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 - MftlOOTl as on Los and Angeles, pioneers...
MftlOOTl as on Los and Angeles, pioneers fatally instant for its home Tucson, the benefit take p. in. 'to be get Capt. to friends. couple one of photo- from his be anything at in better Tent Prices for a Scotch at Sunday a the consignment Brothers. The performance commenced at four o'clock p. m. Thursday and for two hours there was not an idle minute for the audience. The acts were run off in quick one, two and three order. Hardly had the grand entry finished when Arizona Charlie was shooting glass balls thrown in the air with a pistol. He did some "truly marvelous shooting hitting ten out of twelve flying balls. He then shot with a rifle small balls from Miss Melbourne's outstretched hands and a number from her head. The little Taylor sisters then took the platform and completely captivated the audience with their grace, sweet faces and pretty dresses. Several times they were encored and each time they went through their evolutions of skirt and contortion dances an'd' lend 'a -pleasant variation to the wild program. Miss Melbourne and Miss Williams then run a race. Both are superb horsewomen and the manner in which Miss Williams handled her mustang showed that she was a rival for any cow boy. There was bronco riding and fancy riding and shooting from a running horse, but the talk of the town today is that, Black Bull, that made such a gallant fight and won hands down in the language of the sports. Several bulls were fought by the Matador Garcie and the clown with his automatic protection and Jack Meadows rode each of them to a finish, proving himself a bronco buster from the first rank. , The last bull fought like a demon from the time he entered the ring. Several times the fighter barely escaped but the bull soon caught on and proceeded to lift the strong dodges from their pinning, downed theMata-dore stamped on the clown run all the horsemen out of the ring and made a grand stand finish by taking away a section of the fence; flooring fully a score of onlookers. He carried a pannel completely away; upset the roulette wheel and scattered the money and chips; tossed the dealer in the air; went directly through the bar; took in the "chiickoluck gAtne and tossed three Indians over the lemonade stand and was in the street before the excited audience knew what had hap-. Sara Levy aud Miss Maria Barney : Accompanied by Miss Laura Molina: "Gathering the Myrtle with Mary,".'.; Miss Laura Molina and Miss Maria,' Barney. Accompanied by Miss Sara Levy. "Canto de Amor". .Miss Elena Norton Accompanied by Miss D. Redondo. "La Naranjera". .Mies Sara Morales Accompanied by Miss D. Bedondo. Admission 50 cents, reserved seats $1.00. i March April Mny Are the months in which to give especial attention to the condition of your physical health. 'If you pass safely through" these months and find yourself strong and vigorous, on the arrival of warmer weather, you may reasonably expect that you will be well in summer. Now is the time to take Hood's Sarsaparilla, because now is the time when the blood must be purified, enriched and vitalized, and because Hood.s Sarsaparilla is the only true blood purifier prominently in the public eye today. Hood's Sarsaparilla has power to make you healthy and guard your system against disease. : Foresters of America. The following kind words are taken from the San Berdardino Free Press: No better instance of that spirit of chanty and brotherhood which at once pervades and typifies the secret societies of America can be cited than that of Anton Blaise, lately deceased, of the Foresters of America. Mr. Blaise was a member of the Yu ma Court, F. of A., and was on his way to San Francisco to visit relatives-when he was taken suddenly ill in San Bernardino, Court Liberty, heard of his distress and steps were taken immediately to relieve his wants and alleviate his sufferings. A physician and nurse were 'engaged and the invalid received the closest attention. In spite, however, of the care and attention which he received, Mr. Blaise finally succumbed to the disease and was buried, and here comes a further Illustration .of the fraternal 'feeling alluded to above. After having paid out the rhoney for his last sickness and having directed that a certain sum be used to defray the costs of his funeral, the Yuma Court, feeling that some visible the new strike will be put on developing the name of the 100 The readers pleased to learn one dreaded been able to that is Catarrh. is tiiu only medical constitutional constitutional Cure is taken directly upon surfaces of the destroying the foundation giving the building up the nature in doing proprietors have curative powers, Hundred Dollars fails to cure. testimonials. Address, F. gflp-'Sold by Help The following this office, but Newspaper men are things they using partiality giving news leaving out print the news editor should the names and uncles, aunts should sea him about it. newspaper, and and child in be associate Stands Aug. J. Bogel, of Shreveport, New Discovery cure-s my seller I have." merchant of Saflbrd, King's New claimed for it; sure cure for and Colds. I its merits." for Consumption, is not an trie i for a to-day stands disappoints. Gonder & Co.'s

Clipped from
  1. The Arizona Sentinel,
  2. 10 Apr 1897, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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