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MISSISSIPPI VALLEY NAVIGATION COMPANY ' -Of tlio- sourn AND WEST. No. C4H Carondolet street, Hew Orleaaj, La. Capital Stock $l,OOw,004-Sfcares $100 Each. TO THE OWNERS OF REAL ESTATE IN LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI. TENNESSEE, A RKANS AS, TEXAS and ALABAMA: The Company known to the public as the " MISSISSIPPI -VALLEY NAVIGATION COMPANY OF THE SOUTH AND WEST." is organized under a charter from the State of Louisiana. Tliia charter authorizes a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand dollars, with privilege of extension to One Million. t lie public may know the exact object of this company, the third article of the charter is givsn entire, as follows : "The object of this company is to construct, or otherwise procure and maintain one or more steamboats or other vessels, to run on and navigate the Mississippi River, or its tributaviea. for the purpose of carrying freight, mails ami passengers; to construct docks, wharves, buildiugs and such other constructions as may be ne;esHary to the building and repairing ot vessel?, and generally to exercise such incidental powers and privileges as are hereby or may be couf erred on them for the purposes aforesaid." The company propose, under the provisions of this charter, to construct a line of steamers to run between the different ports on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. They will be constructed on the low pressure principle ; they will carry less steam ; they will make better time, and be, in all respects, more safe than any description of boats ever placed upon our waters. Divided into distinct compartments, if disaster, whether by fire or snags, shall happen to one, the boat is not endangered. In case of fire, apparatus for turning steam upon it will be provided, and it is demonstrated tliat steam is the most effectual extinguisher of fire. In case ono compartment is broken through by contact with Miags, and fills with water, the others are not endangered, and the boat cannot sink, as pumps, provided for such an emergency, will be in instant operation. Safety to passengers and freight is a great end, wottny of the notice of tho people of the Mississippi Valley. Over three hundred thousand dollars have al -ready been subscribed to the capital stock of the company, and the first boat which is building in Louisville. Ky., wul be ready iu about four months. On nine feet of water she will carry 2700 tons of freight) and will land freight and pas seugers without rounding to, thus saving time and preventing accidents. Carrying mo lare a freight, a great number of passengers, niukwg quick time, economy of fuel aud labor, with entire safety, cannot fail to make the profits, to the stockholders vers large. The company have resolved tojtake lands for stock, and this is the feature to wiiich they desire to call the attention of owners of real estate. In the Southern States, on account of the disorganized condition at labor, lands are an incumbrance. Vast tracts that yield no revenue to the proprietors, pay exorbitant taxes, and thus cripple tiieir only productive resources. This company proposes to take these lands, at a fair valuation, and issue to the local owners tiieir stock in lieu. If lands shall enhance in value, so will the stock enhance in value, and thus the land, proprietor will carry in his pocket the equivalent of his lands, to be converted into money or property without delay. The success of this great enterprise is beyond question. The stockholder, in addition to the benefit of the enhanced value of his lands, will be part owner of a line of boats, and entitled to dividends in their earnings. Persons wishing to exchange lands for the stock of the company will sendto the agent at New Orleans a description of them; their productive qualities; ithe timber; bottom or up land ; whetber'overttowed or not ; if overflowed,' what proportion ; how near to county town, to railroad deiot, river, and all theacts necessary to afford the company a satisfactory idea ot the land. This may be done by certificates of reliable, disinterested persons residing in the neighborhood. The present actual value of the land may be proved in the same manner. The party offering lands must state in his proposition the lowest figures he will take. The company will not give exhorbitant prices. The tities must be unencumbered by Judgments, mortgages, deeds of trust, tax titles, or otherwise. Tlds may be shown by official certificates of Judges clerks, sheriffs, or the opinions of respectable attorneys. This is believed to be the best opportunity to diioso of surplus lands in the South and West that has yet been or can be offered. Many of the wealthy citizens of the South and West are warmly embarkad in the enterprise. The general headquarters of the company arn in New Orleans, but agencies exist in all the principal cities. The enterprise has been indorsed by underwriters, chambers of commerce, engineers, mechanics, practical navigators and all classes of practical men. The foregoing facts are submitted to the public in the, confident belief that they will be understood ami appreciated. Communications may be aMdressed to either of the following named agents of the company, and will receive prompt attention : B. BLOOMFIELD, Generals Agent, New Orleans. SPECIAL AGENTS. W. J. CAHOONE, New Orleans. J. C. HESS, Philadelphia, Pa. LOCAL AGENTS. CHAS. R. BENTON, New Orleans. WM. SPEARS, Vicksbnrg, Miss, JOHN MILLS, Summit, Miss. Col. McFARLAND, Canton, Miss. J. B. TOWNSEND, Grenada, Miss. J. W. WILKINSON, Mississippi. s. B. REARDON, Little Rock, Ark- HIRAM VINTON, Cincinnati, Ohio. THEO. DIGBY, Chicago, 111. F. Y. ROCKETT, Memphis, Tenn. JOHN COBB, Madison, Ind. MARTIN TOWNSEND, St- Louis, Mo. DON ALONZO CHILDS, New York. Books for Subscription to the Capital Stock of the Company are now open at the office, No. 24 CARONDELET STREET. The public are invited to call and examine the Charter and objects of the Company, and subscribe to the Stock. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. By order of the Board of Directors: D. DeIIAVEN, President. CHAS. s. STEWART, Assistant Secretary. iny9 2dp7t i - i in-. "

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 12 May 1869, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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