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Buel Brown - EDWARD BAUDRY. For Treasurer. ORLANDO...
EDWARD BAUDRY. For Treasurer. ORLANDO ALEXANDER. For City Attorney. .-.ORMAN j. EMMOMS. FIRST WABD. for Atdtrmm.--Nelson Ludington, Clarenee JBhepurd, Eliphalet Cramer. Far AsMstori.--George Bowman, Hiram Mabbett, Mabbett, George D. Dousman. For Jnttici. of thi Peace,--Moiei B. Butterfield. Butterfield. For Street hapeetor.-- Allen W. Hatoh. For Constable,--Michael Griffin. SECOND WARD . I'll -'HJermcn.--Cicero Comjtoek, W a i Burke, J. A. Lnpham. For Anchors,--A. J. Langworthy, Loriug Doney, Doney, Gotlinb Herltert. For Street Inspector.--John Ellia. For Coiataktt,--Curtis A. Brocket. TI1IBD WARD. For Aldermen.--James Cleveland, Samuel 3. Daggett, W:lliam Stupouski. For Aaenors.--Richard G. Owens, William S, Wells, Wilier Shaltuck. for Justice qft/tt Peace.-- William A. Prentiu. For Strett Inspector.--James £ag«r. Foi CanttaUe--John H. Ryan. FOURTH WABD. FIFTH WARD. for Aidtrmm.--Charles N. Shumway, John C. Smith, Samuel F«rman. for Asuaori,--R. G, Moody, Martin Uelaney, George Hoe'ine. For Jutlice tftht Peace.--J. B, Zander. for Street Inspuettr,--William Consoi; For Constable.--Nelson B, Childs. WHIG couNTr CONVENTION. tn pnrsunaee of the call of the County Committee, Committee, t h e Milwaukee County Whig Convention, assembled at the Court Home iu this city on Saturday the 1st inst. when On motion, Dr. E. B. Marsh was elected Chairnmnanl N.J. Em in OIIH Secretary pro. tern. Delegates from each ward and town in the County except the town i.f Franklin, presented credential!., :.nd were duly constituted members of tne Convention. On motion, J. E. Arnold, Esq. was chosen a member, for the town of Milwaukee--and Messers. Messers. W ! H . A. Prsatiss, F. Ripley Jr., Wm. W. Brown, O. Alexander, and Selleck, were i n v i t e d i j sit us corresponding members. Ou motion of A. Finch Jr. Esq the chair ap- po'.aitt! Messrs. A. Finch Jr., tVm. Brown, J. Psttiboii", J. E. Arnold and Jackson Tibbits, a c o m i D i t t u o to select suitable persons as permanent permanent officers of the Convention--who after a short recess n-poni-d the following ticket which was u»a:ii.nously elected. Fc.- Praitcal.--Vr. E. S. Marsh of the 4th a« Senatorial District, and Town and ^Vard Committee. Wm. S. Welli, 1 Henry Sayra, 18th Senate District. J. B. Zander, ) Cicero Comstock, Charles Hart, Joseph R.Tbomas Allen W. Hatch, CI«renc*Sh«pard, 1st Ward Edw'd Bandry, j Benjamin Church ) Wm. Burke, /2d Ward, L. Douey, ) .Inline White, W. S. Wells, R. G. Owens, 19th Senat'l District. 3d Ward, 4lh Ward, E. S. Marsh, S. R. Johnson, H. Warner, ) R. G. Moody, } C. N. Shumway, 5th Ward. Wm. A. Hawkins, ) Jackson Tibbits, ) Buel Brown, Towti of M J. N. Warner, J Justin Eastman, J Hiram Lake, Granvillo, B. F. Smith, ) Asa Howes, 1 · L. D. Hobart, Oak C r e e k , Huron Beckwith, ) Charles Hart, H.. W. Blancharjd Wauwatoaa. A D. Moore, ) Hiram Johnson, ) James Darlin, Greenfield. C. F. Ellsworth, J EdgarC. Jennings ) Samnel Wales, Franklin. W. R. tougBlreet j J. C. Howard, ) John Douglass, Lake. M. L. Burdick, ) On motion, it wa» resolved that ho Committee be requested to procure a book, which to record the proceedings of tuis ur. Conrontions of the Whig pa:ty in County. On motion of Wm. A, Preuliss, E, q Retained, That the Senatorial Committees day appointed, be and they are hereby Shered to call Senatorial Conventions, eitb' r Meetings or by Delegates, us in theii may be deemed most conducive to tl e of the Whig cause, On motion of J E Arnold, Esq. Reiolvea, That the proceedings of this Convention, be furnished tho Sentinel -V Ga79tto Oflice be for publication. On motion the Convention adjournt d B'UIB E, S. MARSH, P esident. j N ^i, E vvZi, IB--*"". ArniAT in TH* THIRD WAKI,--There ·erlotufighl iu tlie Third Ward. O'i Satnrrlfiv f I night, growing oiu of some distiubaiice Iu the course- of tho affray, a Germau Porter Heine on H u r o wa» attacked, the wi ilow« and dooru and other damage done. The i n m te« lion«e,on their aide, fired (wo gana, by 0 ! or two of theanaitanti were badly hu t. injurie* were g i r e u a n d reoeivea by For Vice Presidents.--Clinrles Hart Eta,, o VVau W ato.a, E. D. Phillip. Esq.. of Oak Crwk. ^«TMcratic"ca«c,-- Fnr Stcretariei.--Nmmett: J. Emmom, Julius. White. On jnotioji, the Convention adjourned till 3o'- «lock P, M. According t5 adjournment the convention r»- UMOmbU-d al -J o'clock, when On m o t i o n , , f J - £ . Arnold E.u.., lhe Conven- P"*ie», and n good deal lion proceeded to the election, by nomination i '"a" 1 "" 1 " 3 of onr l « th atld G ° rman ) ) l l o w ' from the resp, olive delegation^ of a committee. I WM ' * Ut ** "[ ai * thllt tba maUer^w.ll end her«- oonsistinK of uno from each town and ward, lo select suitable person*, to represent this county I and not lead to disturbances, which w discredit upon our fair city. in the Stale, und Congressional Convention)!, to We understand that an agent of the Sen-- j :,, .L_ !ig meeting i i the b» held respectively at Madison and East Troy ' ^7" Ws understand t

Clipped from
  1. Milwaukee Daily Sentinel,
  2. 04 Apr 1848, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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