June 12, 1968 8th grade junior meet

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June 12, 1968 8th grade junior meet - June 8, 16 the seeaad Annual HumtxMdt cramp...
June 8, 16 the seeaad Annual HumtxMdt cramp ttsdc and FteM state City Si-Id *t the HumbcvWt Aatetic *tftr*rs 5ft the senidf . »**«»«}»«> divisions of both firls and b»vs competition quali* *—•- to the state meet to be ,_ ..j Dubu$ie. nan Senders of Humboldt again on»Vifi«J in his sjrectalties by irianrnf the SSO yard and mile rens alttiottgh pushed to a 2:06.9 clicking in the former by Paul Blaekman of Eagle Grove! Sanders Sanders had irjrmed up for the longer distances bv running a 280 stint, placing second behind D«i Bristow of trvington who o^jalifi?»d to state in three events. The rangy junior who attends the Lu terne High School, wn the less jump with a leap of to l-l r 2 and also earned the 100 title as well as the 220 crown. He was timed in :10,4 for the 100 and :23.4 for the fftnffiofifti 8, faff f fcjdkrf, .tffflS ' ' £t J*f» sra L ftsttllft. flSM/fc &&* UKSIW 9»fr mtauti f,OTsfltT§lf6ftf r 5, LOT! Ctimn, Hflffi. t»Mf, i-? w -.areitoce« dale, HflThBDldf} 2, DlaW Tel. tort. 9»«§6Tf! 5, Lori enrrtnv ifamBoldl, time, m,6, Other than Senders, three other HHS varsity track team members snowed well in the senior division division of competition. They were Dale Erickson. Kip Thorson and Rich Conlon. Conlon topped the hish jump event with a 5-10 leap while Erickson won the 180 low hurdles hurdles in :21.6, placed second to Bristow in the 100 yard dash, and third behind Bristow and Sanders in the 220 dash. Thorson ran second to fenders fenders in the mile and third in tbe 180 low hurdles as well as fourth in the 220 dash. Other winners in the senior division were David Anderson of Renwick who earned the 440yard dash crown with a time of :53.9 and Richard Jenson of Bode who took the 120 high hurdles in :20.8. There were three double winners winners in the intermediate division. They were Terry Dillinger of Humboldt in the '440 yard dash and 120 high hurdles; Dan Block of Lu Verne in the 880 and mile runs; and Gary Telford of Ottosen in tbe 100 and 220 dashes Ronald Wolf of Lu Verne was upped 4-0 Alstott, 3B 3 Solera, CF. ..;... ,3 Luchsinger, LF 3 Sheet, P 3 Johnson, 2B. ... 3 Essick. SS 3 Sddall, PF ^ Stoner, IB 2 TOTALS. 26 Twin Rivers Laurens Twin Rivers 12 Cindy Hankins, Patty Jacobson, Suti Cran, 3B D~ 1172 0010 AB CF. .4 LF. .4 . . . .3 Coni Christensen, IB i Jacki Jacobson, Marsha Hacker, Carman Janssen, Susi Christensen Amy Wehrspann, TOTALS . . . Manson 2 Hueser, C. . . Clavson, P Schuppler, 3B Calmer, SS. MOler, CF Portb. IB. Junkman, 2B Filloon. RF Creek. LF TOTALS. Score by Twin Rivers Manson SS. .4 RF. . .4 C. .4 2B .4 P. .3 31 AB I 4 ... .3 ... .3 3 3 3 3 3 3 ... .28 ( Innings 32140! 0 0 2 0 0( Markets Grain Quotations Corn, Beans Oats. ,.,,.,. June 12, \m ,i,Qj . , 2,5j 7( sparked victory .._ M . also outstanding in the division as he won the long jump with a leap of 18-7, placed second to Telford in the 220 dash and was third in the 100 yard dash, other winners included Darrell Darrell Satern of Ottosen who tossed the shot put 48 3-3/4; Dale Thompson of Hardy who high jumped S-6; Randy Kuhlman of Humboldt with an 11-0 pole vault; Bob Damstetter of Humboldt with a time of :22.9 in the 180 low hurdles; and John Blanchard of Humboldt with a discus throw of 1028-1/2. Rick Palmer of Renwick and Duane Nelson of Thor dominated the prep division as Palmer won three events and Nelson finished first In two events and third In another. Palmer won the 100 yard dash in :10.8; the 220 dash In :24.5 and the long jump with a 16-4 effort while Nelson finished third behind Nelson in the 220 and won the 440 yard dash with a time of 1:03.8 and the 880 yard run with a time of 2:26.5. Also of note was Mychael Swan of Renwick who chased Palmer to the finished in both the 100 and 220 dashes. Other winners Included Phillip Ernst of Humboldt in the shot put; Paul Bristow of Irvington in the high jump; and Steve Harris Harris of Bode in the pole vault. Junior division entries outnumbered outnumbered any other division, yet Gary Wertphal of Humboldt did manage to earn a double victory as he won the 60 yard and 440 yard dashes as well as finished third in the 100 yard dash, Dan Johnson of Humboldt won the 100 yard dash, but dropped to second behind Lee Toyne of Humboldt in the 220 dash. In the field events, Scott Satern of Ottosen won top honors in the shot put; Steve Watson of Humboldt Humboldt topped the long jump competition; competition; Galen Rasmussen earned the high jump crown; and Dick Jensen of Humboldt went 7-0 in the pole vault to win his class. > Competition In the girls events * was hot and heavy as expected except in the junior division, which again had the greatest number of entries. However, two girls did qualify for the state meet. They were Marsha Hacker in the senior division with a 177-6 effort in the softball throw and Nancy Moklestad in the intermediate division with a toss of 117-0 in the softball throw. Cindy Hankins of Bode was a triple winner in the prep division as she topped Deborah Rossing of Llvermore in the 100 and 220 dashes with times of :11.8 and :28.1 respectively and earned the long jump crown with a 15-6 effort. Kathy Nagel of Humboldt won the softball throw contest with a toss of 141-4. In the junior division, Karen Stockdale of Humboldt was the only double winner as she led Diane Telford of Ottosen home In tbe 60 and 230 yard dashes with times of :09.0 and :34,5 respectively. However, Stockdale was fourth in the softball throw which was won by Brenda Ernie* of Humboldt. Humboldt. Lori Curran of Humboldt Humboldt was second in the sofU ba« throw and third in both the 60 and 220 dashes, Cindy Pride was third in the softball throw, MEET SUMMARY Boys Senior Division Long Jump - l, Don Bristow. Irvington, Distance, 20 l«i/g, Higft Jump - i, Rich Gorton, Humboldt. Height, 5* 10, 100 Yart Dash-l, Don Bri§, tow, IrvlwHon: 8, Bate - • son, son, H«mbPl4t, Time, 880 Yard Pa§h=,i, Don tow, Irvtoftou; 8, 0 ~ -"-"If 3. Pale w ,, H,KjRToorsi; Humboldt, Height, 5*6, Pole Vault - t. Randy Kuhtman, Kuhtman, Humboldt; 2, Allen Benson, Humboldt. Height. 11-0. 100 Yard Dash- l, Gary Telford, Telford, Ottosen; 2. Dan Smtth.'Hum- boldt; 3. Ronald Wolf, Lu Verne; 4. Rick Vinsand, Humboldt; 5. Nels Houston. Humboldt. Time. 220 Yard Dash- 1. Gary Telford. Telford. Ottosen; 2, Ronald Wolf, Lu Verne; 3. Dan Smith, Humboldt; Humboldt; 4. Terry Dillinger, Humboldt; Humboldt; 5. Mike Hansen. Dakota City. Time. :24,7. 440 Yard Dash - l. Terry Dillinger, Humboldt; 2. Hugh Sanders. Sanders. Humboldt; 3. Larry Malll- son, Humboldt. Time, :55.S. 880 Yard Run - 1. Dan Block, Lu Verne; 2. Mike Hansen, Dakota Dakota City; 3. Paul Hendrickson, Humboldt; 4. Hugh Sanders, Humboldt. Humboldt. Time, 2:17.5. Mile Run - 1. Dan Block, Lu Verne; 2. Paul Hendrickson, Humboldt; 3. Paul Anderson, Humboldt. Time, 4:57. 120 High Hurdles - 1. Terry Dillinger, Humboldt; 2. Norman Schipull, Goldfield; 3. Bob Damstetter, Damstetter, Humboldtj 4. Randy Kuhlman, Kuhlman, Humboldt: 5. Larry Mallison, Mallison, Humboldt. Time, :16.7 180 Low Hurdles - 1. Bob Damstetter, Humboldt; 2. Norman Norman Schipull, Goldfield; 3. Dana Vige, Bode; 4. Mike Hansen, Dakota Dakota City. Time, :22.9. Discus - 1. John Blanchard, Humboldt; 2. Nels Houston, Humboldt; Humboldt; 3. Rick Vinsand. Humboldt. Humboldt. Distance, 1028-1/2. Prep Shot Put - 1. Phillip Ernst, Humboldt; 2. Doug James, Hardy; 3. Randy Wright. Humboldt; 4. Dave Thompson, Hardy; 5. Lynn Lindley, Humboldt. Distance, 40-0. Long Jump - l. Rick Palmer, Palmer, Renwick; 2. Kevin Tellier, Humboldt; 3. Dave Thompson, Hardy; 4. Dave Rundle, Goldfield. Goldfield. Distance, 16-4. High Jump - 1. Paul Bristow, Bristow, Irvington; 2. Jerry Ehrhardt, Ehrhardt, Humboldt; 3., Mychael, Swari/«HaryyT "4. 1 Dave r Tnomp-'* sin, Hardy. Height, 4-8. • ! Pole Vault - 1. Steve Harris, Harris, Bode; 2. Paul James, Hardy; 31 Lynn Lindley, Humboldt. Height, 8-6. 100 Yard Dash - 1. Rick Palmer, Palmer, Renwick; 2. Mychael Swan, Renwick; 3. Paul Bristow, Irvington, Irvington, and Jerry Ehrhardt, Humboldt; 5. Kevin Tellier, Humboldt. Humboldt. Time, :10.8. 220 Yard Dash - 1. Rick Palmer, Palmer, Renwick; 2. Mychael Swan, Hardy; 3. Duane Nelson, Thor; 4. David Hendrickson and Gary Bristol, both of Humboldt. Time, 440 Yard Dash - 1. Duane Nelson, Thor; 2. Gary Bristol, Humboldt; 3. David Hendrickson, Humboldt; 4. Paul Bristow, Irvington. Irvington. Time, 1:03.8. 880 Yard Dash - 1, Duane Nelson, Thor; 2, Kevin Tellier, Humboldt; 3, Paul James, Hardy; 4, Gary Bristol, Humboldt, Time, 2:26,5. Junior Shot Put - 1. Scott Satern, Qttosenj Z, David Peterson, Hum* boldti 3, Danny Thompson, Hardy; 4, Randy Moench, Humboldt: 5, James Nielsen, Humboldt, Pis. „ tance, 31 M/2, Long Jump « I, Steve Wat* son, HumboWt; 2, David peter' sen, HymboWt; 3, Scott Satern, Oitosen, Distance, 13 3*1/8, .High Jump » 1. Galen Ras* mussen, GoWfleWj 8.Jame,§NeU son, Humboldt, Height, 3*9, Po]e Vault - l, Pick Jensen, Jensen, Humboldt; 8, Lee, Tope. HumfcoWt; 3, Piviti Petersen. HumhoWt, Height, 7.0, ' ' ' §QJardl?8fh'"i,airyWest« phj). Humboldt; J, Jim Conlon, , 'umboldt* 4 Allan Bristol Hum' 1 WSCS met BRADQATE-WSCg met Wednesday Wednesday afternoon^ at the Bradgate Bradgate Methodist church, Mrs. Arthur Zeman. presided In the absence of Mrs. Kenneth Dayton. Dayton. Mrs, Ernie Burr and Mrs, Carlos Harris gave devotions and the lesson. Those serving lunch were Mrs. Owen odtand and Mrs, Edna Merchant with Mrs. Dwayne Benge assisting. Mr, and Mrs. Donald Cran attended attended the graduation of her sister, sister, Linda Boeckholt, at the Rolfe Community High School Friday evening. They were coffee guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Boeckholt. at Rolfe honoring Linda. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Madsen and family of La Molle, Illinois, visited visited at the home of Mrs. Edna Madsen from Tuesday through Thursday and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Norman Madsen and family of Monroe from Wednesday through Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Madsen and family of Sheffield joined them for supper Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Fredericksen Fredericksen of South San Gabriel, California, California, arrived Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fredericksen, where they plan to visit for two weeks. Frank Hacker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hacker, !s visiting at the Donald Hacker home at Hancock, Minnesota. Those calling on Mrs. Lyle Jennings Tuesday evening to help her celebrate her birthday were Mrs. Donald Brandhoy, Miss Beryl Dickey, Mrs. Ivan Wolcott, Wolcott, Mrs. Robert Zeman and children, Mrs. Leola Wallace, Mrs. John Schultz, Miss Marguerite Marguerite Bradbury, and Mrs. Virgil Virgil Burris. Mrs, Edna Madsen and Donald Madsen were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Madsen at Sheffield. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cran and family attended a Boeckholt family picnic at Gotch Park in belongs _nw iJlflS^ djFf, HttrteWU 8. Pi,. „, ^WIE 5 - 3 - 1 -^ Bs» -U, lp|. Kip 12Q_Hte6Hgrdje5='l,'Riga4r4 «_. -,,'X^* W 8^i* - I* " £&i Erlek*Q8 4 Hyn*QMt; 2, Caj; flit* UjfufeP , , 1 Time, |Q§,§, ! 100 Jirt Da§h« i, Pwi mfcoWt; 8, Qajen. R qddfieMi s.Qary w§ bpWt, 4, Pairty Toyne. batu o{

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  • June 12, 1968 8th grade junior meet

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