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be is ia of of In to a in to in a of NAVIGATION- THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY NAVIGATION COMPANY .OF THE- SOUTH AND WEST To Uio Owners or Kcnl Estate In Tennessee, Mlf8Usii. Alabama and Ar- bansas i THE COMPANY KNOWN TO THE FOB 1 He &a tha Mississippi Valley Navigation Company of the South und West," Is organized under a charter from the Stute of Louisiana. This charter authorizes a capital stock of five hundred thousand dollars, with tbe privilege of extension to one million. That the pnoilo may snow the exact object or the company, the third article or the charter is given entire, as follows : "The object of this Company Is to construct or oiuerwiss to procure ana maintain one or more iteamboais, or other vessels, tu run on and navigate the Mississippi river, or 1U tributaries, lor the purpose of carrying lreiht, malls and passengers; to cunstruct cocks. wnarves, uniiuins ana sncn other construction as may bo necessary to tbe bnlldicg and repairing or vessels, and generally to exercise such Incidental powers and privileges us are hereby or may ba conierred on them for the purposes aforesaid " The Company propos. under the provisions or this charter to construct a lino of sieamers to run between thedlderent ports on tne Mississippi river and its"trlbutarlw. 1 hey will be constructed npon the low-prtssure principle; they will Cirry less steam ; they will make Better lime, and be In all respe ;ts more safe than any description of boats ever placed upon oar waters. Divided into distinct compartments, if disaster, whether by fire or snags, shall hap pen to one, tne Doai is not enaangereu. in case of fire, apparatus lorturninir steam upon it will be provided, and it is demonstrated that steam is tne mist eirccuve extinguisner or nre. In case one compartment is rroken through by contact with snags, and tills with water, the otners are not endangered, and the boat cannot sink, as bumps, provided for inch an emergency, will 03 In Instant operation. Safety to passengers and jrelght is a great eDd, worthy oi me euuggie oi un people oi me jiiissisbippi Valley. Nearly three hundred thousand dollars in money and work has already been subscribed to the capital stock or the Company. The Louisiana Legislature has passed a bill subscribing one hundred thousand dulHrs of stock to the Company. An additional sum of that amount will, without a donbt, be subscribed by the same body. The Company have resolved to take lands for ttock, and tnls Is the feature to wnicn uiey aesire to can me attention or own- asooant of the disorganized condition of labor, lands ore an -Incumbrance. Vast tracts that yield no revenue to the proprietors, oav exor bitant taxes, and thus cripple their only productive resources. This Company propose to Uke these lands at a fair valuation and Issue to the owners their sto:k In lieu. If lands shall enhance In value, so will the nock enhance in value, ana thus tne lanu piopnetor will carry in his pocket the equivalent of his lands, to be converted Into money or property without delay. The success of this great enterprise is beyond question. The stockholder, in addition to the DeneQt of the enhanced value of his lands, will be part owner ol a line of boats, and be entitled to dividends in their earnings. Persons wishing to exchange lands for the stock of the Company wilt send to the Agent at Memphis a description of thero, their productive qualities, the Umber, bottom or upland ; whether overflowed or not; If ovei flowed, what proportion - how near to county-towD, to railroad, depot, river, and all facts necessary to afford the Company a satlslactory Idea of the land.- This may be done by certifies tee of reliable, disinterested persons residing in the neighborhood. The present actual value of iua idiiu mjr ua pruveuju wie same manner. Tbe party oSericg lands must state in his prop osition tne lowest he wl 1 take. The Company will not give exorbitant prices. The titles must be unincumbered by ludgmenU, uiuiigiicH. urvua 01 iiufti, uxx. uiies.ocoi.uer-wise. ibU may be shown bv official tertin. cates of Judges, clerks, bheriffs, or tb opinions of respectable attorneys. This Is believed to be the best opportunity to disp .-se of surplus icuus in tne .aoum ana y eii iui nas yet Deen or can be offered. Many of tho best and wealthiest citizens of the South and West are warmly embarked in the enterprise. The General Headquarters of tne company nie in iew uncans, uat agencies exist in all the principal cities. The enterprise has been endorsed By Underwriters, Chambers of Commerce, Engineers. Mechanics, practical navlgatois, and all classes of prac tical men. The forezotoe facts are submitted to the nub lio In the confident belief that they will be un- aersiooa ana appreciated. Board of Dlrectorsfor UioPresontTea?! John A. Qrow, 1 homos A. Adams, I.T. Wlnnemore, William Creevv. J. Ed. Montgomery, N. S. OtlL Dr. J. It Watklns, K. -Y. Rockett, D. C Martin, Captain 11. U. Corson, John Cobb, Gen. T. T, Crittenden, John B. Davles. David DeHaven, lowara Miur i no obn PaulBi H. Noltlng, D. W. Flowree. Samuel Patterson, J.U. Hess, Philadelphia E. D. Cobb. IGS Front St . Memphis. Tenn.. George Dickson, Memphis, Tenn. Officers Capt. DAVID DkHAVEN, President. Col JOHNA. UROW, Vice-President, HOWARD M I LLSPACGU. Treasurer. NEWTON S. OTIS. Secretary. CH A.RLEH S. STEWART. Assistant Secretary, JOHN U. DA VIES, Chief Engineer. Standing Committees: Finance Committee I.T. Wlnnemore.John Paul liaker, H. Noltlng. Committee on Inds Howard OMUlspangn, jnmi a. urow, u. w. riowree. Committee on Steambojis John B.Davies, J. Ed. Montgomery, 11. li. Carson. Committee on Docks and Wharves William Creevy, N. 8. Oils, D. C. Martin. Committee on Revision of By-Laws and Charter John A. Grow, J. P. Baker, Howard Mlllspaugh. General Agent : I. T. W1NNEMORE. , Special Agent I J. C. HESS, Philadelphia, Pa. local A (roots : John P. Bat er. New Orlor.ns. W. Hpears, Vlc sburg. F. Y. Rockett, Memphis. J. IS. Townsend, Grenada, Mls3. J. W. Johnson, Cairo. J. S. Cox, Evansvllle, J. B. Davles, L n svllle. John Cobb, Madison, Indiana. S. Ji.nes, Cincinnati. Charles fl. Bekwith, Chicago. Martin & Howard, St. Louis. J. E. Merrlman & Cn.,bt. Louis. Den Aloni.0 Cbllds, New York. Proptsltlous for subscriptions of money or lands to the capital stock of the Company should be addressed to r.X. KOCKCTT, mhM iCjcnn t at Jlemphls. No. 12 Jefferson street. lit all of U. U. I

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  2. 08 Apr 1869, Thu,
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