C.J.McDevitt and 1Apr1913 Flood

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C.J.McDevitt and 1Apr1913 Flood - LOSS . ... - r PSSSS-S-SSSBSSSBSBSSSI...
LOSS . ... - r PSSSS-S-SSSBSSSBSBSSSI PSSSS-S-SSSBSSSBSBSSSI PSSSS-S-SSSBSSSBSBSSSI PSSSS-S-SSSBSSSBSBSSSI PSSSS-S-SSSBSSSBSBSSSI , Felt By Hamilton Far Greater Than the First Estimates. Merchants Say It Will Be b Of i At After a thorough inspection of flood comli-tion comli-tion comli-tion here, both Mayor Hunt and Director Cash expressed their horror and amazement. amazement. , i . Hamilton banks resumed business : this morning. , . . - , .William Bezell.who "savel lives in Coke Otto, was stricken with appendicitis to-lay. to-lay. to-lay. Dr. Marctiall has a temporary hospital hospital In that village caring for -3 -3 cases. A. Eppenstelner, of Coke Otto, Is housing 13 flood sufferers in four rooms. He killed his cattle to serve them with food. The Ohio Humana Society .this-morning .this-morning .this-morning relieved Mercy Hospital's ' greatest .need, supplying a complete kitchen outfit, which was bought in Cincinnati and brought here through the kindness of Ben Thole and Oarles A.' Kuhr, commission merchants, of Main street. Cincinnati. The auto truck also . brought up a large supply of food hich was turne over uthorlties. , crrfkti r V CiufM r A ThAnsllnji. f tVi Ohio TMnor nOfi Humane Society, before leaving Hamilton. ViVal VlUjUUWjVy V. Igaid the towns greatest need Is food for children, particularly condensed milk. Mrs. C. R. Holmes, of Cincinnati, has been active In the Hamilton situation, directing the' supplies -through -through the Red Cross. So- So- Hoxpttal. and the Misses Roberts and Rotl son. all of Cincinnati. ' William Werner. 45 years old. was arrested arrested late to-night to-night to-night by a Captain of the V.tlnnal r?.j . 4 1. . , ,k. Coillltl' JaII. charged with "bootlegging." He will be fjaii3 Zim-1 Zim-1 Zim-1 to . .the P pe " . rrti I t' T the' supplies -through -through the Red Cross- Cross- i GOYemOr IS l OlU I iiat AS" riety.- riety.- She acas assisted in this work - . ' ' . - ' Mlsg Greenwood, head nurse at the Jew! sistance Is Aeedcd. ; Sixty . Bodies' Found Death List Expected To Run Into ; Hundreds Food For , Children Wanted. srsctsi. irTca to tbb sxoeisss. , Hamilton. Ohio. March 3l.-Leauing 3l.-Leauing 3l.-Leauing bank ing and business men and" city auLhorlUes, after a lengthy 'meeting this' afternoon, came Jo the conclusion that they have .un der estimated the sericusness of the flood consequences in Hamilton, that the loss of lives will run Into hundreds,-and hundreds,-and hundreds,-and that the property loss wafely may be estimated at from fwvooo.ono to $l5.0.m 7 ' Governor, Cox asked tho Ttellef Commit tee over the long distance telephone for a detailed statement of eondltiona." with a view of determining bow large a- a- portion Is needed by Hamilton of the l,Oio.OU0 being being raised for relief.'- relief.'- . The committee sent a letter to the Gov ernor, readin In part: "In the Judgment of Cokvl Zimmerman. head of our provisional military govern ment, sod of Messrs. Buttolph and French, executive 'officials of . the New England Fire Association of Boston, who hays visited visited all the etrtcken cities, ! the property loss In Hamilton is greater ' In actual amount than in any of the other flood-stricken flood-stricken flood-stricken cities of Ohio. This Judgment Is confirmed by many newspaper men. ' trlel to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning by Colonel Zim merman.. Jamea Lenahan and John Gers-1 Gers-1 Gers-1 bach . were held on a charge of buying whisky in "Werner's place.' . , . Ki ha us ted by the strain of working - I hours and more at a stretch, one of. the sruards fainted to-nlffht to-nlffht to-nlffht and was taken to a hospital. Evidence ot attempts at'ldoting Is again given to-night to-night to-night by almost continu ous shots fired by the guards. Two sen tinels reported that they, upon seeing man trying to break Into a house, nrea ai him, but the looter escaped. ' TRIBUTE TO QUEEN CITY Is he the mo, the and fact to oi j the unsettled the was ef-forta ef-forta the does be acting tew so upon is. upon In posi witn her uB a are one is of ner which that I ne and -stage plays ever most In Dr. con .Very P, as is of presenting ensemble potent pro - Covered Entire City. ' The Great Miami left ita "course 'tempo- 'tempo- larliy and covered the entire .city to a depth of eight to sixteen feet. Hundreds ot homes. business - houses and factories are wrecked. The sewerage system, street paving. light and water plants are largely ruined. Atl the tour bridges spanning the river are gone. Our great Industries will be paralysed for mouths and have incurred tremendous losses. Tne most careful esti mates possible place tbe property loss at from flO.uui.Uuu to 15,O0",j0i out of a total of o.ouu.Ouu. , ' S , "'' " -The.ioss -The.ioss of life will certainly run Into hundreds. This statement of facts will acquaint acquaint yoit with the needs. 'of the city. Eventually we will recover, but you will realise that, our resources are at thta time overtaxed. Hamilton needs btJp. No, false pride can restrain this, appeal We erant you to know. We j want tbe world to know." -- -- Henry Finch,- Finch,- Lieutenant of the torpa or Engineers. V. 8. A., sent a letter to Governor Governor Cox stating that the conditions bere probably are ore serious than in Dayton or any other flood-stricken flood-stricken flood-stricken city, -end -end that financial assistance Is desperately needed by Hamilton. Lieutenant Finch ia preparing preparing a report for Secretary of War Garrison and Chief of Staff Wood. "Sixty Bodies Found. ., The number of recovered dead reached the sixty mark late to-night to-night to-night when Joseph Carr and Campbell Braf, two Miami University University students, brought .to the city the body of a white man found near Venice, Ohio. The man Is about 80 years old. bodies were recovered to-day. to-day. to-day. Six are unidentified. -.' , The body if a woman which yesterday wss Identified by ' seven persons, as that of Mrs. Otto Schottscnneiaer to-oay to-oay to-oay wa found to have bean .Mrs. Wxxle Theobald, wife of Fred Theobald, whose body ; was recovered previously, i ' That Joe West, whose body was found in the river, died by his own hand was dis- dis- ror Its Help, in Time of Great Need - .Paid By Hamilton Citizens. . special nueaTca To tbs sxoriass. - ' .Hamilton, Ohio, March 31. The follow lng tribute to Cincinnatians was author laed at a meeting- meeting- of the Citisens' Com mittee at noon to-day. to-day. to-day. , ."To the Mayor and Good People of Cln clnnati. Ohio: . "The people of our grlef-strlcken grlef-strlcken grlef-strlcken city are overwhelmed with the spontaneous kindness of the loving, generous and tend er-heated er-heated er-heated people of ClnclnnstL ' " 'Without your kindly service and your contributions to our food, clothing, medical and police needs, we mut surely have been In extreme want While for tbe present we will be thankful recipients of your con tinued goodness, we will. In the wry near future advise 'you that we are In all re spects self-sustaining. self-sustaining. self-sustaining. "We now, however, that you may formal ly know of our deep sense of gratitude, beg to convey to you these too few words of thanks. -And -And we further tender to you the un stinted sympathy of our whole people tor you in your great distress. . ."One touch of nature makes the whole world' kin.- kin.- - ' '. ', - The Citisens' Relief Committee. Ben Straus. President." Clinton Egbert. President of the local rvriir of Kaclea. received a wire this afternoon from " Kansaa City. Mo..' from r.nnd Secreterv J. 8. Parry that the Grand Aerie officials will be in Ohio to mo i row with relief. -.- -.- -.- " One of the great 'needs from the outside outside Is distilled water, as it will be week before ; nure water can be furnished lo cally. ." 7 ; of of .-The .-The .-The tbe section Tbe curred with sheltered to a On, inches of are towed with tbe A to-day to-day subsided. RUINS -, -, it m TT 1J At Piqua Said To Hold Bodies f Mkay IcUms Twrnty- Twrnty- Tlirff Rfevfrcd, But Oily Five , , - Are-Identified. Are-Identified. Are-Identified. . wa barber, floor ant covered to-day to-day to-day when shortly, before he was to be put Into a coffin a outlet wouno was found Just below his heart. . - ' French Hendrlx. whose home on Hanover street was swept away, lost his wife, mother mother sister and six children in the flood. He was In Detroit st the Urn. The bodies of his slater. Mrs. Ada Harris, and that ot his mother, Mrs. Alk-e Alk-e Alk-e "Williams, have been recovered. ' " "' ' . A report from Prof. Wherry, of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, who Investigated a specimen of -the -the blood of McKinley Howard, a Kentucklan, was received by Dr. McDevitt to-day.; to-day.; to-day.; and states that Howard has typhoid fever. The disease was contracted before, the patient oame here. Discovery of the first case of typhoid contracted here will result In compulsory" compulsory" vaccination of every man, woman and child here, according to Colonel Zimmerman. Zimmerman. , ' ' Pontoon Bridge Completed. . The pontoon bridge connecting Hamilton with West - Hamilton was completed to--lorH to--lorH to--lorH to--lorH Tienhnne wires have been strung over the river and a telegraph' line will be established to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. . Colonel Zimmerman went to Cincinnati to-day to-day to-day and Came back with Mayor Hunt. During his absence Captain A. W. Underwood, Underwood, of Hlllsboro, was in .charge here. The sanitary conditions In Hamilton are In good shape. Major iienoey i in inmsr, assisted by Dr. Charles J. McDevitt, of Cincinnati. They are co-operating co-operating co-operating with Health Officer Smedley. of Hamilton. Twentv United States Medical Corpa men are still here, and W hospital corpa men are on the way from Toledo. ' Hiss Abbie Roberts. upei intenaeni oi tbe Cincinnati vtsiting nurses, lert for that wv in-dir! in-dir! in-dir! leaving Miss Pierce in charge. l aroo. amounts or ineuicines arc wins i; the First Methodist Ohurc.'i, temporary hospital. There ate 60 Red pa tients In the churcn. me vtiir number of clinical cases is j anu xrnti or Um mtxHcAl cases .70. Miss Stltnron, Ot Cincinnati, is ocre 1 nurses. - ' ' . Tbe work of burning the, carcasses Is well nroaressing. hundreds of horses ana mnu n.erahle chickens, as veil as many cats and dogs, are being found in the debris as the cleaning up of the city goes ... . v s.,..nt Val E. Dombaugh. medical ftew ard. to-day to-day to-day secured 75 cases of milk from Mtiipna for babies. s Of the 32 mlir of paved streets there t racial. wrtt s to rss s.wcissa. Plqua. Ohio. March 31 Twenty-tbtee Twenty-tbtee Twenty-tbtee bodies bo far have been taken from tbe Jehrie in Pious, but only the following have been - Identified: CHARLES CRONER. ; ' MRS. RACHAEL WANK- WANK- ; NICK DRTLIXG. GEORGE WOOD. . - ... CALVIN CRUISE. . . If l believed that many bodies still are burled In the flood ruins. . . Women work alongside of men in an .ret tn olean ud their homes. Most of Ihe women are attired In husbands' brothers' garments. The Pennsylvania Railroad to-day to-day to-day inbuilt ... ...4.1.. .-rr .-rr .-rr the Miami, making it I V " B . possmle to run Its tiain Into ihe city ai:d westward. ., - The D. C and P. traction ltne ran Us cars into Piqua from Lodiow Falls lor the flr.t time in a week. The Western Ohio and the Dayton and Troy Is out between Pinto .nd Trov. A representative" of the American Red Cross came Into the- the- city last night and to-day to-day to-day made, an Inspection of the damage done by the flod. Govern ment supplies came In to-day. to-day. to-day. HiKh prices are being charged for com mon labor - Thirty cents , an hour will hardly hold men at work. " ' Rock-bottom Rock-bottom Rock-bottom estimates, of - ihe " damage done to houses here Is M.ot. This is believed believed to be fully .V) per cent too low. Not withstanding the desperate flood conuiuoTT3, with Jts office, flooded and out of commission, commission, the Daily Call missed but on edition. The ' first paper was printed . upon a. Job River late It reacli la 48 An In one' are ot to tree itant Ing here. a to sent float and IPU ing old, old, nre.H. - ' . . ' '' Chief White t-agte, t-agte, t-agte, xatner or uivow s-Carty; s-Carty; s-Carty; the white' hope, reported to have been drowned here. Ix said to-be to-be to-be safe in Kentucky. " . - - ' . hurnlv a sauai e tnat was ..oi ii .. uu uj tlie flood. The Relief Committee Is making prep- prep- a rations for a publicity bureau. Mavor Hunt. Safety Director Cash, and vnMV. of the Salvage. Corps, of Cincinnati, vl.-lted vl.-lted vl.-lted llamiiton o-d:iy o-d:iy o-d:iy anO ar rnr.i . assist the city in case of tire QUESTION OF RECOGNITION Raised By Election of the First Chi- Chi- nese Reptibllcan Assembly. -Waahlnaton. -Waahlnaton. March :il. The entire mem bership of both Houses of the first L'hlnesa National Aasembly under repuoncan pice has been elected, according to offl-cial offl-cial offl-cial advices received here. The first meet- meet- in; will be April 8 at Peking. - The Chinese Congress win ne more num. . ; !.,-:,.'nHi',i !.,-:,.'nHi',i !.,-:,.'nHi',i Ks1 r ernim than tne American irgi3i...t there being - about 8'W members in tne Ivower House and &Hi In the upper cham- cham- l,er. Thfc Imminence of this first assembly ha. hroneht President Wllon's Administration to the question of prompt decision on whether the Chinese Republic Is to be recognized recognized immediately or whether the Cnlted States shall Join other' Powers in extenU-in extenU-in extenU-in r-cognltion r-cognltion r-cognltion only after the Chinese As- As- nimbly has mil ana scwuyuii posed constitution. - -- -- t FiaE IN ST. BERNARD. K lire that Is supposed to have started from a . defective flue created excitement amone the natrons of Ed Clark's saloon, on Carthage pike, last night. The flames were ,.r,f-,r,r..i ,.r,f-,r,r..i ,.r,f-,r,r..i tr. the kitchen by a bucket brigade .k t ivrnard Department arrived r,nrf vtinsfiiishe.i theui. Tlie loss was tltX).

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 01 Apr 1913, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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