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Thomas Forster commissioner - i - - - ; - - - - - - - - - . .. ... . ..l..: -...
i - - - ; - - - - - - - - - . .. ... . ..l..: - . 1 Im - lFonter's office, that vnir.g, he diJ not tow upon the account 01 U1e f what misht occur in the monnng. ine . - jriwnmentofan Englishman m tne uangBon. I eot immediately accoiniiamed the said Pari. ; peruse the tale of his sufferings by Uie hUo(Bce, where, after "WEEK ,S 1 r - nnlice. and bless davit, he received from Col. i orster the to lowing y.u,,a,.u... - - I rRrlirate: odthatyoa are an American, ana n, cnnCem t - Permission is country of laws and not of men. hereby granted to Leonard Gordon, to dispose , .v.. r.r " of any articles he may wish, having mue . - The following curious article came by the nor - 1 . nf according to law, in my thern mail, in the shape of a printed handbill, ad - olfice Given under my hand at the custom - dressed to the EitorfhK - YEmig 0U9C. Pre!l,lsie Post : "I n.. ii,. ciiowln. - moniinir. Vefore brewkfast, TVt ih, nuhlir. is considerable interest has I., n ,.,,,.,. an.lms!! a selection ofjewelry, been excited on account of the case which oc - (0 ount 0f three hundred and five dollar. curred between the collector of Presqu'Isle and fift cfntSj 0,, which was a gold pateut a Mr. Leouard Gordon, who brought to Uie lever walch, wid Mr. Reed gave to the said Gor - above mentioned port an assortment of jewelle - fiye dMaTi mt fifty CCnt in ehange. At th - ry, I tlunk it necessary m order uiai uie puu... Ume Mr Ueed Was mal4Uig me aiores.uu - civ - may have a fair opportunity of deciding on the . Mr b arren stepped into the room, and sa :Oiidnct of the parties, to publish Uie affidavit ol yW Reed wa4 selecting jewelry, but Mr. r. Gordon. . I Warren did not remam long m ine room. - me. Mr. r'.nnlnn is a man of respectability, and m ,,...,: nf.i,o 305 SO worth had .been com - his affidavit 1 have every confidence his situa - . te(1 hy Mr Reea, Uie deponent presented a tion liere has been peculiar, and the transactions case Containiiiff a diamond to Mr. Heed, . . . . . - .... :. nra n - rlnnalr .. .. . - i . r . f,w li!. I - mi wlucn grew out oi uiai auurtiiuii, r - " l iiiteiidilig it as a kiuu 01 reiuuiinw iuiown but to lew. Die, On Uie recepuon 01 uie peum ..... Wiihmit drroe - atinsr from Uie character of the , n:ti,,vinrMl pleasure or dissatisfaction, collector, a few remarks may be made with rer but t it iut0 hi4 pocket without ceremony. The the course which has been pursued by I ., that he wai not enUrely sa - " - IllCIVIIVItv ""I t - the parties in this business. tified asked Mr. Heed if he had any particular It seems Uiai uie conecior Muymcu u.. 1 (ieni;uld against mm ine ueiraicni, rnl. f Mr. Hnrdnn had been svtuziled and .hlB. Mr. Reed immediately ex - ?n ronsMuence of this tusmeion he refused to I Trouble! let's look at your watches trive a clearance the value of the goods was I i The deponent then opened a box con - given in to Uol. torsier ai ;jiu,vnn, wiu tainingoid wetches, ana me saw ivreu dition to his suspicions with regard to smuggling, t)ie jpnent a one hundred dollar bank note for a Mr. Gordon had failed to clear out his goods jpatent lever, the price of which was one hun - from Buffalo or enter them at Erie. jreJ ,4 eighty dollars, and told the said ..onion, It is not my purpose here to investigate Uie Uiat he must not Uiink of profit, but to balance the tvspiciom of the collector, or to attempt to dis - fi( the said Reed's trouble, and to accruer accruer whether thev were well founded or not ' , f .... rui b;n for the watch. This the de - ... , I v, . W V Ship from ilson. days, brig i ranean, i it 1 1 damage, Left at buryport, ship nnd line iiinore. could l.,ng. Schr. .19 days hogany, lick, Snrague, . 1 .1 A t is entirely sufficient to know mai suspicion ex - 1 nent promptly refused, and immediately snui isted. What then was Uie course poiuted out hy an(1 Mr Rced retired. After Uiis Uie law for Uie collector to have adopted? Should he I .. to his lodzinzs. at Mr. Dun - S11 also - - de in a old of of horses up hmna have seized Uie goods of Mr. Gordon, and reUiu - 1 c' . where he was again in company wiUi Mr. cd them in pos - esMOU until ne nan receiveu Warren, who asked him irhe had noi maue a bond for double the amount with sufficient secu - 1 . , to Mr Keeu, and whether he, the dc - ritv. or ample 111 oof of the innocence ef .Mr. Oor - - . ,1 ce: ve j w - York or western bills dou, wiUi regard to smuggling 1 Or, is Uie coUec - rom jyir. Reed, to which the deponent replied tor of a port authorized Dy law 10 compromise he ha(j reCcived a dilferent kind 01 money, with the holder ot suspected goous, auu 10 say wilh which he was satished. And iminer Uin what amount shall ransom tnem r deponent saith not. H:is a collector, after receiving the affidavit ol (Signed) fSmied. L. GOR1JUM. Sworn to and subscribed before ine this thirti eth dav of Jul v. one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. Given under my hand and seal at Detroit, the day and year above written. THOMAS ROWLAND, Justice of the Peace. rc - what I Count informs con - my in - - inai ; returned wiUi found that the - victim iuuh weary unUl eens me bri - L. ruu - ume to known at - snouiu ol a - 1 hey entering poods, and eranUne both a clearance and an extra - ollicial certificate Uiat those goods have been legally entered in his office, office, a right in law to receive security or to demand demand a pledge from the owner, to induce him to prove (when it may be convenient) that his goods irert not tmvsultd f Is one and a half, or Uiree per cent, on the a - mount deemed by collectors in general, a suffi - l CHARLESTON, Sept. 16, cient sitnty to induce a tmiixgltr to prove nertaj - j)fnart of actual suits for the vetk past. ter, that his goods vere not smuggled I rw Goods Business still continues very dull ; Would such per cent, piedpes, in case they a prett, iarge sale took place on Friday, but at were generally made, and as generally forfeited, cei ,y m means favorable. One reason as - produce tint revenue from commerce Uie gov - - - Wne for this dull state of thing", is the scarcity eminent intended should be raised by that source? 0f nl0ne v which at this time is very great. Let the above interrogatories be solved, asl rolloa Sales have been made at ourquota - theymayforthe present time will unfold 'nti0ns. Several waggon loads of new short cotton force of ttfim and the lollowing amaam may have in which is held at 28 cents. nowallord a partial explanation 01 uie causes jce s dun. tlie last advices from Ha. - anna which have produced Uiem. being less encouraging than heretofore ; but Territory of Michigan, ) M - me rice y sllli held at five dollars. District of Detroit. $ ' Flour and Corn Continue steady at our quo - Personally appeared before me, a justice of the tioiis. peace, in and for Uie district of Detroit, Leonard Groceries Rum and Molasses remain the Gordon, a resident of .New - York, of lawful age, 9amc as last week ; prime sugars have sold at 16 and made oath, that he left the city of New York, 1; there is very liUle if any prime green with an assortment of Jewelry for Uie purpose ol coffee j,, ,arket; it would bring 21 or 22 disposmgol the same; some 01 wmcn jeweiry bauta . mferior qualities are plenty and dun nine The ved at would Calypso, from from spoke de nesday fathoms from to S. under the sea M. er most and sage On Irom torn gale were consisted had been manufactured in New - York, and some imported. That he Uie said Gordon arrived in Buffalo on the 22d day of June, 1816, and departed departed from thence the 1st day of July following, on board the Aurora, in which vessel he shipped his jewelry. He arrived at Presqu' Isle (or Erie, Pa.) on Uie 4th day of July, having been out but 3 days. That on his Uie said uordou'a arrival at Erie he did not enter hisjeweiry ai we cusiom - house, but after taking lodging at Mr. Jamet Duncan's, he proceeded to obtain a room that w as opposite, and occupied by a Mr. Warren, where he the said Uordon openea ana soiu a pan of his jewelry. On the eighth of the said month, (J uly) he the said Gordon applied to ine cuiom - hoiisc officer, as he was directed by Mr. Johnson, master of the Com. Decatur, for permis - ion to ship hisjeweiry on board the said Decatur for Detroit, which permission was reluseu oy coionei copy leave their the out declar with gens - icvuu wduld iiiev mean Naval Stores and Staves Are very dull. Cottou Sea - lslaud, 44 cents per lb Santee, Ac. 40 Short Staple, 25 Rice Goal, $4 3 - 4 a 5 Flour Philadelphia, su;erfine, $10 1 - 2 Richmond, 10 Corn 1 1 20 a 1 25 per bush. Oats, 70 cts Exchange ou London 8 a 9 per cent premium Specie Dollars i a 5 per cent premium dull Billson Boston, at sight, 8 per cent advance Ncw - Y'ork, 1 per cent advance - Philadelphia, 6 per cent discount Baltimore, 8 a 9 per cent disc. North - Carolina State Bank Bills 3 a 4 per cent discount. From the Has ton Intcllisenccr, Sept. CI. Algiers. While Uie public mind is directed mwrie New days U.i . and tie, tnin of Thomas F'orster, on account of the said jewelry I towards the frequent idle reports in the English 1101 having ocen previously cin - n - u, m im 1 papers, relating to tne co - operauon 01 our neei said Forster's office, according to law, of - which the said Gordon was not aware, as lie did not understand understand the law, in such cases ; and in conse quence of this refusal, Uie said Gordon was prevented prevented from denartine on board Uie Com. Deca tur, as he had intended, and was informed by col wiUi the sauadroii under Lord ExmouUi, in an attack upon Algiers, it may be interesting to add one to the number. It has becu stated, that the Treaty signed by Commodore Decatur and the Dey of Als'iers, was lost in the sloop Epervier, upon her return to America, aim unu. " vigo - - il hi' oy geiii - very dech - resolv - de gan - an. wiwinv - oe - I re en Forster, Uiat he the said Forster should be com - refU!Cj t0 acknowledge a copy fiimished him pellcd to seize the jewelry ol the said Gordon, in because it was not the original instrument. He consequence of iu not having been legally enter - wrote a letter with his own hand in Arabic, to td. And after the said Gordon had assured the presiacnt of Uie United States npon this sub - said Forster, that his jewelry had been brought jcct Alld ,uth are the UearUi of Uiis species from New - York, via Buffalo, and Uiat nothing Df literature in America, Uiat the communication but his ignorance of the law in such cases, had remained .without translation for some months, prevented him from clearing the same at Buffalo, bein" - transmitted from one city to another, to and entenng it at Ene, the said. 1 orster sneweu fmd a gcholar acquaiuted with Arabic language, the said Gordon a letter from ths secretary ofl liith we liave heard, but upon somewhat the United States' treasury, Mr. Dallas, which VagUe authority, it has been sent to Commodore he the said Forster read, and in which Uie said r, .aunf.p without any interpretation ; and with Forster was requested to be vigilant and rigid in discretiouary instructions to act as the purport the perlormance 01 lusauiy. .nier mr of the iettcr, when he discovers its meaning, may sud Gordon went to a. l r. uau, wno injicate, the deponent to Rufus S. Reed, (merchant) ui . . . . . 1 1 1 . .1 l .. 1. :. 1 ... . . . . . , . r . tne, and alter iiiesaia.,i,iuiiiii.iu.,uc in - - n - q,, ejnesjaj tan, a suiguiar eporung ie;u uaUoli relative to the said jewelry, known to Mr. was performed Upou the Cambridge road. A Reed, he the deponent requested Uie said Reed gpntleman matched his horse upon a wager, to to give a detailed explanation of the circumstan - tn( tjf UUH( three and run Uiree miles within ces, relative to said jewelry, to the said Forster, .1 uour The dilficulty attending Uiis perfor - believing that lie the said Forster did uot correct - mance f has been supposed in England to be very lv understand what he Uie said deponent had re - - - Mp - hle. tliat laree bets has been offered liitel to liim on the subject, and the said deponent agai,.st any animal which could be produced. lurtuer rciuesieu uie saiu iicej, - u uc u...... - he ease therefore with which in is race agauisi , ,.1. 1 be 1 effronte - to call - dt - itngui ence with the said col. Forster, to accommodate the business in sur.h a manner, as would enable the said Gordon, to take hisjeweiry and depart lor Detroit. Aliout two hours after the said deponent's first interview with Mr. Rr .d, the said Recti caded time, was won on Uie Wednesday, was raUier surprising. The Uiree miles were trotted in 9 minutes and a few seconds : Uie walk was done in about 3il minutes, and as this insured Uie com pletiou of the race within the Ume, Uie horse was merely galloped Uirough to win Uie wager. The the depouei.t, and requested a walk, w hich the wlvole time occupied was 56 minutes. Ib, deponent agreed to and after w alking togeUier I near a hundred rod. - , Mr. Reed informed the de - Morg n0f,,try.Qa Fri.lay night last, the store ape - I"l ' - of ers. tlicks, Lawrence a ,o. ;o. 00 r uie - X and enjoined the deponent to secrecy w,U, re - was bn)ke'n robUcd of aquaati,T 1 , , , . . , . to him. ..,. . ,u s...i - .wi ;.i Mr C.a. in the same riflpr which the id Reed observed to the de - T Z"" xZ' J - ... . .1 . . uwk - u.ic, uunu v,rt. dunii? j pnnent, that cxpeincs might accrue to Uie said fireet was elltered by breaking! 0.1 . - ir , r orster m iiuure, 111 coiiMqueir. c ui 1.. u ,.., Joor that f omm,lui, atf witii the yard. It is for the mlt t,e circulated azaina him, on account of ,upposeJ that the robbers, after forcing several plea - ;hi. nCAt,lt; the jewellery of the said Gordon ; m wep(, riarmed by Mme noue, and I had , . : nrjpr r, nreveut the said Forster from . . ,:ik... t,.;muiT (For To I fant hcea ciT 1 : 10 7 ; and XI JN will tur or I and de into delayed it, some oi not at in a but, such it at an than We may day U I ". ill. ,1 m n ,ri - - .u.M - . - .., . . ... IsiL - tainingany loss, and to enable him to it"'d boot - aw witi, them, although a : with his enemies, on Uie score of such reports, the ?00 weropen t0 their hand. Th said Reed thought, th:.t if Uie der.ncut would ,he yard and hall of the adj ! make a sacnfice of three hundred dollars, but in . . . ' - , nor ooen afler thin. Col. .i - i i ..1.1 t.. - ..l.i - ..,l 1 n ' ' frnm all further trouble. To Uiis proposition Uie I - f i - - .i;i.. ..TMAl &iut ntikeil tli saiil saim vioruui - ivuuhj .. . . - - - Reed at what time he wished io receive ine sa,u abundance ofl Th retreated ad ioin'ne house, EFEXINV POST.VARJ.VE LIST. CLEARED. . , " i w. . nnnoi. iv. i jewellery, to which tSe said Reed rePhet, about nng 7 Norfolk ' . - . . .i . - .. - . m nr. iv,e ti . wish A evcnillff.' iJi a wiui i uiiic iuirri i7? I rmJlo YuAii this eveninr.1 ltii. the said deponent met Cut Forster iu the 'treet, when Col. Forster asked the deponent if i. h - ,1 Mr. Reed : to which the deiooent re plied in the affirmative, and further staied,tnat ne was glad to receive as good news as he liad done from Mr. Reed. Col. i orster men requraieu Uie deponent t. - call after snpier, ana give ms as - fidavit ia his the said Former's olhce ! the dcjo - nent accordingly called at the house of the said Forster, after supper, and was informed by Uie said Forster, that he was c nsaged, and Uiat he the id had better call in the morning be - fm reilcfast. The said Gordon theii returned i,; i.l - - ini at Mr. Dune: n, where Colonel Forster called about nine o'clock tlie same tven - 1 bilcnus, fro 1 i,,2. ami obrvl. that H wWK - from V l Tn 'Tins FOREJMXW. J rv J v i w M.m - mm J . n ... . . t .r.. Mil pr. Zl daVl v;" .:TairinVall. "to Gilbert" Robin - ' 6 V.!r .u. .. - .I .nA of J araaica. fell in with I Danish fleeTunder convoy of a brig of war, con - - panisn " . .j me .mailer vtt - s.sting, oi nve ia,sf T" - r; to u, th scls w ith troops, oeuuu.iv , r ShSp Three Sisters, Mayhew, 21 days from Fredncksburch, with flour and mahogany to Whtttemore and 'Crump and A P. Gibson. On Th , d"y last lat , 'long 73, UO, dojp u..; rn t:har estoo. who upphed us w lUi VDHrvtuij ' - II t.m in ballast, to the c.ptain. Sept. 1:1, poejb,P i t - . .. W...r. .1 inr : . T - ' - ' I I Dot r - vxer. tut uk wi c ' : fv - ortk.

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