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Zeller Clan Reunion - Blight, Newsy Lefctttt* for tht Reftders of the...
Blight, Newsy Lefctttt* for tht Reftders of the CORRESPONDENTS gMCKLERSTOWJ* i, June 13. ,, of onr people w«-re among who attended the convention field by the Church of the BTettoren ft* Jtferthey. on Sunday. . Lmcian Keler, of Newmans- 'Mi-s. Elmer Bucks and son. , atod Mrs Frank Bucks, <» Hobeeonia, visited Samuel Stnckler afld family on Sunday. Mf8. Samuel Strickler. Mrs. Satn- tt 6 i Bi»ck« and Mrs. Joha Budy wr* 6fl ine etck list.. Dr. Zinntnwma n of S66haetter»town, attended. . Mr. and Mrs Nathan Helli?i« e i' «,nd ohfldren, Anna and Frank, a,nd Jdlvn Smith and Ron . •w^fe Lebanon shoppers on Wednesday. Wednesday. Mr. aod Mre.. Samuel atm . . Ohildren, Ray and Elsie, -were visitors In Richland, on Sunday. Mf and Mrs. Oliver Spangler. of leading, visited Mr Monroo Leiblg and family over Sunday. ' Robert Souder s and friend, of Leb- jmon vtelted his brother, Cyrus «auders and f«ail T on Sunday. The following visited at. the residence residence of Mrs. Lucetta Keller, on Bunday: Mr. and Mrs. Fawner and daughter, OUga: Ruth Farmer, and flrtend of fhiladelp,ha; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lenglo. Mr. and Mr*. Charles Keller and children, Steward, Brook, Ra v and Charles. Jill of Reading. Fredericksburg Fredericksburg, June 16. Miss Helen Miller returned, home after spending a week visiting friends at Philadelphia. Misses Edna and Margaret Knapp left for Millersville State •Normal school where theyare taking a course. • Miss Mabel Keiffer, Marvin Rissinger Rissinger and Warren Zimmerman, left for Millersville State Normal school where they are taking the summer -course. . , Miss Stella Brinntbill and friend ZELLER CLAN REUNION SAT. Historic Fort in Eastern Lebanon County the Scene of Pleasant Gathering Zeller Fort. Newmanstown, Lebanon Lebanon County, Juno 14.—The historic Zeller farm, 'on which is located the old fort erected b y John Henrich Zeller, in 1745, was th* scene of the 201st reunion of the descendants of this pioneer who figured largely in the early history of the Tulpehockeu settlement. Harking back to the days of over two 1 centuries ago when their ancestors ancestors left Switzerland in the old world, t 0 brave the dangers of unknown unknown forests in the new, the descendants descendants of John Henrich Zeller met on the green lawn in the shadow shadow of th-e grim but picturesque walls of the staunch old fort, and rededicated, rededicated, their lives to the principles principles which actuated their forebears forebears in seeking an outlet for human self-«xpressron and development. This year's reunion was the largest largest held by the association, it being a combined gathering of all the Zeller Zeller family associations and was attended attended by members of the family from 'not only this, but several adjoining adjoining states." Visit Historic Fort Tire old fort was the center of attraction for those who made their flrst pilgrimage t 0 the spot. The visitors were shown through the old structure by Ephrlam Erb, owner of the farm, and big son, David, the tenant on the tract. Many of the old relics of bygone days were placed on exhibition, several .of th.c pieces TlBited at SuSdberg on Saturday eve- | being originals used by the builder Quite a few of our town people took in the dedication Hamlin on Sunday. services at Mrs. Bert Mathews and' children ^ of Philadelphia, spent the week-end a patient at \ the Lebanon Sanitorium underwent /* a successful operation and is doing *' nicely. in town. Miss M»ry Strauss, v Musical Program In ^- Cleona U. B. Church gram of vocal' and instrumental music i n Emanuei U. B. church. lot th e fort. The meeting of the association wag called by President Frank M. Z-eller, of Philadelphia, who is largely instrumental in making the annua'l gatherings a success. In opening, the president presented additional historical facts concerning the early pioneers of this section. He gave a review of his travels In Europe, during which- he visited the birthplace birthplace of John Henrich Zeller. Th e early trails 'of the pioneers who blazed the trail over the South Mountains and settled in this section section about 1722 were told in th« address delivered by Gen. Gaylord M. Saltzgaber, of Van Wert, O.. and On Thursday erentag, Jun e 19' at ,jcomniander-in-chief of the Grand 8 o'clock, the music pupils at Mrs. JArmy of the Republic. The general Stanford Miller will render a pro-. { s a descendant of tlve builder of the .fort and met many of his Eastern Eastern relatives for the flrst time at the reunion. Although well advanced advanced in years, the general spoke with vigor and his delivery sparkled with the spirit and significance of. the occasion. Ron u ing Descendant Attorney Harry F. Kantn.er, of Reading, anothe r 'descendant, spoke of the early settlors of the Tulpe- hocken region and' brought many new facts concerning the history of the ancestors of thos e at the reunion. reunion. Edwin J. P. Zellers, formerly of Newmanstown, now of Philadelphia, presented a well-prepared historical sketch of the Zeller family from the time the fleet of ships reached th.e port 'of New York until tire present. His research ..work was carried to every state in the Union and his records records show descendants in every section section of the country. The Berks county Zellers were represented on the program by Attorney Attorney B. Morris Strauss, of Shoemakersville, Shoemakersville, who presented the data concerning the descendants wlvo mi- from Lebanon county to WALTON HOm (1ANGESHANDS Fred E'brhorn this morning sold the good will and furnishings of the Wattoii Hotel, on South Eighth street to David K. Wiker, an experienced Jiotel 'man of Lancaster Mr. Wiker tooJt ppssession today. Te has been in similar ' buiness for a long term Of years, at Lacaster, and comes here highly recommended as a progressive citizen, and a genial fellow who is 'destined to become highly popular. He has the best wishes of a consid- «rable number of ances. local acquaint. acquaint. Ehrhorn conducted the Walton Walton over nine years. During his tenure the place was remodeled and refurnished, and it is now one of the principle stopping places for. grated transient visitors. Mr. Ehrgood will Berks. enjoy a needed rest for a few week •end will then engage in other pur- BUits. If aunty Agent Berger •:, (Jives Farmers Advice r On Planting Corn % * . ^ — 1 ' " County Asent Berger advises all farmers who have corn to plant to use only 90 day varieties. I Even , "Sure Crop" which is considered a fairly early variety is too long- peaaoned to be planted at this time "• of the year. If a killing frost appears appears such a crop may fail. Nor- jnally fjoat appears in Lebanon Co. during the beginning of October, very tew of our commonly grpwn varieties of corn will ma- Thfl, rainy spell has caused poor etands of corn on some farms in the . county. Sonie of these fields will |>e replanted or "planted after" depending depending on the kind of stand secured. secured. The weather has also delayed fb0 farm work to such an extent tb,§t fin an occasional farm the corn ha? not been planted at all. Farm- *e,rf srfep find themselves in thir pre> pre> dieanjent should only plant very eftrly varieties of corn according to 'Mr, Perger's opinion. V Wiffg — "Say, more than one per- soft hag be«n guilty pf mutilating the b,Q9fei I lent him but my latest ex- caps the cllma*." fcft FW it?" !«* Secretary H. Harvey Schock, historian historian of the association, read extracts extracts from the history prepared by himself and which will be. placed in book form to b 0 distributed among the members of the association. The devotionals of tljo gathering were in charge of Rev. A. R. Bachman, Bachman, of Schaefferstown. Officers E'ected The election of officers- resulted as follows: President, Frank M. Zeller, 1419 North Twelfth street, Philadelphia; treasurer, John G 1 Zeller. New York, N. Y.; historian and secretary, H. Harvey Schock, Selinsgrove; board of governors, John G. Zeller, Mrs. James Barlow Collum, Gen. Gaylord M. Saltzgaber, Walter M. LeFevre, Henry Bucher Swope, 2d,_Mlss Janet B. Houtz, Mrs. E. A. Chastney, Mrs. H". J. McAteer. Amroon Zeller Schoch, George J. Zeller, Mrs. Miranda Zeller Zeller Althouse, Harry F. Kantner, Rev. George A. Zeller, Mrs. Samuel Porcher, Dr. Paul J. Pontius, B. Morris Strauss, Mrs. Mary Schoch McKelvey, George M. H. Good, Edwin Edwin A. Zeller, Jr., Wilson B. Zeller, Zeller, J. Paul Zeller, John B. Packer, Edwin Zellsr, Jacob P. Zeller and Mrs. Roberts Lowrle. THOSE WHO Tha following members of the clan Rev. A. B. Baohman. .Soliaofteratown; Anda Althouse. Reading; Nathan S. Althouse, Althouse, Reading; Nancy Bachman. Key. A. J. Bachman, Schaefferstown; Mrg. Theodore Zeller. Sast Orange. N. J.; Mrs. Miriam Zelle.r. Heffley, Lebanon; Elizabeth Zeller Moyer. Millbach; Bmma M. Bachman Sphaefferatown; Mrs. John Q. Ifoke, CprnwalU JJjr. and Mrs. G Jf. f»U»i»Y«r. ywi.Wjirt. Q.\ Mr. and Mrs. Jonatton Btefcel -6ras Bicke). Ireae The Are child Brownie Cameras $2.00 Up. Kodak Film Always Kodak Box Stop at our store and sec HarpeVs Get One For The 4th Lebanon; Mrs. Florence Stoudt, Robesonia; Robesonia; Miss Marguerite Stoudt, Kobe- sonta; M'tss Kathrvn Leininger. Heading. JUss Carrie Leinlngor. JNlr. mid Mrs. Geor&o Leininger, Heading; Mrs. Funnie Sonnen, Robesoia; Mr. and Mr.s. Peter Z. 'Sechrlst. Clara Scchrist. Dorothy tsDchrlst, inna Enyder, Newmanstown; Alice E. G-roovcr. Mr- and Mrs. J. )•'. Groover Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roller, CLewlsbu'rg; Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Kline, Luclla Kline. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Noll, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy W. Noll. Reading; Reading; Mrs. William Hertzog, William •Hertzog. Jr. Sinkingsprlng; Mr. >aml Mrs. John H.'Zeller, Mr. and Mra. Charles Charles 'j. Zeller, Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. George A. Mlnker Heading; Mrs. Elizabeth Elizabeth Krlck. Mohnton; Miss OOlgu H. Minlter, Reading; H. William Zeller, Bertha E. Zeller Mario E. Zellor. Dorothy Dorothy Zeller, LUitz. Mrs. Albert L. timber, Lebanon; Mr. ami Mrs. Paul Fuhmmn. Aniivtlle; Raymond Raymond J. Zeller. Gertrude F. Zeller, Miriam Miriam TJ. Zeller, Sinking Spring; Mr. and Mrs. "William L Arnold. Lebanon; Mrs. Hobert Fidler, Richard Fidler. Mrs. Maggie Maggie Ixiininger, Mrs. Syrus Lcinlnger, Arlington Lelnlnerer. Arllne Leininger, Robesonla; Mrs. atl Mrs. H. J. Z«ll<?r. Samuel Zeller, Lebanon; Mrs. Elcnore BaiiKtlc, Manheim; Mr.s. Charles Gulley. Jersey City. N. ,1.; Mrs. Emma Blecher, New York N.' Y.; Mrs. F. J. Kantner, Mrs. Al'bert M. Groff, Frank K. G-rofC, West Reading; Wallace M. Zellor.' Mary E Zeller Marlon Zeller Gerald R. Zeller, Philadelphia; Mrs. R. Bordner, Mrs- Chares Boltz. Jr.. Lebanon. Charles Boltz, Gerald Boltz, Lebanon; Mrs. Eva Wahl. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schlosser. Reading; Mrs. Clarence Kutz. Botty Kutz, June Kutz. Wyomlsslnpf Hills;* Mrs. John Wine, Miss Margaret Zoller, Miss Mary Zeller, Remont; Paul White, Mt. Hope; Mr. and Mrs. Hurry E. Fogehnan. Miss Verna Fogelmiui, Lebanon; Paul Furhaim, Annville; Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Runkel. Elizabeth Zeller, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron O.xenreidor, Miss Maude Oxenreider, Richland; Mr. and Mrs. Levl H. Koch. Mr. and Mrs. Aimforosc A. Zeller, Wer'nensvlUe; John .F,. ZellerxMnnt Clair, N. J.; Harry P. S. Zeller. Newmanstown; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harry J. A^hey. Lebanon; Mrfy E. Zeller, Werncrsville; Mr. and Mrs. Harry J Zeller, Allen N, Zeller Reinholds Station. Station. Hary L. Book, Richard H. Book. J. G. Warpel Lebanon; Mrs. Aaron II. Koch, AVernersrille; Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul J Wolf Helen Wolf, Mark Wolf, Lebanon; Mrs. E. Rfljgner. Hobert Reigner. Edna'Relg- ner, John J.'Zeller, Reading: Grant Zeller. Zeller. Mlnersvillo; Mrs. Peter Keipley Mrs. John Helninman, Mr. and Mrs- Robert Kepley, Rotoesonia; Phoabe U. Cury. Nora II. Massor. Mrs. Ira T. Clement,' Sun- iburg; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wentzel Mohnton; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Zflller, Sinking Spring; Mr. and Mrs William F. Weitzel, Mr. and Mrs. William Stoncr Grace 'Boris. Forrest Bortz, Mohnton; Mildred Miller. Lebanon. iMahlonWeitzel, Mohnton; Anna M Zeller, Zeller, Reading; John G. Zeller Mrs. J G Zeller. East Orange, N. J.; Jacob P. Zeller, Zeller, Mverstown; Mr>?. Charles .Hoffman, Mrs. Frank P.- Hoffman, Mrs. Charlos Zeller, Mrs. J. R. Phymire, Gordon Chabrtnoy. William Chaibrtnoy, Philadelphia; Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. George Ho.yer, Lebanon; Lebanon; George F. TJnbenhor, Mr. and Mrs George Link, Gloucester. .NT. J.; Alr.«! Maria Zeller, Myerstown; Mrs. George Leininger. George Leininger. Fenzro Temny, Eidth L/einiger, Reading; Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Moyer Ray Moyer, Marion Jloyer, Donald Weigrley, Richland; Clar. enoe Anepach. Myerstown; Mary A Houtz. Freeburg; Mr. and Mrs. Elwln J P. Zeller, Philadelphia; Clarence Zeller, O. Monroe Zeller. Reading; Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Spoils. Lebanon; Franklin W. Fogelman, Reading; Mr?. Nora Bossier. Bossier. Hamlburg; Mrs. Sallie Eptlng, Berks; Mrs. L. H. Wisthand. Harrisburg; Mrs. Mary Mover, Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Kantner, Franklin Kanter, rs. Mary A. Kanter. Mr.s, Tvuira L. Groff, Mrs. L'ot- tle Relgner, Reading; Frank M. Zeller Philadelphia; George D. Zoller, Mrs' George D, Miller Bertha Miller. Lebanon; Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. John E. Blacl(. Alexandria; Alexandria; John f} Hokf. Cornwall; Mr and Mrs. H. Harvey Schock, Selinsgrovc.' JOINED IN WEDLOCK MEASK— KEEMAX The Rev. Dr. I. Calvin Fisher, prwstor of St. Mark'* Reformed church, on Saturday married William William R. Meage, eon of Emma Mease, of 129 Mifllin street, and Bertha Feeman, .daughter of Joseph Feeman, Feeman, of 364 North First street. of morning suffering with Mr. formerly Eighth more well city around Ho Walnut his John, Jacob, Two Mrs. city. Hartman, and city. survive. The their evening, A. a arranged. team large be DOSMOVEll Many Ju'pe" prides were at the marriage altar, over Sunday. Helen J. Donjnoyer, daughter of 0. Dawson, Dawson, Doowoyef, &T Lickdale Rural Route $o. '4*Mk Saturday evening - William H. mechanic, ;art. the cere- • Tl — the Key. pastor Q| church. - John died East is He member church born He various parish, local Lodge Lodge Harriet, Mary, The Wednesday. Miss of this months. Burial afternoon. Mrs. home brief She husband, Erelyn, three and late gimon

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