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h ... - ' vr (, r- 's:r.urriTTr 1! .nor r. mmii 1 ! II Hi sengers. To tae Minnesota I ji! !! ft!!' leave lliiiiiiiii !!!!i!i;i; i;..' !t' . You'll Realize How Thes e Ten Features Make for Better Railroad Service When You Take Block Signal Safety: "Safety first and safety last, makes Burlington Service unsurpassed. The truth of this slogan is brought to light in your trip to St. Paul and Minneapolis on the Minnesota Limited. Like all passenger trains on the Burlington, this train is constantly protected by a bloc If signal, both ahead and behind. Thus it is constantly in a "block" by itself, assuring the greatest safety. "On Time" Service: "On Time" arrival is a vitally Important factor to the business man. The Minnesota Limited leaves Chicago daily, at 6 : 30 p. nv, and arrives in St. Paul at 7:20 a. m. , Minneapolis at 8:05 a. m., with remarkable regularity. 'On Time' " Every Day is the Burlington Way." Leaves Union Depot Women Lounge Room: The Burlington has provided, in the broadest way, comforts for woman travelers, A special women's lounge room is ran of ths equipment of the Minnesota Limited. It ia hirnjshed with luxurious chair and lounges. Uniform Speed: -This feature of "Burlington Service" provides for a "smooth run" core fort for passengers. - Excessire epeed is uncomfortable and therefore prohibited on the Burlington. Engineers are required to keep within an arbitrary speed limit on each division of tbe road. An Indicator in the cab shows ths engineer at what speed he ia traveling and a speed recorder, in a locked box, marks a record of the run on chart which Is checked by tbe superintendent. This effective speed regulation means a "smooth run" a sound Bleep. No Jars No Jolts: "Stops and starts are Burlington Arts." Youll realize the s!g- nlflcsnce of this when rou take the Minnesota Limited 9 tf "Twin Cities, For years, Burlington engineers have been trained to Start and stop carefully so as not I to tsar, in the slightest degree, the comfort of the pas result Is tears axe no jars, no Jolts, on Limited -you can sleep. Sum up these advantages of "Burlington Service." Lounge car a good evening meal at a moderate price uniform speed restful sleep "On Time" arrival when you consider the comforts which the ten features of the Minnesota Limited provide, you can have but one choice next time you go to St. Paul or Minne-' apolis take the Burlington. . The Minnesota Limited leaves Union Depot dailv at 6:30 p. m., arriving St Paul 7:20 a.m., Minneapolis 8:05 a.m. Two other Burlington trains Union Depot daily at 10:15 For tickets and reservations, Chicago, Burlington A. J. -KL, GenT Affent, 141 S. Clark Street, i r .;;'!!:!;;' K, V ' I Lounge Car: The luxurious appointments of the Lounge Car on the , Minnesota Limited, Jwill add greatly to your comfort. Chairs and lounges, writing room, card tables and a spacious observation platform are provided.' Buffet-grill service enables you to enjoy a midnight luncheon or dainty, breakfast. - A la Carte Dining Service: A most economical dining' service providing a wide variety of food. This service en-, ables the traveler to order only what is desired and have it cooked to suit, at a very moderate cost. You may enjoy a substantial dinner, a light supper or just ,a "bite." The economy of this service is evidenced by the fact that so many pay 75 cents or less for an evening meal on the Minnesota Limited. The average dinner check-for one month was 85 cts. ' - . n Daily at 6:30 p. m. Dynamo Electric Lighting : Electric lights on the Minnesota Limited are fed by a dynamo which operatea separately from any other equipment. .The dynamo system pro-rides steady, brilliant illumination that gives relief from eye strain while reading. - Rigid Inspection: The high standard of railroad service set by Burlington officials is zealously maintained. Inspectors ride the trains constantly and watch every detail of the service with a view of making it as perfect as possible. Inspection engines also are in service on the Burlington to assist in keeping tho roadbed in perfect condition. The advantages of rigid inspection are manifested to "Burlington Service on the Minnesota Limited. .'?'.'", Willingness to Serve: The: spirit of service is especially dominant on the Minnesota Limited. . Burlington employes are unobtrusively attentive and courteous. - Women snd children, traveling unescorted, will find this service especially helpful. "WUHngnesa to Serve" ia a Burlington trait- the result of years of study and training. . It's a feature of the Minnesota Limited. p. m. and 9:30 a. m. phone, call or write & Quincy R,R. PasVr Department mm Cor. Adams 1 l i L j t4 a M t i ji i ! j I I - ; r i ! i ll'i! ' it MjHIi! III !i!!!r!: 111 ! ii i i! In t:: jSlli'l ill,; in !!! ! !! 1 :sii i - i . i I ! I ! i H : lip; i 1 I ! ' 1 I ill ! i lilttii : lilii i!ii ! i ! 'ii!' ii !!! llii i!!! 1 1 I '! ! !; :: '!!!' 1 lil Pi;:;.: ililiiili.'iij:'::; !ij;!;!j:;i;;;':j Li!l! 'i lii' I' r I n;t!!:ti':i'! ; f ilSiiiii; !1 hi m .;,i-! : j 'I iliillli-1!":!!. uh;:i:i:i!i:n, mm 1 ' ' I s ; ; r - ; !; !

Clipped from
  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 26 Mar 1913, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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