1931 June 4 Lebanon Daily News pt. 2

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1931 June 4 Lebanon Daily News pt. 2 - by of saw tlie Hal- deman slowly pointed to...
by of saw tlie Hal- deman slowly pointed to Wlnkle- blech, sitting behind • his attorney, Clarke M. Seltzer. Mr. Haldeman would not pogldve- ly Identify Baeshore as the man who was behind the counter, but said Baeshore looks like the One' who took the money. Just before the noon adjournment, Judge Henry warned boys and glrlg of school age to keep out 'of court, as they are not wanted. He also asked asked that women with babies, stay away unless the mothers have been sub- poeaned as witnesses, Plrst Witness The first witness called was Clayton Clayton Doltz, treasurer of the "bank He described the ro.bbery in detail stating stating that the three men entered the place a few minutes before 12 o clock, while he was standing at the counter, with Assistant President Henry Losher at, ate -side and Trust Off car Harry Haldeman sitting at a desk in the rear. .. (Photographs of the Interior of the bank, the,, vault, and directors room, and the exterlor'of the bank and surroundings, were here introduced introduced by District Attorney- Hlcker- neu. and were Identified by" Mr, *», ' H ® then described the entry of the. three men, who pointed guns at them and ordered them to keep qulot, the t,rlo entering through a door at the side of the counter. One entered the;--vault•••and took the money and atcxwed it away in a ba#. Hs deeerifred the money, with that taken from the caah drawer includr teg $835 in gold and f 100 in dollar hills of the large kind of an old issue but new in . testuye* the entire aanount ,belng |B, ( 9 : 84, • Insurance Insurance policies of various Idnds were also taks,n, ;tp#Bther with a mortgage, and-'a promjasory note, and some oliher (pampers, none of which was recovered. Returning t"o the action of the bandits, he told how, after one had come from the vault, the trio bound the hands of the three banlk attendants attendants with wire. The light picture wire used was produced and the wit- nee» bound the hands of the district attorney just a« he had been tied-up himself. He said that be and Lasher Lasher were then oomipelled to He on the floor, after which one of the bandits rifled the cash drawer In the counter and letft. The bandits from a position outside of the door warned the officials to give no alarm after which they left the building and entered a car standing 10 or 15 feet from the curb. Bolt? said, he sent, off the burglar alarm and after slipping out of tho losely. tied wire; notified police by telephone. He then released his ooniipanions from their bonds, He told of going to Harrlpburg to Troop E, State police headquarters, aftor the arrest, and Identifying Bass-bore as the one who had taken the money and. bound the official^ with picture •wire. He also Identified Carl Shearer, Shearer, from newspaper photos as the man Just inside the door who held a sawed-oM shot gun. He said Baes- w>re bad a small revolver and the other man a larger gun. He declined to Identify the man he saw ii» the c4r all the look-out He admitted seeing the figure* clearly a god light, but. ooul|fl not see the man well enough to get a mental picture «f him'. He said the whole aCSfclr, entry, robbery and escape oc- jOU-pled only about three minutes. ! Under cross examination he said that only one of the men was behind the counter, the othera pointing' their guns from outside the 'counter. E(e said that they were ordered to close their eyes. — . Knmbea* Challenged The trial was undertaken on Wednesday Wednesday afternoon, with the selection of a Jury. All of toe 4.4 mem'ber 6 of the petit Jury panel Cox the week •who were present were called. Of this number two were arbitrarily eicused by the court with the agreement agreement of counsel; 9 were challenged for cause and were dismissed by the court; 17 were challenged arbitrarily arbitrarily by the defense; 5 were similarly similarly challenged by the Commonwealth, Commonwealth, but the entire grist was only 11 selections. Talesman Called Sheriff Henry D. Shen,k was then directed to present talesmen, from the audience and he started-'on the Job, but had little to do, for the very first one was accepted. The twelfth Juror was Benjamin Shuey, formerly of this city and now residr Ing near Bbenezer. He was employed employed as a stationary engineer for a long time by the Bethlehem Steel Oonnpany but is not now employed He -Is well known In the city Eire department as an active fireman and is a brother of George L. Shuey, city fire prevention Inspector. Jury Selected and Sworn The, Jury as finally completed and sworn, was made up, in the'order of their selection, as follows: Olaytoh B. Ifoehler, carpenter. .884 Walnut street. Harry A^ Itelehner, clerk, Annville. Annville. <Charlas»Bakeapoth., druggist My- ersbown. Warren Slangier, laborer, North Lebanon Township. Jonas (JeJi, fawneiv J&e&Bon towmshtp, Meyer Wenjrert, merchant, South Lebanon Township. William O. Fwna,cht, farmer, 8th, Londonderry, John A~ BjlsTer, grocer, Second Ward. STUBBORN RASH YIELDS AT ONCE TORESINOL *Thad »' Twr^itabborn rwih op, my l»g». It itched and bortxed and I coold get no r?U«f from anything JMrfcdT gntU I tamed of JUainoi; Thi» ointment eoolt' • " ' — •'•T "IIIPM W^HJT— v^ frmr*Tn+ mm n.j •>^uy4AJy\* it, and ijujckly cUarvd away th» _

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