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Wilmot & Guzman - legal notice - LEGAL LEGALS C I T A T I O N BY P U B L I C A T...
LEGAL LEGALS C I T A T I O N BY P U B L I C A T I O N .THE STATE OF. TEXAS To the Sheriff or any Constable of Nueces County--Greeting: You are huroby commanded to summon summon George Zardaneta. also known us J. Zardaneta, and his wife, Delfina Zardaneta. Ignacio Zardaneta, intn- cisco Martinez, also known as X-rank V," jMartinez", Ynejs Martinez Pena and husband, Feliclano-Pena, O£elia'(also ·-·pclled Ophelia) Martinez Guillen, Wolf Karp, Edna Karp Bowman and husband, Louis A. Bowman, by making making publication of this citation once in each week for lour successive weeks previous to t»s return day hereof, in some newspaper published (in your county, i£ there toe a newspaper newspaper published} therein, but if not, then m anv newspaper published in the ll'th "judicial District; but if there be no newspaper published In said Judicial District, then in a newspaper newspaper published in the nearest district district to said 117th Judicial District, to appear at the next regular terra of the 117th District Court of Nueces f'ounty to bo liolden at the Court House thereof, in Corpus Christi, Texas on the first Monday in July, the same being the 6tU day of July, A, D 193S then and there to answer to a'petition filed in said court on the 3rd day of June, A. D. 1936, m a suit, numbered on the docket of said court No. 15327-B. wherein Louis Wilmot Wilmot Doiores G. Wilmot, a feme sole, surviving wife Of John Wilmot deceased deceased also known as Dolores Garcia Wilmot, Virginia Wihnot ·Woessner, a feme sole, surviving wife of Willie Woessner, deceased, Otilla TViImot 'Sarkis, also spelled "Ortilia," and sometimes spelled Otilla Wilmot Zarkes, joined by her husband, Ehas Sarkis, also known as E. Zarkes, Celestino Celestino Guzman and W. A. Southworth, Southworth, are plaintiffs, and Sam Wilmot, Wilmot, Melitona. Wilmot, a feme sole, surviving; wife of Georg-o WiJmot, deceased, deceased, Georce S.' Wilmot, Consuela Wilmot Jordan, joined herein pro forma by her liusband, Willie Jordan. Cruz Wilmot, also known as Joe Wilmot Wilmot and as Jose Cruz Wilmot, George Xardaneta, also known as J. Zarda- neta, and wife, Delfina Zardaneta, Ignacio Zardaneta, James Wilmot, 3Mna Wilmot Mohle, Joined pro forma hy her husband, Carlos Y. Mohle, B Tsabel Wilmot Soldier, also known I as Belle Wilmot Soldier, a feme 1? sole Francisco Martinez, also known 1 as Frank W. Martinez, Ynez Mar- IP ti'ies Tena. also known as Ynez Mar^ tinez de Pena. joined pro forma by *3 ler husband, Fellciano l^ena, Ophelia Vfartinez Guillen, a feme sole, surviving surviving wife of Ramon Guillen, Juan R4;lrigucz and Jesus Rodriguez, Wolf Karp, Edna Karp jsowman, joined pro\ forma by her husband, Louis A. Bownian, William Karp. also known ns Win.'-.M. Karp, George Karp, Gilbert Gilbert Karp, Eniil Karp, Harry Karp, 3/wislKarp. Lillian Karp Schmidt, · j o i n e d * pro 'forma by her husband, Milton 'Schmidt, Celestino Guzman, ITumblo VPipe Line Company, a corporation, corporation, "D. D. Tompkins, Alvin J. Ashmore, U. V. St. John, 0. N. Stev,' Stev,' "ens Mary Marpraret Ellitf Browning, a feme sole, Susan J. Simmons, and Marv I-owryv Llllla G. Norton and husband, \VW.R. Xortln, Alvin Braiier, and Burton |iDunn, said, petition al' al' 'Tlint the Vnl.urc of the plaintiffs demand Is nsl follows: That the 177.1 ncrea ot land' known as the Wilmot Tract conveyed to Maria do Jcsua G. Wilmot by deed recorded m volume'- volume'- 49, .Pago ? 50 of tho Deed Records of Nueees County, Texas, 'and do- scribed ns follows: . . 177.4 acres of land off tho south portion ot .sootion No. 407 siirveyttd hy virtue of Irtml certificate ^No. 1742 issued to Bcnity. Soalo and Fftrwood, abont twelve miles west from Corpus Christi on tho Oso Crook, and the said 177.4 ncrofl o'f Innd Is In thnt portion of Stiodon IB of Ilio Kcctlon- i?;(id lnnl« of H, U Kinnoy, 1ecoas«(l, conflicting with fiftid Section 407, meted and bounded as follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a stake marking the intersection of the north boundary line ot said section with the meander line of the field notes .of said section number 407, for the northwest corner of this' survey, and bordering on the Oso Creek; thence 'down said: Oso Creek iwith the meanders of ..the said Oso Creek, as given in the field notes of said survey, number 407, S. 24 45' K. 319.4 varas; south 54 deg. 45' E. 2SS varas, S. 69 deg. E. 670 north 79 deg.'IF', E. 522 .varas; south 49 deg. 20' B. 3SG.1S varas intersecting intersecting tha east boundary line of the section number 16, for ths S. E. corner of this survey; thence north with the- E. boundary line of- said section number 1C, 839.73 varas to a pointed mesquite post for the N. E. corner this survey: thence S. 89 deg. 41' W. 177S.52 varas to the place of beginning, beginning, and containing 177.4 acres of land, be partitioned to and title quieted in the following named persons: Share Xo. 1 to J. Zardaneta, sometimes sometimes known as George Zardaneta, and wife, Delfina M. Zardaneta. An undivided one-half interest In share No. 2 to J. Zardaneta, sometimes sometimes known as George Zardaneta. An undivided one-twelfth interest in and to share Xo. 2 to Francisco Martinez. An undivided one-twelfth interest in and to share Xo. 2 to Ophelia Martinez Guillen. An undivided one-third interest in and to share Xo. 2 to Ttwz Martinez Pena. Share No. 3 to George Zardaneta, Ths west one-half of share No. 4 to J. Zardaneta, sometimes called George Zardaneta, The east one-half of sharo No. 4 to Louis Wilmot. Share No. 5 to Louis WilmoL Share No. 6 to Louis Wilmot. Share No. 7 to Dolores G. Wilmot. Share No. S to Virginia Wilmot Woessner. Share No. 9 to Otilla Wilmot sometimes spelled "Barkis." Share No. 10 to Celestino Guzman. Tho above shares being designated on a map or plat of the said 177.4 acre tract of land drawn by C. F. von Blucher Sens, which map or plat is on file in the office of the county clerk of Nueces County, Texas, and to which reference is hers made for all purposes: Subject to certain oil, gas and mineral leases and assignments thereof in the following named persons: D. B. Tompkins, Alvin J. Ashmore, II. V. St. John, 0. N. Stevens, Mary Margaret Elliff Browning, Susan J. Simmons, Mary Lowry, Lillio G. Norton, Norton, wife of W. R. Norton, and W. R. Norton, Alvin Brauer. Burton and W. A. Southworth, and the pipe line easement of tho Humble Pipe Line Company, and that all other parties to said suit be held to have no interest, right, '.or title in or to tho said land or any part thereof, all of which'the plaintiffs pray relief. Heroin fail not, but have before said court, at its aforesaid next regular regular term, this writ, with your return thereon, showing how you havo executed executed tho same. ' Witness, Ben A. I.igon, clerk of the .District Court of Nueces County. Given under niy hand mid tho seal ot said court, at office in Corpus Christi, Texas, this tho 4th day of Juno, A. D. 1936. (Seal) BEN A. LTGON, Clork, District- Court, Nueces County, By Oma Talbert, Deputy. A truo copy, I certify. WM. SHELY, Sheriff. By W. Dunlnp, Deputy. CITATION BY P U B L I C A 1 THE STATJ3 OF TIOXAS To tho Sheriff or any Constable of ' NUOCO Comity--Greeting' Ton aro hereby coinmandort to iwm 12. H. Green, W. B- Cherry «nd

Clipped from
  1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times,
  2. 26 Jun 1936, Fri,
  3. Page 15

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