Hanilton 1891 Business Directory

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Hanilton 1891 Business Directory - BUSINESS DIRECTORY- Abstractor* of TWtt....
BUSINESS DIRECTORY- Abstractor* of TWtt. WILLIAMS NELSON, M B. Second. WILLIAMb SHERMAN, a* 8. Second.. Agricultural Implements. ALLEN W. H., U N. Second. KNOX JOHN G.,114 Main. NIEDERMAN BROS., 25 High. THOMPSON D. B., So Mam. MAKKT DR. C., 18 ou MARTINDELL FRANK, Second A High. MILLER DK. WM. C., Main and B. MYERS DR. A. * CO., SSI Hirt. SCHWARTZ JOHN C., 186 High. SCOBEY C. H., Sixth and Beaton. Bakeries. BADER & SCHWARTZ, Second and Court. BEIBBR LOUIS, Heaton. „ IHRNSCHWJBNDEH M., a» High. FUHRHANN JOHN 119 Main. MoGEHEA-N JEPP, 538 Helton (ETTERER, A, B, bet. Ross and Main. 8WMCEBW. V.. 601S. Fifth. Boiler Manufacturers. DAVIDSON & DOELLMANN, Lowell bet. Heaton and Vine. RTTCHIE & DYER CO., Vine St. and C. H. & D. R. R Book Binders. HERMAN JOHN JACOB EMIL. 530 Central, avenue. Booksellers and Stationers. BENNINGHOFEN ERNEST A., High. DffiLLER O., 30 High. Boots and Shoes. BOETTINGER J. J. & J. A., 6 Main. LAUBACH CHRIS, 28 Main. BOWERS 8. D., 318 High. BCHRUNDER A. J., 113 High. MIAMI BOOT & SHOE CO., 13 N. Third. Saddles and Harnttt. GBEISER HERMAN, 118 High. KLAUS C. T., 19 Hign. SNYDEK WM., 20 Main 1st ward SCBHNER AUGUST, ID a. Second. Furniture Deal«rt. KRONLAGE & BR1EDE, 819 High. MEYERS R. P. & CO., «>• South Third. REUTTI & CO., Second and Basin. B. Third and SEYBOLD & BONNER, 320 High. Florists. BOCK THEO., 10th and Heaton. HOELSCHER HENRY, 916 Vine. LODDER JOHN S., 101 Beckett. Fruits. ROTHENBUSH PHILIP, 805 High. HATLIFP & MILLER, High and Third. Galvanized Iron Cornices. SCHLOSSER JACOB, 307 Basin. ZSCHAU A. E., 835 Basin. Brass Works. MCDONALD BROS., 437 to 441 N. Fourth. Brewers. CINCINNATI BREWING CO., cor. Front and Sycamore. EAGLE BREWERY, 365 S. C, First ward. MASUN MAETIN, 365 S. C, First ward. Brick Manufacturers. BENDER BROS, north Grocers. BRUCK GEO., 408 Main First ward. BRUCK P. C., Front and Ludlow. CHARLES DANIEL W., Third & Court. DCELLMANN JOHN H., 536 Heaton. DUERR JOHN F. 588 S. Front GIBBINS F. C., 17 North Third. HAFERTEPEN ANTHONY, 601 Ludlow. HEERMANN W., 723 Sycamore. HESS NATHAN, 484 South Front. HCEL WM. E.. 238 South Fourth. HOLBROCK JOHN C., 783 Central ave. HOLDEFER J. H.. 427 South Second. HUMPHREY JOHN, IMMain. JACOBS JOS., 544 Dayton. ROCHELLE W., 612 Heaton. SCHE0RER J. & CO., 505 South Front. SCHORR J. & BRO., 36 High. SEGERS FRANK, Second and Dayton. SPCERL W. H., Third and Heaton. STABLER J. H., Second & Central ave. STABLER C. H., Ninth & Campbell ave. of N. First ward. Roofer*. MCEBUS JOHN, HIS Court. A. E., 825 Court. Sample Rooms. GRAF JOHN, It S. Front. HEMANN MRS. E., 2*i Walnut. HOWALD CHAS., 142 High. LENEHAN M. T., Third and Court. PABST DANIEL, 36.High. SCHRAMM WM., 20S High. STIiOH GEO., 224 High. UTZ WENDELL A., 14 N. Second. WELSH P. E., 20 S. Third. Sausage Manufacturer. 'HARDT 'CHAS. H. 127 S. Third. UPPHARDT CHAS. Second Hand Store. ROTHWELL A., S. Third and 15 Main. 1st ward. Seeds- ROTHENBUSH PHILIP, 30T> High. Spectacles. BROCK S. W., 14« High. Stoves and Tinware. BAST & STILLWAUGH, 333 High. EHRHARDT H. J. & CO., 110 Main 1st HELD PHILIP 12 S. Third. MATTHIAS W. J. & CO., 31 Main, 1st ward. MffiBUS JOHN. 315 Court. SCHLOSSEK JACOB, 307 Court. SEIDEL GEO. E., High, bet 2nd and 3rd. Tailors, Merchant. FISHER JOS., 101 N. Third. MARR J. M. & BUG., 134 High. RAAB BROS., 14 Main, 1st ward. STANDARD TAILORING CO., 313 High. TULLY & DOWLING, 318 High. WINTER A', 25 Main. ' Bugey Manufacturers. COLUMBIA BUGGY WORKS, old distillery property on Cincinnati pike. HAMILTON BUGGY CO., 821 S. Seventh. Business Colleges. Main. 106 Hair Goods. MILLER SALLIE R., 201 Lndlow. Hardware and Cutlery. JOHN S. SPCERL, 154 High. SEIDEL GEO. E., High. SMYERS HARDWARE CO., 10 Mam, First ward. Undertakers. i CROWLEY J. & SON, 336 S. Third. , GATH C. W., 22 S. B., 1st ward, i GILBERT P. H., 336 High. HUNTER ALEX., 204 S. Third. • SEYBOLD & BOiNNER. 830 High. STENGEL FRANK, Third and Canal. Banks. FIRST NATIONAL, Tnirn and High. I VALLEY NATIONAL, 215 High. MAMI VALL , SECOND NATIONAL, 228 High. Bath Rooms. K^EFER CHRIS, 103 Main. KCEHLER& KECK,-103 High. KRAMER CHAS. F., 21 S. Third. SUITER GEORGE, 13 S. Front. Beer Bottlers. PABST J. & SONS. 611 Central avenue. ' Bill Poster. KUHN JOHN, 86 Ludlow. Hatters. SCHWENN GUS, 6 South Third. WINKLER & STRADB, 235 High. WINTER A. 35 Main. Veterinary Surgeons. LUDWIG J. C., 25 N. Third. WILSON J. P., Second and Market. Warm Air Furnaces. HELD PHILIP, 12 S. Third. Horse Dealers. FALLERT CHAS. & BROS., =Wood and Front. Horse Shoers. GREBE HENRY, 734 Central ave. JACOBS JOHN C., Front and Stephen. REIFF WM., 502 South Third. RICHTER CHAS., 20 N. Second. WICK VEIT, Canal bet. Fifth & Seventh. Wagon Makers. i BURNS P. & CO., 103 N. Water. ! GREBE HENRY, 734 Central avenue. HECK PETER, 318 Court. HOWALD JOHN, 331 High. KRUCKER GEO. J., Main and C, 1st ward. Billiards. BRUCK WM., Second and High. GRAF JOHN, High and Front. HOWALD CHAS., 143 High. PABST DANIEL, 8S High. SCHULZ JOSEPH, 235 Court. Coppersmith. DUEMER CHAS.. 7th and sycamore. Coups Line. BIGELOW J. C., 15 Riley. Confectioner-Wholesale. HEERMANN WM., 733 Sycamore. Confectioners. BADER & SCHWARTZ, 2nd and Court. HIBNER J. N., 150 High. LEUGERS J. & SON, 547 N. Fifth. SPENCER MAUD E., 103 S. Third. Coal Dealers. BENNINGHOFEN AUGUST, Fourth and Court DEURSCH ADOLPH, Main and F, First JONES J. C. & CO., Seventh and Canal. KIMBLE A. & CO., Shillito and Ninth. MAYER JOS.. 84S South Second. REISTER JACOB: 316 Canal. SCHWENN PHILIP & SON,! High and STRAUS F. J. & CO., 341 Court and Main. TABKE CLEM, 737 S. Second. — ^Carpenters and IBuilders. ARENT MATTHIAS, 111 '.ft. B, First BENDER THE J. F. & BROS. CO., cor. Dayton and Lowell. BRUNNER PAUL, Court, bet. Third and Fourth. COMPTONGEO.A., Eighth & Chestnut. ELRICK JAS. R., 515 Walnut. GREDE H. J., 338 Oak, First ward. HAFERTEPEN GEO. H., 123 Wilson. HENNINGER JONATHAN, 207 Main. HOEL W. E., 333 Heaton. LEITER F. Z., 29 N. D, First ward. SHOW£LTER ABRAHAM, 439 Boudinot. VANDEGRIFF GEO. A., 503 East avenue Clothing. GILCREST & MILLIKlN, 248 High. MARR J. M. fcBRO., 134 High. ONE PRICE CLOTHING HOUSE, i STBAUSS & co., 240 High. Clothing Renovator. FABER J. P., 115 Court. Carriage Manufacturers. BURK-HART JOSEPH, 10 High. HECK PETER, 318 Court. SCHWE1ZER JOHN, 238 Market. Cigars and Tobacco. DILG & BRISKER, 46 High. HAMANN JULIUS, 237 Court. Daily Meat Markets. BESOLD CONRAD, 302 S. Third. CONNER DAVID, 139 N. Third anil 518 Heaton. FLORA S. E,, 30 Main. PROMM J. A. & BRO., 123 Main. HOLBROCK JOHN C., 733 Central ave. UPPHARDT CHAS. H., 127 S. Third. MOTZER OOTTLOB, 311 Heaton. NIEDERMAN JACOB S., 108 High and cor. Third and Basin. HUPP GEO. & CO., 132 High and junction Second and Central avenue. SCHEURER J. & CO., 505 S. Front. STEPHENS WM., 205 Main. WEHR GEO. C. & CO., Seventh and Heaton. Dentists. AVER FRANK, 804 High. FREYBERG AUGUST, 495 S. Sec»nd. GOOD ARTHUR T., 238 High. GKIFFIS L. M. & E. S., 239 High. HOWELLS H. C., 133 High. KIELY CHAS. I.. High and Thlra. Dry Good*. lA.,WM»Io.l«t_wiri. tittt. BEBLKIDR.* BRO., Main Ice Dealers- HAMILTON CITY ICE CO., 550 N. Sixth. Insurance Agents. BECK, KRIEGER & CO., 154 High. EGRY FRED, 142 High. FITTON & SLAYBACK, 222 High. GIFFEN MOORE & CO., 3 Riley block. HUNTER ALEX., 386 High. PAKRISH O. V., 7 Riley block. SEWARD & SLOM5KER, 216 High. SHEEHAN D. E., 8 N. Third. STAGE GEO. W., 34 S. Second. Laundries. MIAMI STEAM LAUNDRY 336 Market PEARL STEAM LAUNDRY, 3 High. Livery Stables. EVERSON J. J. & SON, 122 S. Second. HARPER W. H.. 829 Court & 328 Canal. JELLISON & SCHMIDTMAN, 118 Main. JELLISON WM. G., Front and Market. REEVES COLLIN, 333 Court. SCHNEIDER P. & CO., 26 N. Second. WEBB FOSTER, Second & Market. ZILIOX GEO. Z., 31 North Second. Lumber Dealers. DINGFELDER W. M. & CO., Second and Sycamore. EISEL CHAP F., 157 Water. WICK MARTIN, Front and Market. Machinists. BESS MACHINE CO., Water and HOOVEN, OWENS & RENTSCHLER, 354 'Lowell. NILES TOOL WORKS, 609 N. Third. RITCHIE & DYER CO., Vine and C. H. & D. railroad. THE BENTEL & MARGEDANT CO., Fourth and Butler. Mantels and Grates. HORSSNYDER F., Front and Dayton. Marble Works. STEWART F. P. High and Water. Milliners. DAUGHERTY JENNIE, 306 High. EBERHART CHRISTINA, 117 S. Third, HOLBROCK BROS., 217 High. MATHES, CHAS., 220 High. OVERMEYER REBECCA E.,10oS. Third. TRON MRS. M. A., 5 Main, 1st ward. WILLIAMS AMY, Main and B, 1st ward. ZWICK CHAS, H., 24S High. Oysters, Fish and Game. HUMBACH F. E., 11 High. STROBLE C. A., 15 S. Third. Paper Hangings. MILLIKlN SAM H,, 338 High. ROGERS E. B., 341 High. WUILLE LOUIS, 130 High. Patetlt Solicitor. CARR ROBERT, 201 High. Photographers. BANDTEL J. M., 119 S. Third. BLACKBURN F. D., 106 Main, 1st ward. CENTRAL GALLERY, 148 High. DOTY, C. E. 804 High. OVERPECK L. C., 230 High. Pianos and Organs. WALKER P. B. & CO., 14 S. Third. Planing Mills. COLE GEHRMAN & HENNINGER, 151 N. water. Plasterers. KIMBLE JEROME 138 S. C, 1st ward. • Plumbers. DUEMER CHAS., Seventh and Syca- HENN JOHN P., 238 Court. WALKER JOHN 1 L., 818 High. Restaurant*. BHUCK WM., Second and High. 'ALD CHAS., 143 High. -AMM WM., 208 High. CLE O. A.. 17 8. Third. HOBO., «J« High. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, BROCK S. W. 146 High. DURST CHAS. E., 11 Main, 1st ward. DIEFENBACH CHAS., 124 High. SEIDENSTICKER MRS. A., 37 High. WATEHHOUSE WM. E., 115 S. Third. Wholesale Liquors. HOSSFELD CHAS., 201 Court. KILSHEIMER & CO., 343 High. Major Snmpter McBride is a Texas gentleman, who has been spending the enramer in New York. A few days ago he went to the landlord of his hotel in 8 state of great excitement. He said: "The rascality that goes on in a big city like New York is jnst incredible, and the way strangers are taken in is perfectly scandalous. I've been here three weeks, and without knowing it 1 have been swindled every day." "How did it come about!" asked the landlord. "Yen see there is a lemonade stand near the hotel, and every day Fve been getting one or more glasses of lemonade.'' "Wasn't it real lemonade?" "The lemonade itself was all right. Tmnot complaining of the quality of the lemonade, but the way the fellow who sells it gouged me." "How did he come to cheat yon?" "Easiest thing in the -world. You see he has a sign up, 'Lemonade, three and five cents.' That means if he squeezes half a lemon in the glass it is three cents, and if he squeezes a whole lemon in it is five cents. I didn't know this, and the man who keeps the lemonade stand, seeing that I was from Texas, asked me eight cents, and when I kicked he pointed to his sign and said, three and five are eight cents, and I've been paying eight cenfs for a three cent glass of lemonade ever since I've been in New York. I didn't find out my mistake until today. If I had Mm out on a Texas prairie I'd make a personal matter of it." —Texas Sittings. Tho Weight of the Fish. A number of men stood in front of a railroad office in Clark street, looking at an enormous muskallonge, which, stretched on ice, served as an advertisement of the road's fishing grounds. One of the men, glancing at the card which announced the weight of the fish, said with a sneer: "Thirty-five ponndsl Til bet twenty dollars it doesn't weigh thirty-four. Anybody want to take me up? Do you?" he added, speaking to a young fellow who came out of the office. "Do 1 what?" "Want (o bet on the weight of this fish?" "What's tba nsa of betting on it? The card tells how much it weighs." "Oh, 1 know what the card tells, but I want to get at the real weight of the fish. Bet twenty dollars it don't weigh thirty-four pounds. 1 * "All right, I'll go yon." The money was put np. The flan weighed forty-five pounds. When the defeated man was gone, some one, speaking to the winner, said: 'You ran a big risk." ''Not much. You use thera are a number of fellows who go around disputing the weight of 'railroad |sh,' and are eternally wanting to bet that they will not weigh u much u tho card lUttt, and they don't, M » rule, but 1 ftwd thii one. Tho original card g»T« th* weigLt at fifty pound*, but exporting a ihirper •long, 1 changed it"—Ar- buiuw Timttlet. For biliousness and headache Simmon» Liver Regulator l« the but modi- cue the world ever law.—H. H. Jono*, M»con,Gi.

Clipped from
  1. Hamilton Evening Journal,
  2. 12 Sep 1891, Sat,
  3. Page 7

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