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Thomas Houren - KNI03T8 Or BT. CRISPIN. Their sToenndor, their...
KNI03T8 Or BT. CRISPIN. Their sToenndor, their Patrosu aad tbetr Oristaassd Tbeir lalsey so stare stare taw ApasssUisssats) ysissa. Among the various trades organizations that were represented In the late National Labor Congress, ws that known a the Knight of the Order of Si. Crispin, aa Order of whom a few facts may bs of Interest. This organization to made up of shoemakers, snd has Its branches la every section of the Union. It nam ber shout Bo,0o members, and has grown Into strength and prominence during tbe past two years and a half. Ia Xew-York Xew-York Xew-York City alone the aggregate number of members connected connected with the lodges to ever 7,000. Their display display in tb procession on Monday last wiU doubtless doubtless be tbe means of still further swelling the rolls of membership. Shoemakers Unions were organised year ago. In moat of the towns and cities of tbe United States; but It was thought that these purely local organisations were of little practical Talus la advancing tbs interests of tbe craft la general, and they have now been merged Into one grand Order. On tbe 1st day of September, 1867, there wss organised 1b the City of Milwaukee, the flrst lodge of tbs Knights of St. Crispin. Nswxix Daxikls, a Journeyman shoemaker of that city, was the founder of this Order, and his name is held la respectful remembrance remembrance by Its members. For years previous to that time ' ho bad under eooaideretton the formation of such aa organisation, but could not And any one to second his efforts until 1867, when he was Joined by Samuel Wilson. Wa O. Halites, F. W. Wallace, Henry Palmer, Albert Jenkins and Thomas Houren. soetated themselves together for ths above indicated, aad became Lodge No. 1, K. O. 8. C For the name given to the organisation the Order to Indebted to Mr. Waixacb, one of tbe seven originators. .A reference to the Soman Martyrology shows that Cannx aad Cfemr axes were brothers, born at Borne In the reign of the Emperor LVxxxtiaji, tn the year SOS. They bo-came bo-came bo-came converts from Paganism oa arriving at . man's estate, and traveled from ' their native land to Hrosont, la France, for ths purpose of propagating the Christian religion. Not wishing to be a burden on the Christian flock, tbey earned their living by following the trad of aboo-snaking. aboo-snaking. aboo-snaking. The Governor of the town, a Pagan, of course, oa discovering them to be Christians do- do- -maadedof -maadedof them a recantation of Christianity, and, oa their refusing to givs It, they were ordered ordered to be beheaded, which order was carried Into effect. Their martyrdom to celebrated annually annually In the Catholic Church, on ths 35th day of October. The Order of Knight has for Its motto "Justice, "Justice, Truth snd Love" saeanlng. according to the version given by its sMUterenta, Justice not only to ths employe but to tb employer and ths consumer; never to deviate from the truth under any circumstances; and lows for all naa-kind, naa-kind, naa-kind, tbe highest proof of true love for Ood. Tbe K. O. 8. C allege that the cans of tbe heretofore bad condition of their trade wss tbe surplus of workmen over and abovs what wa required to supply the demand for boots and shoie. To remedy this It wa found accessary either to Induce the public to use double tbe usual quantity of goods, or to redoes the anmbor of workmen. The first plan Is lmpraettoable j the other they conceive to be feasible, aad their efforts sre bow to illsms-lit illsms-lit illsms-lit young men from learning the business, and they are pledged to take no new hand to work at any branch of tbe trade. On account of tats latter nrtnrmlasfUa they are not regarded with a favorable ays by the manufacturer. Party poUtic to eschewed by the Order ; but K holds Itself la readiness to aid ta filling Government offices with men whoso principle approximate most nearly to what tbey believe to be thejnterest of the laboring classes. They look with favor also oa ths oospsratrto principle of manufacture, and urge Its adopt lea in afl eases where It eaa be carried out. Tbe Order to daily increasing in numbers aad la Influence Influence over ths whols country.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 28 Aug 1869, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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