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sellings s h i l l b e ipples for llie use Jefferson, Nov. that an order be Decwer of $248 for by Treasurer, on W | of Sec. 24, T6, R 13 being government assessment In 1847. to be charged to Arn't 248 were allowed: fees 20101 bill as follows: on body ol James coffin on the $1 00 1 00 for Mrs Hociden " " Barban Prell W. W. Reed for vis. and med. for J Stehle 41 tt Hoden 400 500 250 4 50 375 1400 5 00 00 00 00 00 50 56 50 50 34 I 46 1 10 87* 62 150 body of 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 Mrs. Warner " John Hoddef " N. S. Gretn, goods for Biade " 17 08 L. G. Hascall ·· Blade " 20 00 [1 B Wilhrd for prrform. ing nmpiitufon of the s h o u l d e r of Oscar Smith 71 50 med. att. on " " " J. D Oapp for aid to Blade " 4 35 J. A. Bicdorman, taLing care of C. Mathes '· 38 25 W. W Reed, med. att. on C. Mathps 13 75 Levi Burget " " " Norton " 9 38 W. Zehrlaut, goods for Wid, Mauice " 1 50 H. B. Willard, med all on Blade «· 8 13 T o w n of Fannington for aid to Norton %mily " 70 99 On motion adjourned till to-morrow morning, at 8 o'clock. Morning session, Friday, Nov. 12, 1852. Boird met pursuantto adjournment The following account uas allowed E Kelsey, blacksmith work fur jail court yard 5 35 The account of A. H. Waldo for aid to J, Steble is reconsidered and referred 'othe chairman from Jefferson, who )s to dollars, and lliev i\ill asic of ibis board oiders for [134.l!3j one h u n d r e d and t h i r t y four and I3hdihi dollars rnori 1 , v\ hich we t h i n K , as before plated, should be allowed them in order lo maintain good taith between the county and the contractors. In view of our inability to pay these contractors as w e hid ftgrepd, we asked and obtained at ihe list se«sion of tht Legislature fi special s t u u t e to avuhonze this Boird to allotv*lhern mtu rest on ihese orders. Your commitiee believing that they have discharged their dulv to ihe county and seeintr no fmber use for their ser» victs, beg leave to be discharged. Nov. 12th, 1852 A U.VANosniAND, C h m n . W.W. WOODMAN On motioned aboie report is adopted and the commitiee disobaigeJ. In accordance accordance with the above report o l d e r * were d r a w n to Vanderpool ond \\aldo. for 134 dollars and 13 cents. On motion of M Smith, volod I h i t the proceedings of this Boiid be published published in both ihe papeis of this county. On motion the above was rescinded. John Johnson, bOiirJinj and nursmcf, Osloe 3\t,ibon, 1,50 Austin Itellogg-, t e t flnd sugar A c Wm. Lie, paupi r, l_ oncord, ,58 Austin Kfllogg, cash lo VlichatI Cl n» ton pauper, Cciironi, 1,00 Jonas Ostrandtr for n m ' t paid M Clinton for boanl)»jf MichiiJ O'Jotini r Jiid for am't paid J. Johnson d r keep-ng Osloe Neilson paiipenConcord. ,5() Michat 1 Snunce l u m b e r fof cc"1l1s dance the transient pnuprrs, Thomas Q.uinlan 1 00 for keeping and boaidmg Michat I UCormi r p.iuper, 10 1J 'lown ol Concord for services of Supervisors Supervisors of ton n of Gone rd attending on Co pauper*, 0,00 J Oa'rander for aid to Nuilson Co pauper, 8,1 ( J Martin Slrattun witness fees in complaint complaint agctinst Warren M o n g e r for burning b u r n in lown of Konit. 1,4S Witness fees in same cnse. Sophia McDonald, 2.18. Miles Mc,IV Mc,IV nil v, 248. Sutiiicl Str.uion, 1,50 Willard Thompson. t,00 A R Glide-, 1,48 \Iyles McNally, 1,48 Miles Stanton i motion tne above was rescinded. 1,48 Harnet Henry 2,'M I he follow in? accounts w re allowed: j D H o w e ) 1 for 1M su| , p ., rg f or J u r y a II Snlly per Tor from at For 22, week 1 Scofield on nnd to Vanostrand Marits roedital attendance 1 per orde/'ol judije'o/ 1 Co'u'ntj'cN .iit":J,00 s on Clemens wife and child, c o p a u p t i , - -6,00 -6,00 Town of Waterloo n to medicil A t t e n d - J, Maydole lor going lo M i l f r d Dist. Atl'y, upon exaiiiiiialinii of J,utn, ance on girl f_pauper] at Eminons 2,00 E ffColf .groceries f u r n MrsFosee 8,50 courtTai'J' J W 7 Cole, goods do do 13,16 Winslow Town of H atertown, For paying M Hoyt fo cafry p a u p e r familv to MilnaiiKi'e 800 For paying T J Prentiss r c t n n e r and M a h e r b y request of ihe Shculi, 2,00 Sebastian Lentil foi clutft'smcr well in 300 nslow and Gregory tor post morion examination on ihe bodies oflanrus Maher Maher jr. and Ann Main r. 20 00 \\ m Woodcook 88 Ibs. ftour for Co II the case dance Michael ili'r

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