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Immigration - Circulation Equal To Hint »r A l l Til?...
Circulation Equal To Hint »r A l l Til? ftTIIPli iil H Y PRPW ALL lliL ullltll MIL I ilUjOo of th» Hint* Combined. IIW OK' MVI1KCBIVTION. in iu wculwur'I f:o\iiH^, while the AU-liinou, Tij[»;k« wiii H:tn'-i Vn rowl will ufford un oull"t for tlii: Isirgr prr.i|i»ni'n Of peojilp i" tin 1 norllivvvulfliifeuliified with aw:.inty rain'.' nf criiiH.-in (·crtiiin i A N D IMPROVED, comprtnlrii' r.uiir IMOM or MITI-KV« couww. nuvl.- "|. fn-iu tho ci'inm n! tlie 'Inly «utlon», rnaxlr»K .t id*- rti,.ii[^.iit mid txrit pupi-r In the count-v-th': wiat«t 1.1 *t'.t utir-i - -·· ~ - 10 ,.I., ·J»«;M.I to Cuplc i *«··"· ........... »2 oo ............. 1 V«nr .......... 17 10 1 v-.r ........... 80 (,0 ......... «2 «0 n ............. 1 X'"' p v a r l a h l / t n Advunco. IViHTillK TO il.l. 1'Aani ur Tilt U«TU i/l-ATK* AMt CAXAI.i. -irart on if r-'l IHI A. M. enton. po»tofno mo»*y AiIdnM» . K wu[ f r*« on ap^-llciitloD. D^foiiltniicd Kl «lii Kxplr- of tlifl Time I*"Ii Kor Istnlt nt thf. prlntwl lntn-1 "n your Tlw not «hal iprt oii'i the 1 / i.i.roliijn 1U-H, IW wo can : uiiintxTN. -M dci.iriiii; th« ftd'ircul of tnt-ir onp*.-r l fli.-lUK' nLfttf- In th--lr coinmnnlrallori t(^ l'W It l» Imln; inuilMl lit pr«Ki.l»nll tile h It ctmnKu: to. AOVKKTISI.VG BATES. Dully Edition. 1'if.npnroil-- 'nc tlm*. J ; rftch addl- . . , ~ :m-l IVIT w n»-cutlv» Lj«»rtlon». Sc. [or llni:. Six ;iu'"- -- Oil" i.ltno, SU '"of" n'ldltl'.nul Innrrtlon. -·/k-. ; ,rij in'intli. V: two mrjntli» and o-ror, cou- ;;-ciillv., iiifcrtioiin. ·'*; p'jr 'li,c. Ad«;rll»iiru«ut« of 7«« and Over. ' . Olio » '» c BolW, nonpareil nweiillti; Irlivrtlon" TJircevc^k.' coi^ccutUu liiMtnloiu .............. ^ Una »ac:Uh ADd over, conwcuth'o InwirtlonM ...... *· Ad'ertnnm-nti lm»in«rttio run of tlm Dn.y. to Nilnwrinlo.«rj- otlii-r day. two-thlrdii of ubov.t i»n-«. Tvn.-L- B week, ons-luilf oj tliu above riitea. Oni- lirn* a wdlc. ontftlilrd of ftbovn cat*-». Wl«n f,Md,fi! on flrnt pmto-iloiibto price: ivhcn ordered vo »uy uiliir pw -- -X P 1 " ^« nt - iwilltiojuil. B»dliix matter. Nonpareil m^nsuroment. leuilcd or solid non- riBrcll 'ir nilnlon iti'M. double price for «p»(;t; occu- £l«l- -.pwilld p^iifiafirty percent, crtra. Werklr Kdltlou. AcvtnTlspycMTt*-- Per nnnpurtll Hno, 20c. forfirst ;n«-n!nn; I6c two or mom. RFADIXJ MATTWI-- NimpRreil roeiHUromciit^Iuou.- ft! or wliJ nti.iparoll, or ralnlon goliu-- doubl» pnc'5 for npB:e ot:t-upl*;d. ' . Wbekli'iKlv'jrtljornontill.lMrtcdovory other woe It for ono ir,fnth ftntl over, ciiar^w'J a: two-tnlrun w reKi.lar rau-ii. Tranrteat Inflertcd at JntcrriU* ft^ n*^v eflCQ ln»ertion, both In DAILY and. WrcltLV (^1-tlonn. No»dvtir',isi-mcntuHBii for cither edition lor a le« Kpaco UUL^ tbreo HUM. ;joiil'l*»-coIumnadverUii*inerjti-- In eitfcur ouHion .^2^ pitr eunt. additional. BP*CU;. I'oBmosj-SubJwt to iipodol contract. Term« utrtcilv Ic. adviiTicn. TliciM) hnvlnc opfn on-ounn Mill u» will be render* 3 bill* i» n;Li, uogt Cf.ntriwtM ninninfc f° r three month* or more fire DuW«ct to folltnvinK pro.(l«l the payments of tbo wholtj mnounts aro .mado in adnuiC's: KK'TnJS'.'?.::::'..::::::::::'::::.1° percenter. Kim-months is per cent. off. Twelve month. . .30 per cenl. oC. GiLYsrroK, Toxart, Jamuiry 1,1880. Branch Offl«TM 3f Hie Newn. x-- Re Ilic (lnni;i.T uriiing from tin- ian. it id pli:.-uiUig to refl'-ct un imibiibl': ri:Hii|t!i. Tjiking riortion of t h e proprmm (if the United St:iU-s from inmiipnition :ii ;i xlnndard for judging, w(! find tlift contrihntimi rj'adr to population and wealth /rum thin wiurci: iinjxirr arit io thi: lii^lirat decree. Jt'i nxu-nt, M ^nnined iiy compulation, i» mx:.'rt:un. an dlffcront BiHlioritioi luive rtutlied dilli-Timt ryjiiclusioiis, liut Ukin^ thn ctimat« of Mr. Knapp, which win boned on the natural rrciiw; of population in the United Htnte», are iofyrmwl thai, in J«70, in a wliltcpopal-v tuiii of W!/i«9,377, more than 24,000,000 rif foreign extraction. Here are flffiir.".. tuina Ai/cncy, F. A. Ahbot, W Bruid mreet. ortnrial anil jBaj(ji«w Ufflce, opp«- cvpo«lto thd C'ourt'hoiiso, - Solndad ttieot. 2!win«u Offlct In J»«. ii * Sonl Bhoe more, oppo'lt" iTM Postotnep. DAiAin-- KrfOrlorial anil toiuinn* Offlee at boOit- Jtoro of C. F. Stephens, BIS Main ttrctt. _ Friday, September 8, 1S80. POLITICAL CUPIDITY. The pimo of politics in fearfully bluntinj; to monU 8«i«ibili).y. politician wems to c« The average Anioricnn jcnrd the: item in the (1«- coveting iinytliing that is thy aci^hbora (is an injunction move to be honored In Uic bruudi th»a in the observance. The- alacrity hnd xeftl with which Lo %tm\i* at some good ol.fico in powoiwioii of another could not bo trrefttor if ho felt himself under a sacramental obligutlon to covet everything huld by his neighbor, provided it was douintble in itself, and there was any conceivable chance of getting it oivay fr;m him. Where Helfi»huo3« ;uid cn- pirtity arc thus supreme. cliri«ti»n civili/iv lion bus yot a mighty work to perform. Heie m Tu^us it is a tommon thing for B man to come out and electioneer for some office without pretending to Ktfciisn any oilier rca.»on vrhy he ohould be elected tlum the I'nct Unit ho -wunh) Mic office. He does uot s,"iow or offer »o prove thnt tuu present incumbent i, incompetent or has seriously miebehaveA He does not pretend to put his candidacy on the ground of liii own superior qualifications for tlie office. He simply covets the place, snd that 5s enough, H* political mornlu go, to justify Lim !u srhesaing and wurking to got the incumbent out and gel himself in. It in ro- greKuble to observe that tho United Slates scpr.torbhip is coveted aud pursued on scarcely « higher plane of electioneering. It is clcnr that there is an organized scheme on foot for taking senator Ia'-;ey's place, andgivingit to Hoa. J. W. Tbrockmorton. We do not meaa to imply thi.t this is covet ing a place that br longs, in · strict seuse, to senator Maxcy. The pluct belongs to the state and the pco- I/ tin; f.-hnck of cwry Texan who hno r - tlclpiitcrl in or adH'isod a ptiblic policy vnrablcIn iimnigrntinn. With IhoolmniitLs trnru,]i'irtution i| ciiinx to the nlrnos'. rcitUilfi-s tide of mirtlinrn Had European capital und lubor. the nLiU.-sman.ibip for the tmeruency is not :i rtateMn.uwhii) which in potwible lo the «av»KC, wlio seen n natural enemy every Rtranjjpr. And, In fact, the lino of TI.-XSLS thought, like the march of destiny, points to -he (lidplnccmrnt of a class who, lliou^li comparatively few, have wrouglu (.·oinpurutivirly Brest kirin. with iinrni- jffimtH of ndvunccd nml advancing ideas. Ti-xas can allord to profit liy an example dniwn from Jlutwmn hUorjr. 'Peter the Uri-nt invltol immigranti from all nations Hotttlc in Kitssla, nud hi« successors followed Ihe sumc policy by granting premiums v n l u u l i l e privileges, such us luxation for it certain number of years, free homestciMls to colonists. Texas need not 1:0 thus far, but she should encourage imrnignttion societies and nid in Hicir Slie uhoiild provide educational facilities a scale with those of the western t-tates, which nature 1ms done comparatively so little. She should conspicuously repudiate other policy Ulan n policy which would flfcrntc her remaining public domain to purpnso of homcsteadn for actual settlers nnd provide every possiblemtfcguard against ltd nhsorption by landed monopolies. I.\rrRO\'ED MEXICAN STATESMANSHIP. The energy put forward ly the Mexican government in wresting eighteen of the rioters who participated in tLo murder of three Americans--John Connolly, Henry Yrumans and George Arnold--in the state of MiclioBclian, last March, and in directing the judge not to wait for the arre»t of nraiiumlcr of tbe accused, but to proceed once with the trial, is un example- of gocd faith now being observed by-Mexico with tho United States, and points to an of mutual good feeling and confidence. Mexican statesmen, notwithstanding- tlie difficulties with which a system of revolutionary politics hit beset them, nro ripening and begin to- see the solid advantages of cultivating the principles and conditions of (i true and cordial international comity. Ten years ago, the national grain of our neighbor running counter to reason and interest, the arrest and speedy trial of Mexican offenders against the lives or property foreigners,-would be regarded us u desecration of the sacred relics of Mexican liberty, and any immediate action in the interest Justice would he the political death of authors. Then the government did not hesitntc to treat with its revolutionary bandits, and its policy on nil questions of dealing WHS of the most erratic aud unreliable character. Bui, like the Japanese Chinese, the Mexicans havo been aroused n senna of th«ir backwardness, and, as the Japanese and Chinese, tho lino of progress has started into active play. With these evidences, it is to be hoped that American and Mexican .statesmanship will be alike addressed to mutual aud thut the United States, as an initiatory step, will suppress the few unwholesome adventurers always hanging on the bonier, who "lamer for war and annexation because Mexico is u. fertile field for plunder. STATE f11Z33. Wttat tho Interior Paper* Sar. The San Antonio Express repeat* a -statement that will soon bo taken pro i.oufesco ICKS denied by tbo distinguished gentlemen named, although tho story, doubtless, originated in the imagination of soino one not froindly to either: Yliera now appeArs to bo but one general sentiment concemlnfr liio candidacy of Mr. Tnrockmur- ton for tho United States Mmotonjhip. and thut chat tbero vtiK an "undflrstoiidiup' 1 between him icdthoold nlcnldo bofore tho Dallas convention. A» tho old nlcalde carries the democratic party hia nocket, we prwmme ho can give the ship to Throctniorton If h« don't conclude to it pressed on hlmiW'lf. The Exprws still rejects Its crow, and We trust the " minority " will keep up fur Uiti right without cessation; not to change result of tlie Kubonwtorlnl election in November, for that IR not desired, but to forco tlie next turft to couie to proper terms, and thereby the defeat at Dallas Into a victory. It makes dlfferunce who Is governor, so he exercises the functions of his office in » propw manner; and next governor will bo compelled to do in to popular sentiment. Thu platform ui wide enough to accommodate governor Da-vie, Tho Corsicana Indepoudcmt thinlce tbo newspapers will find truth and candor batter partisan zeal and misrepresentation, saying: Whilst human nature lends the partisan every Incident boiietl- ciul to liis party, he'finds by dolni: so he poluti his readers nnd diitroys the infl' ·" luerice of his elitlul 11 nd candid, hue it niu^t paper. A newspaper to becbmo inilueiitlnl nuist ,.. ..- .-...^(yj pie. But why be^rud,c;u it ? Why covet it t,t :-,il V VThy propose to supplant the present iiu-umlient in it ii he desires to ,.,,,, _. .... '-retain it, without producing some SJ^J^^'^u^^^Mte'pairo^'ami specific reason -why senator Maxcr community, and tlie prevailing sentiment now is , , . , . , TT , ,tr rr., ,' (to us 5 Uw popular lliuiK) " to give everj-mana slnnild w- superseded by Hon..I. W. Throck- Jjhow.- 1 iiuprton'i The present case is calculated to The Houston Telegram announces that the recall n former ease ia which the latter gen- j diiscmsion prevailing between the Ill-mull, vlihVa member of CO^greKK, put j miijority stockholdersi of tho publishing himself in the iiacuf of his frioDcbt for^aoui^ vuis ngHinst Oov Hubbh.i-(',. Gov. Hubburd hai! donii measurably well. There was ui) pvidcnce of any great popular dissatisfaction T.-Hh his adrainistratloa. Thcre'was reason to believe tliat the peopl* in general were quito willing to see him continued in the governorship. But Hon. J. W. Throckinortou coveted ihe pkice, or the friends of thnt dis- tinguielicd neighbor coveted it for him, and thst -was enough to net in motion a vigorous cimviLSs for the gubernatorial nomination, a canvui* -which ended in the defeat of uonh }iubbttvd and Throokmorton and '.he nomination sad election of judge O.M. noberts.the -pany has baen amicably adjusted by tlio consummation of curtain arrtuigemviits which may removo tho "lifBculties and embarrassments that throatenod tho existence of the paper. The Coralcaiia Independent interviewed A. Xadct, ttdeleRatototte republican state convention, at Horue on the 25th, who said: After our nominations were conclude*! wo thnt Gen. Hobertion ^as in town. Some or us th« Kentlenmn. ond. In conversation *vith him, t by waa au old democrat: that he TOto for Hancock ai.d Enpllsh, but said that greatly encouraged, and hid received over 100 tern from the raont prominent tlemocratu all the ·nate, ur^Inff him to become aai Independent candidate for p;ovprnor.' Sut he had not co do so until oo heard from other friends he expected to bear from. Thnt he was perfectly willlntr to make the ' of tlie state; thot it was impossible uu.ivu ,L^M ^ -- j -0 - -- -- - t no good of die state; tnot it was imposniote ior present governor. There was no material issue I htai nnd others of hlntdends to support of stele politics rajsed against Qnv. Hub- j P "atfoTO I ^'i5 1 'co f nijxiMd' 0 of ffBnerSltie« 1 but not bard then, as there'is no material Issue of P^^.l^^^i^^ji^^^ 8 ^*^^ 0 .," 81 TM 0 ^!!! nationc! iKlitir.s raised against senator Jlaxey now. A dfstiuguialifid neighbor happens to co v et the senator's place, or liis hr- d?r±t friends happen to covet the place for him, and u vigorous canvass is on foot for t'tfeot'mg tin; proposed changu of senatorial hicumlieao.y. That is all. Will the upshot Ix' the failure of both gentlemen to tie- cure the place, while Oov. .Roberts, as judje Huberts did in a. former case, will bear oil j ' the prize? THE tlEFLEOTING LINK OF IMMIGRATION. The New York Htrald is convinced 1'rcm a glance at the map that the star of empire can only continue, ita course by a carom, northward or southward, itud that tlie true ungle of deflection must bf southward. It stfue It. and that he, Oen. Robertaon, vu of t*th! schools and iiranlRration--in fact, he noi-ted the minority platform of Dalliw. Hep.-How did the republicans receive them of Gon. Koberuouf Mr, Z.--They received thtrefo,-e. would cheerfully support manlike Oea. Robertson for porernor. The Brenhain Bonnor is not only its'lf but wants others to be consistent says: ^..j Galveston Journal has been after the blera v.-lth a sharp stick, yet II, proposes» the presidential race. The Banner does not scorn able to see difference between betting on elections and horse races and betting at cards. To see difference dearly a man should be up a For ways that ore dork the average con beat the heathen Chinee and give Tho Brenham Banner states a cose:

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 03 Sep 1880, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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