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Harry Woodward in Moravia, IA? - •**. !''.'_?r^!" ij ^ ; ^'±d:'/ L Jt;.- NEWS —...
•**. !''.'_?r^!" ij ^ ; ^'±d:'/ L Jt;.- NEWS — ADVERTISING *" E MORMIA UNION The Union if Equipped to Do ALL Yoitf PrWto*-^ You'll Like the Quality, Service and Price. -it- GRAM! PRINTING Moravia, Iowa, ThttrTOjvJune 15,1950 Number 24 j. —^ ulation Falls 18 ; Moravia's 11% Bibb School Gives Program An appreciative audience attended attended the Daily Vacation Bible school program giveh at the Methodist chhrch Sunday ev.ening. The program program began. With tne invocation by Rev. F. A. Hahn, followed by the Beginner, Primary and Junior departments departments presenting their'songs, Bible verses and Bible quizes. Mrs. Hahn, supervise^ of" the beginners, beginners, was ' ably assisted by Beverly Woodward, Joyce Hiatt and Aileeh Turner. Mrs. Floyd Paxton was in charge o;£ the primary group. Her assist- jaiits were Mary Lou MeDonough, Jiinet Broshar and Janet Dhority. , j-At the;U, B. church Billy Schaffner Schaffner headed the junior department, sisted by Mrs. Mae McCrory, Mrs; fi|i$ Paxtori and Letha Schaffner. y .^Thirty-seven children had perfect attendance and the following received received Certificates. An attendance -of six days was required in order to merit a certificate: Judy Ann. Smith, Mary Ellen Condra, Linda Coulson, Jessie Van Dorin, Janey Sawvel, Betty Van porin, 'Donna Underwood, Carol Main, Bobby" Woodward, Ann Elizabeth Elizabeth Paxton, Gordon Woodward, Diana Burton, Bobby Tomlin, Patsy Blumer, Jane Ann Fox, Nancy Tur- Pfarinebeeker, LaVonne Iner, Sandra 3.6 Inches Rain Falls tn Short Time Wednesday Torrential downpours came upoi this community early Wednesday morning. Trte rain Came heavj and. fast washing farming groum badly. Soap creek east of town went out of its banks and over the road but had receded by time mail carriers went around. Rain gnagW over town averaged a little over 3%,. inches with'" a reliable report of one being 8.6. Mear Walter at Enon reported about the same. A violent electrical storm accompanied the rain but little wind. Walter, ceremonies. Mrs. -master of id Mason led in singing Americl|Alex Koff- Wall, man . dub president, gtfie the wel- corae - The club pledge* was given ' Pfanne- eloris */ ~ *; "Y^Ut " t — ——' -"*^^w»» v- train, Gary .Woodward, Craig ttey, Sharon Walters, Connie Walters, rt,L^da_*Gardner, :man,' _ Diana Kincade, ,., Margaret in uniaion after .which;' each mem- :h|ird,Col- b ? r introduced ^nis-sejk explained Dana Terry ,* *•*****?> torn! Rollins. BOYER CRIDLEBAUGHS / VISIT RELATIVES HERE ' • "I * i * Mr. and Mrs. Boyer Cridlebaugh and ;|on, Richard, of Peoria, Illi, arrived here Sunday morning to speridjthe day with hii mother, Mrs. • EllaliCridlebaugh, of Santa Rosa, Calif., 'and other relatives, They wittier, and Mrs. H. L. "Whicker, °* Lay. Colo., Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Boyer and Mrs. O. G. Woodward drove, to Main Station where they were joined by other relatives from Cente,rville and attended Sunday school at the Main Station church, where they had all attended church in their childhood days. After Sunday school they spent .some time greeting old friends, then'-returned to Moravia to the home 0* Mr. and Mrs. Woodward where with other relatives they enjoyed enjoyed a cooperative dinner and a happy afternoon of visiting. During During fhe afternoon some time was •spent in taking pictures and viewing viewing some moving pictures taken A\_ here by Mr, Cridlebaugh on a f orm- ff* er visit. ; Beeides the host and hostess and family and those already mentioned those present were Mr. and Mrs. sfflarry Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. , Frank Woodward and family and ''Crujaing^DoOTj,. the^iver," Betf Whitfock, demonstration, "Throwing, "Throwing, a Calf," Richard Rowles and Larry Chance, reading,."Richard's Complaint," Richard Hawk, cornet and trombone duet, Beverly Woodward Woodward and Paul Wilson, a dramatized dramatized reading, "Saturday Night on. the Square,!' June Amos. Songs with guitar accompaniment, accompaniment, "Take Me Back to the Hills of Colorado" and "I have a Lovely Bunch of Cocoanuts" by Carl Van Zante and sons, Ronald Lee and Mark. Recitation, "Be Thankful," Jimmy Rogers, clarinet solo, Eilene Turner, duet, "When I Grow Too Old to Dream," by .Beverly and Donna Woodward, recitation, DeWayne DeWayne Clark. County Director, Lloyd Reed, gave the history of the 4H club and presented a certificate certificate of award to the club for the" part they have taken in spon- and Jerry Woodward. After- npoa visitors were Mr.--and Mrs. Noah jgftocker nnd son Lyle of Blakesburg an4 Mr, and Mrs. Gaylord Gaylord Main and Joan. FAMILY DINNER HONORS • BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARIES A birthday dinner at the Ray Me- Cloud home northwest of town Sunday was for the birthday anniversaries anniversaries of Dennis Ray Homerine Homerine who^-wa* seven years old and Mr. McCloud, whost natal day was June -18. Guests present for the lave]y cooperative dinner and beautifully decorated cake brought by Lloyd PhillU of Albia which was cut and served included Mrs. C. N. Main, Mr. and Mrs, Denney Homerine and children, Mr. and Mrs, Ltey<J PhUlia and children of and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mc- THANKS . . . flv'V 'g We want 'tg'$gn$ the Moravia fire depar$ro«j£t aad the people of the Boyei 1 Ridge community for £ to our aasistence at the of our houae, even though the fire had tog much headway to save of iKJSfeppw^f Hilton 4-H ers Give Social The Monroe Township boys 4-H club sponsored an ice cream social at Hilton Hall Tuesday -evening, June 13, and had change of the regular regular monthly F. B. meeting. The "Hilton Husky Hustling Hustlers is a club composed of 23 boys and girls with projects of dairy heifers, baby beef, sheep and pigs. Roy Ellison, township farm bureau director, called the meeting meeting to order. The club members with their leaders, Keith Clark and Ralph Turner, assistant,. furnished a splendid evening dit entertain ment. Carolyn Hawk his^project and. paid jgMe to Ihe nte. With •'the club flag. the and to audience pledged allegiance Trumpet solo, ?-«„„„,.„«. n two part recitation "Old Friends for News," Donna Jean and Patty Roteeva. A rauJtWo "Tommy's ui._~ *!L-I_ Mrs. J. P. Day Elected Rebekah Noble Gram Mrs. J. P. Daywas elected Noble Grand of the Rebekah lodge at its regular meeting and election of officers, Monday evening. Other elective officers are Mrs. Gene Lathen, vice grand; Mrs. Frank Wilson, secretary; Thelma Luse treasurer. The appointive officers will be named at the first meeting in July. .-" Mrs. Virgie .Herron was taken in by transfer; from Blakesburg Twenty six members attended the meeting.' N Refreshments of ice cream cake roll and orangeade were served by Mr. arid Mrs, R.. R. Pennington Mrs. Herb Boblenz, Mrs. Harolc Hudgens and Harold Hoffman. NOTICE Notice to all Legion Auxiliary members, the regular meeting and a cooperative supper will be held at the country home of Mrs. "Pear! Woodward Tuesday evening, Jurte 20. All attending please be at the Legion hall promptly, at 6:30 as cars will be leaving at Hiat time. Everyone bring their own table service. The committee will furnish furnish coffee and rolls. Grace Veach, Secretary. LOCAL NEIW^ Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Slncox oi Knoxville spent Saturday night and Sunday at the Kenneth Free home. Afteroon visitors were Mr... and Mrs. James Williams and family. Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCrory Of Oakdale, Mr. and Mrs. JJarry McCrory and sons, Gene and Francis, Francis, left Thursday to visit .'Harry McCrory's sister, Mrs."" Francis Smith and family at Watertowri, South Dakota. Billy Schaffner will have charge of the library during )dra, McCrory's absence. Mrs, .Earl Dodd of Lincoln, Nebr. arrivedflrfonday to .visit ^her sister-' ' * ••" ~ R.JrftejMgton-and >rother-in-law, JohrTpodd families. *''"'.''•-/:» "> ; r ' club. Only one other club in the state of Iowa besides the Hilton Husky Hustling Hustlers have the "four H's" of the four leaf clover emblem incorporated in their name. A movie, "Where The Road Turns Right' was shown by Edwin Edwin Clark. Mothers of the boys and girls served ice cream, cake and coffee following the program. Monroe Township 4-H girls club will have charge of the July meeting. meeting. SEW AND SO HOLDS PARTY AT HARRY WOODWARDS Sew and So club members gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woodward Friday evening, evening, June 9, for the first.of a series of summer' parties. There was a short program and Mrs. Donald McCloud announced the following numbers; piano preU ude., Mrs. Harry Woodward; song feat, everyone f "Foolish Fears", Mark VanZante; "The Census Taker", Taker", Mrs. Carl VanZante and Mrs. Frank- Wilson; duet, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mason; readings, Mrs. Ralph Shelquist; recitation, Richard Richard Mason. H;amburghers, doughnuts, coffee and orangeade were served by Mrs. Woodward and her committee. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brawn and Jerry were guests. - Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hagard of Phoenix, Anu., were overnight gueats with her father Mr, Arthw WaJ and family. They w«re o« their honeymoon trip enroute to Loynette, Wiawaoaio vaer^ they Will make their home. •* •• Mr. and M*a. e«i W. Dooley of Richmond, Calif./ spent ft few d$ys with his sister, Mrs. Dews Wfcitc •ad Mr. White. and their. M, Sgt.vand Mrs.'Dayton of Ft. Lewis, Wash., arrived here Tuesday to/visit; his parents Mr. and Mrs; Fred? Dotsbn 'tod other 'relatives. They went to Ottumwa*Wednesday ;o 'call on his sisters, Mrs. Daphen Ostergren and Mrs. Don Cobbler. Mr, and Mrs. C. C. Coulson, Mrs. T. B. Cameron, Miss Mabel Coulson Coulson and Mrs. Harold Mason attended attended a piano recital at the Presbyter- an church at Centerville Thursday evening when Miss Helen Lbomis presented her pupils in a recital and Linda Coulson participated, on ;he program. Ora and Bertha Potts of Albia ip'ent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. M, P. Main. Mrs. Main and her guests called on Mr. and Mrs. 0. G.' Davis. Mrs. Alex Main spent Monday Will Tisue. Seig Pence entered the St. Josepn hospital in'Centerville Sunday Sunday night for treatment. ' Mr. and Mrs. Don Pettibone and children enjoyed a picnic supper around the' fireplace Sunday evening evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Coulson. :' Mrs. Marjorie, Hough of Eddyville Eddyville and Mrs. '-Birdie Main spent Monday afternoon with their parents parents Mr. and Mrs. Andy Brown at Iconium. The girls missionary guild of the E. U. B. church met*Monday evening evening with Kathleen .Halden for their June meeting with Miss Halden Halden as lesson leader. Viola Hammond Hammond sang a solo and following the lesson study Miss Hammond took charge of the business session. Miss^Mabel Coulson, councellor, attended. attended. - :,. Mr. and Mrs. Shelvia Locke of Chicago and •'Mrs. Elmer Sehwabe and Joyce and Eddie and Mr. and. Mrs. Robert Huff and daughter, j Dana of Casey spent last week with Mr. and Mrs,"Harry Stocker. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dudley of Ottumwa Ottumwa spent Thursday at the:Stocker home. I Mr. and Mrs. John Pantzalea of Riverside, Calif., daughter of' R. E, Winsler of Riverside, arrived Thursday, June 1 to visit at the George Winsler home. After a three day visit John left to attend a shoe convention at St. Louis, Mo., where his wife joined him later to go to Houston, Texas, enroute! Evangelical United Brethren Church Leo Wilson* Pastor Harold Mason Suriday School Supi 10:00 a. m., Sunday school. 10:60 a. m., Wb&hip service, 7:00 pt m., Youth fellowship. Bible school progrtitn at Metho- dish church, June 11, 8:00 p. m. 8:00 p m, Thursday evening, Prayer Meeting. '• •*. Fairview Methodist Sunday school 9:0(1 a.m., always with interesting lesspns. Public worship 9:45 a.m. Sermon subject "What Jesus Said About God." , Church of Christ MORAVIA 10:00 a.m. Bible school, Eugene McCrory, 'superintendent. 11:00 a.m. Lord's > Supper and sermon: Billy Schaffner will'be in charge, of this service. 8:00 p. m., Bible Study. 8:00 p. m. Wednesday, evangelistic evangelistic service conducted by Clarence Schaffner. . ••; • Everyone is invited to attend these services. ' : ' . Church of the Nazarene F. A. Hahn.'jpastor Sunday school .wjl? be observing Children's Day. , ; | 10:00 a.m. Sunday school, Mrs. F. A. Hahn, superintendent. 11:00 a. m., Mowing Worship. Missionary speaker Thursday evening, Jrine 15. J 8:00 p. m. Sunday evening, preaching. t Missionary meetidg at 2:00 p. m. Wednesday at Mrs. JPprrest Main's. Grace Methodist Church Moravia.'.Iowa WaunciUMcCon^, Minister 10:00 a. m;, Sunnay;-school. 11:00 a. m., Morning Worship. Sermon topic, "Beginning Anew." WESLEY/ METHODIST CHURCH Wauneita McConnell, Minister. 10:30 a. m., Church School. 9:46 a. m., Morning Worship! Sermon topic, "Beginning Anew." Iconium Methodist We start a new year next Sunday Sunday and have plans, to. present which will secure increased interest interest and attendance at Sunday School and the worship service if all will do what they can to cooperate. cooperate. It will be greatly appreciated appreciated if everyone will be on hand to give encouragement next Sun- Fire Siren To Make Scheduled Blow Friday Art Fox, firechief reports that the fire siren will make trial blows Friday evening at 7:45. It will be regular meeting for the firemen and they will be trying trying out a new timing device for the siren which will operate it automatically. Band Needs More Players ' Mr. Robert Sloan is appealing to youngsters and parents to attend attend the summer band rehearsals al the school house on Wednesday am Friday nights. To date not too large a attendance has been at the rehearsals. Mr. Sloan reports there will be a concert this Saturday night providing enough players can be at the rehearsals this week. Especially needed is bass player and some clarinet players. Anyone desiring to play with the band is invited to the rehearsals, adults as well as school children.' Mr. Sloan is giving private instrument instrument rehearsals at the school house. Any children wanting special special instruction can contact him at the school. Gardners Opening Cream, Egg Station Gardner Hatchery this week opened their produce buying.sta- tion at the hatcnery. They will be buying cream for the Yorkshire creamery company.and will also be buying eggs and poultry. They will open Wednesday evenings evenings during the summer for farmers farmers convenience. Regular rural pickup r,outes_ will .be established soon. BURDETTE WARDS HOST TO ROOK PARTY Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Ward entertained entertained at a Rook party Saturday Saturday evening with three tables at play. Mrs, Dayne Taylor won high for the ladies and Bernard Hayes won high for the men. At the close of the evening Mrs. Ward served hamburger sandwiches, sandwiches, salad, cake, coffee and cocoa. day. Mrs. Edwards will teach the young people's class; and Dr. Edwarda Edwarda will use as his sermon subject, subject, "What Jesus Said About the Kingdom of God." ATTEND YOUTH.DAY AT METHODIST CONFERENCE The conference sends Miss Wauneita McConnell back to the Grace Methodist church for another year. John A. Wilson, Moravia anc Virgil DeBoef of New Sharon attended attended the lowa-Des Moines Methodist Methodist conference at Shenandoat Saturday. That being the day of a full week of conference designated designated to be Youth Day. A large number of Youth of the conference area attended both the afternoon and evening program! which included a Youth Tea anc Reception, banquet, special speaker and outstanding negro singer. The Shenandoah M. Y. F. group also presented a religious drama entitled entitled "The Centurian's Servant by Dorothy Clark Wilson. Both boys were elected to serve on the conference Youth Cabinet for the coming year. John as publicity publicity chairman and Virgil as vice president. The Ottumwa district was also honored by having three other people chosen to serve as cabinet members: Ivan Dale Koch is president from What Cheer, Betty Warren of Ottumwa ai treasurer and Marilyn Hull of Os kaloosa is world friendship chairman, chairman, During the evening program the area Bishop, Charles W. Brashares installed the newly elected officers with a very impressive ceremony. The Ottumwa District is very honored to have placed five people out of a total of 14 members on the conference cabinet. BUSY MAIDENS 4-H MEET MONDAY AT TURNERS The Busy Maidens 4-H club met at the home of Aileen Turner Monday, Monday, June 12. The meeting was opened by the president and -the pledge was given. Plans were made for Rally Day for June: 16. Donna Rogers and Aileen Turner' wire nominated to rim for county office. Carolyn dawk and Patty Rogers will give the campaign speeches and Beverly and Donna Woodward will be voting voting delegates. Donna Rogers and Aileen Turner were chosen to gives the team demonstrations demonstrations at Achievement Day this fall. W. S. C. 8. TO ENTERTAIN MISSIONARY SOCIETIES The W. S. C, S. of the Methodist church will entertain all the members members of the Missionary and Aid societies of all other .churches of Moravia at the Methodist church at 2 p. m. Friday, June 16th. All women are urged to attend. They Are Our Community - •> homes : to Rive ,|bi, Ett» ity Tuesday and family. ^ Grav- to visit her Burmeister Mr, and Mrs. Dayne Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Buell Taylor and- family enjoyed ice cream and cake *t the Otha Taylor home Tuesday evening tailoring Mrs. Dayne Tay- The Union and Moravia community community salutes Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ronald Woodward and their-family as one of the fine farm families of this community. One that makes he Moravia community one to be proud to be a part of. Mrs. Woodward, formerly Doris Luse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ody Luse, and Ronald are parents of two children, Karen Jean, 8, and • Ronnie Lee, 5. Ronald and Doris were married upon gradua- ion from high school after having been childhood sweethearts throughout school. They reside on the R. C. Wilson 'arm ,1% miles south of- Moravia, where they ha,ve been for three years. Ronald has been a farmer all his life, and enjoys farm life. The whole 'family is fervent sports fans, Ron would even give up a good meal to take part in a ball game. For last summer Ron would ride the tractor and combine all day in the field and hurry in, do up his chores and rush to town to take/.part in the Softball games, He gets equal enjoyment out of witnessing, witnessing, a 'good baseball game and often tries to attend some of the league games, . Karen Jean and Ronnie Lee are a bit young yet to take part in 4-H activities but already the groundwork groundwork is being laid for their participation. participation. For even now their parents parents are saving stoc^c to be put into 4-H work. Karen enjoys tap dancing dancing and singing, plays the piano well for her age, and enjoys her pony. Ronnie, a true farm lad, is a second Roy Rogers as he Jons bis guns, spurs,, cowboy garb and shoots down every "law Tweaker" in the ewnwunity. When the ajupp blows Ronnie trades off and "en- gineors" hia electric train. The Woodwards farm 420 acres ia tee N*w Hope community and year has 160 under cultivation.. They da hot take an active part in fairs, etc., but have taken their soybeans to the fairs and Doris some bakery goods. Primarily they just naturally enjoy raising good crops and baking respectively. They now also- have a' fine herd of milk cows and a very fine strain of hogs, 'however as yet they have not registered their, stock. Their religious life is a rich one also as both regularly attend the Wesley Chapel church. Ronald is the Sunday School superintendent at Wesley, and Doris also shades Sunday School responsibilities by teaching a class and plays the pi- ano. The Woodwards this year even had their trials with sickness at crop planting time this spring as Donald was stricken with a siege with the mumps followed with a type of pneumonia, upon which it was necessary for him to be taken to the hospital for a short while. And in a few days the community came to Ron's assistance, and tractors, tractors, plows, discs, planters converged converged on the farm one day, putting in hia crop and preparing the bean land. A deed quite typical of this community and one which the Woodwards are quick to take an active part. According to figures just released released Moravia reported the lowest lowest percentage of -drop in population population during the last 10 years in the couny exception for the county seat, Centerville. Moravia has a population for 1950 at 650 as compared compared with 731 for 1940 or a drop 1 of 11 percent. Centerville has a count of 7,606 as compared wtyh 8,418 in 1940 or a drop of 807 or about 9 percent. Total county figures are 19,659 in 1950 as compared compared with 24,245 in 1940 or a drop of a little over 18%. The drop in population over the county is attributed to the drop in production of Ha coal mines and of the abandonment of small industries industries at Centerville such as the Hercules plant. Population figures, while not official official but reported from accurate sources are as follows: 1950 1940 Moravia ^ 650 731 Centerville ,7606 8413 Cincinnati . 698 859 Mystic ' 1247 1822 Moulton 985 1181 iExline 341 481 Numa 244 322 County 19659 24245 Rate of decrease in population over the county is as follows: Moravia 79 11% Centerville 807 Cincinnati 161 Mystic ,.575 Moulton 196 Exline 140 Numa 78 The above, figures of course are for the corporate towns and do not include the township figures of which Moravia is expected to more than hold its own.' 19% 32% 17% 30% 24% W. S. W. S, MEETS WITH MRS. CHARLES COFFIN The Women's Society of 'World Service met Friday evening with Mrs. Charles Coffin for their June meeting. Th* ..'topic; was "Youth Share Wider" Horizons" with Mrs. T. E. Campbell as leader. Mrs. E. F. Oehler read the scripture. Taking part in a playlet presented presented by youth were Viola Hammond, Hammond, Kathleen Halden, Janet Dhority, Mitzie Sawvel and Maxne Maxne Firkins with Miss Mabel Coulson Coulson representing the youths director director and Mrs. Fred Hammond the childrens director in missionary work assisting. Mrs. E. G. Hawk ed in the prayer of consecration. Others taking part on the program program were Miss. Eleanor Miller; Mrs. Leo Wilson and Mrs. Zell Callen. Miss Miller and Mrs. Hawk sang a duet. The business meeting was in charge of Mrs. Coffin preceding the program. Twenty-one were present for the service. LESTER WHITES HOST TO FRANKLIN FARMERS The monthly meeting of the Franklin Farmers was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester White. The meeting was called to order by the president, Rex Hagerman with the following members present: present: Richard Veak, Gary Sullivan, Richard and Robert Potts, James McCord, Larry Derby, Phyllis and Maxine White, Garry Kosman and Jerry Brown. We discussed about having a ice cream social. The softball tournament was discussed discussed and approved. Refreshments was served by Mrs. Lester White at the close of. the evening. MISS FAULKNER TO SPEAK ' AT NAZARENE CHURCH Miss Esther Faulkner, a missionary missionary in South India since 1945, will speak at the Nazarene church Thursday evening, Jnne 15, at 8:00 p. m. Everyone welcome. • Flight Of the Stork Word was received here of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Dale Callen of Des Moines, Monday. The youngster has been named Craig Randall. He was born at Mercy hospital, Des Moiaes, weighing 0 Ibs. Mrs. J. R. CaUen is the paternal paternal grandmother. Born Wednesday morning, June 14 a.t Cedar Rapids was « ?H Ib. girl to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Jones. Me. «nd Mrs. Virgil Johnson an4 Mr. and Mra. Ben Jones fre tfea grandparents. ' '-'

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