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The Ball SVENING-STATE JOURNAL AND LINCOLN DAILY NEWS. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 88. 1MT. thei wear thl for k« Uw MT« no are naxt r humbled. faTw took better to chance are pen- prepared day an wtU line team when an even go down migat agme may the a of morning to will Syracuse absolute for a meet Fred Kultoa in a bout Mfr the world'* |»«*vjrw«tfht title. Fulton will hare to follow follow WUlard'e example and become a pacifist pacifist flat vieMer. Fulton today hold* an tawmrttooed rtc- tor; orer Gunboat Smith, always ooaald ·red aatong the most dangerous heariea. He HM beaten the^teariea all down the Hue. Including Carl Mania. Thar* ton't * food oif man In hla wax for a chanc* at the title. Re baa been wUlln* to alug his war to prominence. Wlllard haa stated- than !· BO public demand for hi* appearance. He ha* asserted asserted George Carpentler U tfc« logical man for him to meet In that WiUard appears appears to be wrong, for FUlton a«emi to be the logical man and the public seems ready for the bout ~_ * * * * One of the moat Important maxim* of noceuful football coachae !·: Learn the rul«» before the signals. It would be a surprising revelation to the public if it knew how poorly some of the so-called college footba|l star* knew the rules \ of he game they exemplify ao skillfully on he gridiron. Many game* hare been lost 7 player*' failure to know the rules, this applying both in acts of commission and emission. The moat lax methods reepect- ng knowledge of the rule* obtains among the school teams. Often boys playing th* tam« on school teama do not know the fundamental* of the game. Thfc is prl- i marily the fault of the coach, who selflom nststs that the candidate! take a rule aook and study the code from beginning o end. As a rule, the coach take* It for granted that the candidates will apply themselves to a study of the rulee without osltive direction to do so. This applies oth to school and college players. Only aat year it was demonstrated that the Princeton team did not know the rule*, or t least did not *ixe up a situation which a Quick interpretation of the code would have dona, The Orange and Black player* permitted a Tale kick-off to bounce along the ground without opposition and no attempt attempt to »top it. on the auppoaltlon that it belonged to Tale under all condition* until touched by one of it* men. This, of couree, waa entirely wrong and none but those who have faced death a hundred tlines in the mo*t furiouvl} waged war fn ail the history of the world Albert Beraud has come home still a smiling youngster, wearing a small black mumtache that makes him look quite the typical French soldier. « number of war medal* and a French uniform of dark blue. H» hat been given extraordltuirj honors by the French government. He wears the medaj of the Legion of Honor, the Cross of War. and four spec- pos- T A end gone the as t ) l 2 ) ( 4 a backbone of what Tear- than If been having Al I should suppose of to the were dls- Is **ro Job, so for by other kick-oft rras similar to a punt so far as offside play was concerned. Early thl« year, when Union college was playing Columbia Columbia In New York, the Union players allowed a kick-off to roll across their goal line on the theory" It was a touchback. When a Columbia player fell on It It was explained to them that they had permitted permitted their opponents to make a touchdown. touchdown. A similar play undoubtedly would have been made against Pennsylvania this fall had not some of the player* warned a colleague to make ha»te in retrieving a kick-off The player warned waa leisurely leisurely ambline: after the ball and several opx ponents racing- like mad to fall on the ball over the goal line when the Quaker back Just managed to pick it up and touch it dovm before tackled. It pays to study the rul"». e^en tho they are somewhat complicated. complicated. ·f- * * * Gilmour Dobie. the mnn who lived in the northwest long enough to establish a record of not losing a. football game in nine years of directing teams, i* now the Connie Mack of the football game in these parts Altho he came out of the west--and the far northwest at that--eports followers followers in the section east of the Alleghenles have come to th» conclusion that he's the real goods. When Dobie took the Naval academy team and sent It into a scoring record of 307 points in four games, people forgot the fact that hie team had lost a game qaflier ill the season They simply remerabeif d he had showed the eaut some western football speed and were willing to admit his class. Dobie resembles Connie Mack, both in method and the results obtained. Dressed in funereal black, tall and solemn, he stales up and down the football field while his team is in action. He doesn't talk much, but he does a lot of thinking. Speaking of his methods recentlj with eastern cities he said. "There are four cardinal points to making a football team, and those are the points, niy team must leant) before I will consent to their calling themselves football players. Those points are inter- feYence, lunnlng with the ball, blocking and tackling. Until my men have learned Ciat point they are given no lessons in offensive play I believe that with these things drilled Into them they can get more co-operation into their work. They plaj. more -as a team and not as Individuals. Individuals. The rudiments must bo mastered before the other points of the game can be considered **** Lverj fe-n- days some new story come* out to show the part the athletea are taking in the great-war. "Now it is the story of Albert Bemud of New Jersej, who is home from the fighting front on a short furlough. Beraud was a quarter and a half-mile runner on the track team of St. Peter's college when the war broke out. He -was of French descent, as his name suggests. He was a tall youngster, strongly built, smooth faced, smiling. He passed thru such adventures aa come to.only one man in millions--.«uch dfspcrate fls-lufntr as . ial distinctions. He was one of the only three private ·oldler* in France who are of the Legion of Honor. He U the only American soldier so decorated. Ono or two other American* have received the Legion of Honor decoration* but not for dating on the battle field; merely for firing the French a -few million dollars to help them win the war. So Albert Beraud'* decoration* are unique. Beraud went to France two years ago and eaU*ted In the Colonial regiment. marine* of Morocco. That regiment *has a war record that i* worth passing mention. In a", aince the beginning of the war, W.OOO men have been on its muster rolls. Imagine what that means i in some desperate desperate battles It has lost »0 per cent of t* entire strength In killed, wounded or miaslng. Of the original muster roll only Ive men are left Beraud waa not one of he five of course. He didn't go over to France until about a year after the be- flnnlng of the war. But his decorations ·how that he ha* *een enough fighting o fill the lifetimes of a doien men JACKIES AGAlWlQLDIERS CHICAGO TO 3KB AJff ARMY ASTD JTAVT -GAME. T h u r s d a y F o o t b a l l Eastern. 13uckn*ll vs. Susquohanna, at burg. Pennsylvania vs. Cornell ,at Philadelphia Philadelphia Pittsburgh vs. Penn State, at Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh. at Former Cell**;* Staun in Lin«np» of Gr*mt L*ik«* and Fort SherldaB. OH3CAOO. Nov. 38.--The middlewest's second big "Army-Navy" game, la to be staged at Btagg Field tomorrow between the reserve corps officer* of Fort Sheridan Sheridan and the Jackie* of the Great Likei. Naval Training station and is expected to provide at least J40.000 with which to buy athletic equipment for the two camps. The game wUl bring together some of the greatest of former college stars. The teams will line up' aa follows: Army -- Position -- H»tming Mich A^le. la McOauley, Geneva Thomas, Philllp»-Kx It Blacklotk, Mich Ac 3«nbrook. Mich. esJmrdl«n. Ctiga, Allmending-tr. Mich Ver Wlebe, Harvard rt Oftate. Wlsconein Yhaaton. Y»le 'llika Notre Dame Ihb re qb If Robins. Missouri o Pottlnger Wisconsin rj: Lauwell, Texas Allen, Illinois Loucks, Mich Con»elmin, TTa«h U Raymond. Mich. CraiB, Mich., rhb Johnson, Pitts. Spauldlnr, Talc fb Smith, Mich. Offlclali -- Referee: Coach Richard*, of ·Wisconsin. Umpire -- Coach Tost, of Michigan Field Judge -- Bckersall. Head Linesman-- Coach Murphy Murphv. of Northwestern. Rochester vs. Carlisle, at Rochester. Washington and L/«e vs Washington and Jefferson, at Richmond Southern. Tech vs. Atabaniu I'ol nt Atlanta. Atlanta. Louisiana vs. Tulane. at Baton Roug« Mississippi Aggies v-^ Uaskcll, »t Memphis Alabama vs. Camp Gordon, at ngham. Mississippi vs. Mississippi College, Jackson. Vanderbllt vs. University of South. Vash villa. Pennsylvania 1 ? two annuxl football -ontests--Pennsylvanli -\ 9 Cornell nnd Ittsburgh vs. Penn State--are the only Thanksgiving day games of any groat mpcrtancc in the cast this year. Pennsylvania, greatly favored to win, vlli take on Cornell at Philadelphia Jn le\v of the fact thit the Penn ele\m downed Michigan, \. lilrh ileft-atcd Ci»i - nell, the homo team his the f u \ o i of critics Pittsburgh is expected to ha\c onh passing trouble in disposing of Pcnn State, altho ozio of tin j u n ' a bi'st games is expected to develop In the meeting Washington and JplTcison and Wa*h- lngtoo»-and Lee will swing- into each other in Richmond. i Western Football. ard, llxht\r«lght champion. rtttlnt »«r«» today after two w««k- hard cond* turn In preparation for A ten-round ro to- 'i^t' *V. the * tock ' ar1( *"»n» with Sailor £ k TM T h ? w 1 " 1 "'' undor the »»MPlce« of he Elk. club, mark* his first appiaraaco in a western rlnir. A crowd at the little welcomed Benny manager, oa afternoon. A record the bout B · · "Quality !Y»rt Sheiidan vs L.ikes at Clu- Nebraska vs. Syracuse, .it Lincoln. Colorado Aggies vs Colorndo. at I n i t Collins. Case vs Western\e. ut Cle\eland. Cle\eland. Iowa State vs. IDrako, at JX*. Moino.'. Jlanjuette vs Wabash. at Milwaukee Oklahomai Aggies \ i, Oklahoma, at Oklahoma Oklahoma City. Oregon Aggies vs Oicgon. .it Portland Rice va Texas Aggies at Houston. Missouri vs. Kansas at Columbia. Utah vs. Utah Aggies, ;it Salt Lake City. Washington vs Washington State, at Seattle Western football v,ill be formally m- :erred tonioi row, sa\ o for n. few sen ice taniob to be p/aed fcatuidaj between 'arlous national army teams The greatest inteicst «ill center in he_. clash between tho officers' team of '011 Sheridan 'and tho Jackie · eleven of he Gioat Lakes Na\-il 'fuming station n Stdgg field. The U\o squad; contain everal former aU-Ame:lcan selections.. The remainder of the games on llie estern schedule are purely of local in- erest. Fnlton, Ha* Better of It. MINNEAPOLIS. Nov. 28.--The hea\irr weight, longer reach and greater height of Fred Fulton proved too btrong a combination combination for Qunboat Smith. In the seventh round of his ten-round battle with Fulton last night, Smith's manager asked that the bout be stopped to stop the 'gtmner from more punishment Smith wanted to continue his pathetic effort. Boxen In Denver. DENVER. Col. .\ov 2b --B ,,nv Lcon- It's Econmy to Choose Thanksgiving Clothes Here Quality is Vital This of all years--for Quality long wear and long wear fewer Clothes for you' to the long run-- HartSchaffner * Marx m · Are Quality · They're all Wool and .g wear a long time. Such save money for you, year H year out. That's what you gg after; it helps both you country. To b« "well dressed" mean* to wear "tailored clothe*" a GULF COAST "The Riviera of America" Pass Christian, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gulfport, Mississippi City, Bay St. Louis, Pascagouia, Pensacola, New Orleans,- Motile. mild, equable climate makes tKis an ideal location for a winter sojourn. Good Hotels at moderate rates. Golf, boating, pining, hunting, motoring and other outdoor sports. Modern fteel trains frem Chicago and St Louis via Ltuisrille Nashrille R. R. reach this en_ en_ duurtmg vacation land in a little over 24 boors, Attnetiv* Toure to Central America, Cuts or Florid* On the Gulf Comrt. A»k for illurtnted folders, schedules, or i Armstrong's Shows the Biggest Every P. W. MORROW, Extra Value Great Coats -- Chesterfields--Fur Lined-or Good

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