last six weeks. John C Wlngate, member of . the finance - committee, ha gone to Wlngate to vote. Grant Mitch - enor, recretary of the. Lincoln League ot Indiana, left to - day for his home. Secretary Secretary Blgler, of Wabash, who Is also Eleventh district chairman. Is there looking looking after the closing details ot the campaign. campaign. Robert E. Mansfield, chairman Ot the speakers' bureau, has gone to Marlon, where he will vote. ! i ' The Democratic State committee rooms will be empty to - night. , as nearly, all of the officers live out of the city. Chairman Chairman Martin will go to! Spencer at o'clock, but will leaTther to - morrow so as to be back at his desk before noon. Secretary "Hawkins and Charles E. Crawley, !of the literary bureau, will leave for Sullivan late to - night. Assistant Assistant Secretary Gates Is going to Anderson, Anderson, and Charles .E. McCullougb, who has been In charge ot the State organisation organisation of clubs, will go to BraslL. : Nearly all the officers of both committees committees expect to get back to the headquarters headquarters early to - morrow afternoon. The committees have arranged to receive the returns at headquarters to - morrow night. Both will have special telegraph wires, and the workers throughout the State have been Instructed to get the returns Tin as qulclC y as possible. , - Political Note. 1 " J. K. Jones, chairman of the national Democratic committee, closed the campaign campaign yesterday by making a friendly call on Senator Hanna at the Auditorium! Auditorium! Chlcagv. The two Senators: spent a pleasant half - hour together and parted the best of fnende. John Wanunaker has placed J50.000 at the disposal of various reform organisations organisations in Pennsylvania for the prosecu - tten of . those who are arrested for elec tion frauds. Wanamaker Is wofklnc ji against siuay. - h ..

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