Land appeal - 25 Oct 1917 - Lincoln Star, Nebraska

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Land appeal - 25 Oct 1917 - Lincoln Star, Nebraska - at a- rend P o- *5j al, Many Nebraskans Take...
at a- rend P o- *5j al, Many Nebraskans Take Appeal to President On Claims for Exemption One hundied and ninety-nine Nebraskans of the South JE'luttg terri- toty have filed applications to present tehir claims for military exemption bet'oie President Wilson. The lequests are one file in the office of the district appellate board. The claimamts arc appealing from the ruling of the Lincoln board. Saundcrs county has the largest number of appeals to the president. Seventeen conscripts from this county are resorting to the last source for exemption. .Lancaster county division No 3 claimants number seventeen. The following had fl'.od appeals up until Thursday morning: Adams County: Lester I* Ground. ·Johnson County: Calvin C. McCoy. of mter- become pur- an of n cd o. been *6.aW. u. of Harvey Anderson. Fred A. Liebers. Christian Jensen. Andrew Jensen. Geo A. Portei field Keli E. Swedburg. Timer E Grothen. John Murphy. Elmer E_' Giothen. Carl W. DiecKgrEfe. Chas. C. Vcdersen. Kearney County: John lT V Mancher. John U Johnson. ---- A ,,,,,,,..,,,, Butler County: Anton J. Rejda. Edsar L. Marsh. Benj. R. Creech, Anton Bohaty. . ancas » er ' w 0 9- B Ba W u 0 n%r*- HeS^R. ferth. Wm. M. Theew-en. Cass County: Fred'k. G Ahrens. M. W. O'Leary. Arthur S. Sjogren. John A, Box Ed-w. F. Seiker. Lancaster No. 3: Louis N Tiedmain. Ed F. Francke. Harmen B. Honnor. W. A. Markenke. Albeit Blocltwit*. Charles K. eimer. John Mulder. . _ _ Ernest L Stewner. Henry M. Hanson. Carl H. Cox. John C. Hoffman. Frederick H. Stoll. Tracy E. Mumford. George "W. Coiner, \villiam Prange. Joseph J. Stanek. -- James Terryberg. Chase County: Carl 0. Widger. Clay County: Thoma* M. Dane. Roy Yosti H. J. A. Sjastedt. William L. Sack. Emit L. Kkall-a. - _, Harvey A. Frank. Ka y-_ 1 -- Fred G. Fischer. Otis L. Moran. Julius E. Walage. Nemaha County: Ben Moore. Wm. Henrv Flack. John W Hawley. K A. Weatherfleld- Ralph T. Norvell. Nuckolls County: Ernest S. Enckson. Anton Mohlman. Uundy County: Merle H. Hlgglns. Flllmore Couhty: Harry F. Carlson, Lloyd E-.Nelstin. Fred F. Hodek. Henry E. Beaten. Henry EOrick. jr. fieorge G. Fox. Theodore V. Sen-. Franklin County: Carl H. Davis. O. Every Farmer Buys Liberty Bond- Boy Scouts Active cm (Special to The Star.) FREMONT. «Neb., Oct. 25.--The wle of Liberty bonds In Fremont yesterday exceeded the estimate of even the most optimistic of the committee of bankers that had charge of the drive. While no figures were available on the total, the bankeis who spent- the day declared that the results were far beyond their expectations. Boy Scouts spent the day making a house-to-house canvass and had surprisingly Rood success. From out in the country, comr reports of correspondingly good success. A committee of Fremont bankers who canvassed a rural route out of Fremont sold bonds ranging in value from $50 to $1.000 to twenty-one of the twenty-two farmers on their list. In but -few instances have the workers met with refusals to purchase. Many of the investors have notified the committee to call on them again in the event that the amount allotted to the county is not raised Col. Welsh Onthe Job When S. 0. S. Flashes Signal at per 1'W 6 sugar the K. County: H Mover. Lvan B Andeison. Frank Kelley. Walter L.. Engel. Henry A. H Beward. Joseph H. Baner. Martin E. Ross. Perkins County. (Special to The Star.) OMAHA. Neb , Oct 25 --Colonel welsh of tho weather bureau is a chivalrous gentleman, as everybody knows. He proved it a new the other dav while attending a moving picture house. A fat woman was seated next to him. bne began to bob forward and backward, ana finally she spoke to the colonel. "I am sorrv to trouble you sir. _ she said, 'but really I can't get up. Tnese se*ts aro 50 narrow." Not an Instant did the doughtlv colonel hesitate. He arose and tocft the woman of avoirdupois bv the left arm and gave a mighty tug. But he could pull her loose from the seat. Another man came to 'his assistance. He took hold of the good woman's other arm. The colonel gave the Signal and together they gave a mighty tug. The arms of the chair groaned and cracked and the woman stood up She smiled and thanked them. Somebody started applauding, but the colonel and his assistant sat down -without acknowledging this recdgnition of their achievement. wuey men Flag the Pfcftlps County: Oarl O. Sunblade. Eiar E. Itzazsoi. A. "W. Jj'Henreux. Albert Swanson O, F. I/Henreux. John A. Benson, Oltmart H. Hunger. Harry Greening. polk County: Omrmo E. DejOngO. Hubert Fait. Big Meeting for Frontier County: John J. Foley. Lester B. Hill. Sander P. Chindgren. Red Blame G. Button. Ira 0 Porter. Richardson County i Jas. L. Cha»berlain.JO e hn g FU|s^ tt Abe Blllmgs, ir. Nfkie Harms. Furnas County: Charles A. Purvis, Mei ers a e w Ferdinand O'Boehme Herman L. Perkins. Christian P. Toesel. John J Hougnon. Saline County: Walter L. Herrlck. Frank Mezera. T3dw. J. Knapreit., Henry Slama, Clarenc'e H. Weber, Charles Prda, Wayne E. Harlan. Frank Sn'nar- Wm T Sayer. Joseph R. Kavar k. cWlte Smith -William Tackovsky. Joseph J. Pettier, ,Ga0e County! Neels 0. Nelson. ·Oscar L. VandrutZ. Ben R. Swanson. Oscar J. Pfeiffer. Charles Jasa. Lorenzo H. Muller. Elmer W. Johnson. Walter W. Hyslop. Vl "t° r Jf- ANi 9 hols Walliam Vlnzant Arthur C. Anderson. Harry . H._ Karsten. Ernest L. ," Hill County: J- rank . K. L s- Buchfinlt. Wm. E, *rj- n ,.Afm- TTrnnlf j «- 30 Suf- they auto- oth- I Emfi HSFKS: Frank Jackovbek, jr. Otto M Tagge Ernest W. Hagenon. Edw. G. Englchard. Louis TVeiCgand. Henry Clausen. Tester Billings Seward County: Harlan County: "E. C. J. 'Magdanz, Edward Willy. H. J. A. JDachling. Yura L. Archart. Henry J Werner. Thayer County: . Harold K. AVillis. Hayes County: Andrew A Beck. Jacob J. Bieg. R. A. Eickmann. Stephen F Sydon. E. W. Hobelmann. Henry W. Fanarmclr. to A pa- chnst- an Grotsie Keureruc Fred H. Pohlmann. Warren W West. Herman D J Beu. John H. Effle. · Webster County: Henry A. Seeman. Hitchcock Countys Lynn L Pitney. Joseph G Crews. Robt. E. Keffer. William Lindgren. Edward Dusek. Gottlob Gohl. Edd WItrhilk. John Morthole.' August ZimmTman. Walter L. Bradley York County: Jefferson County: John C. Clarey, Bryce D. Tracy. Cornelius C Epp. Carl L. Schroeder. John K. Benzins George E. Ga-kill. Roy M. Traum. Franz E Harder. Otto J ' Melrnth, jr. Arthur H. Naber. Emil Kenning. Archie B. Rhoades. minister, began who as and Red Cross Work (SpBclal to The Star.) ALMA Neb , Oct. 25.--An enthusiastic meeting was held at the court houjse at Alma, last night for the purpose of boosting the work of the local Ked Cross. court house was crowded to its capacity. Music was furnished by the high school orchestra, bv a quartet and by Miss Hagr and Miss Eassmusflen. The meeting "w?is presided ever ,bx. W. J. Fnrse. ofialrman of the county- defense council. .Mrs W. C. Bartlctt in a short talk explained the work accomplished by the local Red Cross. The principal speech of the evening., was made by Congressman A. C. sfimiehberger. A great deal of enthusiasm was shown and a collection wan taken resulting in donations to the local Sed Cross amounting to $354. ATTEND FAMILY REUNION. fSpecial to The Star) FREMONT. Neb, Oct 25.--WahOO Sam Crawford and family tflll arrive In Fremont Friday to attend a, family reunion at the home of a sister of the famous ball plaver. Neale Crawford, a brother qf the former American league star outfielder, has been called In the draft from Saunders county and will leave soon for the training camp. Mrs. D. B. Patterson, mother of the Crawford boy-! will cornc from Fayette. Miss., tp attend the festivities. Sam Crawford will go to California to spend the winter and next year will manage tfie San Franclscp tea,m of league. the Pacific Coast BACK TO OLD PRICE. (Special to The Star.) FREMONT. Neb Oct. 23 --Fremont cigar dealers, who raised the price of five cent cigars to six cents and boosted the price of certain kinds of tobacco, have gone back to the old price. A prominent dealer admitted that the raise was made as the result of an agreement whicTi several dealers failed to observ. A wholesale house that does a retail business was one of the first to break the agreement and return to the old price. BEATRICE WCDDING, (Special to The Star.) BEATRICE, Neb.. Oct. 25--John A. Plebuch and Miss Mae Clark, both of city, were married Tuesday evening by Dr. C C Cissell of the Methodist church. autumn Hay the and Labor of by ,of

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  • Land appeal - 25 Oct 1917 - Lincoln Star, Nebraska

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