Col. Burr's Papers by Col. Burr's Last Friend

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Col. Burr's Papers by Col. Burr's Last Friend - privilege, who etalmM sf hli with ia...
privilege, who etalmM sf hli with ia amend-meat- amend-meat- Clerk ; 39: . . the refused, Nays, Speak-Yeas"aysfttLlUa Speak-Yeas"aysfttLlUa coaBt for Yeas, predominate, was Law which table, knock Clerk's refused The three 51. pro- pro- has and fear a fall to evidence collective strike the daguerreotype picture a wss Conn- Conn- j not you assertion was the nearest 1 virt-ae of fact would might was I existence the entirely tonight. Golmmitb-'s Golmmitb-'s for attraction toeaiL0 bis subject, at a meeting she intends Aarwa Barra Paaevw Aaetaor Letter freea asm af Hie Friewds. 7 Ck XAfreftk 4svr8s : Some two years previous to the death of Colonel w ho w" then residing at tne corner of Gol J and Fulton streets, sick and bed-riddea, bed-riddea, bed-riddea, I went, accompanied accompanied by Ms reWtivs and staunch fnawt. the late Mr Oenaa E. Eswaxm. to ere aim, and found him berpless, and needing greatly the attention that woman only can bestow. He had a female servant, who attended him, as ail hirelings do, with apathy. Mr. Raws, for some time previous, bad attended to the Co loners financial concerns, received bis pension, supplied bis wants, eVc with a seal and fidelity that commanded tbe Colonel's gratitude, and the good feenng of the few friend tbat time had left the persecuted old man. Tbere Lay, ta helpless loneliness, the man whom I bad been taught from childhood to regard as a great, but a doomed man. My imprvsssnos had been received received from my father, who knew him well ,- ,- and loved, as wen as be knew him; and who could not bsve loved a bad man. For many years Colonel Bras bad been tbe friend of myself and family. Providence Providence bad placed me ia a situation to afford him those comforts which his condition required. I prepared rooms for him ta my house, and he accepted my Invitation Invitation to eome, as my guest, and remain as long as be pleaed. He came, and with him came five or six Isrgs packing eases, containing his law pacer, ettera. Ate. I was then first informed thai Mr. Davis wlss aboutwriting the Colonel's life. He desired me to let Mr. Davis sod Mr. Towa-ma-, Towa-ma-, Towa-ma-, Towa-ma-, Towa-ma-, who were friends of long stanoing, have access lo the papers when tbey wished. They generally came sad went together, and took with them sach of the papers as were required for the biography, undrr the Inspection Inspection alwavr ot Mr. Enwsass and myself, by tbe request request of Col. Buna. When it was knowa that the house was to t-e t-e t-e demousbed. to give plaie to tbe present present structure, Hon. Oessa Ebwasbs aod myself had a. conversation with the Colonel in regard to his papers, w ben it was determined that the large bulk of them should be eonigned to the care and custody of Mr. Oenxs EswAXbs, tbe ever faithful and uodrtog friend of tbe Colonel, leaving tbe other portion in my possession, possession, where some of them now remain ; the rest having been delivered by me to Mr. Dsns, and taken away oy him on a cart m sacks, from my residence ia Brooklyn. Thus, then, were the papers in my possession for upwards of two years, sad often, at the Colnnel!s request, request, looked over by Mr. Ebwasbs and myself. Let me here say that wsvrr imm m Utter or doewwenl atneitg fe paper of CoL tturr fsf weuld srmg e Sttiaa to Mr cktrk or a tear to Sat re of any one. If there were letters of such a kind, tbey must hare escaped the rigid scrutiny of tare sincere-friends sincere-friends sincere-friends of the Colonel, to whom his reputation was, and to one of whom it is still dear the other having gone to join him In tbat far-off, far-off, far-off, better taad,where envy and malice are unknown. All who knew CoL Bene, knew, him to be a silent, secretive man. Is it ltkelv.then, that one who hit suffered perecuti"n deeplv as ne had done, would, even if he had the power, expose others te the torture torture be had suffered t As early as the year the husband of tee writer of this made preparation, by the examination of documents and frequent consultations consultations with CoL Brail, for wri'lng Ms blographv. This wss long bt-fore bt-fore bt-fore Mr. Darts was thought of for performing performing such service. If rfrcurnxtarines had not pre vented the fulfil tot nt of that Intention, Col. Bvaa would have bad. at least, justice done to. him. Tbe whole life of Col Bvaa contradicts the statement statement trade by Mr. Davb respecting letters, etc. Col. Bi'is suffered; but be suffered silently. I do not believe tbe man exists, or ever did exist, of whom he would have spoken evil, or o whom be would have done an injury. I do not speak unadvisedly, unadvisedly, but from the information of a dear departed parent, w bo esteemed Coiouel Bcaa enough to consign consign bis grandson to his rare, and his small Inherit-snce Inherit-snce Inherit-snce to his guardianship a trust that ha faithfully fulfilled. Tbe writer of tne article in the Albany Journal, above alluded to. labors under more than ooe mistake. He ssvs CoL Buxa boarded in Bruaderay. Colonel Bvsacid not board ; he was received as aft old and raiutd friend, without fee or reward. He was at so expense, save the wages of his nurse, who came with him. And If that writer mean that CoL Bum planted sharp thorns' In my pillow he again labors under a mistuks ; for all the recollections I hare now, or ever had of CoL Bear-, Bear-, Bear-, hare heea kind-' kind-' kind-' ly and thorn lea : and there is not aa act of my life for which I am so grateful as tbat I was COL. BURR'S LAST FRIEND. hall in tbe of old By sties-lug the the was and it Ob was and boy left It the to it the gl is the : manufactory considerably the in Eg-atca Friday No. first yesterday ol

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 25 Jan 1858, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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  • Col. Burr's Papers by Col. Burr's Last Friend

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