2 Sep 1788 the PA Packet p. 3. Alexander Hughes

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2 Sep 1788 the PA Packet p. 3.  Alexander Hughes - ti - m. Cir.vAl tni toother I !e!i"rj;rite en...
ti - m. Cir.vAl tni toother I !e!i"rj;rite en the jMbjrfl. Accordingly it has been propcfcd, jhat a meeting of deputies froei the different counties be he'd it HirriPju'C the third day of September nrx. A circular letter, bearing the above propoC'in was LtU ro this county, and in parfuance thereof there met tbii day at Piper'i tavern, in Dedroinftcf nwnfnip, the following gentlemen from ibr towa - ih ps annexed to their njmfi refprclirilv : rwtoivn, l'larvjhkt Xt' - vbritatn, j?. JmhiJIer, lIiiycockt Millor J, prlrnf.dJt X)tirkam, Ti'ilCUlTI, Vtumjleudf Varrinlcnt So'rjlury, James Hanna, Efqiire. Jonn 1,'jqrford, Hugh Ramfey, 'Capt. William Walker, Bnjimin Snodgrifi, Sainurl Flarlc. Jma Snodgrif Thomas Stewarr, David Thornii. Ji oh Utt, Alexander IlugbeJ, George Piper, Dan e! Soliday. Capt. Manui Yoft, John K ler, Stmuel Smith, Efqu'rc Henry BIi!jz, llnv Ilonver. C'l. John Smith, Oar Ira Firming. , llicjn! Backhoufe, Efquir. J - .h i Th - :mpfiKi Jicob Weaver, George Drnnrr. S.mucl Wilfon, George Vole. B - njamin Scajle. Thomas Wnhf, Thntn Gilf'n, J?mes Ru kman, Mij:r John Shaw, Janici Farres, Thomas H - ny, Moff, Kelly. Iltnry Geddii. Kev. Nathaniel Erwin, Cjpt. William Wa'ker. C.pt. San;wel Smith. H - tiry Seabrinj. lofrnh Grier. Samuel Smith, efrpiire, chofen chairman, and Jades llanna, efqulre, fecretary. After fomo time lprn: in iliiTce fug the hufinr fs of the meciine, Re fo!vdt that the Rev. Nathaniel rin, Richard Jljckhnufe. Samuel Smith, John Crawford, and Jsiurs Ilanna, e'qjires. be a committee to draw up refik'ei exprrfiiv, rf the fenfe of this meeting on the fu!fc before them. Tn a riort tim tbeie after tbf following were pre - f - nted by the gentltrneu apoiutcd, and unaniraouf - iy approved. Ktfulved I. That it is the opinion of this meeting meeting that the p'an of government fur the United State s, farmed by the general convention, having been a - dopted by eleven of the fliatrs, ought, in conformity conformity to the refolves of faid convention, to come imo rperation, and have force until altered in a conflitu - tonal vray. 2. That as we rr.'ar. !o art tfie pirt of peaceable Citimn ourfdves. f we will fiipport the faid plan t.f government and thofc wIjo adi under it againti all illegal violence. 3. That the faid plan of povernmen will admit rf very roufi lerable ament!met!t, vrhicb ought to be made in the mode pointed out in the contVitution ijfclf. 4. That 3 f - 'w pove i - nnrriii once eflabbfhed hive ever been al'crrd iti favnu - of liberty without eonfbfirtn and b'oodfhfd, the rtq - 'Tite amendment in faid ronllitution ouj;ht to be attempted as foon as pofTih'e. 5. That r?e will ufr our ntmofl endeavour'' in a jn - ific wjy to procure fuch a'tertion in the fed; - j ru ennu itu'ion ib may ie necewary in ireure inc nchii ai'd liberties of mirfeNes and pofleri:y. . 6. That r.e approve of a flate m'en'nf; br'nf; held at Harrifbsrg ibe third day of September next, on the fubj: A of ih - . above rcfdlvej. 7. That font perform ought to be deVrated fror ibiacounry to attend faid meeting - , and join with the deputies from other counties who may meet wi'b thrm (in a; recomniendati n to t Ne citizni of this Hate) of a Tuifble fer rf men to reprcfent them 'm the new Congrefs, ar.d generally to aquieft e and a full in ihr promotion of fach plan or plans as m3f br defigned by the faid flate conferees for the pur - pnf - of obraihinf; the necefTrv aniendmcnti of laid rnnO'njiion, at far as iy confident with cur viewt, exi rcflcd in the forrgoing refolves AyreeaUly to 'be refolv - l id pfl, the Uev. Nathaniel Nathaniel Erwin, Richard Bickbuufe, John Crawford, and Jarn'es Ilamu, efquircs, or any 'wo of them, were appointed to rcprcfrnt uiin fiid conference to h: bebi at Harrilburg. ' . Refolved, That Jan Hanna, ePju'rc br re que fled fled to hand the foregoing proceedings to the Pcefs fur publication. SAMUEL SMITH Chairmin. jo

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  • 2 Sep 1788 the PA Packet p. 3. Alexander Hughes

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