W.J. McDevitt and Democratic Party Politics 7APR1906

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W.J. McDevitt and Democratic Party Politics 7APR1906 - of f J4.4K2.UU0. Now there 1 a surplus of...
of f J4.4K2.UU0. Now there 1 a surplus of f5.772.OUU. i Th Treasury situation would be even more favorable than It Is were It hot for the temporary and abnormal drain, on Its cash of Panama Canal disburse menu. Congress Congress last year exercised exceptional care in framing th appropriation bills, and th results of that policy are already apparent. The cos l of maintaining the military and civil establishments had been steadily In creasing -for -for several year. But at the last session Congress tried resolutely- resolutely- td check this increase. Its good work is evident In a reduction of fl.5uu.uo0 In the civil and miscellaneous account, of f l.Sov.ouo tn the Indian account and of t7.uuu.uuu : in th army and navy account. But th saving on thee items has oeen more than off seH by increased expenditures for public wurks. In the first nine months of the last fiscal year the ou'ay for public works waa f 34,33i .475, but ln th nine months Just ended the sum spent has risen to f44.lCS.S77. In1 March alone nearly fSOuo.iiUU more was paid out on thia account, presumably In parttal llqul da lion of the special csnal grant i carried bv the recent urgent deficiency act. This outlay should be, and perhaps may be. re paid to the Treasury when bonds to meet the co t tof canal construction are issueo In that evenl the real surplus for ; lutA-'tM lutA-'tM lutA-'tM will be more than f'Jo.iHiii.nm. But even with the extra burden of canal charges be tween now and June to carry, the Treas ury will i evidently b more thsn ble jo make ends meet. - I POLITICAL GOSSIP. 1 I , - X. A meeting of the Hamilton County Heifao- Heifao- crattc Executive Committee has been call. d for this afternoon st 3 o'clock at the Duckworth Duckworth Club, by Chslrmsn Nobel. The meeting Is for the purpoe of selfctlng a member of the Deputy 8tste Board: of Sup ervisors of Elections, which Is lf effect the old Board of Elections. The notices to attend the meeting were mailed) to the members Thursday night. . j The hut tie for the coveted position this afternoon will be a three-cornered three-cornered three-cornered one. and the friends of sll three candidates are claiming victory. The situation became complicated yesterday when the candidacy of Joseph Rothwss announced and with lt the statement thai he had the support of th municipal administration. Alfred lien deraon. newspaper man, had been the favorite of the administration up' to yes terday, when he announced that he wss not a candidate. Then the Roth banner was flung to i the breeses. The mere statement that Mr. Roth Is a receptive candidate changed the political map, which the members members of the Democratic Executive Committee Committee ponder over. His brother. Chsrles Roth, has Just, been elected County Treasurer, and assumes his office next September. Several Several of. the Executive, are applicant, for positions under him. - ! Mr. Roth also has the support of Mayor Dempsey. In spesklng of the matter yesterday yesterday the Mayor said; "There la; no such thing as an administration candidate In the sense of the administration trying to dictate dictate the: election of a man to the place. 1 should hsve been glad to have had Mr. Henderson elected to the position; but he declined: to be a candidate. I believe that Mr. Roth would make a splendid . member of the board in control of the elections in this county, and would certslnly vote for him if a member of the body."j Beyond this the Mayor wi ild not discuss the mat ter. " Owen O'Brien, who is at present a mem ber of the Board of Elections, and whose term expires, is a candidate for re-election, re-election, re-election, and has the. support .of Michael Devanney, who Is managing his csmpslgvi., The most of O'Brien's strength lies In tha country William J. McDevItt has the positive support support of l.ew's G. Bernard and Chairman Nobel, of the Executive Committee,- Committee,- and the opinion last night was that the battle will be between Roth and McDevitt. The friends of the latter claimed that he had 1i votes pledged, snd that he could depend upon that many. The friends of Roth claim that he has 22 pledged to him. As thers sre only 38 rotes In the body It will be seen thst some sort of a mlsunderstsndlng exists. exists. Thomas J. Noctor. the member of the Executive Committee from the: Twelfth Ward, Is fn charge of the fight: to elect Roth, and will direct the movements of the Roth adherents at to-Uay's to-Uay's to-Uay's meeting. It was prophesied yesterday by men of - wide experience experience in politics thst the vote to-day to-day to-day will be i very close and that whoever wins will be elected by a narrow margin. The eudden determination of . Chairman Nobel, of the Democratic Executive Com mittee, and Chairman Krug. of the Repub lican Executive Committee, to call meet Ings was owing to letters received from Secretary of State Laylln Thursday. Ia these letters Mr. Layiin requested that he be notified not lster than the 15th of the month of the selection of each committee for poet lion on the Deputy Stat: Board of Election Supervisors. Notice were mailed to all on embers, and those who did not re ceive them yesterdsy will receive them this morning. . ! In a i letter replying; te Mayor Tom L. Johnson's recent communication. Mayor Dempsey yesterday declared that he h no desire to be a United States Senator. National Committeeman or state: leader of the Democratic, party. The letter Is- Is- aa follows-: follows-: follows-: - , .1 "Both of your favors of th 3d and 4th Inst, were duly received by me. together with the newspaper cUpping, inclosed. The newspaper clippings afforded entertaining reading, and It was very kind of you to say w.hat you did concerning th United States Sen a tors hip and th National Committee ship, but, of course, so far as I tndivlduany ana concerned both of those propoeilion are the most absurd. Like most men. a little flattery pleases me. but when it Is rua to fulsome length it become nauseating. I have finished three months of th Mayoralty Mayoralty and arq praying; that th next 21 months may slip through aa quickly and as successfully ss the last three, when I will be glad to get myself back to the practice of the law. a profession that I more congenial to me than the arts of statesmanship. ' 1 1 'l am ln no flght of any kind sthatsoever for the control of th Dernocratid party or Democratic policies of Ohio, and do not propose to be dragged Into any such fight. Bo Tar as the Mayors' Association is con. earned. J am perfectly Indifferent as to whether It continues or not. For myself. I shall say that I shall bar no further active participation In it. It secured nothing nothing for Cincinnati, and what is! mar. It never indeavored to secure anything for Cincutaati. so that it would be a wast of time for me, who am interested in Cincinnati Cincinnati reforms, to wsste my energies In trying trying to secure those reform by fighting them through an organization' . which apparently 15 cents 4 copy Jl.tosveat live from any other city. It will be my endeavor to help, so far aa I ran. In the solution of these questions peculiar to Cm cinnatl. and In arriving at this solution It will also be my endeavor to see that no dissension arise in th ranks of those who. while they msy differ on certain line of stat or national policy, sre all united In endeavoring lo secure for Cincinnati a better better government and a change in the' conditions conditions that prevailed before the last election." election." Th Cincinnati Democratic Club will meet to-night to-night to-night at o'clock In It new club-rooms, club-rooms, club-rooms, formerly occupied by the Uncoln Club, at Eighth and Hace streets Carpets' and th neceaeary furniture have been installed installed and the appearance of the rooms is tasty. Eventually the club will secure possession of the big room In which the Drske Committee is now holding Us sessions. sessions. Posts! il'ards have been received tv the Republican Executives of the city and county railing attention to the meeting which will be held this afternoon In Central Turner Hall. The meeting resulted from a letter written by Secretary of Stale Laylln Laylln requesting the Immediate recommendation recommendation of a Republican member of ths Board of Elections to succeed Mr, Khrman. Chairman Chairman Krug called the meeting for April in. but Secretary Tibbies, unaware of this fact, sent oif the notice for to-day.' to-day.' to-day.' Opposition Opposition to Mr. Krug as Chairman was talked of In aome quarters last night, but there is but little doubt but thst he will be re-elected. re-elected. re-elected. - EXPERT ENGAGED To Ascertain Financial Results of Municipal Municipal Uf ht Ownership. psciat, Bisr.Tis to tss sxwriats Richmond, lnd.. April 4 -That -That the true financial condition of the municipal lighting lighting plant's affairs msy be determined, a committee of rltixeris arid a committee from Council to-dsy to-dsy to-dsy employed en expert accountant accountant to make a thorough Investigation lo determine Just what the city has msde or lost during the three years that municipal municipal ownership has been tried. lt became known to-dsy to-dsy to-dsy that the Eastern Eastern capitalists, who are so anxious to buy the city's plsnt and merge its Interests with the private company here, are also the owner of 'JO other light pfanta In ln-alana. ln-alana. ln-alana. Ohio and Illinois cities. NOTICE. M srrlare an Death Notleea in-erted in-erted in-erted M The Enouirer will, noes aenlicatlen. we wear Mmil-laneonaly. Mmil-laneonaly. Mmil-laneonaly. without extra shares for either la-sertioa la-sertioa la-sertioa or teierraphlnr. la ear ar all ef the foliewins-naoiad foliewins-naoiad foliewins-naoiad papers: TV ash Inst oa Poet. Boston Qlok. Cuffalo Courier. Chito R.eord-Herald. R.eord-Herald. R.eord-Herald. - - Cleveland Plats Dewier. Minneapolis Tribune. New Tork Timaa Philadelphia fublle Ledger Plltsours LM .catch. . Prarrldenee Journal. 1 HocheMar Herald. St. Lowte rtepufclle. Si Pasl Pioneer-Press. Pioneer-Press. Pioneer-Press. flvreeue. Pnet -Standard -Standard DEATHS, BIvONO At lier horn in Malnvlll. Ohio. April 6. st 1 1:46 a. m . Barah J . wife of Thos. Blong sged 74 years 1 months snd 1( days. Funeral Sunday, April at home at 1 o'clock a. m. Burial at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio, at 1:34 p- p- m. BRIGEL lsabelle. beloved daughter of Chas. E. and Clara Brlgel nee Pit ton I. aged 5 years I month, at residence of parents. No. 114 W. McMillan st. Funeral Funeral from residence Saturday, April 7. al i p. m. EM IO George Cowe F.mig, son of Mr. and Mrs.- Mrs.- George Emlg inee Cowel, al their home. 'iu Van Voast aV., Bellevue. Ky.. April 5. liJ. In his s-corfd s-corfd s-corfd year. Funeral at 1:30 p. m, Bunday from the residence. HATHERAL Samuel Hatheral pi y. sway at hi" residence. 1UI Garfield place. April 4. ,lu. Funeral notice will" be given. HUNTER Milton R., Br . of cerebral hemorrhage. hemorrhage. April 4. 1 Funeral Sunday 'from residence at 1.30 p. m. Burial at Wesley-an Wesley-an Wesley-an Cemetery. ' . Mt.'LLEN Martin, beloved husband ' of Lixxl Mullen Jie illgglnsi. Wednesday. Wednesday. April 4. at It a. m. Funeral from his 1st residence, lit Sycamore St., Saturday. April 7. at I 80 a m. Servlcea at Church of Atonement at , m. Friends Invited. MILLER Rschsel P.. widow of the 1st J. Lesll Millar, suddenly n her itth year, at 7:24 p. m. Wednesday. Burial from Spring Grove Chapel at t o'clock Saturday afternoon, April 7. MAINES-Grant MAINES-Grant MAINES-Grant Mslnes. Friday, 3:53 s. tn.. .' ..'Hi aviii'li, vru.v. in nil inirir. fifth year. Funeral from residence. f - - - wi.ii. a... vinuiail.ll, at -A -A p. ID. Friends Invited. MA PHET Timothy C. aged . suddenly, In Madlsonvliie. 7:50 p. 01.. April 6. Du Doitc of funeral. McCLURE Dr. Pan ford Burt McClure. kt ma reeioence, rnaay afternoon. April 4. iimn. uue notice 01 funeral. PFEIFFER Emma Pfelffer. aged years. ii'r a snort illness, April 4. Funeral Monday. 2 p. m.. from residence, .S5 ki. 1 en 1 n si.. Acvport, 1. y ROETKEX The funeral of Robert, the Infant Infant son of Alfred and Neva Koetken. will take place thi afternoon at t o'clock fro-n fro-n fro-n irie Bunaay scoooironm of Lnlon M- M- i-nurcn. i-nurcn. i-nurcn. (Covington, Jv.y. SI EMER Alfred Philip Bleraer. aged t year and 1 month, youngest won of i-ienry i-ienry i-ienry ana Lent Biemer In Welsl inursdsy. April . at 3:44 p. m. Fu neral at tsecond German Presbyterian oaiunai. at x p. m, Frtends lam al. Wl'EBBLINO Mary, beloved wife of Hn- Hn- er U.',iaU,lie,-. U.',iaU,lie,-. U.',iaU,lie,-. -1.... -1.... . ., . . . ---j ---j ---j ---j a. ' . . . ' -eviirii -eviirii a. at ner . VTr ' rncs av TOr. Hill, aged 4 years. Funeral from realdarv-e realdarv-e realdarv-e Monday. April . at S.1S a. m. Requiem mass at Holy Family Church at o clock. laWf awsw vm-aa vm-aa vm-aa law aaS aw-aS aw-aS aw-aS a aa. aijaaaa laTllfytJ, WEBER Anna. K. Weber, beloved wife of e ''"o"7 " eoar-. eoar-. eoar-. arrer a ungering lllnesw. " nrel from th r-si- r-si- r-si- r-si- denc. 029 Main street. Corirurtoo. kir Monday. April , ,t aaTm. Lizixum & carTibfSkis Chas. It Kpply. Un-trtaker. Un-trtaker. Un-trtaker. - wx, j mis twm 1 1 1 a r JOHN J. GILLIGAN, Sa ' Ss w f. uilligao gy gaaa. Phssis .Waa. Ossswl MOV t' ij BL r-ionuMENtsrj: r-ionuMENtsrj: r-ionuMENtsrj: f-A'rU-c-ss f-A'rU-c-ss f-A'rU-c-ss

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 07 Apr 1906, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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  • W.J. McDevitt and Democratic Party Politics 7APR1906

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