Coughlin Bathhouse John, 26 Mar 1899, Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois

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Coughlin Bathhouse John, 26 Mar 1899, Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois - In thla editorial the Record criticises Mayor...
In thla editorial the Record criticises Mayor Harrison for the "toleration of various forma of vice by the police department."" It haa contlnu ally, durlac Mayor Harrison's administration. criticised, with considerable severity, our'chlet of police for his failure In dealing with gambling' houses and other evlla coming within the Juris diction of the police department. Is not Mayor Harrison directly responsible for the failures of his chief , of police, and. If so, is thsre any prospect prospect that during a second term the -police -police 'department 'department would bo better handled than It has been during his Brat term T - ' To this Mr. Lawson replies as follows If Mayor Harrison shall receive the sup port of the Independent voters because of the good points of his administration, that will show him that his strength consists la doing right, not in doing wrong. . It stands to reason that ho wonld rather have the approval of honest and respectable men than of the vicious elements of the community. The Record believes that Mayor Harrison's present administration from first to last baa Improved and not deteriorated. The mayor himself ought to know what are the weak points la It, snd if he has acquired wisdom by experience he should choose his heads of departments departments for hia second term with a view to' curing the evils and failures of his first term. The relations of the police department with gambling resorts, ail-night ail-night ail-night saloons, snd other forms of vice have been Indecent, snd probably corrupt. The Record has frequently urged the dismissal of Superintendent KIpley snd the appointment of some better man. It believes that Mayor Harrison Is much to blame In per mitting the evil conditions to continue. This reply, from the first word to the last, is a tissue of falsehoods, and is known to be such by Victor F. Lawson Nobody is better acquainted than. Mr. Lawson with the fact that Carter H. Harrison is naturally incompetent and dixhonest, for nobody has had a better opportunity of studying and .using that young man during the last two years. Nobody knows better than Mr. Lawson that it does not "stand to reason" that Harrison "would rather hare the ap proval of honest and respectable men than of the vicious elements of the community," community," because nobody knows better than Mr. Lawson that Harrison has sought from the day he took his oath of office to bold the friendship of . the First ward aldermen.. HinkyJ. Dink and Bathhouse Job n...oUxly 'knows better than Mr. Law won .that to ; secure the friendship of these debauched creatures Carter Harrison last summer took the control of First ward criminals com pletely out of the hands of Superintend ent Kipley and placed it completely in the hands of these two professional blackmailers and boodlera. . Nobody knows better than Mr Lawson that the Harrison gang has shored since then regularly and largely in the proceeds of the Hinky Dink and Bathhouse John levies upon the booty of thieves and earnings of vice. Nor can Mr. Lawson plead ignorance of the fact that when Joseph Kipley, in ignorance of Harrison s compact .with the First ward aldermen, raided the Official Red and Green policy shops, con ducted by Hinky Dink and Bathhouse John, he was ordered by the mayor, in person, to keep his hands off the swindles, swindles, panel-houses, panel-houses, panel-houses, and brothels operated by these two scoundrels. Mr. Lawson knows that he is guilty of deliberate falsehood when he lays upon Superintendent Kipley, the blame for the corrupt relations of the oity ad ministration 'with gambling-houses, gambling-houses, gambling-houses, all- all- night saloons, and other resorts of vice. He knows that all the relations formed between the administration and the chief criminals of this city have been estab lished in obedience to the mayor s or ders, and that Joseph Kipley has been for over six months merely the chief clerk of the department. Time and again Michael Ktnna, alias Hinky Dink, and John' J. Coughlin, alias Bathhouse John, with the knowledge and consent of the mayor, have ignored, repudiated, and de fied Kipley's authority, as tkey are doing this day and bour. These facts are incontrovertible.. By denying them, therefore,. Mr.'Lawson merely exposes again his willingness to prostitute his newspaper in defense of his confederates in the Panel-House Panel-House Panel-House De mocracy. . V 1

Clipped from
  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 26 Mar 1899, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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  • Coughlin Bathhouse John, 26 Mar 1899, Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois

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