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John Deeters, Star Gazers Club - rrjii&D general notes. I Er. Hnjh Hinckley has...
rrjii&D general notes. I Er. Hnjh Hinckley has returned home froffl tl west. ' 2 Vonr HUmien. 1135 Booth iun- iun- Sundays and Thursasys. IL-j. IL-j. IL-j. W. nV Krone and family have re-fcn4 re-fcn4 re-fcn4 kdiue from Covington. La., -where -where u1 lure been spending six month. f si Jamison, of Tuscaloo,, Alu.. rtiltlng Airs. Torry. 15 Camp street. uj wlu be pleated to see her friend. iOir la editor of the Tuscaloosa j-3 j-3 j-3 ana mayor of the city. From H. J. Bolle's news depot, o 4i CjaaiercUl place, the Picayune haa reared reared Harper's Weekly, Harper's Ba-ba Ba-ba Ba-ba Usde's Weekly. Judge. judge's IA-Lirr, IA-Lirr, IA-Lirr, and tke Cosmopolltala Magazine tf December. ' . Ur. C B. Btaub. the veteran new i, located at the Goldthwalte book Canal itwt aad Exchange alley, u oa band the latest sporting and i.-jsiUe i.-jsiUe i.-jsiUe paper, including the New Ijrs Clipper. Dramatic Mirror, Ntwi rJ Times,: Troth and Standard. lis aaoeuser-Busch aaoeuser-Busch aaoeuser-Busch Brewing Aseocia : aaa sent the Picayune a beauutui ;i t of playing cards, representing tne uericB army and nary. The cards are wiMineand nnlque, aad veil represent x ut aad taste the character of the pit St. Louis Brewing Association, 1 1 whose eompllmenta they are being Ot Saturday night an enjoyable surprise ;-:;y ;-:;y ;-:;y wis given at the residence et Mr. LiMrs. L a-. a-. a-. Giroux. No. 4700 Danphlne .xti- .xti- '.Those present were: . Mrs. tii-.i, tii-.i, tii-.i, Misses C. Westerhoua. L. Weater. i, U Lepply, B. Been, a-- a-- a-- Giroux. P. 3X and J. Giroux; Messrs. Slbert. G. . SL Bech. Ju Becb. U. Beeh, nt and G- G- Giro ox. Picayune : has - recelTed, through worteiy of the Sout&ern Kauway, a ofice calendar, big and aaeful, with Altering la clear blue and white. i eoaaghto . be read across a room, .fr each page contain a seaaonabie ,.ejtlan of some pleasant resort Asae-io, Asae-io, Asae-io, Mexico, the seaside and mountains be nachad by that route. ,. lc and Mr, i. A. Bernard gave a re-'lork re-'lork re-'lork b. last Saturday night at their ns. No. 2319 Waahingtoa areuue. la or of. their son. J. E. Bernard. , The nnlngly appointed home was exqnl-i exqnl-i exqnl-i with Us decorations of chrysanthe--2, chrysanthe--2, chrysanthe--2, chrysanthe--2, trergreens end lanterns. The i-r i-r i-r was a brilliant (access. . The guests l 'awnlwr of -sweet -sweet melodies, and jer wee aerred. -.v-Tine -.v-Tine -.v-Tine -.v-Tine was a pleasant gathering on lay night, at the residence of MUa Moran, 4232 Bouaseaa .street, the "-ulou "-ulou "-ulou being the orxanlxatloa of the eatury Social Club. The following otitis otitis ,eeve elected: W. E. Boes. presl-Vnt: presl-Vnt: presl-Vnt: Mis Clara Dycehart, rice preal-m; preal-m; preal-m; Kiss Itoreaee Feeny, treasurer; a. Setbert, financial secretary; John ?- ?- aoraa recording secretary; V. Drea-. Drea-. Drea-. erteant-at-arma; erteant-at-arma; erteant-at-arma; erteant-at-arma; erteant-at-arma; W. J. Murphy, 'Tie Cther Society of St. John the Bap-flst Bap-flst Bap-flst ehurab. corner Clio and Dryad es aeid a meeting on Thursday. Nor. t eklch the foUowlng officers were ted toe . the ensuing year: A. J. President; James P. Moore, president; Wm. VPettlgrew. secre-J. secre-J. secre-J. JohnsooT treasurer. The so- so- m A nourishing condition at preset. preset. Another euchre party win be glren nary, 1900. for the benefit of the "wr fond of the church. Jl Star Gasers' Social Clnb embarked "other successful nndertaklnK on rtJ night. Not. 13, by glrtog thetr W Pytman Hall. The ballroom u profusely decorated with flags and f. and the myriad of llghta lent a if;;!1 to the enene. Following offlesrst T. J. Williamson, pre si- si- i-Mli. i-Mli. i-Mli. ; Mutual Life j ferance Company OFBCW YORK. J i;CsCU33T. PrwIdBnt. Hlty-four Hlty-four Hlty-four Years ; Th Motaal Life Has :fe'S204inlflns J itv for; 7red Eo- Eo- "leats. Ajsw Hr"" Polda J,C$283inimsns ;- ;- holds to v'T paims and . -; -; refits t " ; UoJJ $765 cocas' ';; Coapan has no Capital I C 1-., 1-., 1-., 14 Pwelr Mutual y ! ' .V.r" J ia fifty-four fifty-four fifty-four .",JS'-?Pladistributedand .",JS'-?Pladistributedand .",JS'-?Pladistributedand : . - to its policy-holder policy-holder policy-holder has ; ;M to $142 millions, . " L'y-fie L'y-fie L'y-fie per cent.. ; that of any other - wce Company in - E jVLES, ' -.eras.- -.eras.- -.eras.- dent; Frank P. Berry, rice president; Loula J. Babat, recording secretary; Edward Schaaf. financial secretary; Henry H. Zwlble. treasurer; Joseph Hadley, srgeant-at-arms: srgeant-at-arms: srgeant-at-arms: srgeant-at-arms: srgeant-at-arms: Jobu Deeters and M Schumacker. nxarshala. The Blue Bell Social Club was reorganized reorganized Wednesday evening at the residence residence of Mrs. Mace. 213 South Claiborne avenue. Those applying for membership were: Misses B. Mace, D. Dunn. L. Taller, Taller, K. Blckmann, K. Ackerman, Mrs. Mace; Messrs. A. N. Talley, E. Decker, C. E. Puneky, J. Leon. A. Clacco, W. Schneider, L. Brockhouse. The following following officers were elected A. N. Talley, president; E. Decker, rice president; C E. Puneky. secretary; Miss K. Ackerman, treasurer. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday. Dec. 6, at the residence of Mlse D. Dunn. Last Saturday evening a surprise party was given in honor of Mr. Geo. Sins by hla friends on the occasion of his twenty-first twenty-first twenty-first birthday. The following were present. present. Misses K- K- Miller. J. and S. Rlg-ney, Rlg-ney, Rlg-ney, J. and N. Thomas, F. and N. Dies. E. Gilbert. J. Faska. D. Mohren. A. Bourgeois, B. Bermes M. Schmidt. A. and E. Sins. K. aad A. Carbrey; Messrs. M. Plunktt, J. Bobocker, C. and G. 81ns, J. Compter, F. Holdrtth. A. Laux. F. Sherman, Sherman, L. Kleffer. E. BeaumlHer, B. Mc-Stravlc. Mc-Stravlc. Mc-Stravlc. E. and G. Schmidt. J. Reed. E. Frlcken. C. Coignard. J. Derand. J. Demp-sey, Demp-sey, Demp-sey, T. Carbrey. The party was chaperoned chaperoned by Mrs- Mrs- A. Carbrey. On last Wednesday Miss M. C. Grune-berg Grune-berg Grune-berg tendered a musicale to her numerous pupils, at her residence, 2710 Constance, corner Fourth. The spacious parlors wer prorasely decorated with garlands of flowers) and ferns, and was filled to overflowing overflowing with friends ef the pupils. The successful rendering of each piece of the programme was a testimonial of the care and attention given to each pupil, from the youngest child of 8 years to the lovely rosebud ef 18. Special mention may be made of the selections rendered by the band, which la composed - of twenty-two twenty-two twenty-two members, all pupils of Mls Gruneberg. During Christmas week Mis Gruneberg will give another musical. : On Tuesday. Nov. 21. the wedding of Mrs. Louise Schalkens and Mr. Joseph Coaaens waa celebrated at the home of Mr. George DreseV No. 2237 Carondelet walk. An enjoyable evening was spent, and good wishes for their future welfare and happiness were offered.. The following following guests participated: H. J. De Marlgny. W. Reich. G. Dubuc, F. Ledes-ma. Ledes-ma. Ledes-ma. C. P. Williams, Octave Adams. N. Masaon. Arthur A; Dannaples. F. J. Ducatet, Y. Lemarcband. Martin Vltrano. J. Segar. G. Dress I, N. Dannaplea. F. Pa-leo, Pa-leo, Pa-leo, F. Dantonio, John Adams, W. Adams, H. Handardt; Mesdames Geo. DreseL N. Maason. Llaxle Schulkena. AUce Schalkens Schalkens and Ellen Williams. On Sunday night, Nov. 28, a merry crowd of pleaaure-eeekers pleaaure-eeekers pleaaure-eeekers assembled at the residence of Miss Blanche Carter, on South Robertson street, and organised the Minerva Social Club. The officers and member are: J.' W. Redding, president; president; John Redding, vice president; J. Fltamorris, recording secretary; Miss a. Carter, financial secretary; B. Clements, treasurer; A- A- Van Karen, conductor; u. Oaks, grand marshal; K. ilauber, ser-geant-at-arms. ser-geant-at-arms. ser-geant-at-arms. ser-geant-at-arms. ser-geant-at-arms. ser-geant-at-arms. ser-geant-at-arms. The members are: Misses Veeder Fisher, Viola Monchon, Clara Oswald, Nellie Dwyer, Hat tie Kamiaae, Oille Twitchell, Ruby Moeely, A. WUson and L. Carter; Messrs. J. Weber, P. Thineman, G. Wlllbrate, T. Byrnea. V. Thtneman, T. Richards. On Saturday, Nor. 25, an entertainment waa given by the Loving Cup Circle. In honor of Mr. Charles gtleffel's twenty-ninth twenty-ninth twenty-ninth birthday, which was followed by music, cake walking and dancing. Those who participated were: Mrs. C. 8tleffel, Mrs. W. A. Price. Misses H. Habersch-tng. Habersch-tng. Habersch-tng. G. Lopes, Grade Lopes, A. Laureus, C Laurens. M. Schmidt. T. Helnnlng. E. McGloia. A. Stolta. EL Stolta, E. Albers, L. Wagner. B. Merlin. L. Weinberger. M. Weinberger. L. Frlck. V. Mlequet. C Cor-eoBOn, Cor-eoBOn, Cor-eoBOn, E.'- E.'- WelndUng; Messrs. G. 8ml tn. L. R. Chauffe, A. Labarre. J. White. W. A. Price, J. Barghardt, T. Schriner, EL MeGloln. H. Patterson, G. 8tolta, L. Pierce, W. Trick. P. Flattery, L Chauffe, J. Decker. P. Griff and H- H- Hcno. Marlon Barron celebrated hla 10th birthday at his home. No. 2210 St. Andrew. Andrew. Monday evening. He received many handsome aad aaeful presents from hla friends. The usual games were 'played. The feature of the evening was the cake walk, .which was participated la by R. Barrows, J. Watxe and Miss B. Nee. B. Eb terns e aad B Morton. The cake waa won by Eblemaa aad Morton. The donkey party afforded much amusement. and the prise waa awarded to Miss L. Nee: second prise. Maater K. Morton. After supper dsnclng was la order.. The following gueats were present: Masters S. Stump f. B. Krupp, J. Bchonekas, W. Fobs. W. Quian; Mlasea L. Nee, L. Ue Arthur, L. Qnlnn, B. Krupp, M. Wetter and M. Nee. One of the most enJoyab!erents or the paat week waa a progressiva euchre tendered by Mlaa Jennie Forester to the members ef the Mikado acnehre Club, at her home, Nov 2429 Dryades street. Al ter maay eery exelttng- exelttng- and laterestrng games the prises were awarded as follows: follows: Ladles and gentlemen's am prise to Miss T. Blomeyer and ttt derbach: second to Miss a. Bchomaker and Mr. W. H. Warner; - aad consolation consolation to Mlaa E. Kerner and Mr. A. m dot-Amonf dot-Amonf dot-Amonf those who partlcipatea were: Mlases A. Schomaker. A. ioener. N. Kenaer. A. MltcheU, E. Loeller. hV Kerner. P. Buae. T. Blomeyer. jesate Forester aad Jennie Forester; llessT. a. Kmer. S. Camtrtav A. Prudot,, Warner, W. FaecHer. M. Mlse. L F." ao derbeeh. J. Prudot, W. H. Warner. The Crania clal C3uh celebrated Its first aanlversary oa last Wedaesdar alat at the residence of Mis Anna Mullen. No. 4801 Laurel street, with a- a- enter-talnment. enter-talnment. enter-talnment. The residence was handsomely decorated. Dancing waa Indulged la until midnight. The Seers , of the elnb are: Robert Frlcke. president. Miss C Thlce vice president; J. Hansen, secretary? Miss Anna IXnen. tretsurer. TT:e members

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 03 Dec 1899, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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