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CHRONICLE TITUnSDAT JUNK 27 1018 SSSSBBH B1 - WOOD ecunler - attaek m re the enemy J UXGe Belleau wood Vjhi recent the enemy J ZVCer - Belleau wood Mfrch which they took many by the Americana miles yy t4E NEUILLV DAMMARD 0 ELLCAU I Robert Cords Shot By Wife In Apartments at Fairmont accept any auch term labor movement ha they want no Inconclusive The war alms of tha represent what we ar pot negotiating for admit of no com represent the principles we believe a genuine peace can be secured for unity In the nation without which war alms could not be far as labor Is concerned declared after the war a organisation backel political labor party wat future Breaks Out - iTrenches t Influenza la now along the German front advices received here frontier and the prv - ailment W said to be preparation for offensive are bring established renr areae dealing solely which Is reported Spanish type which out In Berlin and other and la preaumed to to the trenches by from leave Builds Plane Can Cross Seas June 2 Slgnor Cap airplane Inventor already machine capable of flying Atlantic and la ready to country or to build to Itle plana the of the Aero Club was advised tonight by of tht Royal Ital Hundreds of a la - would willingly un Initial flight in Sugar Is Authorized June 2 An Increase per hundred pounds of sifxar at aeaboard authorised by the lood tuda to cover Increased freights and Insurance activity and the Increase rates to Inland re - new base prlve of 17 SO a mean no Increase In refiners it waa said Gross Tons Boats May Toll June It Allied and sunk by German the first twentv - eleht totaled 11119 gioss tons estimates mane by the Senstor Deck he in announced today In thera DOtS MOMIERA f t - e 11 r Rtietiaia Kth Hiram Ileal B II ritwi im f kikin iir had apparently been tetepreoned to either before or Immediately After th tragedy ram to th hotel and went directly to th Cords apartmnt Slmulteneouslr arrived Detective - Prank Buck and Josepn Nolan who nan been sent to placa Mr cora under arreat and take ber to the hospital By thl time Mr Cord had eeaaed being hysterical and refueed to pk 01 tn snooting to tn aeteciives or anyone el I will not speak - until X my attorney she said She would not then giv th nam of her attorney She waa then driven away to th St Francis ItotplaL Cord and his wife disagreed about two months ago and on May 1 she tued him for 1710 a month separate maintenance Th aull wa to hay been heard In court soon but a few da a ago It wa reported that they had become reconciled On Jane It Mr a Corda returned to her huaband at the Fairmont Laat Saturday they went together to Del Mont and r turned on Monday It wa believed that the trip to Del Monte Indicated a eetttement of their differences Cords Is the manager of the West ern Tsllow Company and the Imperial Glue Company with offices in the Kohl building He Is a man of con siderable wealth BOOKHD AT Crrr PRISOIf Mrs Cords waa booked at tha City Prison on a charge of attempt to commit murder Further than giving her age a II ah refused to glv th pMlce any Information about herself On being taken before the captain of detectives ah aald ah had no atate - ment to make adding that her huaband would glv out a tatement The weapon Mr Cord uaed waa a It caliber Colta revolver Shortly after Cord reached th St Francis Hoepltal where he was placed under tha cara of Dr Lolgl Bad - galupl his wife waa taken before him by Detective Frank Black Jords was conscious when eh entered th room and aa oon a h aw her he aald calmly Dont say a word Jo dont admit anything During a conference that lasted a quarter of an hour both Cords and his wlf were on th point half a dosen time of making a direct admission concerning th shooting but chocked themsslvee What on earth vr mad you Cord started to say once but topped hort a hi lips were forming th word hoot - TOLD OF 4RREST Finally Mrs Cords exasperated turned to Detective Black and said Am I under arrest 7 You most certainly ara said Black Then take me out of here to wherever I am going she said On reaching tha elevator ah sud denly turned and sped backrdown tha hall to Cords room louowea cioseiy by Black but when he entered the room and found her In whispered consultation with her wounded husbend she straightened up and with a nonchalant Oood - by Bob left the hoe pltal and wa taken back to tne vuy Prison Cords wounds may prove ratal although the crlsl will not be reached until today according to Dr Bad galupl Four bullet entered hi body two taking effect high In the right shoulder one It the upper right am and the fourth high In the left breast Up to a late hour laat night no operation had been performed on the wounded man Corda refused to make any statement whatever regarding the ahootlng He and his wife seemed to have reached a mutual understanding mat tney would stand pat as soon as she en tered hie room ARE MBD IV ISIS The Corde were married at Sacra mento July S lilt a few daya artr Mrs Cord had received a final decree of divorce from John Sheeny Jr a young 6an Francisco real estate operator who I now rving the American Army In France and whoee mother Mr John Sheehy Sr e at 720 Mlaeton avenue oan na - fael Before lier marriage to nneeny leMr Cords wa aiic oeiyea daughter of Jamee A Belyea eas York street a patrolman aiiajneu w le Mission station Tha Sheehv family wae opposed to the marriage and refused to recognise her A member of the family said last night Sheehya parente considered hie marriage to Miss Belyea the result of a chance acquaintanceship and an Impetuous Infatuation of youth In ltll Mre Lorus wnc Nev and filed suit against Sheehy for divorce Desertion was cnargen ana property settlement made out of court nntK 41 SO DIVORCKD Only a short time before that Cords had been divorced by his first wife en Oakland girl While that action waa pending before Judge Harris In the Superior Court In Oakland he wae arreated for failure to pay his first wife temporar alimony of J100 a month and tJOO counsel ices in h iima he waa living at the St Francis Hotel here and his Income waa said to be 1100 a month Cords had been In Nevada several weeks on business wnen ne mi then Mrs Sheehy and their romance of Ihp divorce colony Began tiia mi - tentlon to Mre Sheehy became a sub - Jecl of comment and Juat when apec - ulmlon an the outcome of their dally com pan Ion ah I p reached Ita height the Court handed a decree to Mre nneeny nd she and rords nasienea io eac - onto for a marriage license They treallaaed froas Page 1 vere married by Judge C N Poet On May 2 this year Mrs Cords filed suit In the Superior Court e gainst cords for separata maintenance ak Ing tilt a month She charged that he had been Intlmat with other women whoa nam wra not given In th complaint and that Cord had been Intoxicated and abuelve to her for sixty days previous Sh said In th complaint that Cord asked her to Ign an agreement waiving all objections to kls appearance In public with other women and when h refused sh ald at told her ho would not support hr At another time th complaint aald ha told her that If eh would appear publicly la a San Fran - cleco cafe with a certain woman he would give her preeent worth 111 - 300 and that If ah refused h would kick her Into the streets On the day sh filed tha complaint Mrs Cord obtained an Injunction from Judge E P Mogan restraining Cords from disposing of his stock In th Western Tallow Company worth 110000 according to her estimate and also to prevent him from disposing of a llmoudn he had given her Mrs Cords Tells Story of Affair Husbands Infatuation for S F Woman Cause FOR two hoilra last night Mrs Robert Cords withstood th f - fort of th police at tha Hall of Justice to exact a story of ths shooting from her Until the arrival of her father James A Belyea a police - man Mrs Cords was cool and even - voiced But when Belyea took her In his arms Mrs Cords became hysterical Her father carried her to the womena ward while her attorneys Thomaa OConnor and Charles F Brennan made efforts to find a Superior Judg who might aet balL TELLS OF MARRIAGE Before th arrival ef her father Mrs Cords told of hsr marrlag flv yeara ago to Cord I wa one th wlf of John She - hey from whom I waa divorced six years ago Mrs Cords said My present husband waa married twice before The first discord cam Into our married life on the second day of last month and It was du to an Infatuation for a young woman of Ban FrancUco dtTARREL RESULTS Our quarrel ovr my huaband In fatuation for thla younr woman re - aurted In my filing a cult for asperate maintenance The cae waa diamleeed Tuesday after my hueband admitted to me that ho had given a check for 17000 to the younr woman In tha case He could not very well have denied It because I aaw the canceled check My husband also admitted that he gave thl young woman articles of Jewelry Further than that I will not discuss my troubles My at torneys hav advlssd m not to do ao SUIT SETTLED According to Attorney OConnor Mr Cord received wn half of the Capital atock of the Weetern Tallow and Western Reduction eompanle from Corde a a eettlement of her ult for separate maintenance A tlmoualn and th housshold property also were signed over to Mre Corda Mr Cord and her hueband went to Del Monte laet Saturday and returned to the Fairmont Hotel Mon day OConnor aald The following day Mr Cord cam to my office and told ma that eh had taken papere from a safe In Cords of fie which showed hla relatione with the young woman In tha case The woman a name may be ueed If Mr Cord I called upon to face a jury The papere taken from Corda aafe by Mra Corde detail trip with th young woman In th cae one trip to Ashland Or being detailed particularly I hav not asked Mra Cord con - Fourth To ROME The which will Italian be couhtry will be American The day Florence citizenship municipality to large cities processions One Imposing will of march monument of II where delivered by Senators earning the condition to Mrs Cords that hla a Chronicle horn til I hav not th big fire stood that men but I twelve year When told cused by th hueband sh did atatlon Belyea of detectives to be a pretty boys Lieutenant As MOUNT Second was killed today whan waa piloting Second eerver In the Injured The machine riding fell Offlciala out any of the accident residence of the member of a squadron In Anti - Send DUBLIN Peas At a Irish antl - laat night the announced American presented to addreee of dent Wilson Ambassador a circumstance under from presenting ly to tha Senate R R WASHINGTON amending so relinquishment of Federal railroad while line I retained Commerce favorably extending from January next the railroad control Government private California Women a alee st Adrt Only Three in SUITS and Hastings This sale positively closes are exceptional not for many 2000 Suits and 2500 Suits and 2750 Suits and 3000 Suits and 3750 Suits and 4000 Suits and

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 27 Jun 1918, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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