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6? : fvi :«J I w -;e V'H) f ~v. GIRL GAVE LIFE TO SAVE HONOR ·MMBflMBtt^BQH^B . f Little Lizzie Jackson Dies in Hospital of Pistol Wounds Inflicted by Her Desperate Assailant, Harry Kline, Who Took His Own Wretched Life Nothing is Known of Tragedy in Kline's Grocery Store Save That Girl made a Desperate Struggle-Scene of the Crime Tells a Bloody Story. (from Saturday's Daily.) La»t night at about 9 o'clock in his Store, at 130 East Columbia Btreet, after attempting a criminal assault. Harry C. Kline shot and fatally fatally wounded Idzzie Jackson, a girl of thirteen, and then on the prostrate body of his victim fired a shot into Ills own head, presumably causing almost instant death. Two shots were fired into the head of the girl, resulting in her death at Hope hospital hospital this morning at 4:20, she not LIZZIE JACKSON, Yottng girl who gave her life in defense of honor when assaulted assaulted by Harry Kline. having regained consciousness at any time after the tragedy. · Kline, who was better known to his friends and acquaintances as conducted a grocery store at the location mentioned, having inherited inherited the business from his father, one of the pioneers of Port Wayne, who died about two months ago. He was born in 1865, and was therefore therefore about thirty-eight years of age, and was a bachelor, residing with his maiden sisters at 412 East Berry street. His victim was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson, sr., who live in rooms over the store in which the murder and suicide were committed. SHROUDED IN MYSTERY. The exact circumstances leading up to the shocking tragedy must forever remain shrouded in mystery and theories at the best cannot be substantiated beyond the conjecture Stage. Kline had been drinking rather heavily and was yesterday known to have been under the influence influence of liquor. He was a man of peculiar habits, with a penchant for associating with girls of tender years, although he had never been In serlotts trouble before on that ac. ac. count. The girl was a frequent visitor at the store, but nothing was thought of it on account of her residence residence directly over it. She was seen ia and out of the place yesterday afternoon a number of times, and when the supper , hour arrived and she did not present herself at the family table, it was thought that she had gone away with some juvenile friehds, as. she had fxeguen'ti? done before. Later in the evening an older brother became alarmed at the' prolonged absence of his sister and started, out on a search for her. Knowing of her frequent to Kline's store and with some he went down the back from the living rooms and peered into the store through a rear vindow. SHOCKING DISCOVERY. The place was dark and young / Jackson mechanically tried the rear titfor. He found it open and entered the room, and upon striking a match was horrified and l stunned by the sight that met his eyes- Prostrate on the floor behind the counter he fcmnd the bodies of his sister and Kline, both apparently lifeless and weltering in their own blood. Young Jackson, dazed by his awful discovery, discovery, ?an from the room, up the Stairs and down again to the street, ·where he met Sergeant Harkenrider, to whom he communicated incoherently incoherently the facts as he fopnd them. The officer accompanied Mm back Into the store room, where a hasty examination showed that Kline was dead and the girl at best was barely alive. Coroner Barnett Was hastily and Sergeant Fappert and Officer Elliott were dispatched to the to render such assistance as be possible. The scene which vns planted defies desriitition. An old bed obtafoi'uo-. 1 - ^ Tbm spread on -·$»« floor /bach o, ^.o counter counter and pirttjy under it, between two tarrols; this was saturated ' with Wood and great pool* and blotches o* blood stood on the floor and marked little streams which had trickled away from the couch of death. SOLD LIFE FOB HONOK. On the comforter the girl was stretched prone upon her back, her HAEKY C. ("PETE") KLINE, Who committed suicide after his fatal shooting of Lizzie Jackson. disarranged clothing showing that she had sacrificed her life to successfully successfully preserve her chastity, whilo lying across her body was that of Kline, his head having dropped forward forward to a position slightly to the right of her shoulder.' The surroundings surroundings showed that a desperate struggle struggle had taken place and there was left no room for doubt of the intentions intentions Of the murderer, although an examination of the body of the girl after death by Dr. Barnett showed as conclusively that she had succeeded in frustrating tihe lustful designs of her assailant. After viewing the bodies the coroner ordered the remains remains of..Kline taken to Peltier's morgiie, while the unconscious girl was removed to Hope hospital,'Where she lingered until shortly after 4 o'clock this morning when the flickering flickering flame died away and the second second victim of the passion of a night was added to th« ghastly roll. PROBABLE TIME OF TBAOEDY. The discovery of the bodies was made about 11:35 and in the case of Kline rigor mortis was already complete, complete, indicating dead mor« than that he had been two hours, which would bring the shooting to about the hour of 9. Three shots were fired, but no one in the neighborhood, neither the Jackson family upstairs, heard them. The probabilities are that when the girl resisted Kline's importunities he attempted to intimidate intimidate her, probably engaged' her physically and perhaps she broke away from him and it was at this time that the first shot was fired. This took effect in the left side of the girl's face right under the cheek bone, the bullet ranging back and downward, passing betwe«n the jaws and lodging in the back of the neck on about a level with the shoulders. .Then, the presumption is, Kline seized the girl the second time and threw her upon the improvised bed and during the struggle following ha placed the muzzle against the side of the girl's head and fired the second shot. SECOND SHOT FIRED CLOSE. In the case of the first wound there were no powder marks, but in the second instance the hair and flesh were burned by the explosion. Ths girl then evidently dropped back into the position in which she was found and ceased her struggles and Kline realizing what he had done, in 'bis frenzy placed the revolver to his own head and launched his own soul into eternity. The second shot took effect in the girl's head a short distance above the ear, while that which ended Kline's life took effect in the same relative locality and passing through the head in a straight line produced a fracture on the other side of the skull at a point almost exactly opposite opposite the place of entrance. The revolver revolver which, had been used was found on the floor beside the bodias It it of the cheap bulldog pattern, 32-caliber, and three chambers of the five were empty. Close by was ft new box of cartridges from which but flv* had been taken. THE MtlRDEBEB AND SUICIDE. Harry Kline had been a familiar figure on Columbia street for many years and was quite popular among a certain class, although he was recognized as a rounder in the district district and occupied the more or lees enviable distinction of being chief of the ."Highbinders," an unorgan ized coterie whose sole objects were live high at small expense. Upon the death of his father several months ago he was made executor of the estate, which is valued in neighborhood of f 80,000. Relatives expostulated with him and he recently recently agreed that he would discard his associates and his habits and attend strictly to legitimate business. "Recently he appeared to be morose at times, and Judge Hench, his attorney attorney as executor, says that he reason to believe that he was in some things mentally irresponsible. He made frequent visits to the judge's office to inquire of matters which were of scarcely the least material consequence. Recently Judge Hench went to Texas on a business visit, continuing for about two weeks, and although Kline knew perfectly well that he would be absent at least that long, he called at the office almost daily from the day that he left until he got back to inquire whether he had returned. HAD ACTED QUEEBLY. Other friends, inchiding a relative, have noticed that he acted rather queerly of late and it. is only to assume that the dreadful crime of last night was actuated by a diseased brain, or a weakened one, at least. Before the tragedy of last night ugly rumors concerning Kline's actions were freely circulated and Alex Banet, the merchant policeman, policeman, even after Kline was unquestionably unquestionably dead, was looking for him and swearing vengeance upon him he met him. Banet's twelve-year- old daughter yesterday reported to t, her mother that she had met who accosted and followed her several several blocks, offering her money to accompany him. The frightened girl reported the occurrence to her mother, Who told her husband, and that enraged individual was searching searching for Kline for several hours last night before the circumstances in the more Shocking case were uncovered. uncovered. Kline's mother- died a number of years ago, 9 brother followed recently, °nd the father dying during during the year, leaves three sisters hi? sole surviving immediate relatives. relatives. Mrs. Dr, Ogle, of this city, is One and the other two are the Misses Tillie and Anna Kline, both the dead man's seniors, who occupy the family homestead at 412 East Berry street, and both of Whom are completely prostrated by the terrible shock. They were unaware of the fate of their brother and of his diabolical crime until after 8 o'clock this morning, when the news was communicated to them by Superintendent Superintendent Gorslifte. Never again, he says, does he hope to be called to discharge a similar duty. The scene at the house was heartrending. LIZZIE JACKSON, Lizzie Jackson wau fourteen years old on December 10th last, and physically was a girl of normal development, development, about five fe«t in height, blonde as to complexion and pleasant featured as to appearance. She was regarded as a well behaved girl her environment, while not aristocratic aristocratic \,r refined, were good. She a member of the First Baptist and Sunday school and the leader of the junior band, and was a zealous attendant; at school she stood well her classes, being a pupil at the street building and among her classmates classmates was a favorite. This morning her other was hysterical and was not in condition to talk connectedly, but this afternoon was calmer and suggested a minor correction or two of previously given statements., She said that the daughter had left the house early in the evening, saying that she would attend the opening of the Prass Reed company's store ^nct that her absence was not commented upon until about the when it was thought that the opening opening was over. Then it was that elder brotuer, James, was sent out look her up and it was Mrs. instead of the brother, who tried door leading into the store where brother a moment later found the two bodies as previously stated. body was removed from Bloom's undertaking establishment to the residence residence at 2 o'clock this afternoon, from, there the funeral will be held on Monday, as announced elsewhere. While the funeral will be private, friends will be permitted to view remains previous to the service. THE FUNERALS. The funeral of Lizzie Jackson will be held on Monday afternoon at o'clock from the house at 130 East Columbia street, and the interment will be at the cemetery in New Haven. The funeral of Harry C. Kline be held on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the house. Dr. Wagenhals will oiaciate, but the funeral will strictly private. DUE NOTICE IS SERVED. Due notice is hereby served on the public generally that DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is the only salve on market that is made from the-pure, unadulterated witch hazel. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve has cured thousands thousands of cases of piles that would yield to any other treatment, and this fact has brought out many worthless counterfeits. Those persons who get the genuine DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve are never disappointed, because it cures. Meyer Bros. Co. Try The Sentinel Want Columns. a a a

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