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The Miami Helmet (Piqua)
5 March 1891 page 1 - OUR LEHER FROM TROY. on Mrs. i seem TABCOMED...
OUR LEHER FROM TROY. on Mrs. i seem TABCOMED DWELLS MOSTLY . OXTH36 JUDQZSHIP But Hai Some Reflections Be- garding Other Office*. TROY, March 1,1811. MR. KDITOH—The stillnesi ef the Judgeship campaign seems te surprise SIMM* people, but there is really nettling surprising about' it. All is in keeping with the digaltyof the office. Tlio several candidate! seem to think, nid rightly, too, that it is not an office to be struggled for with that ardor which characterizes eounty campaigns; hence the apparent quiet which broods over the fl fnt . Nevertheless, there is some work being done by the friends ol the four gentlemen who are willing on to serve us as J udge, and the prima- Oil «T will show the results of this ' work. H«re we have three candi- en foreman dates and in all probability will have them to the close.' Several effort!) have linn made looking to the withdrawal of two of them but as j these efforts have "self" at the botr at' torn, they" have met with no success! here expense—all on j It need surprise no one if Mr. Sulli! van leads in the race here, as well as in other parts «f the county. His age seems to be much ia bis favor, and, then, his legal abilities' are un questioned. I hear him favorably mentioned everywhere, and even by those who do not intend to support now ; him. There seems to be something j sinister in the efforts which have up and the of by been made to induce his withdrawal but with the outlook ahead he has no need to think of getting out of the contest. His vote will be flattering in the extreme. It is amusing to hear some of the arguments that have been put forth. Troy wants the Judgeship,and if she' can get it continued another five or ten years no one will blame her. But there seems to be a disposition at to hand it around a little, aod this, coupled with Walte r Jenes' fitness by for the place) u 9ure to prov)l a took gtr factor in the fignt . Tben • - ' R. of McQuiston officials the by by of the of Keiber D«e- E. H. to Anna to to Wi H. t* hie at the If vital we have here a number of county candidates who are very willing to serve the dear people in the cotirt- house,and they are afraid the Judgeship will come to Troy aad thus knock the butter from their bread. I was asked the other day what I thought of the eutcome of the Judgeship fight, and answered that it would bo very interesting between two of the candidates. I think so yet and this belief is strengthened as the days go by, but I begged to he-excused from particularizing. 1 was told the other day that Havilah Coppock of Union would be a candidate for treasurer this year_ He was out once before, but was defeated at a primary. It has been understood that he is still in the field. Mr. Coppock is an excellent man and capable of fllliug the office he seeks. He has been in politics a long time and has never been rewarded, though he comes from a township which has been pretty well "sugared." He will have to meet several other good men for the ortice, Messrs. Stillwell, Wilson, Ullery and Frazier. The latter will be the only candidate presented by the East-side this year, and as these six townships ntiver seem to get their share of the publia fodder, he will prove a formidable candidate. Fra- zter comes from Browu whtre it takes a good deal of nerve te he an everyday Republican. Col. Ullery has already met with a rival candidate at home, Mr. Keutson, who aspires to the clerkship, aud who is, I am told, a capable man for the place. It seems that Newberry has a knaok of getting up factional fights at home, and never comes to Troy solid and this is wiiy she generally goes back empty handed. It premises to be so again this year, while other sections of the county will unite on their candidates and be apt to get the plums. The several contests for eounty officers in this city will, in all probability, be adjusted at home before the cenvention meets. This is the best way to do in some Instance*, especially in coanty contests. It clears the decks for action and the balls won't go astray. With two candidate* for clerk and twe for Treasurer, Troy will be in the fight to the finish and probnbly get nothing. Beyond Mr. Coppock, I hear of no other candidate in hie section, though there is said to be at leatt one young whe want* to etep inte Tom Kyl*'s shoes, but TOM ha* ju*t pnt them on and will wear them *lz year*, the Lord and Republicans willing. Horn* people l«*k s» far ahead that by the time the shoes of official* are ready to be kicked off they )i,.ve lost their (rip on the string-, and some later day Barkis walks off with th* bregans. It isn't very good policy to look so far in advaiiu* of the prize. It wears the wateher out and tries the patieoee of thepteple. I trim there will be a full vote on the Judgeship question. Every It*. publjetn should deem It his duty to cast hj« ballot at the primary and oast it thoughtfully. Let the best nrian be chosen. One ef the newspapers here says that one of thai candidates is in th* fleld for the sole; purpo«» of keeping another out of j and 4 j i of weakness. , like to ; party It attacks. know if this Isn't a frse country and i out for 'Judge if he see. fit: What right has a public journa} to impugn the motive of an honorable citizen? There is a always something back of such slurs and *no need not hunt very long for an umbilical cord which leads to the motive of such attacks. I deplore such sort of Journalism. I thought th* Judgeship was to be k*pt out of personalities, and am serry to ate the motives of one of the candidates attacked. The gentleman at whom the dart is aimed will not suffer by the attack, but will gain by it for all know the of the arrow and that he, least .f all candidates, is in the race not for the purpose of beating aay oae out of this high office. His age, affability and his honesty give the falsehood to such charges. Tha rumor of Mayor Gantz's re- gnatfen is again brought forward, but it is not likely that be will re- He went to sign, He went to Washington the othe other day and after a- lo*k at the.CaRlti.l return*^ somewhat dis- appb|nt«d. I don!t know what our youtig Congressman expected to sea—probably a greater city than either London, or Paris. Maybe Sockless Jerry Simpson disgusted hunas^cojjeagne, or he did not get to sUftiiii* embarrassing chine. At any rate he is back safe and souud and the people are pleas- ill ed. Captain Williams wil soon hand over the reins to Mart, and the Bourbon nag, will proceed to limp over the course at his usual gait. Meantime the sun. will rise and set as usual, notwithstanding the political cyclone which struck last fall; and this year we will pro- ieed to elect McKiiiley Governor and smui the last of the Campbells across the Sahara of oblivion. TABCOMED. The Old Flag. The prayer that every soldier ought tu breathe is that yo»der flag should above him in life, around him in death. What is that flag? A bit of bunting, a baublt,a toy. You can buy it for a few shillings in th» nearest store. But once raise it as y.tur standard, and millions will follow it and die under it. Insult it, and a whole nation of patriots will rise up in its defense, and you will (hid behind it all the power that can ho wielded by the Eepublic." GEN. SHERMAN. All of One Mind. When Mrs. Longshore-Potts was discoursing Thursday at the Odeon in Cincinnati on the injurious effects of tight lacing, and in order to demonstrate that the men—for whose benefit the lacing was done— did not favor the torturous system, plainly asked those gentlemen in the audience who preferred a tight- I ! ly laced waist to a natural one to say "Aye." The room was darkened for i the stereoptioon views, and the feet was most startling. One could ' almost hear the ladies presentj holding the breath. Not a male voice was heard in response. Then the Madame asked the question vice versa, and the chorus of ''aye" was most pronounced. A testimonial fund of $50,000 Is to be raised for the benefit of Mrs. Secretary Wlndom. m m u • The growing of sugar bests is one of the riling Industries of th* West More than twice as many wore grown ia 189* as ia I hav* used Dr. Bull's Ceugb 8yr- up and found It th* best cough remedy I ever tried.—W. P. Clark*. WO Walnut »tr**t, Philadelphia, Pe, It Mile »ll the year round ftnd always euree. Salvation Oil, the great remedy for pains. Mote.

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