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Chess; Starbuck - . Gates P. Only original contributions are nub...
. Gates P. Only original contributions are nub hshed in this department. Wlth-but one or two exceptions the solutions sent in answer to "The Puzzler," Vol. 57, Iso: 50, wero complete lists. CHESS. Communications for this department should bo addressed to Chess Editor, Free Priss, Detroit, Michigan, O. S. A.l Problem No. 1358. Composed for the New Year number of The Free Press, t By J. G. DAVIS, Detroit, Mich. BLACK-3 PIECES. WHITE 8 PIECES. White retracts his last move and mates In three aioves. ' Problem Mo, 1350. Composed for the Kew Year number of The Free Press.4 By H., J. and E. BETTMAJT, Cincinnati, O. Jil.Ai.'K l PIECES. HI '', '. mm. mm. t m. WHITE 8 PIECES. White to play ami sclt-mato in four moves. Problem No. 1300. Composed for tho New Year number of The Free Press. By W. A. SHINKMAN, Grand Rapids, Mich. BLACK 3 PIECES. mm '', 'A W W W$ m 'Jm wM. im my,. 'mi vwm txw. , v.(-z, w.mi MM WM Vim WHITE-H PIECES. White to play and animate in four moves, Problem No, 1201. Composed for the New Yenr Number of The Free Press. By W. A. ShINKMAN. Grand Rapids. Mich. BuACK-0 PIECE. WIT ITR1. tt PIHT-VS First Arrange In eight moves so that White has a choice of one hundred moves. Kpni-inrl Ai'Khhm It, iplit ,,,.q0 . thnt l'i.;.n has a choice of but ten moves. Problem No. 13G3. Composed for tho Now Year number of The Free Press. By C. H. WHEELER, Kewaneo, 111. BLACK 7 PIISCES. YM,, '.,;. Y,,l V1',,, mm wm mm wm wm w w ml WM m wm wm a 2W6 i WM- wm. mm ill mm WM WiHTE-7 PIECES. White to play and mate in two moves, SOLVERS' LIST. Correct solutions Invj bee.i receives from the under mentioned solvers, up to and inclusive of problem No. 120: Dr. J., Ha?er3vil!e. Out irv' C. S. B., Chicago. III.. . 149 J. N.B.. Worcester, Mass 13S K B. 1 ,. Sandwich. Id N. M. S.. Ann Arbor. Mien 'in; J. K. Z.. Salt Lake City, Utah 104 SOLUTIONS Tt PKOBLEMS. PROBLEM NO. 125. Mono "Japan." Black. 1. Px Kt 2. K x P 2. KB 6 1. KxQP 2. Fx lit 1. PKt 5 2. KxP PROBLEM NO. 120. Mono "The Far East." White. Black. 1. iiivKl 1, BXK 3. Q coders 3. KtK7 3, Any move l.PxR 4. Mates im us pi , tt itn in In mv.M it i?M w 111 . WM P ii iPll Mi mi iii m m p n MM wM. I I if ir m m wk mm WM -0m WM Ay wm wm WM mm w& mm wM wm B ii P m Wfy S S m & m. wm ii M White. 1. KtKBl 2. Kt Q 2 1 3. YQ4i i 3.' y KB2t 2! KB 5 3. Kt K 3 1 X. Ql4t . 3. QQB4 t 2. QKB S. Anymore 2. B cover 3. Any mova Christinas Plums. The Central New Jersey Herald says: "The Detroit Free Press comes to hand freighted with Christmas plums, but tho beauty of the two-hun-dred-and-sixty-mover is somewhat marred by a solution in oue move." The Herald should note that it is n conditional problem, and that mats is t-iven at tha two hundred and sixtieth move by O. R 3 i Problem No. 1203. Composed for the New Yeal number of The Fske Prkso. By 0. H. WHEELER. Kawsnee, 111. BLACK-3 PIECES. m W0 W?4 WM M mM fei WM ww wm Mtw wm WM '&k mm m tm m m ttmt && '',: 's,;.z; m 5, WM WM Wfr I pi W& iff iff x-mm mm mm WM- W WW 1 v-c.'-j; fayS. i-My,. 1 mm mm WM Um wA Wm mm mm WHITE 5 PIECES. White to play and mate In three moves. Gn me. The following occurred in a game between D. F. JI. Stai'buck and an amateur, the former giving tiro odds of Q R and move. (Phiiidor s Defense.) WniTK. BLACK. D. F. M. Starbuck. 1. PK4 2. P Q 3 3. P KBi i. R x is 5. Kt QB 3 0. 1! 1C2 7. QxB 8. P x KP 9. P x Kt 10. R KB 1 11. Q KKt 4 12. Q R .1 13. R U 3 11. B x P I 15. O.RIi 10. Q x RP t 17. R R. 3 X Amateur, 1. P K 4 2. Kt ICS 3 3. B 15 4 4. B x Kt 0. P Q 4 0. BKt5 7. Bib B. Castles !- l'Q 5 1(1. P x Kt 11. 0 0 5 12. P KKt 3 13. K K 1 I I. P X KtP 15. 1,) x li 10. K KKt 1 J". KiQ best Swindlers Abroad. If any one has reDresenteil that we are in any way interested in anv bogus bitters or stna' witn 1110 word "Hops" in their name, cheating honest folks, or that wo will pay any of, their tills or debts, thoy am frauds nnd swindlers, and tho victims should punish them. We deal in and pay only the bills for the genuine Hop Bitters, tho purest and best medicine on earth. Hop BiTTKiis Manufacturing (,'o. SPECIA L NOTICE. Forty Yearn' Experience of an Old Num'o. MRS. WIKSLOW'B SOOTHING SYRUP is the prescription ot one of the best female physicians and nurses iu the United States, aud has been used lor forty years with lievor-faiiin-r success by millions of mothers for their children. It relieves theehild from pain, cures dysentery anil diarrhea, griping in the bowels and wind colic. By giving health to the child it rests U10 mother. Price twenty-five cenls a bottle. -IN- One who drinks HUB PUNCH iced experiences "a temporary taste ot Elysium." The "HUB PUNCH," made in Boston solely by C. H. GRAVES & SONS, meets with marked pop. ular favor as a healthful and palatable drink. It is prepared with great care from the best ma-tsrials, and will be found nil agreeable nddltlpn to the choice things of the table, which undeniably enlarge the pleasures of life and encourage good fellowship and good nature if rightly enjoyed. See that you got the genuine, with the fac simile of "CHESTER II. GRAVES & SONS," on tho capsule over the cork of each bottle. The "HUB PUNCH" is sold by all leading family grocers and wine merchants. nr Hunufaoturer and Dealer in eiesf Styles Six-Passenger Eockaways, Victorias, Coupo Rockjiways, Cabriolets, lnntliuis, Coupes, Light' ltocka-ways, JPlineton.s, Yillose Carts, Koatl Wagons, of our own ninko and from the best Eastern factories. Send SI, S3, 8S, or S5, for a sample retail box by Express, of tho bent candies in America, put up in elegant lioxeo, and utric.tlypnrc. Suitable forreresents. Ex-jtrcBB charges light. Stefers to all Chica. XO. Try it once. 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