Bristol's version of Miss Hamot's abduction

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Bristol's version of Miss Hamot's abduction - vehicles In the museum. ' He told, him! that do...
vehicles In the museum. ' He told, him! that do preferred he might attend, the experiments of ne great AinUub Transportation Company, by whom he could be sent to aay portion of the world in the twinkling of an eyai or as be ap. penred somewhat advanced ia years, he might re. now nia age by stepping Into tha aext door, t At this moment the air became auddenly darkened by the approach of a vast body of human beings passing to tbe south, who, he was informed, waa a number of men taking a pleasure excursion on wings. . He passed on a little further and, stop. Pd where a young man waa sawing woodi he attempted to address him, and just then perceived that it was a mere machine kept in motion by weights. Ho was soon met by a scientific - look ing old gentleman who told hira "that he was heartily glad thut tbe new Caloric engine hud been tested and found to answer every purpose. VVeshaU"contimied he, "be able now to dispense with thosn old lumberinff steamboats which have for more than a century been lumbering our waters." "Indeed," was the reply. Turning round, he behold a five story building, upon which waa inscribed miueum." in larse letters. He entered, and the first thine which met hia eye was a figure of wax, attired in female coa. tume, according to the strictest fashion of tho present day. The guide told him thut it had been fashioned according to history, and that tight sloeves, and taper w ist were perfect mo - dels of dress about the nineteenth century. On looking up be observed the dusty portraits of Washington and Franklin, with a fuw other con - qucuous characters. Upon askii B why so few of America's sons were honoured with a place in Ihe cabinet of paintings, the guide replied thut all who had over existed wero to be found upon the walls. Upon enquiry for certain mi - litary commanders and statesmen,' he doclured that he nevbr heard of them.. "History informs us," said the guide, thut gunpowder waa used in anciont times, but the engine of ffioticm days, far preferable; it demoiiiihec a thousand men each revolution." Our friend observed le ske leton of a horse, which the guirfo solemnly declared was a domestic animal of tha former a gen.' 1I as asked if he would step into tlo next room and submit himself to the operations of the great somnambulist, who would count ovo. ry artery in his body, explain to him his own physical machinery, and conclude by discover, ing to him (he present occupation. of his friends, who were cotton planters on the shores of the Pacific. ' 1 - - lie left the museum nnd proceeded to the sub - urtw of the city, nnd was not a little surprised to find hi:nsclf'uniid fields of foreign vegetation The tea plant was on one he nd groves of mul. berry trees on another rnmense tracks covered with the sugar boet. die. dec. Near by were the manufacturing establishments; some for silk weaving others used for sugar refineries, all of which were cluttering with continual motion. At last he came to a yawning chasm in the earth which he was (old was the shortest passage to China, aa the car usually effected a descent in a couple of weeks, passage fifty dollars; and all baggage at (he risk of tbe owner. Our friend was disposod to comply with tho terms and visit the celestial empire, as this appeared a rare and unusual opportunity. He had just stepped on board and commenced descending like lightning, when Ue aioulc the 'beuulTlu and delicate cfea - tion of palaces, towers, nnd all the paraphnrnalii of (he year 2000, which stood like frost - work in liia brain throughout the moments of slumber, and all the vast unborn population that crowded (ho great arena of futurity, with their magic machinery, dissolved as. instantaneously as the explosion of a bubble; and wearied by his very dreams, he arose with a grave countenance and dissatisfied mind, to commence tbe toils and perplexities of the yeat 1838. . THE AHDUCTION. We find in the Chicago American of the filh inst. a statement from Capt Bristol, of Ihe st cam bust Madison, Which justice requires us lo plsce before our readers having published sccounts of his affair. with the daughter of .Mr. Hamot conflicting very materially with his own.' " Front the Chicago Jlmerkan. Mr. Editor It appears that many of the public prints have copied an srliole from the Erie Ohserver,.a paper under Ihe control of V. a. Y. - rlimot, ol - that place; also an advertisement ofieriog $ 500 for my apptehen - sion, that I am charged with the forcible abduction of a daughter of his. The delicacy of my situation, where an amiable young lady ia concerned, can be appreciated by an intelligent community. 1 however feel ft due to myself that a brief statement of the facts should be made attending the circumstances alluded to that an impartial public may judge whether I am a criminal or not. : I became acquainted in the fimily of Mr. Hamot about 15 months since, which led to an intimacy, and afterwards to a contract or marrisg with kia daughter,' which waa to have tsken place early last December. It received Ihe full eanetion - oi her parents, and It was arranged that she should apend the winter on a tour East and South with pie. Accordingly every arrangement that is usual on' such occasions was msde, even' so fa ss to give invitations to the wadding, Every thing passed, W ry the most 5aten'irj.n - ner until! tha evening before tht Diorning; we were to hsve been married. - Harriot then said that he was unwell, and thst tbe travel ling was very bad, and he thought . we bid better defer it for a short time. My only objections were that it would make a subject of public talk. He replied. Ihat aa we were to be married it was no consequence what was said, and that I - could be at his house as much as 1 chose snd Mrs. Hsmot ssid, yes, and we will trest you aa a son. - At the close of the evening some of the cake which hsd been prepared for the occasion was rut, of which we partook with glass of wine. . He drank thst Josephine would, bear the delay, and he knew I hsd philosophy to do it. But on the third day following he forbade me the house, saying that we never hould ba married, at the same time forbidding his daughter seeing me,, or receiving any communication from me. However a few days afterward we had so interview. It . wis there thought advisable for me to go east and spend the winter to lot the excitement die away, and she expressed her willingness and determination to marry me at any time after my return, although she did not expect her father would ever again give his consent. On my return to Erie, I called upon Mr. Hamot, arid requested him to allow us to be married, which he refused, and gave no other reason than that she wss too young to choose for herself, and that she must marry one of h;s choice, She was forbidden to see me, and her ex press, instructions were, it she met me in company, to return home immediately, and aome one was alwsys sent to accompany her. Finding it impossible to get an interview with lier ni krie, 1 resolved to take her on board the Madison, and proceed to some plsce where we could accomplish our desires. , ' Upon oursrriral at Ashtabula, it wss found necessary to send a number of miles to Ihe county town to procure a license. A man was immediately despatched, but unfortunately before his return, the Jefferson arrived with a strong force for. the purpose of taking her bsck. Upon his arrival, I told Miss Hamot that they had come after her. She ssid it would make no difference, for she would not go back. . We were setting by a window fronting the wharf she with her! bonnet and cloak on, and as soon aa they saw us, they rushed for the room, tha door of which. , was without fastening of any kind, and many of them asked her it she wanted to return;'her reply was, "I cannot, or will not." . That appeared to satisfy all except a captain in the U. S. revenue service, who said her father had told him to take her back dead or alive, and ihat he should do so. Accordingly, he put his arm around her and called the others to assist, which they did t and succeeded in forcing her away, and in so doing they tore both sleeves out of her dress. She was then dragged along the wharf in a hurried manner, notwithstanding her request to be allowed to walk more moderately. - f After getting her on board the boat, the 4fpItant.ptaiiilJtt S m . .a sn axe and paraded in front of the gangway to prevent others Irom going on board. It is a source of high gratification that I have been warmly received since I left Erie, by all that knew me and thst lor the isst three weeks I have been publicly where "Mr. Ha - mot's advertisement wis in every, one's hand, and no one has felt disposed to lake any notice of it, although he represents me as a rriminsl of the darkest dye, snd appeals directly to public authorities, parents, && lo aid In bringing me to justice. To conclude, I shsll only say, thst I shall within a few days resume the command of Ihe Madison, and return to Erie, where I shall put no obstacle in the way of a thorough investigation of the whole affair, in which the substance of the above must inevitably appear. K. C. BRISTOL Chicago, May 2, 1838. ' From the Albany DaUf Adveftiser. THE STEAM WHISTLE. The dreadful disaster of the Steamboat Mosul. fe, followed as it was Immediately by the ex - plosion of tbe Oronoko baa aroused public atten tion (emporarHf to tbe question of what can be proposed as a safeguard against similar catas. tropbee. After the repeated instance of popular apathy opoa this subject, we have no very sanguine hope tbat any tuiag efTeotaal will be done to prevent the America people from bain blown do in Steamboats at such times sad in such nuenbera aa accords with their sovereign ill and Dleasore. Bat to show with now little nam a creat evil amy be avoided, we publish a description which we have met with, of the Steans Whistle, an torontioa of the iagetuoaa Mr. Watt - The wntar - Hi cormanesirtoiw of Ova National Intelligvaeer desenbeaj it aa ke. saw it at the Cbeloea watw - worka a ff tack aa 1820. It was aa Iran whistle, which, piercing tbe top of tbe boiler, deaeeadsd into it to aear tq degree of level to which toe water eonld with safety be avaaasatad, tha asomasjt Use water blouse eatauated to this, level Ihe atajuaVweaiaV

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  • Bristol's version of Miss Hamot's abduction

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