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 - JUMPING JCMEL, Who U so ' Hopping - Mad' at...
JUMPING JCMEL, Who U so ' Hopping - Mad' at Belna: Ordered to Appear at the Bar of the Fifth Conrt, to Show Cause Why He fehonld Not Be Punished for Contempt, When He Claims He Obeyed the Order of Said Conrt, that Ho Indulges Hla Indisnatloa in a Pyrotechnic Display of "Blue Blazes." Thejudge's injunctions against the payment of all warrants of 187'J, except those of constitutional ofheers, is creating such ' a tenuest in a teapot" that Auditor Jumel la ordered to appear before Judge Rogers at 11 o'clock to - morrow morning, to show cause why he should not be punished for contempt of court. A few days ago a reporter of the Picayune interviewed Major Burke on The Troubles of the Treasurer." wherein the sad, sort soliloquy of that official was given in connection with his occupying nearly the whole of his official time at either the United States or District Courts, in answer to their order upon this subject. And now comes Auditor Jumel, in contradistinction to the mild sadness of Treasurer Burke, foaming as a torrent, fretting, stamping and fuming. When the reporter of the Plcavune made his round of the 8tate - House yeteday, he inquired of the Secretary of State and the Auditor (who was at that time in the Secretary's office) if either had any news. Secretary of State Strong had none, but Auditor Jnmel replied to the inquirv of the reporter : " Yes ; plenty. The probability is that there will be a State officer the less on Monday." Reporter Why, are you going to resign t Auditor Jumel (solemnly) Few officeholders die and none resign. Reporter You are going Auditor Jumel (tragically) I am going to jail. The reporter was nonplussed. The tem - perarce proclivities of the Auditor were too well known in the community to lead tue reporter to suppose for an instant that Auditor Jumel had looked upon the wine when it was red in the cup. There wa only one other inference to be drawn, and the reporter proceeded at once to draw It. Auditor Jumel was feariully demonstrative and strangely excited; epithets flawed from his tongue as glibly as they were strong and expressive, while the eyes of the Auditor flashed fire. The reporter, before docldinst upon the mental condition of the Auditor, determined to " give him one more chance," and test his sanity on the question, What are you going to jail fori Auditor Jumel For contempt of court for obeying the orders of the court. This was not a very assuring answer, but it was an improvement on the one which pre eded it, and the reporter continued: Which eourt. what orders, what is it all about t " asked the reporter, desperately. Well, j'oueee," aeewered Auditor Jumel, "The Fifth Court, Judge Rogers's court, served me with a writ of lnaurtainus, on the petition of the clerks of constitutional oltt - cers, tiled March the first, which petition represented that the clerks held their several positions by virtue of constitutional acts pioviding for their appointments ; that by law they were entitled to demand and receive monthly from the Auditor warrants lor their respective salaries; that by Act 14 of lKi9, appropriations were made to pay the same. That certain of them had received the warrants for January. That a rumber aver the Auditor refuses to pay them for February, and and others for Jau - uary and February, now due and dem'Dl - able i further av rrlug that this refusal of the Auditor to issue warrants as required by lay, operates a denial of justice, and that tbey have no relief by the ordinary means. Wherefore they pray for mandamus directing the Auditor to issue the warrants due tuein, Rt required by law, or show cause to the contrary. Reporter Ah, I begin to understand the question now. And J udge Boxers, did he order the writ to be issued I Auditor Jumel Certainly he did, or I should have closed my oirioe here is the order : And the reporter copied : " Let a writ of mandamus issue herein as prayed for, ordering Allen Jumel, Auditor, to comply with the demand, or show cause to the contrary, on Wednesday, March 5, 1879, at 11 o'clock. W. H. Rogers, Judge." Reporter And what did you do 1 Auditor Jumel Why, I obeyed the writ of mandamus and complied with the demand by issuing the warrants. Reporter And you did not show cause why you should not issue the warrants! Auditor Jumel Why should II I had no cause to show why the clerks should not) be paid for work which they had performed, and having no cause to show, didn't show any. but obeyed the writ of mandamus bv complying with the demand of the court by issuing the warrants as prayed for. Reporter And for so doing you are ordered to appear to answer for contempt of this court and for this reason t " Exactly so ; here is the order to speak for iteelf," said Auditor Jumel, handing the reporter the official document, which reads as follows : W. T. Houston et als. vs. Jumel and Burke. Auditor and Treasurer On motion of 8. R - Blanc and J. Ad. Rozier, attorneys for plaintiffs, and on their suggesting that Allen Jumel, State Auditor, has. in defiance of the order and Injunction of this honorable court, drawn warrants against the general fund revenue of 1879, for purposes contrary to inhibition in said order contained, and that said Jumel has so acted in contempt of the authority of this honorable court: It is ordered that Allen Jumel do show cause on the 10th day of March. 1879, at 11 A. M., why he should not be punished for contempt. .

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 09 Mar 1879, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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