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EillLDKiG OF , THE FILTER. YATI,:t COMPiXV HXrECTJT TU ' , ELGIX VVOUK. SOOX. Mot sf It "Will Probably II Fl - ashed nr(or Wlaier ill . lUalnrkr At Pmvee - Aluru e? - lavs, '' !:t - mayor and m eablntt yesterday afierne - ou eoi - rf erred tapon th question: T:ie proposed, filter tbit la to b put in by the Xn iar.apoi! Water Company; tit lm - r: vfaiiit of Kentucky vnu along G. - eotiUwa cemetery, and the granting of a ' rancLUg to'. - "! Phoenix Telephone Com - , I : . ' Th - Water Company expressed its readi - t?j to so ahead and build saod filter oa the - jian of the n la us at Lawrence. JIa5s. The company - says that It baa em - i. - - yed a consulting engineer to do this work Alien llaxen.of Boston, who - was :r;j - :cyi la like capacity to do "th work Urtri.'.. Mr. Haaen I now prepar - ! ? ami specifications for the ! t .w;. i!r. lvls. of the Water Company, ..;.!:, "The - depth of tbsysand filter, which v ..! b. piice - i, at the - upper gallery, - will from a thickness of three to fivs faet. 1 . w i'.cr to be filtered will be river wa - t - :t 'l '.;c r:tei will cover a space of beta - - n s'.x an.l,sevea acres, and the storage ti wa'T to be filtered will be of lik.e - is.L. Y e hop - to be ready U begin the ';:k In boue twenty days, and that the g. - atr part ot It can t completed before - siotcr. Th? work of excavating will be jL.rcu.1. unl will give employment to more : - o two hundred men and many teams. Y.'e s!;ll vt.'uze as far as possible the j res - . - r't we'd' supply. This would also be L!t?r for sow purposes If aerated and f..ter. - d - j - ira san - t. as such treatment r,j;j nuke .the v.iter softer and better t it - dostlo. and commercial purposes. T, - . ci.jeetion made to our well supply S that its Iron ami corrosive properties destroy copper and wrought Iron, though do not affect cast Iron or lead." .Kentucky JiTesit jmprsTnarit. Th j m - :nbers of the Board Of Public "SVorks .xpres.ei themselves in favor of 4:rprcvioi - Kentucky avenue with as lit - '? d - . ! - v as ps!ble, but referred to the c sforney the solution of the problem to how this could be - done without t!;ro - us the cost ot the Improvement t - Oy u - - - in the residence side of the The board resolved that the two railroad tracks should go ns far at p - . - - ..t toward the cemetery side, and ! oat ths s;ret - aar tracks saail b placed n ri. - j. to the railroad tracks as could Li ojn with safety. Ey doing t..!g the Kar! will get1 IS feet for a highway be - t . cuib line on the east siJe of j. - - : and the treet - t - ar tracks. The q j - 'i.'.'U was discussed whether the im - j.r ev - n.. - r.t couU not be made and " the a - . - - 7. ! - nt for one - half be trade to lie (;nri tne Cfmetfry. The property 1U - l,.i 'tor trie improvement : coula then be i i. If t! - .e city became the purchaser. family hjsve yet In their possesslonth buckle fc wore on his bH when running to a tire.' Mr. Youngerrnan was m proml - uat Odd Tetliw. being secretary of Ger - 4 niania Lods for .several terms. He was . loan association organised In Indianapolis, lie was a tutrntr of the German Luthtr - aa church. Mr. Toungertnan u4 to say ttat taer wersr oafy si Germans In In - ai.tnapollt when he came to the town. He was oa ot the few mtn left wnose for - tune K was to lndianapoUs grow from a hamlet to a city. He was a man of sterling business qualities and great strength of character, and energy, and thought. He had been an invalid for years, but his death was a .shock t the fdjnily and neighbors, as he literally "died on his fitt." Mr. Youngerman married In ISO Miss Matilda Lansenberg, of Indianapolis. She with seven children of a family of nine, survives him. Scott. Arthur and Albert, the three sons, are married, and live near home. - The four daughters are Mrs. O. C. Webb. Mrs. Charley Loomls, Mrs. Elrmr Covedale and Miss Emma - Youngtrman. Funeral will be held to - morrow, 2 p.m., at tne borne. ' - ' V . ' AFHOniSMS. r r - TeIate, Vr Jobsj B. Closer. Speculation Is nly spectacular gambling. - ' , :. . ' - ; : - The thinner the Ice, the raster you must slide. . - ., - '' Some people think It "smart", to keep you waiting. Teople who "make baste slowly" generally get left. I Persons - who swap lies always get cheated la the "dicker." - v If you go out look Xor Truth, she will uiwf t you half way. There are people, even la Boston, who den't "know beans." Declamation pleases our fancy, but logic? satisfies our Judgment. ,.'. I have observed that the - ground - hog nearly always sees bis shadow. - Many a man has lot a good thing by "letting go to spit on - his hands." . The thnfty nra strops his razor on the Bible, and shaves himsalf oa Sunday.. It is easy enouxh to 'saw - wood," but to "say nothing" is what tries a. man.: A thirsty man is about as likely to catch at a straw" as a drowning man. In affafrs of the heart nothing can equal an "old fool. ' except it may be two 01a fools. - A young man's dress does not have so much to do with his success as his ad dress. Our best thoughts re oftert lost, be cause we forget our pass - Dooas ana our pencil. Did you ever notice how many persons there are who know all about the - "will of God?" ' ', - " - ' We are continually seeking to know the future, when the knowledge of it would make us most miserable. r There Is no ''half - way house" between Authority and Reason, and the man who halts midway has no shelter for his head. When we consider how much Samson accomplished with the Jaw - bone of an s, we are led to wonder why some peo - plc accomplish so little with the whole animal. - ' Tea J Cfi" could then be made into 'a - " t: 1 . r - i. : City At: ;rn - y Curt'. says: "The ques - t :i i:'. 'ivs lne riht of a corporatloa to rr; - erty tr.jit has already t - en e p - p : r r1 .: i or donated to. a specific tre, R - i a pubi.e one. It - ins nearly 1 - !.j5 - .i ie to find out what dirf ereat rights t '. - ; c - il owner may have should tins . ' 1:1:1 i z r taken lor other - than cemetery j ; - . The q.i - .iloa .Is whether it v. - ..!. i r - Holi to t..e heirs or not. The i rr.vTr treats upon the susject Of lm - j r ; g. s'r - et, n - Jt a part of a street. I ! ivf i . 1 V rrc if I can find any au - t - , r;:v j i.s - .ifylrrs the Improvement of a - ;rt i.' i strvi - t, an 1 have th - js far not ! n a'.' - to O) so. We can get suth a 1 - t . :i'y f. - '.. - n tr.a It;,Liture, Just as we f t a :th..r:ty to put a sewer through ..r i a cem ry. We d:i not try to P ; - t: it t'w - r t.irouph : unvil we got that v. lf - wa werw ta gwe r;i - t - at run p?st the - cemetry. in Ker - a. - :. '.?, a r - ht ef way, insteai of i - . r.t l. r now have,' we coal 1 . yr't and asss the railroad . t t.'i - m. ide of the street." "f - 1 for 1.." p - o?l who 1 - ve a'.rsr . , V. - rr - - !K. - - d improvemo:.:, that - : - ", ssreet. - tnd that it is J a . - r th - .r l.ttie proptrt.tS - . 1 'j.e Ir me '" - Tl o - h in the n - - t ': would - he for tr. tratr.c t - lnrrn th.s city and Wt lr. - , nn - .i tr.t who raot de;r tr.e rot dr. - v i - . but ."' - y hat tfi - :.t li t - r general benefit of r 1 cf TuMic Work ht been ttk - or t'" - R'.im - rro - is ti' - struc'lar.s an t ai.v and tile encroa' ii - T nvate persons vpori pnbac "ln..i br.r I." said l'res. if - nt "(.js rvt ai - owed any r.ew en - ! ur - 'n the street yirce U cm - . i. - if - ar many abuse that n .!n. n - .mi of thee are o . r.'. It w: - 1.1 appear to be tU to ref r:n rresent cin i t in the ase wliere the pub - :.. In :tt c - ase - of t ne rr rT!t.l, not for 'the b c'tv, bat for private ga:n. Th - re , :' - il !i.rochmntJ upon the or, - :ne e.i':re lvnu:h of n f'ai and South Metldtun : thtr s;iaU be no Eew ta - 1: "X . 1 .el . e t - fruit riioeuis Teleihot Contrset attor. - ey n&s been msirvicie - a to tract for the Fhoenix Telephone T'V' f - if. "a t: - . it 1 ! e rc r l".r'. V! j - rv i' : t r: i t f - e . j :.';y a : i ar 1 this presented to rarv fcr arrival next Week. ::' - t specii that - within the li:r.;ts the wif - i shall be laid : - I. Matters in controversy be - f - junl L'cioa Telephone Com - the civ come up for ad - sit r.txt Uhr for v V. i, c r at.o - '.t ore hur :: - ,i:'k - he! in tier ' - M k U r f. t . ir r v lt. Jarkioa, Water Company now lred i.ien employed in whlcn to lay pipes to . Jackon. When this - ted the Water Company ied in iis system the three ! A Sttsplclom. Washington Star. ; 'Xook here." said a delegate. Indignant ly. "I want an explanation." "w hat's the.matterr askea tne ponucai ht!er. "In that letter you wrote me you refer to my patriotism." ei; I ftlt Justified In doing so. 'Yes: but you spelt it p - a - y - trlotlsm. What I war.t to know is whether you don't know any better, or whether you are trying to be humorous."' AVhWtllac Weather ladleat loa.' A novel method of issuing weather fore casts has been mstitutej by a - m estem raiiAay company. - The - drivers. at cist - ances of about three miles, ttlve rrr - tiu shrill thistle, which inform the fruit - growera and farmers and others ution it concerns wnat tne ruure weatoc - r is likely ta be. cur the a a to In " t is j L) EC ATI it, ILU, f l.OO nonnd Trip IMO. Vjl I.. t. W. rallrvad, SunJay. June Ti. Pth: 1 trA;n leaves atatwn T a. m. fail informaiun. tickots. ic. cnl at city i . Kel oltica. 1 - . iUinoia IL, or tinioa sia - tu - n. 1 . . 0 ; - - . f . Copy f at Xe - w Mosleal Air Pree. As anvKher hapcy aurpnse fur callers at - ! - .)r J. ilaroti's ahoe tious. 24 and Xx E. j 'asu.r.gton sc., - he is preti:in - them - wf.a I .Urea. which - It dei'.caied to tr.e western i L - .sue of base - bU p':.fers. Th ladies are ,; - e,.a!:y invued to cad at Mr. Marvttn store aal p flirt a e. fr - e. It Is a b!:tr.esome air. iuu ot mei - o!v. and is a g - .rt which: will be a vaiuabia aajitioa to musical co..eciioni Devn Go To Karase recuperate If your herj;h la broken. Ti recuperate If your herjth la broken. . Ton can d It r - itht here by nature a greatest rv - mji - . the West Eaden and Martiiwvtila m:n:eral wafers. D - .'in'l knnw 11? We:!, J. iieuser ek Co.botlie Sietn. Teiephona J7. Clear Aa Crystal I the water used by the Home T - rewlng Co. in hrew:n their worM - bestera. tii "Coium. h.a," and Extract of Mail." No family ah - mld be wi:noul tiem at such a time as m - x. Sold la bott.. Teiephone VXrk Fssr Klne Ydollna, ,' Vide by Iurt "s' - um Pierce, will be found on : for next week only nt prices to suit. Call at his f.iti.e. 47 Virginia ave., and examine tnern before It la too late. 1 EverytblaK Good, If you want to be sure of getting good, pure, wines or rn. - kles and brn lies, cali up .'7. J. Metxtter ec Co. carry ths largest Slock and ask the lowest prices. Etc., Superfluous Hair, Moles, removed forever. Varln, ft. over A res' a. - . id' , una - ie. liwir west of the river - West ln,i.aa - tpo!i sand Ml An Old a ail Prominent Wayne Tovs nsblii Ilia Cltlseai Career, i : ' : at I.. - t r :,. tn Tl . To. r. - ir I": j C i ' . '. : tO t vst.i e v.. .i Lr T3. Tour.srerman, aa old and , c itizea of Wayne township, dld ':r. - , northw - ert of Jit. Jack - . iur'..y evenin. ;! - man a.. - ! born in Germany.' l lit'ort - tin - the - Main, in l - .X He . - i United States when he was i:j old. fanJ stayed in IVnnsyl - (. ve cits. II came lo Iniiana - I ' '( - , - : v. . r". - sf ' S - V ' j v r - - - j - 'J', Tldiwea of Joy, ' Genuine Berliner Weiss Ttler in. bottles , fur - n:. - h - . - d ty J. Metz - r at Co., Sole agents.. Telephone . - 7. DIED. JOACHIMI Nancy, wife of Ju'.lu.s. died June is, l. at l - il.J p. m.; residence. E. Washington si. Puneral Sunday at liiiu p. tn. ErienOe iuviitX. ... DVTTON Emma, age 3 years, beloved wife cf Wiilt - r Tjuit. - m, died Friday morning - , the - i:h. Eunervil Sunday, at 10 o'clock. 'rlendei of the tam.iy Invited to No. S t - awney su STANTON Msy. eldest daughter of Garrett A. and llaitie S:anton. died at a p. m. Ttiiirs - d.iy.. June ii. t'unertil from reaidenwe, Sun - iijy, at 10 a. m. Hurlal at Greenwood cemetery. Friends Invited. - YOCNtt V P. M AN George B. " Touoi - ermm did ThuisJay A - ening at S:30 at his resi - lcn - , f mr miles west of city. Puneral Sunday at S p. m , from residence, iiurlai at Ctown Hill, Prienda .nvited. KDtr;II - ;rc Jacob, died In Jcondfdo, Cat, June lv - i. Was boin It Clairendon. Vl., April Zo, ls - ; went to Euftalo, N. i'., when twenty year old, engaged In the real eststa busm - s; was rua.rru - 1 at tvrenty - tlve; came to - Indiana, and livrtil in Indiiiap.lis nearly fifty - ar; moved to California three years re ). His ren.aina burled in Liscondtdo his having died about ten years ago. Card e Tlisaks. . We 5 - lre to express our sincere - thanka to our frien - ls and oeitrl'xvrs; also, to Knuh.n. L'i, L.aikweil, utul - - takers, f.r their kind - ners durr. the rH'Sn - s and death of VUX M. AND MRS. MATTHEW GC1NAX. Ft'XERAL DIRECTORS, 1 J k'wNERAL Diili.CTUR CHA - 3. T. WHJTSErTT. Telptjc - ie Ki. ' ji;M::'nfAX. ' ji.i Iv i , I f XV. jS h - 1 1. - - - 1 i r:'. r - t - - ri! , I. tl r i to r..s l i ' - N i - HAL DlivECTORi I'LaNNFT. rsiOTTAN - AN. LADY LMHALMEK T - r laidiea an.l t'iii;lren. 18 'N. I. - inois tl. Teler rione 4tL I. Nr'.itAL 1 - i R Ei.TX .RSI R VI N ac .AD A MA A tjer: Trv.i. nixwivr D. Kres - iii. - .u e Irv - l W;:i u. A - .ems. f.,T - ifi - r.y wi - H Flanner 2l:' Z"r"n - Tel. 1! - 4. I X. I!jino St. p r n e k a r. i! - - : - T - ;,hse;Ian k a. l.ulM 11 ;.;. I'll - rlk - r. N. Deiawews f. 'Pn. - , - . oi ve 4il. Kes device. ' LNL - EiiTAKIN' - r ROOM. - . - ' s. T - ' - o'v ti i' t 1 1. Mim - xuvrj. - AL.V - . Li...i,. v: . - .:te.r r. - - .,d t.S k Ai.. - . U VV a. l - ,wet prlosa. Waatiinguit. at.

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