Coughlin, Bathhouse John, 18 Mar 1894, Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois

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Coughlin, Bathhouse John, 18 Mar 1894, Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois - COUGHLIN WINS OUT. No Opposition at- at-...
COUGHLIN WINS OUT. No Opposition at- at- Primaries to the Aldermanic Statesman. 'HINKY DINK" IN CONTROL Democratic First Ward Hoodlums Whippad Into Line. Twenty-Third Twenty-Third Twenty-Third Ward Delegates-' Delegates-' Delegates-' Again Have a Lively Time in Convention. Convention. Dere's a prize fight on ter night at da Armory and most of de bovs want to get dere, so I -won't -won't hold you with one er my long dcrclslon speeches. So spake Alder man John J. Coughlin, "Bathhouse John," last night to the delegates who had Just given him the regular Democratic nomina tion for alderman from the First Ward. The convention met last night in one of the committee rooms of the Democratic headquarters. No. 137 Monroe street, at 8 o'clock. John McKenna ("Hinky Dink"), called the delegates to order and read the call. Henry Carroll was made chairman of the convention and John C Sterchie secretary. - After - the usual formalities were stumbled through SOUS OF "DB BOTS." In imitation of larger affairs of the kind. Arthur McCarthy appeased the growing impatience of the delegates to get to the fight by proposing the name of Mr. Cough lin and making the motion that his nomi nation be by acclamation. The motion was carried with a whoop, after which, on being called on for a "few" remarks, Mr. Coughlin stepped to the platform and de livered aa address in which the pending prizefight came in for primary considera tion. - Mr. Coughlin also remarked incidentally that he was the regular nominee of the Democratic" party, and be should expect "de boys" to stand by him as usual. - 'I will be de same in future as I has been in de past your friend In every particular, and I expect you to give me a triumphant return to de Council," were his closing re- re- 4 COLOREO VOTIS IIPUIK1 marks, as be gathered up hi bell-crowned bell-crowned bell-crowned tile and handed one of "de boys" a compli mentary ticket to the fight. "Well, 'Bathhouse' and 'Hinky Dink' got there, and 'Bill Skakel got left," was the way one of the boys summed up the result of the primary which was held at No. 124 Van Buren street from 4 until 7 o'clock yes terday afternoon. Skakel Appears on the Scene.. In fact, Mr. Skakel made no effort what ever at the primary, and tbe Coughlin ticket, under the management of Mr. McKenna McKenna (Hinky Dink), went through with a whoop. When the polls opened at 4 o'clock there was a line of voters extending from the crowd at ma roLLisa flacs. . polling place to Fifth avenue. Inside of thirty minute 800 votes had been rolled np for "Bathhouse" John's ticket and there was no sign of a falling off in the procession. procession. . - - About this time Skakel drove up in aa Irish Jaunting ear to look over the field. The gang around the poll guyed him unmercifully. unmercifully. ..... "Git out en dat ting you're in an git la a coffin, fer you're dead ; see I" was one of the cheerful greetings received by the bos gambler. ' "Hinky Dink" said nothing could prevent prevent tbe election of hi man Coughlin, although he expected a hard fight during the campaign. . "There' a scheme oa foot between Sol Van Praag, Big Sandy Walters, Walters, and Skakel on the 'Democratic shiej and ' a' prbmlnenf Republican - to trade off old man ' Pearce. 'But we will elect John Just the same " sard Mr. McKenna, with Knowing wink." " ... . , -j -j . Skakel seems toliav 'pretty much all the old gang with hinf.but So far "Hinky Dink" has outgeneraled them all in the interests of his man. , - Mr. McKenna -gives -gives promise tef being able to discanMiis title of "Uinky Dink," to be called the 4'Naooleon of Polities" In the First Ward.'- Ward.'- ". .- .- . It is now a ' toss-up toss-up toss-up between "Hinky Dink" for his man Coughlin. and "Billy" Skakel. as to which' one can keep in line the hoodlums that struggled at the pri maries yesterday.- yesterday.- Skakel has the advantage advantage so far as buvinr drinks is concerned. : as it is said the Cdughlln crowd is short of zunas. -'. -'. - - v MORE TROUBLE ilN -LITTLE -LITTLE BUI.' Tare Pesnnecaila alarwu - Finally Nomi nated la the-Twaaty-Thlvd the-Twaaty-Thlvd the-Twaaty-Thlvd the-Twaaty-Thlvd the-Twaaty-Thlvd Ward. James Lyons was nominated for alder by the Democratic delegates of the Twenty-Third Twenty-Third Twenty-Third Wardv at Hart's Hall, corner of Locust and Town send streets, yesterday afternoon.. Six policemen guarded the en trance to the building, and six more were in the hall on the. fourth floor when the meeting was called to order. Chairman Michael Sweeney presided, and W. H. Oar-rity Oar-rity Oar-rity was elected secretary. Lyons is a sa loon-keeper, loon-keeper, loon-keeper, who lives at No. S3 East Huron street, and was the unanimous choice of the nine delegates present. After - the row which occurred ' Friday night Landlord Hart, who owns the hall, declared he would not rent It again for an other convention, and when the delegates reassembled yesterday morning the doors were locked. Blen lounpea about au morning and waited for Hart to change his mind, but he was obdurate. His property had been so badly damaged the night before before that he did net care to risk another meeting. . - While unatrnian Sweeney was nunting for' another ball'-J. ball'-J. ball'-J. P. Doherty, one 61 the Donohne faction, called a meeting on tbe sidewalk. '-Doherty '-Doherty '-Doherty was elected chairman. chairman. Sergeant Fink and his policemen kept the crowd baek and a convention was organized. William Donohne was nominated and de clared the choice of tbe sidewalk crowd. Thomas Sullivan and James Lyons, with their backers, were ignored. When the result of tbe impromptu convention reached Chairman Sweeney's ears he was wroth. Such a choice was irregular and could not bold for a minute, said ne, and forthwith he took Landlord Hart aside, and a conference conference resulted In Sweeney's securing the hall. - ' ' - ' Sullivan's backers were seen, and arrange ment was entered into and at 9:30 o'clock in the afternoon nine delegates with a few of the faithful met in the hall. Tbe door down stairs was' immediately closed and the policemen guarding it given instructions instructions to admit no one. They obeyed orders and although several Donohne men tried to secure entrance they were refused. Up stair tbe Lyons men bad everything their own way.'- way.'- Credentials were ap- ap- roved and every one voted for Lyons. As tonobue had but eight vote at the "side walk convention"Tn tbe morning the Lyon men claim that their candidate Is the only one legally in nomination, there being seventeen delegate in ail. WARD WORK. Last la Finished mad AU the Aldermen Now Siawd. A RepuMica mass Baeetia will be held this afternoon u i n o'clock at MetropoUtaa Hau. xweuta ana jouerson aireei- aireei- - The Twenty-w:ventb. Twenty-w:ventb. Twenty-w:ventb. Ward Democrats last evening indorsed Dr. D. D. Fonda, Independent uepuonusn ce i iiaaie ror alderman. TneThirtamia Ward Republican Club will meet tomorrow nivht at a o'clock at Monitor Hall. Ll acorn and W est Indiana streets. WUliam a. Leonard.' of the Fourth Ward, in dependent Republican candidate for the South Town aaseesorahlp.nied his petition- petition- yesterday. Henry Stuckart, who was yesterday nominated by tbe Democratic convention of the Sooth Town for assessor, was on of the aldermen who voted for the boodle caaoqltnaAcei i Frank Murphy and Martin Heavey. the Demo crat to -committeerjlen -committeerjlen ivt -the -the Twentv-Foiirt-a. Twentv-Foiirt-a. Twentv-Foiirt-a. Twentv-Foiirt-a. Twentv-Foiirt-a. Ward, met In Brand aJHall last e venule and de cided that Ruddy, and nut Uriesheimer, was the revuiar Democratic candidate irom the Twenty Fourth Ward. The following named Republican aldermen who voted for the gas boodle ordinance, have succeeded in Mine renominated: Horan, of the Second Ward: Cooke.-of Cooke.-of Cooke.-of the Seveotn Ward: Larson, of the Twenty-Third Twenty-Third Twenty-Third Ward; Aekerman. Tweaty-Klghtn Tweaty-Klghtn Tweaty-Klghtn Ward., . Henry Bartling Is th e Democratic nominee for aaaessor of the North Side.- Side.- - He U also State Senator. He has lust added to his record that of being one of the two men Senator O'Malley being in otner wno induced uovernor Aitgeia to remove th three Lincoln Park Commis sioners. The executive committee of the Twenty- Twenty- Fourth Ward Republican Clnb last night rati nod the nomination of Thomas H. Currier for alder man, and made arrenirement with a committee from the Marquette Club for a Joint erand rati flcatlon meeting to be held in North Side Turner nail on Thursday nit nfc. . ' - . ' The following-named following-named following-named Democratic aldermen who voted for the raa boodle ordinance were renominated by their party primaries for another term in tbe City Council: Coughlin la tne thirst wara, Manonvy in tne Kijrnieenta Ward. Powers in the Nineteenth Ward. Mul cahy In the Twenty-. Twenty-. Twenty-. into Ward. . At the Democratic primaries beld yesterday in the Ninth ward Mr. A. J. Sabbath s ticket was successful over the Rhode combination ticket. At the convention A. J. Sabbath re ceived SO of the M votes, the balance going to Mr. Khone. Messrs. cuaacu ana Dunn aroppeo Saloonkeeper Rhode 'and threw their strength to Mr. Sabbath, who la a real estate dealer at No. 7? dark street, and resides in the south end of the Ninth ward. E. F. Cullerton and John T. Denvlr will lead the fight against the com bination. . . FATHER FHZLAZTS PAfKB BOYCOTTED Archbishop Kalo, of St, LoaU, Formally De nounce the Western Watchman. St. Louis, Mo.. March 17. Special TtUgram. A big sensation will b created among the Catholics Catholics of this -city -city tomorrow, when ths following letter from Arcb.bisb.ap X i. Kaln -will -will be read by the priests from their various pulpits: "To th Reverend Clergy of th Archdiocese of St. Louis Rev. Dear Sir: The Wftern Watct nas (and its reprint, the Stmdav Watckmax) weekly paper edited by Rev. D. S. Phelan and published In this city and professing to be "devoted "devoted to the interests of the Catholic Church in the West," is -adjudged -adjudged - by us a most unfit paper to be - introduced into our Catholic families. . We regard it as subversive ot tbe ecclesiastical discipline and even danger-oua danger-oua danger-oua to the faith of our Oatholie neonle. and therefore we feel bound to warn them against it baneful Influence and to entreat them not to give It their support or eocoorasement. "Inasmuch as tbe reverent editor pays no heed to our admonitions, nay. even defiantly denies Our authority In lb, premises, we deem it our solemn duty as the guardian of th church s In terests to thus poblioiy warn the faith ful under our pastoral charge against a n caiier which falaels claims to be aa eznonent of Catholio thought. You are ordered to read this letter at all the masse lu your church on the Brat Sunday after its reception.- reception.- Yours very truly in i-ariAis i-ariAis i-ariAis juh i. tiAin, - 'Archbishop. Coadlutor and Administrator." It will be remember that it was Father Phelan who has so vigorously assailed Bishop Bonacum at Lincoln, and who atded Father Oorbett la hi suit against the Blsnop. FEB30JAL BirnCDXTT IV AT.mair, List of CaaualtU la- la- a Dispute Between Two Young Men. PRATTvnxs, Ala.', March 17. Moses Thomas and Henry Atwood, well-k well-k well-k nown young men. had a quarrel last night about a debt th former owed the latter. . Knives were drawn and they I'Sius iogBiae& juvwa s two orotners joined, in th melee to help him and William Thomas gave help to hi brother... Knives, pistols, and razor were ' freely used for "ten minutes, and when the constable stepped in th following damage had been done. - - M. Cheney, a bystander, cut in th arm and shot in the head: Henry Atwood. both -ears -ears cut oS. shot In the head. Jugular vein exposed, will die: Will Thomas, cut about arms and shoulder and shot in the hip, may die; Gilmor Atwood, snot in the right jiwe -and -and cut -in -in the neck wounds dangerous: -Mose- -Mose- -Mose- Tbomas, out la the left breast and head. - --Harvard --Harvard --Harvard Repwbllcnn Cameo. Harvard, lit, March tT.bpt&st TtUgram. The Republican caucus beld in this olty today resulted in th selection of F. p. Attell for supervisor; W. S.' Wskeley, tews clerk; S. H. Cal leader, assessor: Edward Rector, collector: J. C Harris, highway commissioner; T. P. Marshall, Marshall, school trustee. Th Dunham Township caucus chose the following . ticket: A. ft. Thompson, town clerk; W. H. Allen, assessor: Augustus Whipple, collector: John Collins, high way commissioner; r . u. weiia, school trustee.

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