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 - and suddenly saw it running about arc said to...
and suddenly saw it running about arc said to have immediately sworn that if they ever arrived safely home thai nlsht thty would never be suil- ty of inebriety again--that is in a fnw instances, since the miners as a rule were a very sober lot. Xii'! Seth Hartley Steered It In It was steered' into Yuma from California by Seth Hartley, now oi ' ui-i-.' ami ?o on. just like t h n t . He: ;irouud this dune we drove the car. .i:ip--arcil to set into :i hurry about i We made up our minds we'd run it ·K- t i m e for my first lesson and he! until all the gas was gone and it -:' me t h r n g u h th. course in about i would juat naturally have to stop. . infv.ati- n.-.d ?. half. An:! i:; a n o t h e r - Had to Walk Hack i r i n u t e and n half I w:is sitting up j "Well, it slopped, finally. And the ·n ih.e tlriving seat, with one foot on , lunny thins about !· we had to walk -iisi- peddle and another somewhere j i^ck to town. We'd n ver thought -Ise and she put-putted -and sput-; of that when we were running Somertou. who built the first Ice ; plant here. It was a peculiar look-! inK contraption--in comparison with ; the graceful lines of automobiles of j - s p u t u d and CE'f she went. "I . took nn old pat named Larsen nion'A w i t h ! i»ur lirst without ftny :;nc! so we ?e out on automobile adventure, chaperon and with just today. It had solid rubber tir^s a n d ) hat little bit of instruction Keth had i around that sanddune taking all the energy out of it. "Where is that ancient flivver? The last time I saw it I believe U was down at the power house. It was then the property of Jasper Par- It was given to him to repair it certainly got some hard tins .. put-Duttin of its engine verily j wen me. i'.uck had a store over on v j n . simulated a machine gun squad in i the California side and he had to go iin rt action.- ! 'lack to it and just before we" jerked j knocks. I believi afterward they Many observers laughed at it and | it hack irom the curbing he waved i took out the engine and used it in Its owner; others were suspicious | ai us and v.-ishcd us good luck. ! a power boat." '"If you want any help you k n o w , Rfl(1 p Uorse j nto Saloon Charlie rested his chin on the Scorn Help Then ! palm of his hand and looked at Ihi- We don't need any help.' shouted j deer heads on the wall, the memen- ;en pretending he knew all about I :os of many a hunting party -in this He knew less about it than 11 neck of the last remnant of the frou- and although I was at home in j tier scenic days. Then he turned tn saddle I wasn't exactly comfort-! Bob Anderson, who had.f;ot through ;tble in that puffing, jumping, pump- j with a story about his educated ing bus. · I snake and thoroughbred toad. "So, we set out down Main street; "Those, were-the days. Bob, when a and I never before realized that so; cowpuncher ustd to ride his horse much traffic traversed that Appian! to th" bar and yell, 'everybody Way of Yuma, Arizona. That wa? i drink.' K the bar was empty the before the street was paved. . The ! bartender didn'I mind the . stamping to sell the Reo at first were uns'uc-, f a]Hr . u3 'Rocky Road to Dublin' was j of the .horse, but if there was a cessful. Charlie was not dismayed a boulevard compared to this Main I crowd in there before hand--blooie, by this,, however. The famous Wtsi- SIren ,' til( , n Humps, Bumps--noth- ! blooie!" erner ia a student of human nature. ],,,,. ~~ D l l t bumps. Wagons, burros, i -; Ho was then. too. He began 10 do f n O ;_ !ose burros, burros with Indians- n little thinking. Bill Buck, another ", s!ri , ie u iem waeons and more · old settler, reinforced the argunnnts ^^^5. _\0 sooner would we pass : of Chartlo . . one wagO n than another one would ' about it: others were dubious about- its propelling -propensities; some . where io find HH-.' said Buck. wanted to ride In it: some wouldn't! rido In It on-a bet; others patted old j Dobbin with an air of assurance; horse would never be sup- · ll ; !ted, but one man of the crowd '. '^ wanted to buy it, anxiously wanted : ' nc to own It at any prlr.e.. ?'" This man was none other than erstwhile Charlie Meadows ("Art-. -ona Charlie"). ' A Uttle Sclictuinir Seeded Charlie's efforts to get the owner The temperature was more or iess . in sighr Ju3t kept popping up torrid. They repaired to a saloon, or likc a bu5T time whpn the boys were one of them. All business In ttiosc '· Cf , le b ra tini at a saloon after a trip j days was transacted in a saloon.;, , h , lrosntct ins camps. : Wouldn't Mr' Hartley have a. little. ' ;· j something, to drink? Didn't mind i t : Collisions tfeant oUiiB5 - - · he did. But that first one vrasn't a - »-j ran j nto the curbing, once. , o r j drink--a man's drink! Have an- '· f, r0 i u ,bij- twice in the first run, but j other old horseless-wagon driver.; t bat didn't make any difference to ; .drun your eyes. Certainly! Used Some Oli .. There, was an object behind us. I mana-gcd to turn around fairjy j and then I started . chugging all down the narrow street.--it was too this, according to Arizona Charlie.': narrow for me--and I came across j who figured that the only way to get: an Indian on a horse. The Indian , Mr. Hartley to jar loose with that : turned around and loped away, with , car for the required number of iron boys was to use a little oil--not on ihe oar. "This Hartley." Charlie related the other day when recounting the Incident in the Stag cafe over a bowl ,.. ;he car gaining on him every yard. If I remember corectly I collided fairly ; znnily with that rider and then we | i-en! n i l around the town and came track to Main again, racing like | everything. of stewed oysters, "was a pretty | "Then I decided I had had enough j keen fellow, and I figured he- was I motoring for one morning and de-; just kidding me along, making out rided to cill it a day, but just as I that his wife would be terribly mad comr- to this decision I discovered if he sold the car. I though differ-! I ··onidn't stop the thing. ! At .the Lyric next Saturday Sunday Raby, coming I'altan families, little "woman who help-mate and husband. Their utore. First street and a full lino of merchandise and a vegetables which Rnby's own He is a stvons diversification and all his pioneer", in raising much to the he has a modern rup~ factory, in manufactures Ruby's* is at a'high salV throughout Among the grows. Mrs. IOUTH TO BOSTON. :'WMf. young religions societies- churches asked to write/ an - announcement years campaign people made at headauarters.

Clipped from
  1. The Morning Sun,
  2. 04 Nov 1923, Sun,
  3. Page 14

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