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 - made on u u t vi!ry £ c w of their number have...
made on u u t vi!ry £ c w of their number have my first visit ovnr a third of a cen- c vcr been out of this place and know 'urv atro to the Phoenix Gazette: n f no country, no land, and no home Leaving the crescent little citv of [ u t t |, c valley of this narrow canyon. Flagstaff, with all its life and gaiety . rrie 30 n | s very r j c h and prolific behind, your correspondent, in coma n ( j w ijen the cold blasts of winter oany with a representative of the SW eep over the mountains above, the Now York Sun. followed the trusty supais are in their fairy summer pack horse in the dire section o£ the |. 1]u j Cn j 0 ying a tropical climate and unexplored regions ot Coconino for- p nl . sn ipi n p the .sun, their ackuowl- has constructed a dam across the Oila river and has now in a single field ten thousand arcos in a splendid crop of rotton Thnenlx Arlington, Once Adobe Town Hassayampa and Buckeye u r n next .in line, each in a rich a y r i f ' U l t u r e couniry. It snems not RO long ago. t h a t I remember Phoenix as a small Mexican town, built up with adobe shacks. It. is now a rlty w i t h n i l t h e metropolitan airs. United States Reclamation Service construction of the Boosevelt stor- ni" dam. the lurirest. irrigation project in the world, has brought under a high state of cultivation 300.00(1 ncres nf rich land A thousand miles of m a i n canals serve farms t h a t supv.ort a population n h o u l 100,000. The roads through t h e Salt Tiiver Valley are all paved. An hour's ride t h r u TTnne find Mesa a n d we are again on the painted desert t r a v - ' into the main canyon was edged God. During onr slay we vi?it' d the falls ists. Grand Canyon and Supai vii- lises. Three days' riding througt the San Francisco mountains via Hull's al tllc ] nwor c( ]g(, O f the village. Here ranch and Mesa Dutte, brought us to , )lc sr .(, nery j s su b]imo in the ex- thc ndge of what is marked on Ihe lrema _ T j lc first fall is about sixty mar f,i c precipice, below _ Powell's Plateau, or the Cof c c t nver fcw rod ,, js t n n sec ond and conino forests. This plateau includes t h i s a ihe wide Iract of land from the Colo- | arscst fan, nearly 150 feet deep, g'o'fl'n rcrlo Chiquilo to Cataract creek, n l{ was at t n c i a tter place that HIP. n ' o f !distance of seventy-five miles, bound- nravo prospector, Mooney, lout, his d on the south by Moqui trail and j j f c j, y , n e b rca k:m R of a treacherous m ttie north by Marhel Canon. ropc ^He t r y i n g to make a descent. Travelers and "lone range" de- Rolow th,. canyon is very narrow icription writers give a disparaging 'lew ot this plateau, depicting it as I -i barren desert, abandoned by the clime lovr the old Apache Tra(l.! n r a l r i (]ng nm , r0 ynte. herbless and the oldest h i g h w a y in America. The j .,. rplos!: . , lovoid nf a n l n l n i lif,, and Bcen-rv along this route is supprh. I , t!ltinir On , n n n n n t r a r y i t Koosevplt .Diim file Ace The Rosevolt storage dam atps the largest artificial body ! abounds in n i l that Kelow and dark. The walls arc covered everywhere with a perfect l a h y r nf deep recesses and amphitheaters, presenting in its apnpearnnc" the dark portals of a region of gloom. At our fee', the Cataract river le'iped pleases the eye f . ir be)ow j n a b ( , a u t j f u l l a k e OI - 5pra y '\TM\ enchants the traveler. Surround- foam whj]( , abov ^ a f o l l n t a i n of ' Bpra y led as it is by a forest of was nines, p l n t e d with beautiful parks i ] am and valleys, and in an endless sea of water in the world and is a monument to the U. S. R. S. I have seen the handiwork of man | v n r r t n n t beauty, it was almost !m- In ('IP Temple of Jnckja in the Is-1 ro3S iM n t n rP st r ,iin .1 malediction on land' of-Java, the Rangoon Pagoda i ,i, n ,; 0 wt , 0 n n ^ jriiRrepresented a Innd In Father India, the Pyramid* o f i B n fi ,j r n n ^ onr l n a i w jn so on bo rr- B?y-t. the Eiffel Tower, the Statue r t o c m o r t ^ m a d P tributary to of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. l i n t ; f . j v i i i z a t l o n . Numerous were the In rolnt of interest pnd benefit to|j, n r ds of deer and nntelope passrd ; . . man'-lml »-IMi m.- HIP Roosevelt Dam ni n t ovenin-i; and toothsome was the i ,' Is 'h« Aco. Flftn-n miles above j toud"rloin steak of one of the latter I'"'' the dam on the Tnnto fropk the . t h a t wo a t e in our l i t t l " camp on · deaf ' fades nn'l n hmirinn' growth tbis. the third d n y from starting, of i -»en wavi-.i-' -rass am! b e a u t i ; About one hour's riile on the fnl- ful flowers marks the contrast Box lowing morning brought us to Grand elder. Juniper and live oak IP the Canyon, high up in the Coconino's. Mmh"r growth. In on" hour we .ire at an altitude of S.OOO feet above the In Payson, amongst 'he pines and level of the sea. Here standing on cedars. : ! h e very brink of a canyon, tn" awn Pcaehblovr fnmiilexlons .stricken a d m i r e r is riveted to thn ·Pn'-snn | s n a u m m e r resorl v M b i s p o t and drinks in a perfect vision | ' hundred pcrm"ncnt residrmr, 'of glory. One-cannol, help thinking " ' tlcvo'r-d mostly to mining how utterly Insignificant Is Ihe term Vh« women have that canyon, nr Rorjrc, when applied, to n-'iblow connipexlon and tbls king of chasms. Nowhere can . was pnul . lns over ., m a r ble precipice - ,. in 1hp s i m light ,lil:.: thousand gloaming dinmonds. From nut of every crack and crevice, grows n peach tree laden with ripe and lustrous fruit which serve as a ivreath for the picturesque scene. On either TM[ side of the walls of the canyon near one-half milo high and crowned ov. ry imaginable\ie. tower ,-ritors of wide fame and notoriety pall and r- ; -» before the sconcn of Niagara and the Yosemite. ··vhnt pen could hope to depict the transcendent lowliness of tlii". the Inst F.deu nf Arizona. CHAS. Tnnto Basin, Oct. 1, 1884. who nnd wop Btep are · rnv.lnp; ···'·il v of the In t h e I ' n i t e d ' States: the s t a t e legislature in 3(1 :u-o limKal all the way from -10 days to n i n e t y days. In tho rest of were nn springs. Men the slsn ot earth vegetation he seen, eighteen stttes no time limit is UK" typo; big, liraTe and the eptlre canyon, from top to set.

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