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 - T !' i - - rule cir - acceptance, oar and f t ....
T !' i - - rule cir - acceptance, oar and f t . j 1 - informal, - the jit - the Injure - vigorously tieJ - i tto id a t - In It - - . to he of - - J BEGIIiNIKG . OF SLABIO'vii HOW THE LIVELY VILLAGE OF HOMER FIRST SAW LIGHT. A Fasslly Fead JJreaVa Oat - Aa l a. aal Legal Career Killed His Brother - la - Lavr Coadactlasr a . Revtval 9tate Jtewa. - Special t TVr lodianaixia News.' Sieibyvt::e, Ind..i October tX The lioath of 'Kr JU' McC - ib has brought to light a story of 'Interest. Her f.ither was Mr. Orange, iohn son. a man cf la I Die courae and aomty. an tnn I railroad was being built from Columbus to Cambriuge City, the line now b.elDg a part' of th Pennsyrvanfa system.; Mr. Johnsonwas one of. , the contraclors. Among hi other duties was tlfe work of securing cross - ties, - In looking about for suitable timber he found what he wanted in abundance near wher the vClage now known as Homer Is situated. In Rush county, twelve miles east cf this' 'place. Mr Johnson took a force of men teethe woods and commenced. felling the timber . and splitting It Into tics. In do ing this a great many smooth slab were cut off.. - and Mr. Johnson conceived the Klea of - building houses with these ylabs H carried this Into execution, the result beir.jf that when this pioneer railway was built he had established a nourishing station In . which all the houses were built - of slab and roofevi with slabs, and even the fence, were built nf alaba. The town waa c.U,'d Slabtown. and for year and years the village had ho ather name. It was only in recnt years thst the name' wa changed to that of Homer, it now being one of the best point on this Kne f travel. Mrsi McCabe was "born In on of these slab houses. A SEW PAPER ISSIXD. r Staff of the Defaave Palladlaa Glee Clab Orgaalaed, .'8pcclai to The' IndlanaCkUs Ntni. .. , Greencastle, Ind.. October 22. The indents of DePauw have begun ths pub lication of a weekly paper undtjr th name of the DePauw l'a'Jadlum. ' The paper ts issued 'from the Greencastle Democrat office and harf new typ. column' ruios and other evidence of prosperity. Fpr a :year or so the collcgv publication"; at""DePauw has had a pre carious existence, and.haa generally been top - heavy with editorial force. This ytar a tfadioal change haa been mad. ' Charles A. Beard is edltor - ln - chlef. He Is an experienced newspaper man. The associates are a follows: pwlght S. RItter, Mabel Yenne, associate editors; Charle M Culp.: chief local staff; WHl - larm Voliva, local - reporter; Frank Horn - brook. Myrtle Rldpa'th. 'literary editors; Maude Hueetls, editor verse; Claud S. Watts, athletic editor: - Gertrude S. Lar - rlmort. alumni editor; Thomas : lioem, exchange editor; Pearl Shaw. Josephine Armstrong. May' Hoover,' editors music and grt: Ernest C. Waring. .editor uen - eral news; John Thackery; etlitor theological news, Business staff John W Webstrr, business - manager; Arthur Jacksiln, assistant businesa manager; O. M, Djalt. advertising agent; Charles Odcll, isubscrtptlon agent. The 'paper first .issue Is out." It Is handsome In appearance . and Is wen edited. ' v ' - ... V Th DePauw CJee Club ha organlxed for th year - r - - wll be 'under" the direction of Adolrth 8ohellschmldt. and has the following bffloers: John Dawson Howe, president; Will Lockwood, vice - president: P. Ii Hodges, secretary, and r osier emiin. t treasurer. mere are thirty applications ior positions In the club. - - - Prof. Bell A. Mansfield and a jBelega - tlon of twelve young women of Oel'auw are attending the State meeting of the X. vv.. c A, at rerre naute. One of the best displays of hand - dec orated china ever shown in the city Is on - exhibition In Sander & Mf Auley's show window, th work of Miss Barber, of the DePauw Art School. The display consists or anoirt twenty pieces or plate, piaque ana miniature work. The Maaaolla Clab. - Th Mandolin Club has been reorgan led for th year, uhder the direction of John Howe. Mr. How is preatdent, with Percy' Hodge treasurer and F. Thomas manager. - There will be - about - fifteen member. '. - . - r The Junior 1 class has elected ' the following officers: J. D. Howe, pre ident; Miss Francis Arnold, vice - president; Ray Haynes. treasurer; Miss He - tell Baldwin, secretary; F.. Fox worthy. chaplain; Frank Hombrookv historian; Miss Lena Byrd. poet; George Farrar, aergeant - a't - armai Charles . Beard, class orator: P. Hodge, athletic manager. Lieutenant Ham ha appointed the following officers for this year;' Cadwell, major t Poucher, first captainr Hamrlck second : captain; Barrett, third captain; TJttla. ' fourth captain: ti : Mead adjutant; first sergeanta; Newby; t'onley, Muun iml WUon: ruidfit. Peterson. Anderson. Darby, 8tair. , Doyle and Voliva. In the artillery are Talley, captain: Webster and Roller, lieutenants. Event at 31 oo re's Hill. Special to - Th Iftdlanaiolis.Xewa Moore Hill. Ind., October 21 The Y, W. C A. ha sent representative to th annual meet Of the Stat organicaiion, now in es1on at Terr Haute. The local branch ha' the foliowlng officers: Mary Campbell, president; Edith Boldrey. vlce - prealdent; Nejlle - Robertson, recording secretary; Agne W'llson, corresponding secretary: Lucy Pelaor, treasurer. The new officer of th TJ M. C, A." re: Prof. B. W. Aldrich. prldent; J. Cf Walker, Ylce - presldenl; F. j IL Collier, recording secretary: Preston 8. Hyde, correspond Ing aecretary;' Crate S. Johnson - , treas urer, i ,1 " . ' '" Th faculty ha given out that Senior will b required to give orations during th fall tenn.A board or reviewers will pass on the. merits of the productions, and th blue pencil will be drawn under all subjects that do not relate to present day topics. - - - " " - Th raid - term examination will take place the ftth and Zth of OctOben. The exemption graae syaiem vwh. itjj - dU ted by the student body, and the written tl will hereafter be the order. X FAMILY FEtD BREAKS OCT. Greea fliaaahter Fires roa Tw xfeat Severely Weaadlar Both. Social W Th Indianap - Hla NwaV Bedford, i Ind., October " 22. Green Slaughter, of Bon township." tsis county, was brought here yesterday after noon, charged with - shooting two men. H uaed ft double - barreled hotjuri. Th trouble is a second outbreak off th In - gram - Slaughter - feudj which toccupied aeveral days of the September I term of court. In which Ingram clalmid dam ages t (or ft severe beating adnjnistered by Sianghter.' The icaae was compro mised by Slaughter paying Ipgtam tJU and costs or prosecution. J . . The wounded men are Georg ! Slaugh ter and 1 John ' Holsapple. Ther former married ft stepdaughter of Tije. Ingram. Several years nago there wa a falling I out because of difference over division of property left by the mother of Slaughter's wife. Th assault upon In gram grew" out of this trouble. Green Slaughter 1 a 1 half - nephew of George Slaughter, and. In September last he married ft daughter of Ingram by Gearge Slaughter mother - in - law, and since his marriag he ha lived with Ihrram. - - ! I - yesterday jDreen Slaughter started on a hunting expedition., armed with hii shotgun and .revolver, and wh!l passing thrwa - h the woods he punt's 1 - George; Slaughter anrt ilolsapplc. m were put ting up a wire fence. Green Slaughter 1 ti Geo f: ' - t .. - . .: . crer.oc to i vr. c t"C - t Co.r? crew li' ard tfc?r. sr'j. k W4u'nU.i: him tlrecn then lloiss; rle. i . - .r ll";' - f i : in t.v r 5 hf i:. - 's ! r I efrct m the bM Jir i S .a lighter. - - 'It LU.ih cf the it j tM v. - .' - n f ' ' ground.' but af - fMni rr - i ft - rt and le'rcat t ' n l. - t a t r c!aar.g. as t.'i i JUl .. t ..: Slaniht.T l r1 ' - . m. - re . - .!' ; - . d;rvtin. this tl:i w;rif h:s r - - ' Aft' - r th i'i. - v Or., n ered h!nisif t. - turr r: - - . . rr'Js a. Tray in rrr!." t Vr term J:1. t - he tr - ir - t muni 4 wx of itn ii i During the P - p: tin ?Kn:cno - v; . s.. f - crimir... t and the lUforrrk ry. AX tMSt.v(.?l KUAL CARE ' - L ' i LWltlKf llartafy. Who IWsrtu Jtady LaWiat Fifty - ieven. t Craa jrhrvisvliio. r.i.. October X 1'; r - hap r. Attortn J; Jl Indiana trer h.ii peculiarly succi. - lftU a legal .career :i J janes F. Har ho ye?trj ly rr - tlre1 Trcm the! benh of Mon'. - . - . - .iy' enh of Mont, - iy iga j Harney a?u: - ... - - l Couatj - . When the bench six pivvliied that fslJurev Tester bar voted htm trs dco it was f . - . : wouli provs a s - ..l when ha rt !: - !. '. of t$e n.ost s - .K - k eld ti'.e bench. JjJ,i Judges who evel - Harney Is a ci.; Kentucky, but k - K - - te .of Shelby cvjii.y. ie Ta" Indiana in - : .u.ri:! ia jit'it in war ne servi B - a member ot ('Mrahy A. First I - '.'ir. i Volunteers. Atite ae of (w. - nty - r he wa electe,lj tii - the Lejf'Utur . - . I ser - nt. from iyi fv ii," . ' - In" lSiyf h rAnj f.r Consrexs s;,a i Oodlove 8. OrthJ h - .it was it Ji - h;, J, Frvni l to howevfr. .he xn niemtver of th ilndiana Sen.iti, ar l made a rvputat'.oh thurc. He t;.. v a man of larvj fjrtu!i,. bufin the p. - .r i of 1ST3 be li.i and found f.:r.. - . i a - lthout tu!ln.H. - ' ' At the age of t!rty - seven he hf p - in !v. - study of Uw. 1 f or. several y - nr hj studletl. b.ul lltr.jr at Ladoga. l.u - pr. - - tie was fmaii. j tit - had bes'ti . ih study when a; rrmparartve!y 1. 1 rr..i;i, and did rot prj - hj hinve!f to tb f - Tt. InI.0 Judfc'nl li C. Snyiier w is ,: - - j berch in Montgom ery county, an.l.o - cellent and popuhr aMudi; wa h - ,v t Us elwTiorr w - s re?arvid as a rerv !: r v The bar farondhim almost - t'.j A t ii - . and he was pvrtilar rersonal'v a l as ofllciall.v.i NVj.e of the. t ;.; attorneys. In Cr!! woui - 1 the 'race a1ntihlm, so it went tv o - ? - tauU of Mr. HAnj.'y. - . ' - A Dc'ruocTjn t lc Landslide. It so happened ilhat the greatet r - in - - ocratle landsllflelln history occ.irrrd it isa and everything Re pnblloah w.n burled. To jtr.r afor.!!in - .er.t cf nil Judge Harney; a Ks ; fleeted, an 1 In d time assumedj tlf btneh. He hul hi I only a small country practli - e. . an 1 l: - I llttld technical kfcwledire of the liw. o his admlntstmtio ji was looked - forwr j t j With mlsgtYings. j But ahat J'J.1! Harney lacked In on way he made upn another. Of natri:' . a powerful iitel ect, and kscruputjt::yv - honest, he sojn Impressed ih attorr.ovj that he a - ji ableho administer the Uw in a , satisfactory rjianner. Uurlns. hi. ;,i weeks of onVlal fe, ht was abnent f - ri duty only four d . and had th re :ts. raft bl record of having only six ct - - reverted bv thaMinreme Court. Hn fc - cessor Is Jtre "(est. also a Democrat. . ; - ALF.TAtDKJA OS Till E BOOM. y r.eil - j.lghted a Already V. ell - I - lahted aad Protect ed by Servlrable Water - Work. " . SpscJal." tol Tie "tndta.iaiella N?. Alexandria. Ir.jt.. October 21 With th - e completion - of sfvral streets an! a r - v school building this fall. Al. - xar.i'ii '.:, have - rrwtra'iie sr - Tt iff; tTgTr:,:. - ; . T. " haa dl. - wardi - d the'old - tima app'rqr.. - Cf ft village andj aasumed the m - r tan afrs of aicKy.. From l1, th yr In whkh' gas - Viji found here, tjr.t!! :' - :, tbtre were no; plilc or private Improvements made. f 7"h growth was very rapid during jlht period, and "n consequence llttla j ajtentlori was grvwi 10! beautifying the i Ity. After Its Inrcrpor - ; atlon the newlt - electfd Council com - : menced the rquiEvneeded work, al'.hot: - ;h ' under a great) njany disadvantagxs. Th scattered cont3!.)i'i of the town, cau. 1 by. laying oist lAe numerous ad In the erf' different land ecu. panles. made R - filher sx pensive In b i - iog and veryj (f.rtlcult to find locator. for school - h(.M.f cortvenfrm for a i l. Although tfleri '"was an abun - Un. - e c - f ' aa, the Couii" j'.' llrt, act .was t i a s that th elty lsWuld be proprly !:., - - ;. and that by dlrctriclty. . Forty s - ;t arc lights were j pot in. and - the ri;'c,: - r has bet - n irtcnaied to mxty ligitsi t t. - present time.l I . ' n Two lots wVt4 donated to the city In 1C'3 for school pjirpoara. and on turn - . erected a - teh - i"m sehool - hou - ,. at a combined cot tf tutM. A third f..'! - . - i - thousar.l - doi;pr building ts be'r? t r. : - and will be llnihi in thirty dayi. 1 : public library, with a collection - cf r,v; - hundred VOIumn, will b placad in the - new building It has bee Sut recently th? waterworks bThdJ arnountlng to r - 0. w - r sold, and thn rult Is tne comri't n cf an excellent yttem of water - wor; - c. The recent illAf - overy of oil hxs ereirivl an easy feelir.gj amoifg property. o'wrr, who are now) a - ixious r.r more frnpr - ov - - ments, a nuihbJr or which will b next srrinsr. inter - urban iiitn tne completion or t Hettric railway, an e,:u Imilcpenaabl' nvrr.lenc.. the city wi.l present a me Utan appearance. 1 cosnnfrs. A REVIVAL JallW. A Maa toBfrl ted of Ilore - Ste!!(;g " - Preacher. Special U I ;d.. Indianapolis Newa. Shelbyrllle Octobar' 12. A few ' years ago Bfn Johnson, of Sugar Cr. :' - , township, this jr ounty, was arrested 'o the charge of Stealinf horse. II waa . tried by a lufy In the Circuit t'o - jrtr - found guilty larid sentenced to two y - s i In ah penlteticittry at JeffersonvUle. Ke - 'j centiy jonnsfni quii nis evu a eo ..: - . j Now he Is dotsiucttng a revival Id te. little church atJlrgiown. KverynVk t the Iiomm Is Crwdrd. He tells the af. ry of his IWe Inj ai touching manner. Jnn - aon says poJr 'people can not aiTori f " mw( the exsrivagant .demands cf th ' churches, anfl fr this reason must htvs a place :proMiura ior rnein.,i engaged in 'irnfrtng a church that he has named taei".ew jionei. r KILLED HI BROTIIER - IX - LAW. Slsaoa Glas f ires a Ballet Iato.Jo - seph Meyera'a, Braia. Vlncennes, Bid., Octfft - er 22. S'mo Glass, twenty years aid, living - four this city, on lh i::i - two year had been at mile south cf not side. ' ftr outs with JM ph Meyers, - his brother - in - law. and fait Saturday night Meyer told Glas :n the of witness that he woidj kin htm witnin a we - . Yesterday Ajft4rnoon, while coming to - this city, h Was followed - oy iey;r. whereupon GUins turned and fired. :h v,,ii!t rKnetiaf - r!a Movers s brain. :.; - Ing him instfin'fy. - Gias voluntarily sur rendered to t snTUI 01 wwr - nri - county, Illlnfj! ileyers is reporte.j io hav been ai q - Tngerous man. espec.. - i - y when in ft dntnken numor. TR - Ul - WRSCKIXd ATTEMPTED. 1 f'edae - fhWid "taaea Discovered. a the Traelt by a Farmer. Special a rna IndlnpcUs Naws., . English. lid' October 22. - Another at tempt at wrkkinj a train1 was prevented late last, evs - ring - by the d:covery f wedge - shapefl jtone placed on th havy grade west lot town, jwn w - nici, farmer, wn und and removed them, represents oh a the stones wers ti - ei one on aacn iae, i nimw vi or twelve feed apart. The railway em ployes will ar:Mflt watchman, and t. - .s county aUl k! l;xewl. gtadenta (jeeloalcal' Excursion. I xcur5lin to LluominKJa! ; A geologic Glen will r'He to - morrow morr.lrg at 8:15. uriler h - i supervision of Profeiesor , Martin of tT.e In .JMnapo.: High S - h. - oi. .1 U student inrerted tn such wcTfc cay ; become meraof s 01 ujo pany. ace i I - - -

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