W.J McDevitt Board of Elections 14APR1906

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W.J McDevitt Board of Elections 14APR1906 - t i i DOUBT Thrown By the Mayor hla strength...
t i i DOUBT Thrown By the Mayor hla strength went tm me. That la bow 1 cum to b named. Bernard had not hint to do with It. Again. In the eampalgn of I'jfa, w nan miiiui rut ior urw, i iota id party mm then that I woo Id not bo a esn- dMtU for Judge If Bernard had anything to do with tho campaign. Ths, you are. Tow nothlnr to Bernard. jut hava on all occasion Soukht o eliminate Mm from as sumed leadership.' . .' ' i Upon (he Facts as Related , y Bernard. V jr . . ir i pronitM inai nts wiu pe Another Story of That 'Meet- aou-boaa dmmwr.tioii f tissue on which wo were He iDg m Colambns. Fagin Stirs l'p Trouble in the Fourth With a Manifesto. Public Service Board Bowi To Dempsey and Formally Fires Two of the Offindin; ExecutiYej. ' Vice Mayor Frank U Ffaff mada the following ; reply . to Mr. Bernard aU lament: - .-.' "No doubt there la a eertaln personal iement In any campaign. In so far aa oach candidate gets tho support of hla circle of personal friends, ret this- waa hardly of any Import noe in the last election. What undoubtedly In ray opinion, decided the victory waa that Mayor Dempsey. aa the standard bearer. Invariably , declared and promised that tble will be an anti-graft That la the elected, and haa by virtue .of our aucceea at that election become-a-blndtner pledge,-by which It la our aacred duty to abide. - " "Mayor Imxr aa tlfe ataodard bearer In that campaign la the. one who will bo held responsible for the success or failure of hla administration, and should be given full acope to work ont the problems which confront It, according to hi " own 'Ideas, and should hava the support of all right-thinking Democrats and Independent citi-sena In hla efforts to do ao. Irrespective of party politics. He has my"Tull and undivided support In bis efforts to conduct municipal affairs In the way he baa done In the past, and thinks best In- tha future. In order to fulfill tha pledges ' which the tlcknt, through him, haa made at tha last election." i . Tha Cincinnati Democratic Club was Incorporated at Columbus yesterday by W. J. Devanney, Qua Hlldebrand. 3. M. Dawson, Isaae if. Jordan, Franklin Alter, Raymond Hsecke, Harry M. . Ogden, B. F. Cain. Edward Imbua. 8. W. McOrath. J. 11. Dierkea. H. J. Hellker, M. W. Murphy, Hickman, J. H. James Ekerwlck, Joseph P. Kealey and B. C. Vox. KEEPS The Watch at the Jail The question of the dlsmissaf of Otto Menger. Inspector In the Engineering Department, and Joseph Clark, foreman In the Street Cleaning Department, which was "thrsshed out In the meeting of the Commit tee of the Whole of the Board of Public John Mwrholfer, O. A. ... n-u. ., , Doran, John A. Burger, the regular order of business before the board yesterday morning. A resolution was adopted celling for the resignation of the two employes under penalty of peremptory dismissal In rase they refused to resign. During the discussion which .arose Member Miller declared that he would wait v.nill the men had committed some crime tefor be would vote for their dismissal, and he and Member Markley voted against ihe resolution. The nuextlon carried, though, as Members Marx, liender and llerschrde votod for It. The whole affair Is the afterclap to the selection of YVIHUnt J. McDevItt as member of Ihe Hoard of Kindlons by the Executive Committee of the leniocrattc party. Menger and Clark, members of the committee, voted for McDevItt aa against Joseph Itoth, Muyor bempsey's candidate. During the dlncusKlon that arose In consequence of this action. Member Miller derlured t'nut he was In favor of Immediately appilnilng a Superintendent of the Waterworks Department. eKpeclnlly In view of certain revelations that had been made during the henrlng of the question of supplying 'Chester Park with water for lis bathing beach. Just what wus wild by Mr. Miller was barely heard beyond tha table at which the members of the board were gathered, but It la Interpreted aa a slap at Member llrrschede, who has control of that department since the resignation of William II. Boeh as Superintendent. It was gathered, from the tenor of Mem ber Miller's remarks, that he waa in favor I Jackson, awaiting trial with Charles Camp-cf tjjkffig up the matter of appointing u bell for tha killing of Salooa Keeper Henry aurpennienaeni at ine earnest possiDie Sheriff Will Not Rlax Hi. Vigilant Because of the Piblicity Given the Story. I 1 Sheriff Jones and Jailer Kuahman yester day 'confirmed the story that an Intended jail delivery Jutd been tipped off, and that a trap had been laid to catch the consplra tora. The vigil waa started last Tuesday 'night. On that day Jailer Kuahman waa Informed by W. E. Cope. In Jail awaiting trial In Police Court for beating the Gibson House, that, another prisoner had told him that there waa going to be something doing I within the next few nlghts.and that neither I Prentiss Tiller, the notorious mailbox thief I ad a fsovemw.n, wni.a-, h ' moment and the chances are that an at tempt will be made to force the Issue some time during the coming week. Clark and Menger declared yesterday that they would not resign. Mr, Clark aald: 'They will have to set me out on tne Aldewalk to get rid of me." Yesterday's political manifesto was Issued ty Vnlted States Marshal Vivian J. Fagln. who took occasion to answer the report that he had cut loose from the Republican organisation and had applied for member-, ahlp In the Roosevelt Club. Mr. Fagln Is the .Captain In the Fourth Ward,and It la an open secret that some of hla subordl-. natea are rebellious and have given voice to very painful criticism of their chief. The manifesto Is as follows: "I recognise no 'gang' In politics and I will be guided entirely by my own Judgment and the dictates of my own conscience. I will not permit any political syndicate to dictate any actions politically any more than I will permit tliem to regulate whether 'I shall ' drink coffee, tea or milk. "My record for 20 years In the Republican party needs oo apology. At the end of theae 'M yeara nf service for the Republican party I find myself poorer than when 1 began, which Is In marked contrast with other and more fortimate persons who have Jlgurrd actively in the same party. "1 have not applied for membership in - the Roosevelt Club, -nor has any one approached me to become a member. However, were t prompted to enter or attempt to enter the Roosevelt Hub, 1 would Offer no apology nor would I deem any apology necessary. , "I believe the ranks of that organisation compare very favorably with those of any . other political club In Cincinnati, at least morally, and on the grounds of high cltt-aenxhlp. Tho members of the Roosevelt Club, generally speaking, and their families before them have devoted their lives to the physlcul aud moral development of Ctnilnnutl, and solicitude on their part for the future of the city Is but natural. "The stories that are circulated about me are but vaporings of pothouse bums who arc inspired by the men 'higher up,' and are characteristic of the brutal methods used by theae men under cover. I am losing no sleep worrying about the loss of vuluablo friends.'" An Informal conference of the Insurgents lu Mr. Fagln's ward was held last evening and It wus derided to call a meeting for 'to-night at DeKischer'a Hull, at Third and Lock streets, when resolutions that will, no doubt, add to the go yet y of the situation, be presented for action. . Ratsch, would be In the County Jail after the move waa aprung. Bhcriff Jonea waa Immediately notified, I and arrangements made whereby he and I hia deputies watched the sear of the Jail nightly. There are a number of vulnerable points where the Jail might easily be at tacked and a person work from the outside, cutting away bars without being detected. One of these Is Just south of the rear end of the Jail, and ln the shadow of the big chimney. Here a number of low sheds kept. With but little exertion these could f be scaled, and once upon the low roof ad-1 Joining a man could stand at his ease and I wora wim saws upon ine pars oi ine I i re me soumwesi windows. , juoiner point waa at the northwest corner where the old frame office building of the Board of Review affords a similar aid to any one who might contemplate such an undertaking. Sheriff Jonea acoompanied Criminal Bail iff Bowman to Columbus yesterday morning, where they took Annie Bradley, sentenced to serve three years for stealing Mrs.. E. H. Pendleton's diamonds, and Harry Fletcher, who went up for one year tor taking a dia mond pin from' a Dennlson House guest. Before leaving - Sheriff Jones learned that hla vigil had become public property, and that all bis efforts at secrecy had failed, lie waa angry, because he had hoped to keep the matter so quiet tnat no ausplcion would be aroused that he had received a tip, and In this manner the attempted Jail delivery would not be delayed, and would result in htm capturing all ln the plot. He, however, left orders that the vigilance Is I not to be aandoneo until it is certain mat there Is no cause for alarm. I Jailer Kuahman refused to make a state- ment, further than to admit that a tip had I been received, and. while thla tip had some of the earmarks or oetng a Tirame-up- or Joke on the officials, he felt' that it was serious enourh to be looked Into, and ao notified Sheriff Jonea LIBERALLY To express a" sentiment In favor of a lib- .ral construction of the Sunday law the The German Societies Want the Sun- day Casing Laws Interpreted-WLU Hold Meeting. . German Day Association, which consists of practically all the German societies of this city, numbering about 20,000 members, last nlrht determined upon a demonstration to be held in the near future. . At the opening of the meeting there was a tendency to criticise the officers of the "While I have no desire to get Into a per. eoaai controversy with Bernard. I must aay that he is out of line with facta in hla statement," said Mayor Dempsey yesterday. Ml. t m n. I. .a full nf fa 1m jteclara. tlons. declarations that he must know are association for a seeming lethargy on their false, that It- would be useless to hope to 1 ln not having given expression to the nail him finally. . because he would Come - ,. . , ..i.i, ,ki. . vV .I.K nth. f.l. .lil.in.nl - However, that the public may not be de-1 Hon sooner.: it was arguea tnat .Mayor celved. I will take hla statement regarding I Dempsey Is being so persistently bnpor-jln our recent meeting at Columbua. He saysltune bjr th. Evangelical Alliance and! " 1 cmaea mm ior no. calling mi my oi- i . . , , o... flee ln the t'ltv HalL and aava that I aald I vlu" - the reason he gave for not having CalleJ I that it would have been well to give public no longer existed. Now. the facts are thattxpreeslon of those who hold a contrary on the eve of the adjournment or the Igls-1 pplnlon. . - lature I was in Calumhu. on M.nrh ds-ao L A special committee waa appointed to as- ume charge of the matter. It consists of Conrad Reuse, Nicholas Karg. John Koc-1 nig, Emll Kramer, Louis Bembenneek. Henry Rlesa. John Mausnardt, Charles Kuhl. Louis Dlemer and Joseph Klohe. It Is left to the discretion of this committee what form the expression Is to assume. to argue a case before the Supreme Court. I happened to meet Bernard, and he called me aside with that familiar buttonhole method of hia He asked me why I had not sent up my bill earlier, and declared that If -1 had he (Bernard) could have had it passed. I told him that the so-called Mayor's code waa then pending, and aa It, In a degree, would give what I wanted, 1 did not want to produce a conflict that might result In the defeat of both my own suid the Mayor's measure. ' "Bernard aald thia waa "foolish.' adding that I could have got what I wanted, while Tom L. Johnson could get nothing. L asked him how long he (Bernard) had en la Columbua and he said since January 1. I made no comment on thla other than to say that this probably accounted for his absence around the City Hall. He aald. 'Tea, partly,' and also because he did not want to be torn to pieces by applicants for office sure to be encountered In the City Hall by any man of aupposed or real Influence. He then said he would soon be in Cincinnati and would come around to see me. I told Mm the Mayor's office was a public office and open to any one and that, as tbe. pressure for positions do longer existed to the same extent, he would not be bothered. That was all there was to my 'chiding him. "Again, he- refers 4o the campaign of 3S; 3, and says 'when I was temporarily residing la Chicago.' - Now, the fact Is I rati; rued to Cincinnati in March. 1SS8. I was married in 1894 and Immediately went to live on Price HIIL Hence I waa la Cincinnati as a resident seven yeara before he Bays I waa. and had been residing on Price Hill two years. Again, as to the campaign of 1: Bernard says he helped me to the nomination and election as Superior Court Judge. Now, e fact is Bernard waa entirely out of the game then, having lost the rrtpatiea. The convention was controlled fcy Noctor, MulvlhlU and Grogan. There wer three men mentioned for the nomination. Guy Mallnn being the strongest, the others being Al Benedict and myself. It s convention il.-ri lel that the candidate t-v)t f.i'i o-i tv? l'ry:in platform of IvM, , t r i ' t s ..,' Co--. J not. and Some were ln favor of a mass meeting In Nf t.ij, u.ii - . a, K u . ster petition, signed by as many names as could be obtained. It la probable that both m.t)wtla will Iw. ..ni-l President Hennlng. of the State Federa- Uon of Qerwian Societies, now In process of formation, addressed the meeting. He out- iutu ura mrin ui me leoerauon, wnicn la to form a at ror, a- orranlmatlon neVor. .h. meeting of the next State Legislature, for the purpose of opposing such measures "SSiiiTlV l!-".. T. U. Tbrouarbout tha meetlns- tha .land Mayor Dempsey haa takea thus far waa warmly commended. HOTHER WAS DRUNK. During the rain yesterday afternoon Patrolman Uckotter saw a woman at Sixth and 8mlth streets so drunk she could hardly walk. "Two small chUdrea were clinging to ner skirt. They were wet and bedraggled and crying with fright as sudden gusts of wind nearly knocked them over. Cckot-ter placed the woman under arrest and aent the children to the Children's Home. The woman waa Mrs. Maggie Hopkins, of RSI Carlisle avenue.' and the children were John, aged ft. and Margaret, aged 2. She had started out to go shopping, she said, with them, bat ha dropped ia at several other places. . , AST CLUB HZETLTTQ. . "A greater Art Club" is the caption of a postal card aent out by the Board of Managers of the Art Club asking all members to be present at a meeting to-night to discuss the question of new quarters for the club. -The dub should be a great factor In the art matters of the city, and we ask m. co-operation or all la Its future." is the way the card rea ho are Interested Is.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 14 Apr 1906, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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