2-24-1951 Vs Eastern OVC Tournament Championship Game Garrett Beshear 37 Points

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2-24-1951 Vs Eastern 
OVC Tournament Championship Game
Garrett Beshear 37 Points - CHARMED BALL- BALL- Eastern's Alex Stevens...
CHARMED BALL- BALL- Eastern's Alex Stevens appears to be trying to hypnotize the basketball as he falls to floor during the first half of last night's O.V.C. championship game. Murray's Garrett Beshear (16) also is down, while other players are Murray's Madison Stanford (23) and Gene Garrett (19) and Eastern's Carl Eagle (21) and Joe Harper (11). U. K. Rips Vandy; U. L. Is Wildcats' o9-57 o9-57 o9-57 Win Establishes Records, Tics One; Spivcy Gets 21 By LARRY BOECK. Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Staff Writer Lexington. Ky.. Feb. 24. The Southeastern Conference basketball record book, .virtually a chronicle of Wildcat hardwood feats, received four more entries under the name of Kentucky here tonight. Blending charity with a sharp effort, the Wildcats raced over Vanderbilt 89-57 89-57 89-57 before a standing standing room only crowd of 13.500. And in taking their 14th loop victory, the Kentuckians set a new record for the most number of S E.C. triumphs without a defeat. defeat. Kentucky already held the old record of 13 triumphs without a loss, set last season. The Cats rewrote another of their records the highest average average of points per game against SEC. competition. They now have averaged 85.3 points per game as contrasted with the mark of 72J9 they set last season. Was In Full Command Record No. 3 involved the most ooints scored in a season by an S.E.C. team. Kentucky ran its total to 1.144. Auburn held the old record, set last season, of 1,069 points in 18 contests. The Wildcats also tied the record record for the most number of victories victories in one campaign. Alabama won 14 games during the 1939-40 1939-40 1939-40 season, but lost four. Once again a sharpening Kentucky, Kentucky, which has been coming around beautifully the last two games after a dip in form, was in complete command. The Wildcats Wildcats fast, sharpshooting and handling the basketball like it was a baseball dashed off to a 58-25 58-25 58-25 halftime lead. During this half. Kentuckv hit 25 of 59 shots Vanderbilt Kellev f Kardokus f Southuood f Wei5s c Smith e Hclrtman g White g fs ft pf Kentucky fa ft pf. 1 2 2 Hirsch f ,322 12 4 Linville f 9 1 3 3 2 2 Price f 0 0 1 3 2 5 Tsioropoul's f 0 1 0 5 1 1 Morgan f . 2 0 2 fi 5 3 lansaw f 0 0 1 2 1 2 Hasan f 6 0S Spivey c 9 3 3 I.avne c 0 0 1 Ramsev g 2 1 3 Watson g 6 5 1 Newton g 10 0 Totals 31 15 19 Totals 38 13 22 Halftime score: Kentuckv 58. Vander-hill Vander-hill Vander-hill 2S Fife ihrnwe missed: KeMey. Weiss 5. Smith. Hfldman 2 Snuthwood. Linville. Spivey. Ramsey 2. Haean 2. Newton. Lavne. for a nifty 42.4 per cent. And little Bobby Watson amazed the crowd by sinking four straight field goals from far out. The way they vvere going, the Wildcats could have rolled over the 100 mark. But Coach Adolph Rupp yanked the regulars after approximately six minutes of the first half. They didn't return until the last three minutes of play in the game, the last battle of the regular season. Bill Spivey amassed 21 points tonight. Not far behind was Shel-bv Shel-bv Shel-bv Linville with 19, Watson with 17 and Cliff Hagan with 12. Hagan looked good tonight, often operating in the pivot when Spivey pulled off to the side. Mississimri State 1st Foe For U. K. In S.E.C. Meet Birmingham. Feb. 24 (AP) Kentucky's champions meet last-place last-place last-place Mississippi State in opening rounds of the Southeastern Southeastern Conference Basketball Tournament at Louisville Thursdav. Pairings for the tournament were drawn tonight by S.E.C. Commissioner Bernie Moore and Wildcat Athletic Director Bernie Shively. Conference coaches appointed appointed Shively to work with Moore. Vanderbilt can tie Alabama for second place in S.E.C.-cage S.E.C.-cage S.E.C.-cage standings standings by defeating Georgia Monday, Monday, and Mississippi plays Mississippi Mississippi State Tuesday, but Moore said the results would not affect tournament pairings. Moore gave these pairings and times for the opening rounds Thursday: Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee, 1:30 p.m. Alabama vs. Mississippi, 3:15 p.m. Tulane vs. Florida. 7:30 p.m. Cards Suffer Sixth As Late Uprising , By DON HILL Toledo, Ohio. Feb. 24. The Louisville Cardinals had hoped to put Toledo Coach Jerry Bush on an enforced diet of lather tonicht, and succeeded, in a sense. The Rockets won the game 72-66, 72-66, 72-66, handing the Cards their r-i;;th r-i;;th r-i;;th defeat of the season, but not until Peck Hickman's lads had given them some uneasy moments near the finish. The Rocket mentor, possibly finding some license to dodge his assertion that he" would "eat the ball if he failed to win by 20 points," doubtless 'incurred more cause for digestive distress from a last ditch rally staged by the Cards. The surge saw Toledo's edge of 16 points halfway through the last half reduced to a mere four in the final minute. Led by the brilliani floor play and shooting of their 5-foot. 5-foot. 5-foot. 10-inch 10-inch 10-inch guard and co-captain co-captain co-captain Carlo Muzi. who tallied 25 points, the Rockets ascended to stratospheric Kentucky vs. Miss. State. 9:15 p.m. Georgia. L.S.U., Georgia Tech, and Auburn drew byes. Four Games Set Stape Quarter-final Quarter-final Quarter-final games will be 'played Friday. Georgia meets the Vandy-Tennessee Vandy-Tennessee Vandy-Tennessee winner. L.S.U. faces the Alabama - Mississippi victor. Georgia Tech plays the winner of the Kentucky-Mississippi Kentucky-Mississippi Kentucky-Mississippi Kentucky-Mississippi State clash. Semi-finals Semi-finals Semi-finals and finals are scheduled Saturday. Moore said there would be no consolation game. The formula for the tournament tournament drawings was set up last year and is getting its first tryT out. Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Photo by Charley Penre Beaten Loss of Season Is Held In Check heights of shooting accuracy in the first 30 minutes. They appeared appeared headed toward a one-sided one-sided one-sided win. possibly by as much as Bush had predicted in an angry belliT-erent belliT-erent belliT-erent mood following his nine-point nine-point nine-point defeat in Louisville. But with eight minutes remaining. remaining. Bob Lochmueller playing one of his greatest games, began a one man barrage on the bucket and might have pulled it out of the fire had not time run out. The Cards, who still were outswapping outswapping and outshooting them at the finish, simply had gotten too far behind, trailing 63-47 63-47 63-47 with eight minutes remaining. Lochmueller racked up 27 points. 17 of them in the second half and 14 of them in that last eight-minute eight-minute eight-minute onslaught that made a game of it. He also rebounded .brilliantly and on more than one occasion intercepted Toledo passes as well as stealing the ball several times. The turning point in the game was an ironic one for Louisville. Midway in the first half with the Cards leading 22-18. 22-18. 22-18. the R6ckets lost their ace shooter. Jack Fee-man, Fee-man, Fee-man, when he suffered a wrenched knee. The departure of Feeman would seem to have been a good break for the Cards, but if they thought the task of winning was going to be made easier their thinking backfired. The other Rockets, particularly Muzi, shouldered the additional load and moved to 37-30 37-30 37-30 lead at the intermission. L'vlltr - fg.ft pf Toledo fg ft.pf Loch ler S 4 McDona'd f 4 6 4 Brown t . 4 7 5 Feeman t S 0 3 Robinson c 0 O 5 Morton f I 1 5 Larrabee c 1 0 4 Carroll c 3 5 3 Edwards c 2 0 1 Nicholson c . 1 0 1 Nabpr K . 2 2 3 Muzi g 10 5 4 Sullivan g 3 2 4 Walker g .233 Ford g O 0 2 Totals . 28 20 23 Rubin g 2 0 3 Wellman g 0 3 Totals 25 16 34 Halftime score: Toledo 37. Louisville 30. Free throws missed: Louisville Lochmueller Lochmueller 4. Brown 2. Njhfr. Larrabee. Rubin 2. Ford. Toledo McDonald. Carroll fi. Muzi 2. Walker 2. Nicholson. Murray Eastern 92-83 92-83 92-83 For O.V.C. Title Beshcar's 37 Points Set One-Game One-Game One-Game Scoring Record By TOMMY FITZGERALD Led by a Rawbone Battler with a heart of rawhide, Garrett Beshear, the Thoroughbreds of Murray took the whip out of the hands of its seasonal jockey, Eastern at the Armory last night and struck back for a record-making record-making record-making 92-83 92-83 92-83 victory and the championship of the third annual Ohio Valley Conference basket- basket- ball tournament. Twice during Twice during the season, the Thoroughbreds had felt the sting of the lash of defeat from Eastern. But the horse swung the whip last Hip. 1 1 x. auu 111c juv.n,tj J w 1 v. inc. ani. Squirming and struggling and fighting-and fighting-and fighting-and sweating undlr the iitLiiiiitc diiu awcaiuit ui i iiv i int basket, Beshear piled up 37 ' , t. . points, all of them except the frees on crips and follows and shorts, for a new tournament sipgle-game sipgle-game sipgle-game scoring record. Beshear Leads Drive 1U "1 "f my kept Murray m uie uaiue wun nis lurious piav under the offensive board, but it was he who led the drive in the last seven minutes or so of play that brought victory to th? Thor oughbreds over the defending cnampions. This game that kept the 6.000 or so fans lathered with emotion was tied 15 times and the lead in it changed hands 24 times Murray made its move to victory victory with about seven minutes to play and the score tied for the 15th time at 77-77. 77-77. 77-77. Beshear scored a follow to put Murray ahead. Then he made two frees when Harold Moberlv fouled him. Murray now had an 81-77 81-77 81-77 lead with 6:28 left. Mur ray quickly built its lead to nine points at 88-79 88-79 88-79 and Beshear also made siv nf thes sevpn nnintc fry Murray. So, Beshear scored 10 of pts in the second half. Then Mur-11 Mur-11 Mur-11 points while Murray was ra-v ra-v ra-v moved into a four-point four-point four-point lead breaking awav from a 77-77 77-77 77-77 tie twice before Eastern took com- com- : into a nine-point nine-point nine-point lead in the space of about four minutes. x-.. x-.. x-.. r- r- i r t w Never Got Back In Game Eastern still had 3:06 in which : to get back in the game, but the ! Maroons never could. Seven i points was the closest they got ! after this ; Murray fought with the fury of a woman scorned, and scorned, lndeed. were the Thoroughbreds, Made fourth choice by the handi- handi- cappers, aitnough second in the seeding, ' Murray had its pride wounded w.nen . Western, given its choice of brackets on the flio of a coin, selected Murray's bracket in preference to the prospect of facing Evansville in : the semi-finals. semi-finals. semi-finals. Ironically, Murray defeated ; Western in the semi-finals semi-finals semi-finals yesterday afternoon in a torrid 78-77 78-77 78-77 game. Thus, it earned the right to face Eastern, which also had a titanic struggle getting by Fvancviii0 fii ei s 7u .ut semi-final semi-final semi-final game. Tonight's consolation, in which Western almost blew a 20-point 20-point 20-point lead in defeating Evansville 79.71 .a. a f Vu.1 " ci v on i ii j iin uui j ill 1. 1 (J terrifically tight play in the meet. The championship game for about 33 minutes was the closest of all the others in this closest and most exciting of all O.V.C. meets. Set Team Rerord Beshear on 14 field goals and nine free throws not only broke the individual scoring record with his 37 points, but the Murray i, ' V "Sg , game recora. The old individual mark was 29, made by Bob Lavoy of Western jasi year ana nea in yesieraav s Eastern Baechtold f Stevens f Moberlv f . Bales f-c f-c f-c Bingham c Eagle c fg. ft.pf. Murray fg.ft pf. 6 4 4 Garrett f . 5 .3 S 6 3 5 Stanford t 5 8 4 .115 Deweese f O 0 2 3 15 Dick f 111 .214 Beshear c . 14 9 4 . 3 7 5 Purcell g 225 .864 Stephenson g 2 2 2 Harper g Culberson g 0 0 1 Lampley g 4 1 0 i oison g i (i t Moore g O 0 1 Totals 30 23 35 Totals 33 26 23 Half-time Half-time Half-time score: Eastern 43. Murray 42. Fiee throws missed: Eastern Baechtold 2 Stevens. Eagle 2. Moberlv; Murray Garrett 2. Stanford 2. Beshear 4, Purcell. Stephenson 2. Down s semi-finals semi-finals semi-finals by Rip Gish of West- West- ern,' ... . . , 1 (If UiU Ifrtlli Millie-li,ei Millie-li,ei Millie-li,ei 1 1 It" 1 1 la I PL was 91 established by Eastern against Marshall in the first round this year. The total points for . . 1 - '" ."-".yiui.su.p ."-".yiui.su.p ."-".yiui.su.p h al? se a. Kf record of 18a game . . . , , . - . l " u j ray under the offensive board that decided the issue. The Thoroughbreds Thoroughbreds got most of their points rebounding and spining and breaking away for shots within the shadow of the hoops. footing from the floor and driv- driv- ing toward the basket. Did Lot of Fouling Eastern did a lot of fouling in trying to stop the battling thoroughbreds under the wood. committing 36 fouls and losing five men three of them in the couple of minutes when vic- vic- tnrv was n..t nf thoir crasn Mnr- Mnr- ray made 23 fouls for a total of 59 in the rusgedly-played rusgedly-played rusgedly-played game and lost three warriors. Eastern led 43-42 43-42 43-42 at the end of a first half in which the score was kpotted nine times and the tvan.,aSe witfhe.?, '13 times. The biggest lead either side en joyed was six points and Eastern held this once at 31-25. 31-25. 31-25. Back and forth the lead went five times on the first five bask- bask- niand and went into a four-point four-point four-point lead. With 9:12 to go. Eastern acain held a four-point four-point four-point arivant- arivant- ae thjs tjme flt -. -. Murray regained the ed?e at 77-76 77-76 77-76 be- be- fore Carl Eagle tied it 77-77 77-77 77-77 and set the stage for Beshear's game- game- winning splurge. Beshear was the big hero of the night, but Murrav had other stars towering Madison Stan- Stan- ford, who plucked them off the boards Vind got 18. Bill Garrett. woh was a lot of heln hefore hp went out on fouls, little Purcell and others. Beshear also took over the job of guarding Eastern's ace, Jim Baechtold, and did right well considering h i s preoccupation with point-making point-making point-making h i m se 1 f, Baechtold made 16, but was second in Eastern scoring to little, hopping Joe Harper, who got himself 22. Lawrence Weatherby of Kentucky, a hot basketball fan. Gov. Lawrence Weatherby, of presented awards to victorious X9 and '"viduals, including ot tournament an- an- u4 ," were Baechtold of Eastern. ry u r' , , , . . . iicmiciii, uriiit'ii rfrm j'uiccu ni Murray, Bnb Barnett and Harry Axford of Evansville, Rip Gish of Western, Jack Baker and Don Miller of Morehead, Ed Lambert of Marshall and Flavious Smith of Tennessee Tech. Western Tips Ares 72-71 72-71 72-71 Western barely survived a spectacular comeback by Evansville Evansville College to win 72-71. 72-71. 72-71. and take consolation honors in the OVC tournament west n 02, fg ft pf. E-.vi1ie.7n E-.vi1ie.7n E-.vi1ie.7n fg ft nf waiih ser t 533 Bob b nett f 12 1 o LJiaate t 2 0 2 North er f 2 2 2 Smith f 0 1 4 Bawel f 0 2 0 Beam f 1 0 1 B Barnett f . 0 0 0 Scott f ... Gish c Marshall c Spoelsua c White g . Rhodes g . Vest g . . Beard g Totals 0 0 0 Combs f 0 1 2 0 3 5 0 o l 3 2 5 4 3 4 Axford c . 1 0 1 Nash c 1 0 O B Sakel g 6 0 0 Holder g 2 0 1 6 3 2 J Rarnrtt g 8 3 4 4 2 1 W. Sakel g 0 12 0 0 1 Canterbury g 1 0 2 30 12 19 Totals 28 15 24 Halftime score: Western Kentucky 43, Evansville 27. Free throws missed: Western Kentucky Gish 3. Spnelstra 3. White 2. Rhodes' 4; Evansville Boh Barnett. Northerner, Ax-ford, Ax-ford, Ax-ford, B. Sakel.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 25 Feb 1951, Sun,
  3. Page 25

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  • 2-24-1951 Vs Eastern OVC Tournament Championship Game Garrett Beshear 37 Points

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