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15 July 1861 - THE TIMES, MONDAY, JULY 10, 1801. 0 for re of...
THE TIMES, MONDAY, JULY 10, 1801. 0 for re of an ao the to NATIONAL IUFLK A33O0IAT1ON THE RKVIKW AT WI MULE DON. . On Saturday tho long proceedings connected with iji groat meeting of tho National Rifle Association were bronchi to a triumphant close by one of the best managed and moot brilliant Volunteer reviews we have ever witnessed. It u emphatically a grand suceo, of which the promoters ami all tho regiments who m all took jeirt In it may fuel justlir jToud. A faUlity apar to attach to Wimbledon in tha matter ol weather, anl almost naturally, therefore, as a great demonstration wru intended. Saturday proved ho cxoentlou to tho tin fortunate rule of rain. Thi, of course, tu unpleasant enough for a time, and wa eejweially disagreeable in to those who had to return to London, af tor the fete ! iu over, through the torrunts that fell in tha nljhL , After all, however, thu was but a minor discomfort, ' and took but little from tho real icUxt and splondid to. i suooesi oi tno wo usou. in pouuoi ramiary eacei - oj - - - than could hare buen eipoctodercn by thoeo bust I aaiuamV! with the present huhemaencyof tho to - itivtrojioliUn eitiaen suldiory. During the whole day's I'rogramme, from bouinniiitf to vnd. notliinj wrnt wrong, and not only wm evorytliing ne that hvl lxn arransl, but, what wtui at ltMt (xrtiafyy imnrtAnt, eTirythinj m done in time. We are sure after, this suooess the Voluntenn thomselros will lo the tint In future to lmlt tlte value of such diil'Uyi taVIn loe under the trntlj of otliclal inanajvintnt. Wliatewr else tlte lIorse(uariLi alt thoritlo may In) dvflcient In, thvy are oortninly perfect perfect In all their arratumohts for rurluwc, and there U amolluxl and wrUluty in Ihdr arntiigsmonU, and a unctuatity in their CAtryinjt thotn out, to which tho Voluntixr,whon left to muiajfe for thoir n'wn ili.t.l'iva nn ivirtfttiilv ha Vnt ljttf nnVlatm. Nor is this sutriority at all sunirUtn?, when wo mand the mot bj'poriencod Qonorals aud:8talf om wr in tho wrrico, and that whon, as on Saturday, i the supruma command of Uirbions U intrusted to of , tlu - ir care, theni U a much greater probability of j jtromptitude and uooil order than whon the whole matter UintnwtetV to, IndirMual odleen who have ' ofWn more to leant than their own men. There cjui Ui no atroniter illustration of thla than by a Minparlaon of the scrambling ' IrrvguUrity of the I Brighton rerievr with the iwfect certainly, good (Mr, and itieoeM with which all went forward on Saturday, The Volunkvn have nover mule briibi?. Thi was fixed to Uoforo that hour, howover. a challonao match ' between" tho riral UnlTcrsitiot was shot off, tho ex - champion. Mr. lloas. and Mr. Peterkin represont - me ui uamDnogo, flir. nonworiny anu Air, uwen being nominated for Oxford, Tho ranges wero at 800. 000, and 1,000 yards, and so utterly wm Oxford beaten, that the lowest score made by Mr, jioss for uarawiago was potter py two point taan ?' thU contest, which at the time ewited very groat mterwt, wa a Wlowa IVtfllB Ml NenvurtKy UaditWnat4o'clocktea.l of H. many would have come to see both the award and tho review wlilcn - loUoweu. uux, asi it was, on saiuruay noi I 3 Oxrosit,' Lotiif lfoN 9 o'clock there wm a ooiuiderabla ItllHitol. hf vtaltiiM llli tha Lfhlllllll. thiitietl llV Itrt rej 1 mefttli M mjiy M h4,i been witidipateil. Hie fact at 3 o'clock his itoyal Highness came Upon the now ground and proeoodod to tlie raised ilal from which v the priae were to bo uou vereu. ronting mu was A - rle, pUtfonn table ; jUA tto. - nUndid .range of cuj. sol vers, alilvld. and tankanl to bo nvwn t'iittroi in uiesun. Among ineso.uiougn less conspicuous, yet not lew valuable, wore the little rows of leather purses, oontainlng check for various amount for such winner a preferred their prixvi in hard. rash. On tho left of this platform the 10th comjuuiy of tlie Houtlt Mid'tletex, a the oonip.uiy to which Mr. Jopling belongs, was drawn tm, and tho London ino pnzo file in asses, cap so , i. 'i i" It. V who Uu Royal Highness was accompanied on tho dai bv Oencral Scarlett, Ewl Spencer, Colonel tho Hon. J. JJlacUonalO, Colonel uiuton, lxira i.icno, sit AlexjmJer Uorsford, General Seymour, Lord ns - i i, ti t.lJ. - .v V. T"1 At IsmntnrA Rftock - .thoT Eaf f L(20 Sir Richanl Airey, bir J. laxton, bir ii. t'oore, Uaptain Jmiamay, oiajor ncison, iuajor the Wilkinson, Major Walker, Count d'Audigny, and Mr. T. Falrbairn. Before proooeding to deliver the addressed the. Volunteers as follows : " I tm Terr happr to be here to - Uy, in the rerfonnsnce ol iut UulT u lTeuieni oi uu .ijiurau uuu awkuuou, Hi C"J that this meetin lis. been so wceosfui There hJ been prt number of pnxc. shot for, bot slmost to ' tVe rerv but the competition ! hsi been so dose that it ha the not alwairt been certain that thoso who have. lost have of .T nebessitT been., the; worst snots, slt&ongn, nwurpu, not I hope I shall have many other opportunities of - i matins you; anJ I am sure, as far as yon art eonecrneJ, H.t it w31 bo vour Jciiro) still farther to increase Ton r xho tlistribtttioit was then proceeded with. "Tho Mr! WlowingU the oOicial list of the names, corp., and awanl giiinjd by caih prizeman dunng thu year moctinj : Mr., MiuclioWr Mr. iSsciency in shooting, as, believe me, it will be' a sooroe of plaroro to me to that you have made creatpro - Mr. B .... . , , , . . ie' 6ns in this important branch the A olunteer semco. This.U a very satufactory sUte of tldngs. I trust that every II. year we shall have, a continuance, not only of tho support wUcJ, we have had this year, but that we shall have addi' Uonal sapport from all tho Volunteers of the country. As 7 . . " , ., ., . ..,,. - ,ar M r eo"oee7' f.1110?,' raTC' faction to have the honour of distributing the pnxss on this Earl oocanion.'? (Cheers.) Tho tlutribtttion was then proceeded with. "Tho A, ! MJT Molr. Stirling j - . n K. BS Cambrldja University rFarlne, Australia .. j Thornbury, Victoria lUflcs tho i : . . jLvlAlUnU, Foster's uvijum...., v..... .... Henry lUBe. W. . j London Armoury Coin ..... .. - . ! i n. :.. c,., f :.1 tl. - ... Capt. WL - ram, Coldstream Guards' ! rnvat,) (uocn', We' , - mlniter - - i',v ' ' 7.tC .v . the Mr. Thomas, 4th cat York ... . . ,., ., a . . Enain Ilalliday, Civil ... Mr. Slmondc South MUdUwis .., ; Cat Bri.hrm T . Mr. Cami.lwir. of Glsaow.llenry Bifle. London Armoury Com - wny's Kitlo. nuirravin;, by Cirla l:rowin(lE. Engraving. Fioll glawrs, given by Meurs. iiurrew, or Great Jlalrcrn. ' I lny's Bcvolvcr. J - igravlng. r.tiCTiviag. tne the of Sir bL, A vfl - sad a Field glau by Messrs. Uurrow. Lonl Vernon's Henry Bifle.; Patent sjfe, fiea by Mr. Price. Enrravin. Bri'lgman, West Middlesex Engraving. I wbi giaucs, Dy Messrs. Uurrow. IUflo, given by Mr. Smithl of Dsvlcst Storm's brovch - loading Kifle.; Engraving. Enzravutr. (Loudon: Armoury I Companv's Bifte. Sergeant albbs, Bristol 1st Shsre, Bide Derby. Mr. K. Boss, Cambridge University 2d Share, lUfl Derby. Mr. ByriCl Cumberland ... W SW Bifljrbj. Mr. H. Bowe, 1st Devon Bill (3SL). with Sergeant Dougsa, SOU Lancashire Capt let, Lancashire ... Capt. Brayn, Jersey Militia Capt. White, 1st But York .. CoL - Scrgi Cole, Boyal Engineers.. Mr. IliUhoock, 7th Wilt lloo. Major Talbot, UnattaeheJ .. Pursa of. Westler Bicharus Bifle f25i). Westley Blehards Bifle (ill.). Mr. BenneU1 Watch (rains 40t Eariof Dudlty'i PrUs of 80. Dak of Wellington's PriMofeOC AaamiarioB CDD. (V.MI. k.bnnb. Bail Mr. Howard, Eton. . Speneert Cop. j Publie Schools, Lord tugoT. - AsLbanen' CMUeu. Bergeaat Blsckbara, Edinburgh ... Sergoaot: SUpleton, Coldstream - Guards . Sergeant Bowe, 1st Devon. ' Stafl - - Sert. Potter, Sebool of Mu - CsptlL Boss,' CAKinrsrd'ine Ospi Vrigraat, OuUrtmmOaardi It, lire, Norwich ... ... Upt. llrtdsTaan, West MUU - t try(4W ... ... Ilea. II. rraser, Boot rwileer Uoards ... ... ,.. ... CspUla Jitlrefor, UidletkUo ... (1. Dr.a4, 12th UidJUtx Mr. Ilrndri. 7th AyrihtN A. Hmllh, MUUhlaa ... . O. M ... ... Captain WUUamson, 10lh HUffurd Sergeant Harding. 7th West York Major M.ilr, Stirling ... ... Mr. Dickens, Vletorl Bifle M. M r. Fellowns Victoria Bifle . Mr. Coward, Edinburgh ... ... Here. Nortworthr, Oxford Univ. E. ftoss, Umbridg University C Young, lit London ... ... Ueut. Marriner. West Middhaex Captain Cocks, Mh Iiodon .... Mr, J. Jsrvls, Manohestcr... M. J. Ud - pihoun, 4th Dragoon Ods. Mr, J, Lwoa, Mauehester ... Mr, DMIer, Innsof Ouurt Mr. BUlet, 3d Ch.hire , Mr, (Irelg, 7th Ctuuhir Mr. Felerkin, ()mbri.! Uairtr, Major Msnrary ... , , rWrgiMMtl Drown, lUyal ArtUUry' Mr, Denls loudon Henttish ... J' Bom. ('mbrbliUnivtnlly ... E - i.liH Mslll.Uv, hr Kervie ... Mr, I)i.V.m VUurls lllfliw ... Enl,u Osier, 4th Murrey, Ytsemihl rMdlng, 4th liial .... IVivsUrVnitt, WhWilU .,. ... tknUle IU,ih. 14th North York,. Hurgesnt MarrUl, 4th WmI York t, ' Hergeaat llesxley. lt' Warwick .. Sergvalit Smith, Midlothian ... rVrgeant Diekeos, Vletnrt Bill it rWrgeanl llasketV 2tit Ml.Ulosex Sergeant SUwart, 11th itlddesex ,i Hergeant Bows, 1st Devon ... Corporsl Bobinson,lCth Middlesex Sergeant Adams, 1st Surrey ... Private Bingham, llrirtol .., - (Vntaln OoJli llth Uart ... Writs Bushten, 1st Kerthampton ,, PrivsUJotdlng, South Middlesex Prirst llnuks, llth Mlddtes ... ,. n Private Kirkwinl, Benfnw , Msjor Mir, StirUu ... ... ,, Private HsndrU, Ttn Aynliire ... Horg, Deogan, Itlth Uaeasltlr ... (I'UIB Ikes, CHi Klnearuln (lapUIn lloliertapH, rertiithire Mar Molr, lirlliig,hlr AH 0otom,800 yard. BagTSTiap. All Oomtn, SQOyarils, 4riiid JYiiryO' rdKl'ria. AllOomen, fX) yards, 301. (Mb. AB Corners, BOO yard. Engraviajt. All Comers, 800 yard. ZU, each. All Comers, 000 yard. EngTsvtag. AllOumers, 000 yards, ftOCtMb, Whttworth BIB. pHkof(mlriV. iTtnee oi i aict s. IVtnew 0ort's. Qiiwn's dtp and Qeld slflal. atr.Je4ii(i, South MUllesex It will bo aoen from thi list that Mvrralof the competitor carriod off two, three, and oven four tiriios, and these gentlemen were loudly cheerod m they oamo up for their extra honour. To each of them his Royal liighnea made a fow kind observations, observations, congratulating them on their stioce. Captain Ross, sen., who took the Association Cup the Duke' rrixo wa loudlv cheered. So. also, were tho two reprerentatirpa of Rugby, who carried olF Lonl As h burton rctxa the tupcro ueuuu snicid east in ailver by Elkington Iwtween thorn. The engraving were proof of the " Allied General in the Crimea." which, to tho value of 3601,, wero.prov aented to tne Association by Mr, flarle Urowne, and there wm ome laughing a Captain Wigram, of the Coldstream Uitanl. eama npto rvoeive tw copiea of Utia pieture m hi rriada, Hi IWaJ llighnow did not deliver the patent aafe to Knsfi IlalUday, of the Civil Herviee, wlw hvl won that eqiwbMiw and rattier alumni twphy for a Uiileman, Mr, IlUi ly verywMy Prvferred tm t&m im lmtead, We Vf ultiry to ilsiiik It would Ij wUur for tlte AaeoeU atinii to rdet't itk'li ridieitloui ytitvi altogether, if tiiey do not want their prtiw list lt degenerate IttWi a kind of medium for jtuffltig off uierrhandise. Iu ttwardilij Btorm'i breech - loader (the breech - loftd' ihg aptiafattu wa ftfliied to a Vhit worth rifle J, the Dukeeiamined its simple mechanism with much lnterosi. He also complimented Mr, M'Farlane, of the Australian Volunteers, and said ho hoped hi example and lii suceuu would bo emulated by the Volunteer from other colonie. A largo proportion of tho prize wore carried off bytho comnutitors from tho Scottish Volunteer Kegitneut. Threo of tho best tho Duke of Ca!ubridgo',vtJie Prinoo of Wales', and the lMuco Consort' wore awarded in luccoaiion to tlio reproaentative of the Klnoardino, Perth, and Stirling Volunteer, at which the London Scottish Regiment cheered ajnaxingly. a well thoy might. In fact, Scotland and the Metro - Iiolitan nk'inieiiU have oarriu4 oil the honour brlgvU major. ThU brigade, therefore, numbered In the aTjrogato over 3,000 men. The 8omd Drila was formed In line of eon tlgnoa column on the left of the Ant, under the command of Lieutenant - Colonel Montague I licks, of the City of London Rifle Rrijade Major Itellly. lUA.. acifiii at hi llrltfvl Mjor. Till coniUted of the Lmdon Rifle Ilrlgade, uumiierini 13 com mand of the itaniui of Dmoal a Lieutenant Colonel, aalited by Major Vemer, ait companio, - and 3V) strong, formed the tocond regiment) the 12th Surrey, under Major Cochrane, four companios, comprising 170 men j and the St. George, under tho coramind of Lieutenant - Colonel Lindsay, four companies, 220 men. with whom were battalioned the Paddington (3Cth Middlesex), under the command command of Lieutenant - Colonel Wood, 150 men J tho 6th Essex, tindtr the command of Lieutenant - Colonel Capper, eight companies, comprising 300 men j the 40th (Central London! six companies, 300 mens the 7th Middlesex (Islington), under the eomnuiid of CapUiu Ebawortn, one company of 80 men and the 4th Surrey. Captain Syma, one com tany of C4 men,' making the aKregat itrength of the Second Brigade reach 2,400 of all rank. The Third Ilrigiwle, which constituted tlie remainder remainder of the First Division, under the command of MaJoeneral Sir Richard Alrey, waa eonuxwl or tno following regtmenu tine aim Jtwaiwwx, commanded by Major Joakoa. four companies, com - prlaliy 200 iunu the 20th Middlesex, under the command of Lleutcnaut - Uilonel Jilgge. numlwring right oomtianiea and over 000 men Lord Dury't Civil Sorvico Rogimeut, ill wmponle of 4&0 rank and file I and two oomtianlotof the Artists' Corps, tinder the command of Captain PhUlitia, 100 men. To these wero added the two battalion of tho Queen' (Westminster), the first under tho command of Major Russell, and tno second under that of Lord Oerald Fitzgerald this corp eonaistod of 17 com - nanios. and numbered 1.200 mon. Thoio regiment forraod together the Third Urigade, and mastered 2,400 mou. It wa placed under the command of Lord Colville a Rrigadier, and Captain Vigors, of the 10th Regimont. a Rrigade Major. The First Urigade of tho Soooud - DlvUbn, under the command In chief of Major - Geueral Sir J, Yorke Hearlett, consisted of the Hon. Artillery Company via,, two hatterle of llorae Artillery with four gun, under the command of Captain Jay, and tlx eompanle of tho regiment, under tlie eom mand of Major Robitiaott, eumprislng In the whole 400 men j the First Middlesex Engineer, under Colonel M'Lood, of M'Leod, tt companle of 300 rank and file to which were added one company of the 32d Middlesex (81 1 - Foot Guard), under the Hon. T. C. Drueo, Captain - Commandant, number ing 807 men j - tho 7th Surrey, under Major Hem - ford, six companies and 240 men the 1st Surrey, under command of Lioutonant - Colonel M'Donald. six companies of 300 men with tho 0th Essex, of two companies and 100 men, making togethor tho strength of the Fourth Rrigade 1,450 men. The Rrigadier ot this was Viscount Ranelagh J Major Hume. Assistant Insnoctor of Volunteers, acting a Rrigade Major, The Fifth Brigade wa under tho command of Earl Grosrenor, and constated of tha lit Middleiox Artillery, lx companies, and about 500 itrong, The Wwt Middlesex, 3U1, U companle. 'under command of LiuiitenanOolonel Lord Radstoek mid the Mouth Middlesex (Lord RanelAgh'i Ihfl mmi kit eomuAnlea, muaWring 7W men, togetlier ajimii i.vki. The 8Uth Urlj(le wm commanded hy Lonl KUho m llffvlltr, riiJ Major Walker Kting u llrigada Major. It euiulstedbl the lUlh Hurrey, it companies, and 9oil men, under Major Roupeli the D'Jtli Middlesei (Filtsbtiry), under Colonel Col Vllle, tight roinpaiiie. and about 400 men ) the 20th Middlesex, Her Majesty 'a Customs, three compaliies. under Major Grey, humbering about 100) the 2d CityofLondon(SrKittiwoodeltwocomtiatiie,about 1trfh,.,nitb,alVIM,tlu, tbitUlInn (Highgate, Uampstead, and Uornaey), under Major ! the advantage of the grayUh uniform could bo minsonf four companies, about 1G0 men t the aoen. "The Artillery Company, looking like a regi - Q.l nn,l 4th Tnwnr Uamlets. 400 inDii i And the 1st ' incnt of the Household troop, were full in view, Surrev Administrative Uattalion. musterim? also i each man a oonspieuoua mark far better than the the plain in a aeriei of most) (ormldable live re doubU, These apart were really admirably forme.1, and with a rapidity that wa astonishing. At the Kjuvlron of the enemy were iuipoel to iween down evh aiuare pourvxl in it volley with maaalve certainty that, knowing tho clau of marka men that forme - I their rank, would hare mmeed. hal an v enemy really beenprWnt, to have emptied theivfdlci of a whole ill vision. Somo finarva appeared appeared at a dlsttnoe t4 fire much better than other, but the difference only ro from tome firing from all four faoctt, while the other on the ion oi tne line fired'rn two only. Tho fact wa the enemy waa Imagined on Vai xtra? !?R to have been held in rbooV U tKr mn an,1.1ift'i - tilin.ilnri Cf the CTVUnd, and therefore to have attacked with cavalry over tho level gromra, and wueavoureil to turn the right flank of the Second TTivision. This attack eomttelled a chanse of front on tho part of tho whole second line, and this in real action mart difficult and dangcrou roananivre being unopposed at Wimbledon wa of course gut through with safety, and, what I more, with a rapidity rapidity and solid precision that elicited the approbation approbation of all officer on the ground. The iteadinesa of the South Middlesex in coming into line waa above ail praise. The line was fonul acros the erounJ f acini the urand itand. and ex tending fvr away un the south towanl the ride butts, ana file tiring tnsuntly commeiieoa wttn a autand deafening uproar that wa trememlou, and seemed to shake tlie very air. From thi the fusillade after some minute changed to firing by companies and regiments in volley, and some of those were given with audi a solidity and sin gtcues that they rather sounded like the discharge of a single enormous piece of artillery than a simultaneous fire from 000 muskets. These re tmatnd vnltevs were at last surimsod to have the de aired elTect upon the - enemy, for the bugle sounded to cease nnng, ana a long juignng ntui iuu along tho lino, softening into a mere tinkle in tho distance, as tne whole mass nxou Dayonets. The advance was ordcrod, and the lino swept grandly on, gradually getting into double time, as tho word Prenare to chanre" was passed along from rank to rank. In another instant the baro nets were levelled In a shining row, and the whole maai passed over the plain with a rush as resistless, apparently, a the sweep of du tiny, It was a grand eharge, and it would hare been a perfect movement If the Impetuosity of the South Middlesex had not carried them, after the halt was sounded, far beyond the line of their eomradet, - This quite marred the otherwise beau tliul evenness of the advance. To overrun their line of charge is with this fine eorp almost a habit. It U, however, a very bad one, and when acting with other regiments it spoils the regularity of the best advance. This last crand charm con eluded the movements of the day,' which had been often almost marred, but at no timo interrupted, by flying showers of rain that ovcry minute threatened to becomo severe. The whole force thereupon assembled In lines of quarter distance column lor marching past., tne cold pitiless showers seemed to soften in their ani moaitv as thi intcrestine: iuncturo in the oroceed lags drew near, not, however, that it entirely cleared up. Oh dear no I it only abated sufficiently to allow the more hardy and enthmiastie spectators to furl their umbrellas, and, fa fact, seemed, to wait until there was a better chance of getting more people under IU chilling Influence at the elose of all. There wm a hrief wn ion Uma. when U appeared likely that th marching pt would take plaee amid the hea vtet downpour of ail, Hut the threawmngs from ml vi worse wra.ner are ueeeiiim even m u iiiiihp'hui. Mid the(wf wm fortunately bov ever without ftiiylhlfi! more tWprpgtliuf ttuut the antielpAtloiii cf what was evidently to eotrte hereafter, Theft) WM a short interregnum of hoarse jhrrats and furious riding of mounted Officers M the long line of mett emerged upun the eastern side of the Common In denso square blocks of soldiery, that stretched found the plain and mergo.1 their solid lines in the fund and hollows beyond. Then even more than evef about 400 men. making thi brigade amount to alout 2,000 rank and file. It will thus be soon Unit the approximate strength of tho Volunteer force upo'u tiw ground was about 11, W0 men. Tho ground was kept by thu 40th Middlesex, commanded by Sir John Hhelley, M.P.. the 3d company of the Working Mm' Con, and the Uth of the contest. Whon Mr. Jopling came , Tower Hamlet. Fortunately for those latter, their forward to receive his prise tlte cheering was duties were materially astisted by the police under loud and - irolougod. Tho Duke shook liand with Mr. 8uperlutendent.Walker. without whoso assist him and most warmly congratulated him on his moo thoy would have made uut a poor hand of it. success. Mr. Jopling took his prito in money, i Soon after 0 o'clock tho Duko of Cambridge took With tlus last - named award tho distribution terml - 1 tho command, and tho review began with tho move nated, and evcryono turned to lunch, or to mako rucnU of tho First Division, which, after a few what preparation ho could agalmt what seemed 1 simple evolutions, formod a lino across the to be a close impending storm. All through tho plateau nearly tlireo - quarters of a mile in length, day tho weathor was fine and very hot. The rain. Tho Inns ol Court, with part of tho Loudon! in tho morning had laid tho dust and cooled tho ' Brigade, wore thrown out as skirmishers, with ground. So far it had boon a welcome visitation, reserves In support. Tho latter followed strictly and no one suspected tho light fleecy clouds that j the rules of actual warfare.and laid themselves down hovered on tho horizon with harbouring any mis - at full length in tho soaked grass with the most chief. Bat during tho distribution of tho prizes porfoct indifference. On the extreme left, near thick one cloud joined another and another till they ' and rather rough ground, called Combo's Wood the grew into a dark sombre bank, creeping over the . Hon. Artillery were stationod with their four pieces sky with ominous quickness and density. Then the wind - lulled; then camo in fitful puflfc, with now and then a drop of rain till even tho most sanguine were compelled to admit that there might be a little shower, but that, of course, it would bo nothing worth notice. In tho meantime tho stream of visitors into the grounds had boon incossant. AU tho roads loading from Putney to .Wimbledon were quite blocked up with carriages and pedestrians, and tho barrier from which tho review was to be witnessed wero thronged 10 deep. Tho various regiments, too, began to pour their groy masses on to the review ground, and before the hour fixed for tho commencement at least 7,000 or 8,000 men wero present. Unfortunately, however, soon after 4 o'clock tho ram commenced at first with a monotonous drizzle as if going to do its work slowly, but determined to do it well, and thence gradually increasing, till it poured in torrents and seemed to sweep and eddy about the plain in misty banks, liko lumps of driving fog. With tho first unwelcome drops the band of tho Coldstreams, to tho great amusement of tho spectators, proceeded to cnvelopo thomselves in tho strips of scarlot cloth that had covered the dais, and, thus comfortably wrapped, bade defiance to the weather. Sol so, however, with tho Volunteers, who stood it (jut bravely, forming up with as much indifference' as if thoy were inanuwrring beneath a - sunny sky, or piliug arms and lying down on tho wet grass, and letting tho weather do its worst. Thero was not so. much patient endurance with the general mass of spectators, spectators, who, - all damn and draggled, huddled together n well as they could under tho loo of marquees and tents or ltP' under thoir umbrellas in dots, liko groups of huge fungi. It was not an enlivening enlivening sceuo by any means, and though, of course, everybody said it was going to clear off, nobody boliercd it, for even the most credulous of tho hojicful wero chilled into silence at tho aspect of tho doep leaden sky which was creeping up. There was no mistake about it that regular English holyday weather had fairly set in, and so for Dourly a long hour everyone stood in tho pitiless storm undar what shelter they could get, and, lamenting their own hard case in particular, seemed rather inclined to regard the Volunteers as the authors of it all, and answerable for tho very weather. They, poor fellows, however,.were tho worsioff of any, though thoir drenched condition only elicited remarks as to their boin used to it, kc, further illustrating tne truth of the old saying that, as a rule, people tcar tho misfortunes of others with wonderful nimity. At last, at about C o'clock, there was a temporary lull, though, in fact, the sky looked worse than ever, and it was evidently going to make a bad night of it At that time nearly tho wholo of the troops - had assembled." Altogether upwards of 11,000 men wero on the ground, divided into two divisions of three brigades each as follows t Tho first brigade included the Victoria Rifles, which consisted of six companies, numbering about 350 men, under the command of Major Whitehead; thb 20th. or North Middlesex Rides, under the command of Lieutenant - Colonel Viscount Enfield, numbering eight companies, and about 600 men j tho Inns of Court (Devil Own), - under tho command command of Lieutenant - Colonel Brewster, with six companios, amounting to 400 men; the London Scottish, under the command of Sir David Baird. its Major, to the number of about 600; and 450 men of the 10th, under lieutenant - Colonel Bathurst. His Grace the Duke of Wellington commanded as brigadier, and Maior Kelson as equi - oponod a auick and well - sustained cannonade. Tho enomy were supposed to bo advancing in force across tho south side of tho Common from between the rillo butts, and in this direction the advance was accordingly accordingly made The Inns of Court and London Rifles went out in beautiful order, and soon a quick dropping firo, and thin white line of smoke, marked the front and great extent of tho wholo position. The cround ud to tho butts was beautifully level, but beyond this it became broken and uneven, and marks at which the rillo prizes of tho meeting had boon won. Among tho uniforms, such as tho London and Victoria, which are called " invisible green" we presume from the fact of nothing liko green oouig aiseoveraue in wiom tne mou stood eWrlv out unon the: nlain. thou ah individuals would have made but poor mark. With such variations of tho grvy, however, a are to be found in tho Inns of Court, the Queen's, tho South Middlesex, London Hoot tun, Artists, .re, not only tho men; but oven whole regiment were barely luscemimo at iw yarus amm tno neutral tints of watery iky and heather with which thov were urrounded. Tho eray 1 mr ttttUtnt tho rifleman' colour, and, strange to say, it is for once not only tho most useful, but the most orna - montai tint. Thero are no dark uniforms which for pleasant effect will for a moment compare with the rravs as witness tho Cambridge, the Scottish, Queen's, Artists, and a score of others. As soon as the troops had formod up, his Royal Highness, attended by his staff, rode to tho flagstaff in front of the grand stand, and tho wholo line began sweeping round tho Common with a perfect, even regularity of ordnance, which, as the skirmishers advanced,S of step that would have done credit to any , , - , . , , nu.I(. V.1. T.lnA vOTimAnt 5n tti Vinmlnm. assemblage of Line regiments in the kingdom. Having said thus imucn, which is neither more nor less than 'they deserve, wo may remark that Volunteers, like all amateurs in every profession, profession, are particularly impatient of criticism, J and wo shall only, therefore, endeavour to point out which amon tno volunteer corps anowoa Dest. To thoso uninitiated in the tedious intricacies of tho goose step or the monotony of barrack yard drill required to set up a regiment marching past thiellv ahiil.W with elumns of furze, each crouD of 1 aDDcars the simplest evolution . of.1 the whole. which tha skirmishers seemed to convert into a rtgu - There is nothing, however, whichl really and lar fortress, from which their quick, closo fire came in j mora severely tests regimental drill than this an incessant rattle. Their advance had been very gallant, but apparently they had an equally determined determined enemy to deal with : fori after keeping up a continued fusillade for some time, tho bugle at last plain manoeuvre, , land with scarcely . a single exception, tho Volunteers at Wimbledon went through the ordeal most creditably, Tho first to move up wero tlie Artillery Company, the oldest sounded for tho reserves, who, nothing loth to j body of Volunteers, perhaps, in Europe, and in obey tho summons and leave the wot. ground whoso regimental books may bo secn tho signa - on which thoy had been lying, hurried up in sup - , tures of our Sovereigns and most distinguished port before the first notes of the call were dono generals from the time of Charles down to the present Mowing. Their addition to tho crackling musketry day. Thoir even stop i and perfect regularity of in front was soon evident, but still the skirmishers ! movement gained them a tremendous round of ap - gained no ground, and, alter a protracted struggle, ; plauso oven before thoy reached the flag - staff, which tho wholo of tho First Division, under Sir Richard , they jiaissod in beautiful order. It seemed almost Airoy, received order to move forward. The ad - dimcuit to believe at a little distance) that a bat - van co of their long line fur a timo was beautifully taiion of tho Guards was not really present. Tho executed, till at length tho centre in their anxiety,' 1st Middlesex Artillery, a branch of the samo corj - , wopmsume, to close with the cnomy - rgot rather showed equally well, and, in fact,, the way in in advance of the right and loft wings, so that a which they ha 1 sarvod their gun , during tho halt was called while the lino .was dressed. It was review, making fjur do dnty for twelve, showed only a delay .of a minute, and with a lino of . such how admirably this part of tho rejriment had immense longth the same tiling frequently occurs boon kept up to its dnty. At the samo time we may with regular troops. Even at Aldorshott such a venture to intimate that the Artillery Company tontrtttmpt is by no moans unfwiuent. The in - ought to have turned. out more than six companios stant the lino was dressed tho advance wascou - oii such an occauon'aa that of Saturday. The 1st tinuod in perfect order,, and moved rapidly .Middlosox Enginocrs went by in admirable order, forward with a solidity and evenness that and were as warmly .welcomed at the stand as their, deserved tho very highest praiso. Tho huge predeeovwrs. If wo mistake not! they car - riflo butts, fringed at the top with rows of specta - ried their anus (at " the trail," an order tors, at last broko up tlie level plain into a 'series of which not . only seems to improve, tho rcgu - rough, uneven gorges, tlirough which tho lino poured larity, but most cortainly atlds to the general uoyonu tais 1:10 e - iictoi tne marciuig past, auo omwn u which foUowctl tacso aro unquestionably vtry tau men, but we. cannot help thinking that something more than mere stafcuro is required for marching past with cre - lit Tho Victoria itides were seven com - in rrcat force, and cspocially strong in cavalry, panics strong, and, 'as a matter of course, this the for tho skirmishers wero recalled in haite. old t of all modern Volunteers, who date back as a whilo a tremendous filo firo was openod regiment since 1803, were perfect in their order and along tho wholo line. In the meantimo, seeing that deserved in all iti warmth the welcome they got from it was to bo a general action, and a .very hot one, the spectators. Tho London Scottish" had an en - tho threo brigades forming the Second Divi - thusiastio reception, a largo share of i which, how - eion, undor General Sir Yorko Scarlett, has - over, was fairly due to the rrsonl rxinulanrr of tily formod up and advanced in quarter - dia - Lord Elcho, who rode at their head, and to whoso tanco columns in support. Apparently their incessant exertions tho success of this year's meetaig aid, though promptly rendered camo too late, is mainly due. The Scots regiment, however, de - fortho wholo.lino of the First Division began a served all the praise they got, for though bke others retreat Out of deference to the feelings of Volun - they were not better or even equal to the best toers, however, this retroade movement must be regiments on the ground, they were suffiaenUy regarded only m the tight ot a cievex. nuuj mga ooo w, T - iu.j . v..j gV - bv roTuncnts in sections of four. ground was uneven, and clumped with furze ;. vet, in spito of all obs tides, tho lino reformed in beautiful order, and continued their aovance, It rras now supposed that tho enomy wero regiment on the ground, and their discipline and good order were faultless. They received the greatest amount - of applause from tha spectator, and they unquestionably deserved It, for a finer body of men, Volunteers or regulars, regulars, has seldom been seen. Inferior to .then In numbers, tmt in namnen oniy, wa vne, If 1 1 11... ik.. l.l.l,l Thm nf flnnr. viilrh Justly claims to bi for its numUfrtho most efficient efficient regiment In the kingdom. Their manning was equal to that of the Lomioa uruaiie, ana mora than this we cannot say b praise. The 7th Surrey, the London Irish, theSt George's, the 5th Essex, the 40th Middlesex - and 1st Surrey all marched well, and vert) much applauded, the London Irish eipeclally. The second division was headed by Major - Gefieral Sit? J. Yorke Scarlett and Staff. The finest regiment in this column was unquestionably the South Middlesex, which was received with, the greatest enthusiasm, and well deserved all the praise it got, Many seemed to think that the order of this fine) corps was not quite up to that of tho London Brigade or Inns of Court, but. u far as we could judge, there was no perceptible difference either in the marching or evolutions of either of these thm crack rogiments, which, with the Artillery Company and Victorias, certainly carried off most of the honours of the day. The 10th Company of th South Middlesex had laurels la the cap of each member, inhonoor of their comrade, Mr. Jopling, the hem of tali yew's meeting. The Westminsters made iplendld muster, taming out no less than 17 com paairtL numbering In all nearly 1,300 men. Their marchtng waa admirable, and great applause greeted the company of young eadete who followed, and who topped out to emulate their older companions. companions. The Artiste' Corps, though small, waa well drilled, and had a most nattering welcome, a did also the 19th Surrey and Wth Mid dlesex. The ceremony elosed with the march ing past of tho 4th and Gta Tower Hamletf. who went by In beautiful order. The black and tha white plumes which aro worn by these two regiment regiment are, however, by no moans suited to rule corps. The white plumes, especially, would be fatal guide to an enemy's rifleman. With this terminated terminated the review at Wimbledon, 1he best and most effective display of Volunteer regiment that has ever taken place in this country, Judged a a whole, it was' a display of which the entire metropolis may well be proud, for the Oorpsf aaiembled at Wimbledon were, after all, only ipeel mens of what the metropolitan regtmenU can turn out when required, This display also settled the quceUoa of the fitness of Wimbledon for such great gatherings, and showed It to be what it really lathe lathe best and most convenient ground to be found anywhere near London. Two unfortunate accidents occurred during the ad ran co of tho first line. Mr. Bteadman, of Leigh ton, a member of tho 6th Essex Regiment, lost two of tho fingers of his right hand by the accidental dischargoof his rifle and another gentleman, be longing, we are told, to the London Rifles, was wounded in tho back by a blank cartridge. As soon as tha review was over thero was a general r tnm .. k vnst .ml r. il . . 4ia nln baS in at lastwita aownngnt arencning veneroence,.tno owners of cabs and covered vehicles of all kinds becamo masters of the situation, and demanded fancy priees a their fares to town. At tha South Western Railway at first there was a consider ahU crush, but (he arrangement there had been admirably made, considering tha very limit!: means afforded by the small station, and all west off well, If, however, Wiml4eloieofflmon U to beeoine m it euht to be London's tJhamp tie Mar it will tj tmemiy for the 8oaUiWwtem dlrwtitr to ItiereAM the facilitiea of arrival and tWpArtuM at thU Italian, and tr) hare wider IfipfoAches tr3 It, At pfesetit It U tr imal. Very many - of tlte Volunteer regiments marched back to town through the torrents of rain that poured till late, and did not arrive in the metropolis' till bear midnight. During the whole meeting ol tho Association Captain Coles, 1st Regiment t uapuun r airuoiu(n, i jvu ivwjuueui ) nuu vbjiuui Knox, Y.O., Rifle Brigade, superintended the) firing, and decided all disputed points upon tha spot each day. Their duties wero responsible and con tinuous, yet they managed to gain tho goodwill and. boat wishes ot all. Wo cannot close this our last notice of the meeting of the Rifle Association without bearing the highest testimony to the efficiency and perfect good temper wttn which the police, under Air. superintendent Walker, have discharged their duties from tint to last. Though property has been left about in all directions, and mislaid all over tho ground, not a single article has been Tost. All sorts of things hare been left about upon the common and forgotten, yet in every instance that we have hoard of an application to the polieo tent wa always sufficient sufficient to secure their ultimate restoration. Their arrangements on Saturday were admirable. THM B&tOtttOtf RAILWAY. TO T11B EDITOR OF THE TI - IE3. Sir, I trust that you. will allow me, through root eolanms, to give publicity to the disgraeef ol way la which the lion. Arti - Ury Company (which oorps I have the bonou to - ooiomand) were treated by the London aad Brighton Bail way authorities yesterday. W were promised a special train, to start at 3 30, sod to, take as to Wimbledon teUiree - qaartersof aa hoor. The regiment was at the station at the time appelated, but th train did not reach - WlmUedon until pari 5 30. la rcsolt was that, instead of being oaths grooad at S o'clock they did not get into their position fa brigade until 830, long after the movements had enrnmeneed. The ArtiHerr Company waa the first corps to march past and leave the ground, and they arrived at WhnMitoo station, on their return to London, about 8 30. They wen kept waiting there, standing in' the wet,' muddy ground, there being no platform, t21 nearly 10 o'clock, and they iid not reach Landon - bridge until 11 45. I understand that the arrangements Ton the TomVwi sad Soath - Wettern line were much belter. There is only a single line between Croydon and 'Wimble don, aad at the Utter station there are nosidingsor plat . form accommodation. I fed it .my duty to warn Volunteer corps against the arrangement provided for them by the London and Brighton Bailway. I remain. Sir, your obedient servant, COLVUXE, Lleutenant - Coloael, Hoa. Artillery Ootnpaay. 42. Eatoa - pUce. Jolr H. THE COMXfISSIOXAIRX TO THE EDITOU OF TUB TIMES. Sir, Will you allow m to state for the informstien ef the publie that, in addition to the posts established si E'lrtoQ - siiuar and Waterloo, I have been enabled, threogh the kindness of the director of the following railways, Eastern Counties, Great Northern, and Souta - Eastern, to Ilaoe Commlseionalros at the Shorediteh, KingVeroas, aad Lon,lon brldrf stations! Full particulars m to tU tartSike will be found in the monthly circular of th Corps, copies of which are now regularly supplied to nearly all the waiting rooms In th United Kingdom. Your obedient servant, E. W. Uarraexs ez io UMnnuauoaatres, jiteaangt - eoTBi, 413A, Strand, July 13. folly to cover the movement. Suddenly tne exompuncatxon oi:iao nnssiwioei os n ron - j slarrahhers were called in, wnue w arsj tests, taaj .? . i Tl Z T line, wheeling into sections of four, Passed Lord Kelding, to Jo one of the. beat shots rapidly between the Intervals of tho adTaac - present, yeV .If4 Pelding, after shooting ex - ing Second Division. The reason for this tasty oallenUy, was defeated by one pomt, and only won withdrawal was soon apparent. A cavalry attack fWrfe prize, while lcd Bnry, who shot tua with wtj throatened, and as the columns of the First ifr. Jophug for the Queen's, got nothing. The finest Division prepared to re - form under' cover of the regiment beyond all dispute that marched past the second, the latter wero instantly formed into a chain stand on Saturday was the London Rifle Brigade, of massive bristling squares that stretched acrosa Nett to the Westminster, h was the strongest Tux Nokth Kett RartwAT. Tho goods station, a Stroud, on this line, is built at th foot of aa incline el 1 in Ai. In nnW la und this stero crsdient neavv trains back a short wsy la the opposite direction to gala impetus. A very heavy goods train was moving backwards for this pur pose about 8 o'clock on Saturday evening Lit had entered a tunnel to a distance of 100 yAds, when the guard' brake - van, through tome unexplained canes, went off the line and fell oo. Hs left side. The heavily laden trucks snd vans immediately following, meeting with tha obetruetioo, also left tho rails - and feu over the brake - van. They were heaped over each other la a pile almost as high ss the arch of th tunnel, until they completely blocked up th en trance. Tne only ooeupani or to oraca m when the accident occurred were Fowler, tha f - xard, and Charles Whitehead, aa engine - r leaner. When the vaa left th Use th latter appears to have opened th door with th intention of getting out At th tame moment the via toned over aad eruHed hici under it weight. Ui companion toad a miraculoos escape, with a few aliffct bruiaos. throazh th aoertar ever the door. Workmen were employed daring the whole of Sunday morning in eleeringth Dae, and it ws 9 o'clock, sa, before a paau was opened for train jnsaiag. Dr. Batemaa, who examined the body of Whitehead on It being extricated extricated from the broken frapneota c the wason, earn to the eonclnsioa that his death most have been instantaneous. instantaneous. - . , . AxctoT jjro Mopk&x Auts. An evhiTufmn ox arms aad armour of all varieties, andeat aad raodera, has been naderUken by the 3tth Kent (DejtfetuV Bin Veto teer Coroa, and win epen So - day at She Erral Keral Sohoc. Kewroasl Articles il great bWical Jnifree Ure Wee. eoatributed by .the ComacU of India, 8ofAnU. numerous varUee of prejeJlee by Wtwerth Mtd others ; alsoa very Urge ooCectioa of n2ee aad breech - loaders from the most celebrated mairnfsrtursr.

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