First Telephones In Hamilton

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First Telephones In Hamilton - to were at t y percent West, the price nbout...
to were at t y percent West, the price nbout year, Si7 moncy realized on below than I the volurv- ot\ aa worn' g with! 8,576 Listed in Hamilton's Telephone Directory; Only 92 in 1884; Same Numbers Used For Speaking of service, there 13 the telephone, now almost as universal as water and more so than gas ou electric lighting-. On November 1, 1923 there were in this city 8,576 telephone telephone numbers, some having the-it private exchange with many !iMi- tional cavortinff about the line and keeping tip such a noiso at the telephones that at times conversation could not he carried on at all. This WHS in the late seventies, less than fifty yearn ago. It was nbout this time that (he in- lishcd descriptions and put them on inadequate to compute the number number of words transmitted. In some of the telephone communication no- tab'y on party lines, the ideas ar| compared ivith the words as nboui one to the thousand, "As Solon said to one in judgment judgment weak, I thought t.hce wise u n t i l I heard theo speak." In Hamilton as well as elscwliern there are sonva people who becom f morn noted over the telephone thai; otherwise. Love and hatred.divergcnt passions, are alike intensified in conversations conversations at long distance and with the third party, maybe having nn O. S. S. patience must then continual to be u virtue. There is something peculiar about "telephone patience." Pcop'e will wait in composure at a depot or in line afj the tneatre box office or at the offices of doctors, lawyers and others and have a fit over any dr-lay by phone. People finding finding their doctor lawyer or others engaged engaged often leave the office and thoso there in waiting and get ahead by, resorting to a telephone elsewhere. Telephones arc becoming more universal universal than automobiles for thi reason Ji'iat they are very much cheaper. No one knows how much to estimate for the maintainance of arl nu(o nnd he knows exactly the limit o n the telephone. The increase 'n tele nati exchange opened in September 1878 but up to March 1881 were less than one hundred phones there tele- is phcnominal. The Cincin- way they grew in this city: March 1 1884 January 1 1838 January 1 18fPS January 1 1900 January 1 1006 June 1 1909' November 1 1923 fll 281 thc old copper lire, usirg the acoustic telephones for signaling purposes. Later ho constructed a pair of magneto magneto call boxes and put the bird nuisance out of commission. Thc late Joseph J. McMaken wo t h e . Hamilton correspondent for tho Cincinnati Erquirer and in that capacity capacity had to pick up his town gossip through thc vis:ts to the City Buildings Buildings and the engine houses. He and Professor See got their heads together aim ran about six lines of copper wire, similar in construction construction to the first one. Just wbero tb n nddilior-al tolephor-cs came from nobody seem s to know. It is though 1 ! some were Bell and. others Pony Crowns being put out by the \Vcst- _ em Union Telegraph that time. Company at 8570 In 1919 the old Horr.e Telephone ( Company was merged into the Be'( Th 0 "switchboard" was devised by Professor See. It had twelve "drops" and was installed in Mr. M c M a k e n ' A residence. Mr. McMukcn a little late ! obtairwd n telephone franchise from the City of Hamilton, being clerk o: 1 the city council. It was nbout the first of March. 1SSO, that the construction crew o* tihe Cincinnati Telephone Company arrive,) in Hamilton -with its po n lir c an:! wire circuit, the other end of which was located in the Ciwinnati office, and completed its work by opening an office on High Street opposite opposite the Court House. It wa 3 not long before Mr. McMaken McMaken anrj the Cincinnati Company go*i together, merged their interests and Hamilton became connected with tho outer world by telephone. It was March 13th., 1880, that tho first batch of news from Hamilton was transmitted over the telephone. It appeared in the Sunday edition 01" the Cincinnati Enquirer. Although i'. was hut n stick full of matter, tho announcement that it haj been tram- Company for the universal servicci which i s now prevai'inp so that there are no longer two phones at the same place o.v rte : 0hbors with differen'j phones. In addition to the 8,5?n, th j mitted by telephone caused cditoria! ' comment at the time. The first published list of jtub- scribc-rs appeared in t!he Cincinnati Telephone Directory of April, 1880 J I U V - H L . - . i n , | I I U J V I U I 1 L U LIIV Cl.O i », l l l P r v * mi · are ,370 more phones in the town, %?£ ZTM*TM* "TM " St "' making a. total of 991fi: Thin includes the exchanges of Eethnnv, Hilpy, Scve,, ilp, Shandon, Somer- villo :-.nd Trcntoti which arc under the jurisdiction of Mr. M. L, Smith i!natrer of .he Hamilton district but it does not include Middletown. Oxford nnd Dr.rrtov/ni which have independent services. The rates are fixed by tho Sthto Board of Public Utilities and tho small companies are thus protected in local services. Tf such were noti the case it coul^ pasilv he seen tha"! it would not take Ion?- for such, n powerful company as the Cincinnat' nnd Suburban* to clean up on nui neiehbors nl Dan-town, noted as they are for thr-ir famous chicken dinner.? Expansion in Hamilton Hami'ton wns one of the earliest cities in the West to have telephone; sen-ice. The. first were 'a pair o; acoustic telephones working between the Miles Tool Works and' the office of Jame s W. See. Th e distance wai about six city blocks. The line wa.-, copper wire suspended hy small rope, from sticks erected on house tops. The acoustic telephones, one nt each end of thc lino, were simplv tin cans, each having a sneepslun head into the center ef which the wire was fastened. The talking wail not good by any means, njea.surin^ it from the present day standard*. CaHing wis done hy tapping on tbo sheepskin with a lead pencil. Birds too!\ an especial delight in REALTOR FEAST Association to Hear Kinney, Head of National Loan Group. The a n n u a l meeting of the Hamilton Hamilton Real Kstalc board will be held Wednesday, Jan. 23, at 0:30 p. m., at the Hamilton olub, it was announced announced by John E. Northway, secretary secretary of the organization today. James K. Kinney, president of the Buckeye Bmldinj; and Loan Association, Association, Columhup, will be the main speaker for the occasion. The Buckeye Buckeye is the largest association association of its kind in the world 'lavintr assets of $2o,000,000. He nl- ; j is president of the National Building Building and Loan Association. listed as follows: City and Suburban Telegraph An- cfationv Branch Exchange, High St., opp. Court House. First National Bank Cor. High and Riley Streets. Second National Bank 221 High Street. Ililker Sons, Druggists, Third Street, opposite Canal. See, J. W., Consulting Engineers Opera House Block. Chief of Police--Water Street. HAMILTON EXCHANGE OF BELL TELEPHONE was installed on the third floor, whilo hers for thc station.! but only the second floor wag given over to general offices. You may have two gas companies in a community or two Rtrcet car lines covering tho same territory and you can get service from both without without additional cost, hut it was early proven in the telephone business thai dup'ication was not only confusing, but expensive as much so as two pos', offices. With the merging of all telephone interests in the County of liutler, ill people be~anie one Big Telephony Family with the best interest of tho service at heart. the Bell cramped On October iJth., Company moved fi-om its quarters at 238 High Street to its present quarters on northeast Ci'i-' ner of Second and LudloW. Ucr e it was that a valiant band of operator-i stood by their work during the flood of 1913, marooned for n week, s'oep- injr on cots and living ori suob provisions provisions as were in the building at t -t time. In March TSrtl, a little less than ·10 years ago, the Hamilton Telephone Didcctory subscribers, including in addition to the 27 listcrl four years previous, Anderson'" FloMi- Mil's, Eeclcr Brothers. Black and Claw?on, Bonrd of Education. B. K. Brnndt, Butler County Jail. Burkey Burkey and Stcvensmr. Campbell's Tee Co, Ja'racF E. Campbell, Mrs. Louis P. Campbell, Carle F'ourin^ Mills, Carr ».IK J . Brown F l o u r i r TM Mill, Chatfiell .nd Woods at Woodadnlc. C. TI. cv T). Freight depot. Compton Lumber Co., opraetors had accsss to them. Inth's year the subscribers called for numbers numbers as indicated in tho directory not for names as previously. While some of the 27 of 1S80 more of the 02 of JS84 are still on lh c call list quite 11 percentage have. hnd the same numbi-;- for forty J ; W. fcice was the original No 1, Now the Duorach Company has that number. C;i!l 2 will get the residence, cf ICdwarj Sohngcn and No 3 the office of M. 0. Hums, No 15 the residence of .Urs. Thomas Beckett. The B. and O. ticket office inherited from the C. II. D. Flowers are s t i l l ordered f m n Gray by No I T and from Lodder by callinti 38, The Mason Brewery still holds onto 32 and for softer drinks Pabst responds to 2P as if yore. The post office is disturbed by 06,, the County Jail by 7 and the mayor b« 89. police cu'l was moved up to 220. meat Slifer still has 19 ard Rupp A m o n g those v;ho still hold their firal numbers nre Anderson and -Sliuler and Benninghofen SO and Berkowitz -1H, TWrr 12, Fisher Co 3'), C. W. Cath Co. 33 Health 37, Holbrook Bros, 42, Howe 44, Martin Lues-ler 73. Hhol'enberger 25. Shulcr and Bcmminghoffen 80 and Wirtx .13. The only great modern utility has come i n t o use faster than telephone is the automobile. The telephone telephone came into use a quarter of cen,!ury ahead of the automobile and i! much less expensive and yet th 1 } automobiles during the twenty three- years of this century have outrun P-- TM, «»«· ""I*?!'' ii "theM^ments^^co^: Foundry, niiifrfiolder Lumber Eagle Stock Co.. Froehtlinn- Co., C. W. G.ith Co., A'examlcr Gordon, Gordon, Gordon Maxwell, Oeorge Ooi Miami Distillery. D. B. Sanders. Hamilton Distillery. Gas Works, W. H, Harr, James S. Harrison, Hooven. Owera and Rentschler, T. V. Howell . Chief of Fire Department --Buck-and Sons J. B. HugCies, County nudi- eye Street. ( O r, Hydraulic Mil's. David Kennedy. City Buildings--Water Street. Fertilizing Contractor --FroiH Street. Mayor's Office --Water Street. First Ward, Seoond Ward ar.ri Th'.rd Ward engine houses Hughes, Joseph B., Carpets, Wall Paper, etc.--Cor. High and Third St. Butler County Court--Court Housi People's Jlti'l, J. W. Carr and Son, Flour and Grain--E. Dayton St. Cope Maxwell Mfg! Co., Mach- Shops--Third St. Niles Tool Works, Machine Shops --Third St. Richie. Dyer Co., Machine Shop --Cor. Vine arid Railroad. The Long and Allstatter Co., Mnch ine Shope--Third St. Daily News, C. M. Campbell--High St. Beckett, Laurie Co., Paper Mfg. --Cor. Lowe'l an,} Buckeye Sts. Snider's Louis Sons, Paper Mfg.-Cor. Mfg.-Cor. Front and Buckeye Sts. Tangeman, George £ Co., Paper Mfc---Opera House lilock. McMaken, Josepjb J., residence-- Lndlow St. C. H. D. R. R., J. II. Hyiand Agent--Freight Depot. C. H. D. R. R., J. H. Hybrid, Agent Passenger Depot. That tbo uso of the telephone wa: confined to thc owners of these twenty-seven stations was a myth, for thc whole community was curious to try its hand at sending their voice i *x distance of twenty-five miles wit'. 1 ) no apparent e'/ort. With the consolidation of the in- terc-sts more commodious offices werf secured in th c building at No. 23fi Hi£h Street, where the exchange, offices offices battery and apparatus roonri occupied thc second floor. Lines were built out into the country country to connect up thc various communities communities and a connection made with tho Middletowre Exchange, n-bich opened opened up a'l the cities and towns north and surroundirg territory of Hamilton. ?5ouisn{ Ju7l jo i[i.uoj3 ]i?jnic» oifj. required more room and a new outfit D. M. Kennedy and Co., Long ar.vl Allstatter, Ixn-enz Refrigerator Car iCi 1 .., Win. C. Mireertimt, Thomas Mc- Greevcy, J. C. MoKomy, Millikin and Cisle, Dr. Da n Millikin, Morey. A n d - rews and Morev. Dr. A. Meyers and Co., John F. Ncilan, L. C. Ovcrpcck, Heo. H. Phillips. Dr. C. A. L. Jacob T?ptster. Rcn'tie mid Mason. and RnilriT. Loui.'; RcKwab, Peter Schwab ard Co., brnw-, John Semley, Goo. K. Shaffer, ShuJer and BenningbofrTi, Dr. Goo. C. Skinner, E. A. Smith, I,. Snider and sons, .John W. Sohn. Sohn and Rentschler, Charles Rohngcn and Co^, .'oseph Straiib, St. Charles Hotel. George W. St. CInir, sheriff. Georgi P. Tangeman, William Thompson, J. L. Walker, Western Union Tc'egraph Co., Previous to 1884 there were n u m - iencc of mankind. Stil! the increase ir. telnphor.-s from 27, to almost thousand in the H:(-rtilton district " certainly is some advancement in mcarfi of communication. RED PEPPER MB STOPS BACKACHE The heat of red peppers takes "ouch" from a sore, lame back. It can not hurt you, and it certainly ends the torture at once. When you are suffering ao you hardly get around, just try Red Pepper Rub, and you will have quickest relief known. Nothing has such concentrated, penetrating heat as red peppers. Just ns soon as you apply Red Pepper Rub you will feel the tingling tingling heat. In three minutes it tho sore spot through and through. l j ain and soreness are #one Ask any druggist for a jar · of Rowlcs Red Pepper Rub. 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