Ultr Audion Circuit

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Ultr Audion Circuit - . 1 1 !'. M. -- Stir.ny j:»n. !i:^- Ki)01«s"...
. 1 1 !'. M. -- Stir.ny j:»n. !i:^- Ki)01«s" !*»!. wir. j-iuijii»ia.plUA -- aes. 2:15 P. M -- Cuinb'3 Con^Tv^tory ar C:35 P, t, -- SI. Jnirj*-ai Orrl»*^*tra. £-.45 I'. M. -- Uv- .:o-?k at"! prtMSuc*-. t P. M.. -- UnTlo Wll-V Ji^Jtlnjr fwri woo t:3S 1*. M- T;3» I 1 VS. t 1'. H. -- Utthnsy Churirn ;o P. 2-1.-- K33r*:*-owr:s'« i":Hf«r.i?j-^s. I WNAC, BOSTON--'£ \ » ¥. M . -- C - j f ' . f y I'lasi. Tn-. 1 S S' M.--O.:'..1r-n"» i - - x l : »«.· C - S 1 I: M.--WNAC :-:nnsr P I P. it.-- X-lUr*) {-r~-r W1IK. WTAM. t-7:29 P. i!.--S:at!'r WCX. OETKOIT. ij:;9 S'l li.--Cociccrt. Hul-n^an C!-j!. (Sloantain Standard Time) CFAC. CALCAKY 13». 1 made and you will liave a two ; ' variometer or tuned plate and grid 1 circuit. i I How to Tune Circuit ,m»ic. IT. (Pacific Coast Standard Time.) . O-n. Su!l«-r. C-O^*-BJIO: AcSx 5 :Z* i'. M.---Kr::* Hap*^'.-» Orrisralni.. '.0:03 I'. -M.-- Mar;- K. V«rt- orraniit. ] S4.IO Z'. M.--Vincent Kttsn'a Orcheatra. [ WIIAK. rillLADEWHIA--333. | T:*J r. M.-- Nrrsun !Jad»!y- T - 4 5 I\ M.--Short Arrc-'tt t !·. 11.--Arcaiiia Cf^.crrs -1:20 -1:20 J". M.^Arf«l"*'*». 5Vo. Porter 11. Oajr: I 25 n ^4nnJ^r ^*iJ. contrxlto. S :"! P. ;..--Klnnl«-y Kyir.ptKmy Orqliestr KDt-V. flTTSEl'KOH--32C. T - J J ] J» - M - -- -fJtfxrjcmaLii rnarkrls rr^ort. |. M;--Political tnrni*alcn talk. S - 3 0 i-*. SS.--l,!'!^ SjTii^honv Orc^eMnL. [ l*^';. l*^';. J,;--Ol-oralic lrc«n-*ini !»y J-lttlc i h · ·"' ;ttic:iy OicJj«ttra fei Ovra:ic Vuar- a ,, ..J. OETKOIT--on. J 7 P. ii.--r^irf:x Xrw- Orchestra: T. I !ry Perr-. ter.i.r. | CKAC. MONTKE.».Ix--tiS. ·S P. M---S*su!!o na^si'a-. , . - ,, ! I ' P M --Hrnry ll»!stead'3 Orehcatr*. j S :3« P. SL--KGO Kiddies' KSllb. : 1 !-. ST.--KGO'.i E"Jue»amal (Central Standard Time.) WSAI. CINOSNATi--393. . ,\ M--Horace WlS:l3.!:ii«n"s IrSsls Co!- lr-r. Stin*lrrif. r'rrrf Iluchca and ISlil}- VTI.W. CINCINNATI -- 113. P. M. -- Al»!'! !tr.-!-.r'* Musti; aa.!: 45 P. M -- Co I 1TM1I. CINCINNATI -- 30». ] 5 p. M.-- \VM!! Tor.c^r-. Orr!is;.tra: I 5 j». a.-- !':-'- -:;ri.«^ Er-tcrtalnTrs^ I EVW. CHIfACO - 3CC. ljit« n*-w^ -v»-ry )'air fcour. M. -- Kt-:i«' !xv!t!n-.- fory. W«JJ. CHICAGO - MS- . ICPO. SAN FEANC1SCO - 123. 4-3» p. M. -- aady'a S^:scr - 3 Oreh«»;ra. 5:3^ P- It. -- ChiWrcaV Hour stories. - p. M.-- !Su»:y J^^ls^r's On:hr*lra_ 5 p is. -- Thcni^r^ J- Jrwin. orsfczilat. 5::i-10 P. M. -- NZTJ- Day jjroC^Ki- 10 P. M. -- SradtteM'n V*r3Ri;lr Basil. Kl^t. OAKLAND - 50». 1. 10 P. M. -- C. o* v'-iJ. proxrzm- . KVI. JLOS ANGELES 1 X-10 P M- -- Cwx^r-t j.roxrai " 1-5 P. M.-- C«xroanu! l!rcv KHJ. LOS ANGKLSS -- 39312:30 39312:30 i* i! · -- Nrwr iicrn* ^j:d inu ! KGtt'. POKTLAND - 193. ! s p. H. -- Ch!!^r«i'.'« Roosevelt i ? P M.-- -Or^senlioi Cor.cen 1CB. MONOAY'S SILENT STATIONS T.VJY, Y,-JA V :. ·-vE:::-i '.VGN V.'CAlJ. WHAA IMPROVING THE ULTRA-AUD101M LOW LOSS CONDENSER .0005 B+I8V. B- .AH- A-- 1 Light the tube until it is fairly j | bright and you can get the j to squeal and whistle by turning j the plate variometer arouaci. A t certain points of the variometer · dial you should be able to tuao '· fhe condeasc-r ".vithoiit hearing j whistles. In other ivords. the cir- · cuit should be operated in a state where you can make the oscillate by increasing the vario-; meter sadactaace. but keep the j tube from oscillating on the rest i of the dial. ! Tune roughly for a station by j means of the taps on the coil," raoving the condenser dial sloivly over the scale for each tap. Vvhea you hear a station, bring it in as loud as possible by means of j condenser dial and then rotate the ' plate variometer dial until the i jj: I volume is satisfactory or just be- j fore the point where the tube -will spill over into oscillation. It may; now be necessary to go back and , j change the setting ot the condenser condenser slightly to make up for the detuning effect of the vario- meter. It will not be necessary to use a vernier rheostat nor -will it be necessary to use the rheostat for ! tuning. Leave the rheostat in · position and vary the variometer ] dial. If you are accustomed to! s I operating an TJltTa-Audion circuit i i it may take a little time to j accustomed to 'this, but after you | learn the proper way to handle | variometer control of regeneration, ! you ·«·:!! surely prefer it to the; ! old method. ] (Copyright. 1924, by the S. :N, L. i Technical Syndicate) . . i According to health experts! I copra cake, the residue £rom dried | cocoanui nieai ajter the oil i ULTRA-AUDiON IMPROVED CIRCUIT p~~TMji'iMK O 5+ B- A-?- fl~ i been extracted, is as nourishiag i food as beefsteak. i YOU'LL BE PLEASED If You Buy NEXT SUIT OR OVERCOAT From-- Your § e STORE Ir. as endeavor to make radio ' sets an shispie ar.c! ns cheaply aa ; jiG.ssible. a numbvr of L"Hra-A'.id:o:i ·circuits !::·--.-,; b-.--cor.it- popular lisv- [ der a host sJ nan;C-s. The r.si;ai set is constructed with a tapped' co:! or varionioier fcr an jntfuct- ar.ce ar.«: a variable con'uenser f o r : : oared bv ccnTJoctiJS}; "'",£ jilsle o: : the t«btr a.;i the ;;eria! together. proper!;-" 2V'r a rr.dio set as "ht; · lendoni-y is ;r have more controls. vhan :i k-conioliv..-. Sorac UUra- A;ic:oa sjis havu beer, disguise'.] :n the other extrorsj- by piat-ins ivaks. f-xod rrsis:or-s and vrhat-nols allowed to o?cilsfive, and it is ; !:;i:ai!y operated just above the , ropoff point. KvpryJino in the · near vicinity will I v F t i f y to the Ci- ; :octiv?nt:*s of tS;°s circuit as a j VOIJKS broadcasting station. Tube Control D'fficuit The re-generative :au;ro of this ; olsss of receiver is con-roiled by ; O:i sow ivave lengths : s nsraed down. SR'S h i s h f r wave lengths the 1 v- :Vi-.;ss !;c forced l-'i its 5 irr.it orm-r 10 rt-cir:ve sis:Sc;ent re-' .cris'ion sv) irsa'se ;::e circuit brir.c !'.st"sTit :"cr .'-o (iOir.c was probably u cjake ;,r. appfr^t to faas- with ihc ct:si:;i ·' :·. new cirouiv -^ certain ciass inf rafiio f;»n prfeJers all the COTS- ·rols t?;^t- c.-ir,' ?e cro-.vdr-d on the- front jiasr-l, SM. that nc ran keep his rair-i'. cccui;t".l by turning soniv- thinK every niiniito. : There is a happy medium bc: bc: twcen ihcso TW'O exirsmes that shc-iild bo -jsefl-. T^4C simple set is not selective unless the tube is DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL. CO5HOCTON BUSINESS COLLEGE. Phone 265. prove;-, so"; on'.y. if yo« are using d:"?-c;;U ii operate and ir.e wrens; syst»?jn en;ir''";y. Th- tnbe should . ise c;)vr;;;o! :it i:s propt-r point of · ..'itv.tror.io f-^.niipsioa at aH times iaad some oihor mc-ar.s should be · ;:seii to control turrir.g and regen- oratsor.. A rhoostat is aii instra- ' ir.trnt for limiting the a:nouist o:~ · ourroni to the Siiamont and is not intcKiit-n ar.! should not bo used · as a t-:ner. i The variable coudensor used in ; this circuit mv.st bo without any ! mechanical iJefc-cts. .is it acts as :s : stopping condenser for the B bat: bat: tcry as well as a tuning condenser. : If the plat-os short, then the B bat; bat; to.ry will quickiy nsn down. If amplification is used, the current will burn out the primary -winding 01' tho transformer very quickly. i Tho complicated circuit, on thts i other hand, retains niost of the objectionable features of the sim-' pie set with the additional adde5; controls. If you wish, yoti may remove a number of condensers · and grid leaks irom tho circ-ait anil j greatly improve Us volume. : Variometer for Regeneration · The wiring diagram gives the '·· conventional Uitra-Audion circuit on one- side and the improved circuit circuit on the other. You will note that the ssr.ie pans are u.?ed with · the addition of a variometer in the improved circuit. Several smaii changes are made In the i way 01" connecting tho coil and · condenser. j The variometer is placed in the! plate circuit of the detector tube anil the wire that formerly ran from the plate to the aerial is removed. removed. Jlesenerarion is now con-: trolled oy the variometer and tl-.e rheostat setting is no longer · critical. The condenser is placed ' across the coi! instead of in series' with it. ' 1 The picture diagram gives the; im the Uitra-Audion type of circuit circuit at fhe present titne. it might be well to try. changing it over to this circuit. Tn case yon are us;r.g a variometer in place of the tapped coil, the same change can be Swihart-Rice "The Store of Better Things For Men and Boys." Winter Calls For g f5 Brushwood's Hardware HESTER S PILLS SOLD 3Y DRUGGISTS JEVBtYMEBf hard wear and -*- tear of strenuous winter months calls for Brushwood's Hardware. We - car. meet ail your requirements. Brushwood's Central Hdw. Co. Main Sixth

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