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El Paso Public Health Sterilization - i SURGEON'S CLEVER SCHEME MOW A.CLEV Kit DOCTOR...
i SURGEON'S CLEVER SCHEME MOW A.CLEV Kit DOCTOR ( ARA.1- ARA.1- TIX ED A Bl XL riGHT lie lied n Giant ' Atomiser and Liberally prayed the Texan TrMh 'at S ranm Solntion of " BJchlo rl de of Slercnry. j . Chihuahua (Letter Baltimore -Son. -Son. On my way to Mexico I bad the pleas ure of meeting Jat El Paso, Tex..; Dr. Alexander, a vr-teran vr-teran vr-teran member , of j the United States, marine service.) who! had spent many years guarding our portals against the grdat Mexican' pjestllep.ee smallpox. Dr. Alexander is by'natlvlty devotion to his " adopted land Is none thb less ardent oh that, ac count He Is. what I generally know-n know-n know-n as "a character" rou th, hale and hearty, jwith. a striking reseknblanca to ouir- ouir- pictured images of Kris Krlnkle, especially-aa especially-aa especially-aa re gards his twinkling-eye twinkling-eye twinkling-eye and Jelly-like Jelly-like Jelly-like ab- ab- domen. He Is a man worth going miles to meet for the funny tales ho tells of hl9 experiences In health. ; ' the '; service (of' public !. J - about three months ago It seems that smallpox w-as w-as w-as very prevalent Just across the Rio Grandfcs : from El Paso, and it looked as If thie epidemic would surely cross the river, j But Dr. Alexander instituted, instituted, a : rigorous quarantine, .and managed managed to keep olf all communlcia tlon with the infected region until a Mexican- Mexican- bull fight arrived ol thejother sldie. But on every Sunday cilebration of It hot enticing Spanish entertainment a large (contingent of tho sporting element of the Texas town crossed tile river to view the fight. Not only did ttje citizens of El Paso attend, attend, but tourists would stop over, and on their return expose the land o( Stars and Stripes to the. Ask of an epidemic. Pleadfd with Them. ' j ; r' Having no polwer to prevent thelf going going over and ntt wishing to fed hard on his fellow-cltlaehs. fellow-cltlaehs. fellow-cltlaehs. the vigilant health officer officer pleaded iith them, delivering a small moral leitture oh the Wrong; they were doing, but all in vain, j He then wrote a more causitio article. in which he politely told them i that there would be trouble If the Sunday emigra tion into the infected provinces continued. But thev heeded not his words cf warning. Now, 'th? doctor is a Jovial man aiid he has a merry laujsh, but fje means business when he says bKj. and li could not! view with content th slur jvhlch had been cast on the great Dejiartment'of Public Health or sit quietly H' and see his bmnlpotent authority bedrapgled ;ln the mtd. He de cided to teach them a lasting lefson. and so he did. i i I , Sunday came,! a beautiful Spring i day. and the bull fight came off, and thq cltl- cltl- nu luurisis emigracea as ot jyore, chuckling to themselves as to how the old doctor was at home pullljig his j hair, for oh their way over thev saw him hot. The fight was (a good one, the bulls I were vicious, tne Dasidsnlios .active, the- the- picadors picadors skillful aid the enjoyment, of the -Americana -Americana was (great. But after thd carnal carnal sport was oVer. after the matador had withdrawn his bloody swordi froni the quivering oouy or toe last bull amid the tumultuous choi-ous choi-ous choi-ous of "bravos!" from the heartless audiince, our fellow-citizens fellow-citizens fellow-citizens started again for Dixie land; but j they met a -sudden -sudden ar.d unexpected check fn the person ol a .ltirge ! number :ot - "river f-t f-t f-t ' w.iuca iiitc -.uiuiuaiiu -.uiuiuaiiu ui itus o 1 11 cloctor, who frooeeded to "corral the Whole outfit." - i ' i . j (Excitement rtn high or a Iwhlln smt some ctf the mofit puginaclous wert violent and u-ied u-ied u-ied bad tvords.j and in response to angry questionings as to what he meant to do, the doctior blandly replied: "J. am koic-s koic-s koic-s m nieriuze your Not being conversant with tha- tha- Ui .theory or wlrA modern aseptic surgical iwnnique. me canttvea wer tnnch -non. -non. plussed, but tbelr suspense was soon rer lieved. A-fter A-fter A-fter they had been placed in line some of tt e guards disappeared but Booa reaurneu neanr.g a curldus-looking curldus-looking curldus-looking apparatus wnicn seemj d to be a cross be tween a lorcefoumn . and a riant atom. zer, and placejd the mirchine in front of tne Jine. A Vlnporona Blast The doctor look hold of a Huhe.j the assistants began to ; pump laboriously. and whUe thd captive miscreants !were wondering whijt was going . tjo happen their line wasisuddenly struck by a va porous blast that almost took them oft their feet. Toltheir exclamations of an ger Jhe doctor replied that he was Islm- Islm- ply - killing, ttye germs with a good, strong solution of bichloride of mercury. explaining thaq the apparatus was ah in vention of his iw;n. of which h was ;very proud; that thi mechanism; was -simplicity -simplicity -simplicity itself. iand i that i he wapj, thinking strongly of getting out a patehll on JL In the meantime jho relentlessly j 6prlnkled their bfst Suni'.ay suits, sparing not an occasional plug hat or gaudy tie, and serving alike tjie lubdrer's jeaqa anc the dude's Prince Albert. j .-'.. .-'.. I.-! I.-! I.-! j - When their interior surfaces seemed saifflclently saturated, the: sturdy halth officer-calmly officer-calmly officer-calmly lold them ' to ttirn their backs, and proceeded to finish' ithe ducking ducking "to -tho -tho Queen's 'taste." relentless. y working his mtjdlen:ted sprinkler until the last oftender' wjaa soaked. I j A street car lload -;of -;of "sjorts'1 was i held, up and similarjly served. Most of tb'-m tb'-m tb'-m offered to g&t out, TV.t the Doctor explained explained that that Was' unnecessary, as his antiseptic spraj would work wU thrpugll Ihe windows. j , j Several young gallants had brciught their fiancees In bujigies, but their feminine smiles had little cfTect on the stonyhearted stonyhearted medical man, and aftet the usual douching, tho uoctor saya -he -he 'empt;t4 a few pints of fluid on the cushions "Just to make n extr4 impivetdon on j the oecu-pante." oecu-pante." oecu-pante." ; 1 ,' i " ' A sorry looking crew It was that crossed back over the (Rio Grande- Grande- that beautiful Sitrday nfternion, leaving;.; a ! b.chloride trail upon-the upon-the upon-the tide walks: and heaping tn-tlreptic tn-tlreptic tn-tlreptic cu:es jupon the head of the man that invented lue germ theor,V. j . The quarantine o'lioor little Reamed of the far-rcaciiiig far-rcaciiiig far-rcaciiiig effects . his operations would naive, lof- lof- they :not only ut a :sud-den :sud-den :sud-den stop to tle Ame-rlcan Ame-rlcan Ame-rlcan altendancie to the bull fiehtsj but forced the l"figh(" to close dow-n. dow-n. dow-n. Fjor without American icath there ws llttlt"prcflt in It, nhd the old doctor is very happy in having put an end to what ke considered, a detectable sport. ; T - - ! I " But, on the other band, he acquired the free and unlimited wrath of ttir; popubioe of the MexiciH town to such extent! fcae.t I hey asemble on the south bank of the Rio Grande and burnt the worthy doctor in etilgy after b-toeuking b-toeuking b-toeuking everlasting !pun- !pun- i-hment i-hment i-hment for hits soul in tie lowet re- re- gions.

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 20 Sep 1899, Wed,
  3. Page 11

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  • El Paso Public Health Sterilization

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