6 June 1918 Avon News Elyria Chronicle Telegram

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6 June 1918 Avon News
Elyria Chronicle Telegram - IS?" 1 ' STOP DAIIDRUFF Try This! Your Hair...
IS?" 1 ' STOP DAIIDRUFF Try This! Your Hair Get* Wavy, «n«l Abundant at Once. To be possessed of a head of heavy, beautiful huir; soft, lustrous, fluffy, wavy and free from dandruff is merely a matter of uvltig a little Dunderine. It is easy and inexpensive to have nice, Bc't huir and lots of it. Just get a small bottle of Knowlton's Danderine now for a few cents--all drug stores recommend it--apply a little as directed and within ten minutes there will be an appearance of abundance, freshness. fluffincBs and an incomparable gloss and lus- tre, and try as you will you cannot Ond a trace of dandruff or falling hair; but your real surprise will be after about two weeks' use, when you will see new hair--fine and downy at first--yes--but reahy new hair--sprouting out all over your scalp--Danderine is, we believe, the only sure hair grower, destroyer of dandruff and cure for itchy scalp and it never fails to stop falling hair at once. · _ · · ' _ · . s ·;··"·;·' If you want to prove how pretty and soft your hair really is, moisten a cloth with a little Danderine and carefully draw it through your hair --taking one snail strand at a time. Your hair will be soft, glossy and beautiful in just a few moments--a delightful surprise awaits who .tries this. "Letters morning that J was leaving. When the doctor came through this morning I acted as well as possible and he said, "Good! good " The fellow next to me was worse and he thought he w o u l d ' b e left behind. But I was the one. Next time I will ashamed worse and maybe I shall goi The face. serns to be on me. They sun would are a different p"ut on heavy diet today. Everything is better and I expect things will isn't soon get rightad. Thanking you for tiie many kind things you have donr- for me. I close, Yours sincerely, PVT. HARRY E. GRAY, 74th Co. f, Regt. U. S. M. ·., Amer. Exp. Forces, care P. M., X. Y. Mr*. Mufti Cuper spent Tu»»dty lu Urafyou. M . Mr. and Mra. Lawroneo Wakh«r o; Elytia were'-- tlio (suoyfu of Avon frK-nde. Tuesday ovenlng. ' Murlo Mittonbevry rotuiuod to Clorelanil after vUHhiK relatives liore, Konneth and Tbelma Boylan of Klyrla visited hero Tuesday eveulii!;. Therosji Waguo'r was a Oluvclund visitor oil Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Dennett of Ridgo- ville sp«m Tuesday evening here. Mr. and Mis. Frank Mittendori ol cpcnt Tuesday evening with friends und relatives hero. Mr. Roleer returned to Gallon aft- spend Jug a few days bore. Mr. and Mrs. L. Trailer of Ridgeville spent Tuesday evening here. Mr. Enling of Cleveland called on friends, recently. Elizabeth Horldges of Elyria spent evening here. Doris Gregory of Cleveland was the guesf. of Gertrude Gates, Wednesday. Lucite Monroe of Elyria spent Tuesday c'vening here. Ambrose . Alton of Elyria spent Thursday and Friday here. Charles Hubbard of Cleveland visited hero ou Wednesday. Alida and Retina Casper of Lakewood spent Decoration day with ·' their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter. Casper. Mr. and Mrs. William Comings were Cleveland-visitors, Thursday. ·' . and Mrs Bonuuer and daughter- of Ridgevillo spent Thursday \\i'h Mr. and Mrs. Peter Satter. Joseph Lyden spent Wednesduy ia Nina Warden has returned homo after spending a few days with Cleveland friends. Catharine Bruder of Cleveland spent Thursday at her home here. Aloysiun Smith of Cleveland spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith. Mr. und Mrs. Jacob Bauer of Elyria called on Mr. ar.d Mrs. eHnry Mit- Decoration day. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dambach and family of Cleveland spent Thursdaj with Avon relatives. Henry Urig spent Friday in Elyria (lough -.vas seriously Injured by falling from a wagon last Tuesday afternoon. He Is novr improving.' everyone I wa'.s ' May 30, 1918. Hear Mother and Bill: 1 have not got any mail yet. I guess everybody has forgotten me already. Well this wa'3 some day. We did not drill .vesterday afternoon iiur today and have eevry Saturday afternoon and Sunday off. 1 ,am in the same barracks and same room with Bert Bridge, so I r-ee him often. He said to send his Our Forefathers Owed Their Robust Health To Tonka When The Vitality Was At Its Lowest Ebb. construction 107 to a31 an(i ne would write soon. such S^i' we stay here the more we Powde'r, Qave to. eat. Today we had potatoes out ' eal T " ith gravy, peas, beans, to- Schwabs puding peaches, bread (no government. butter) iced tea and iced water. touses, marched up to the ball ground Iror. Nnx Voihica, and Gentian combined with tonic medicines ai found in Dr. Ghaie'* and Nerve Tablets make a perfect Tonic. fcasist nature in replacinjr the Iron. etc. bactt worn out by overwork. -worry or diaeAM. tonic properties of Dr. Chaw's Blood and Tablets produce a ·wonderful effect in case* where the blood is thin and watery and when t:red,»eak and rundown or n«rvou*. Each meani more vim, vitality and strength. DR. CHASE'S BloodaMNerve Tablets Yonnwlf Before T*ldac ^:: ·! Medicine Co., ZZ4 N. 10th SL. eminent and sa-w a dandy bal! raust game. The 5th battalion beat the 325th artillery brigade 6 to 4. Ther« v-ere nrofeEFlouals on both sides. extravagantly, T e Daii '! of sixteen pieces played tilings' goocl songs. Oh, thij is a 'lovely place-'and they ail ILke it if flier don't weaken. One boy froir more that had three had a sun-stroke today. They took him to the butcher shop. never j There is to be a wrestling match understand pairs the as tune. months got to nothing- Well. lady, please write and tell everybody to do the same. Love to all, KALE STROHMIETC. illlllHIIIiiiiiiliHliillfliiiillllliliillllllUIL Reublin Bros. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS' i Pineapples, each ____ lac, 20c, 25c dozen Heavy Rubbers ..... 25c Mason Jars ...... . ..... 80c P. S. We have got some reputa- j Quart JMason Jar .-,,_ a.u--. ., = » ------ -. ------ - , tion. Three different officers said tiiis company from Lorain county the best, that ever came to this camp. I heard we would be transferred about June 26. died, myself. number of friends of Mr. and }]rs. Lev.-*-; Dechant pleasantly sut- piJseCL Micm at iheir "uouie, Wednesday ovcnine. in honor of their first ".vcddins nnnivcrsary. The eveninr i -ft as spent in games and conversa- thorc They . . $1.00 90c ....··$1.00 Pint E. Z. Seal Jars . Quart E. Z. Seal Jars Covers of all kinds. 10 bars Rub-no-More Soap .. .63c bars Classic 3 cans Dutch Cleanser 3 pksrs Qimalinc 3 cans Lye (5 boxes Sunbritc Cleanser .. · 3 boxes Bonami Powder . . . . boxes Puritv Oats , 55c 25c 25c 25c 25c 2 boxes Quaker Meal Mother's Oats, wksr .. tiosi. after which an elaborate lunch- 1 - pkgs Slircdded Biscuit ... con was served. . i 2 Cream of Rice r»Ir. and Mrc. Curt-ss spent Wed- 3 pkpfs Mince Meat . - - . . i n Grafton. 3 pkjrs Seeded Raisins . was a Clove- 3 rk»x FJT^ Xoodlrs; «»«:.- nd W edm.-.^day. -^owncs Here First- a olfort honor ?i:crracy good. Mehling of Lakewood i Tnc guest tf her parents. Mr. I Mrs. Uonrj. MehliaE: for a fc-vv aad Mrs. \Vm. Snyder ofj called on Avon friends on Wednesday. Mrs. .Tchn W.ipucr and daughter ..25c ..25c ..12c ..25c ....35c ....25c ....25c ....25c 3 pk£s Macaroni 25c 3 cans Lake Siiorc Pumpkin 25c Cans Iloniiny JJ5c "' cans Kidncv llcans jR'pc can ivia sp2at Tuesday with Avor 3 cans Grape Fnnl . Rye Flour. ]b Barley Flour. Ib I 7 3o«r. Ib Wm. Gat?s of Elyraa xvas ar. Avon visitor, Tuesday. ^ .25c .lOc .10c .10c .12c WE cans Gold Cro.ss Milk 25c « Mascot Soap - 25c Apples,

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  • 6 June 1918 Avon News Elyria Chronicle Telegram

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