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 - New»; tttfftO MualC Light*; Cantnn Amy Canton...
New»; tttfftO MualC Light*; Cantnn Amy Canton News; Cmntoc Amy Canto* Amy CaJQtcn Canton; Btocki Sporta-Canto* dub 15 Thorna*; Sport* Baseball Baseball News. Rare Clark Race Weaihtr; Raw Clark Race News Art Pallan Weather; Pallan An Pallan News: Howell Bill Hoxrell Bill Howell BJ11 Howell i: Hovcll Fill HPVfl! BUI Howell BUI Howel' __ Rhes New* BUI Nesblt Bill Nesblt Bill Nesblt B1U Goodman Goodman D Ooodjnan 3am Ocodaan Sam Goodman Hiu: Spun* New Beoort HIU Jo* Tuck* Sam Qoodman Day JectK stotv Early Show "Bartc round To Denser" Early Show Early Show Early Show Wilbur and Mr. Ed Bandstand. Bandstand Bandstand Banditnd Hlchwsy Patrol r*our 'n* Aft Four 'n* Aft Adventure Adventure Adventur* Adventun Make Room For Daddy Hire's Hollywood Ad rent ura ma Adventurama Huckleberry Hound Wwthar Danger I» UT BualaeM Sports; News Make Room For Daddy Hire's tlQllywood Popeye Club Popeye Club Popeje Club Popeye ciub eye Club ey* Club jfew«: Spurt* News THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 25, 1961 :W :1S :« 8:li :M :45 .·M 9 :1J :3t :« :00 103 :«J JflO M u» :30 :« M 12% N*ws (Music Weather: Pallan An Pallan Nrws iNtws: PM HI School Hop Program PM Hi School Hop 'Weather: P.M IHI School Hop Program PM iNews .Hi School Hop HI School Hop HI school Hop Spa's: Hop HI School Hop 1 Music 'Music News: Sports Music The Orotto The Grotto Newt; PM Propram PM Weather: PM Program PM News; Part? Party Line Weatn.: Partr Party Line News; Party Party Line Worth. ; Party Party Lln« Nevs: HaU Bandy Hall Weather; Hall Radio News DafiNtms. Thomu tSam Goodman (News ;4 Star Newt .,, »,,!.,, IBIJI tjflsbit IS»m Oondman I News '4 Star Newa 'Bill Nwhlt jjo* Tucker (Hollywood's iGuesiward Sol I Bill Nfshit Sam Qoodman ' Best Queetward Hol^ Biotben , I Love Lucy Brannacan ' 1 Love Lucy iThe Outlaws 'Thr outlaws The Outlaws 'The Outlaws {The Rosary Let's Be Healthy BUl New bit Bill Nesbtt News; Ne«blt Bill Nesblt BUl Nesblt BUl Ncsbll News; NfsbH Bill Nesblt Bill Nesblt Bill NrebU Bandy Ball 'News: Neshlt Bill Nesblt BUI Nesblt Bill Nesblt News; Nesblt Bill Nesblt BUI Nesblt Bill Nesbit TonlEbt At '. Tonlstu At « TonlKht At 8 TonUtht At 8 Ipittj Act. on Melody Face the Nation 'Act on Melody Face the Nation lAct. on Melody Face the Nation 'Act, oo Melody'FaceJne Nation (All Star .Jfew»; WeaUier All Star Gateway Studio All Star '"Tarzan's Sav- All Star ' _ ace Fury" 970 Club [Gateway Studio 970 oiub Oatnray studio 970 Club lOateway Studio 970 Club IQatewav Studio i Donna R**d 'Donna BMd iRc»l McOQya iThe Outlaws Tn Outlaws IThe Outlaws 1Th( , outlaws . Bav | Bat Masterson ' Masterson Bachelor Father Ernie Ford Ernie f^rd The Dntmietaablee" 'Manhunt Manhunt I News; Murray 1 Morle '"Dodce. Clty Movie Movla Movie All Groucho '· Oroucho ·Dangerous l_Robln ~ ] Newe; Weather Diamond Thea. '"Winning Team" I Groucho I Groucho · Silent Please 'Silent Please News; SporU (Jack Paar tinuff i Jack Paar Shuw (Jack Paar Show Diamond Thea. : Diamond Thea. .Diamond Them. I News Spurts Jack Par Show Jack Paar Show Jack Paar Show Jack Faar Show FRIDAY, MAY 26,1961 7 S I'M !tf M 8:l» J4 :4I M 9UJ :« M 10 i M 1 1 1 iel M 19 :U I2 ^t I S ·M M M 2^ M 3 at ·jt Jack HuntM Church: News N»w«; Hunt» Sports; Weather Newt News; Hunter Harbor of Light News; Godfrey A. Godfrey A. Godfrey A Godfrey News; Pmrty House Party Garry Moot* Croeby-Clooney News Obits; Mercury Paris; Polka Poisa Time News; Board Music; Ann Man Wife Muelc News. Music IthlGlC Wash.; Music News. Mirtlc Music Story: Mode Muck news; Muric Music info: Music Newi; ConUc Cordlo A Co. «e*th.: Oordto Oordtc A Co. New* Curdle A Oo Weather; Pallan octfttte A Co. Newv; Curdle Cordlc * Oo. Weatbu-; Cordle Curdle * Oo. New*; PaUfta Art PmUBD Weath.; P»Uu An P»U*n tttwt, pftllaa Art t*tUtt WeAther; Pallan Art Pallan News Bob Tracy Weuner; Tnoy Bob Tner -«w»; Tn«f lob Tnoy We»ther; Tracy Bob Tmey ffewi; Tracy Bob Tracey Weah.; Tracey Bob Tracey ITews; Bate Clark Race Weah.; Bac« Clark Race HuRhcc News Ptte Shore Pete Shore Pete Shore Perry News Pete Shore Pete Shore Pet* fchore News: Shore Pete Shore Pete Shore Pete Shore News: Howsll Bill Howell BUI Howell Bill Howell N'cws: Howell Bill Howell Bill Howelt Bill Howell Hughes News Pete ahore Pete Shore Peic Shore News: Shore Ptte Shore Ptoo Shore PeiR Shore News; Howell Bill Howell Bill Howell Bill Howell News; Howell Bill Howe 11 Bill Howell BUI Howell Quod Morning Ouod Uurnlng Quod Morning rvv*ri Mnrnlnr Quod Morning Guod Mornlnp News Shailenberger Shallenbcnej Shallenbervei Tune IUTJ Tune IQD OeorKe Nichols George Nichols 3eorR6 Nlchula George Nichols Oeorge Nichols 3eorge Nichols George Nichols George Nichols News Weather; Polfcu Pnlkfl Rhythnu Polka Rhythms Melody Go Ruund BUI Hinds Bill Hlada Bill Hind* BUI Hind* Bill Hind* Bill Bind* Bin Hindi BUI Hind* Bill Hind* BUl Hind* Day ores* Daybreak Daybreak Daybreak Daybreak Cnpt. Kangaroo Capt. Kanmiroo Capt. Kangaroo Funsvtlle Fu us vine You Asked For It I Love Lucy I Love Lucy Video Village Video VUlacc Exposure Exposure Love of Life Love of Life Noon News Noon News Search For Guiding Light Big Movla Big Movie Big Movie Bis Movie Big Movie Movie; New« House Party House Party Millionaire Millionaire Perdlct IB Toun Verdict Is Toun ROD in Hood Rubin Hood Hank Btohl Hank Stohl Hank Stohl Rumper Huoffl Romper Room Romper Room Rlclke * Cupper Rlclke A Copper Jean Connelly Jean Connelly About Faces About Faces Morning Court Morning Court Love That Bob Love That Bob Camouflage Camouflage Number Please Matinee Matinee Matinee Matinee Matinee TlORd tO Reality Queen For A Day WTJO Do Tou Trui* Oar* Oarruwv Dave Qarroway Dave Garruway Dave Garroway Dave Garruway Davb Oarroway Dave Garroway Dave Garraway Romper Boom Rumper Room Romper Room Rumper Room Say When Bay When Play Tour Hunch The Price Is Right Concentration Concentration Truth or Consequence* Could Be You Cont.; News Matinee Matinee Matinee Matinee Mattnee Science Loretta Young Lciretta Young Dr. Malone Dr. Malone These Roota These Roots Cont.; News Dave Oarruway Dave Garruwa? Dave oarroway G'way; News Dave Garroway Dave Garroway Cay Calls For Oa*h Kitchen Kitchen Say When Bay When Play Tour Hunch Price Is Right Concentration Concentration Truth or Consequence* Could Be You Cont.; News Luncheon at Luncheon At The Ones Jan Murray Jan Murray Loretta Young Loretta Young Dr. Malone Dr. Malone These Roota These Roots 9:00--AskeL Man

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Standard,
  2. 25 May 1961, Thu,
  3. Page 40

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