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W.F. Heck Cleveland Ohio - damages In the sum of 95,000 from William...
damages In the sum of 95,000 from William Yergens end William Yer gens, jr., for the loss of the eight of en eye. Re states in the complaint tnat he (was operating a saw in Yergens' heading factory in May of last year, .and that on account of the absence ''of a guard a piece of bark struck hij eye, inflicting an injury that de - stioyed the sight. GENEBAL COURT NEWS. Anton Kalbicher's will was probated probated yesterdiy In the c rsult court It simply provides for the payment of all his debts and bcqjeaths all his property to his widow John Merkler and Martin Strate - meler, declared of unsound mind, hare been accepted at the Blchmond hospital for insane Stratemeler has recovered his mind and Is working in a farm. li operation in Allen county, nine of them radiating from this city. Tin Installation of a oompkte service will mean the establishment of about fifty routes in all, the greater number of which will center here. BIG REPUBLICAN STATE COIYEITIOI (Continued From Page One ) BATS OVEBRUN FARMS Sterling, 111, April 26 Millions of rats have suddenly made their appearance appearance in Mercer, Bock Island, and a portion of Whiteside counties, and are icing great damage to stock and grain. .Where the Invaders came from is a mystery to the farmers, The rats sppear to be the most numerous numerous in Edglngton township and In Pre - emption, both in Mercer county. county. Thousands more have appeared In the rural districts of the other three counties. An idea of the magnitude of the pests can be gleaned from the fact that P. N, Montgomery, of Pre - emption,emption, emption,emption, In two weeks succeeded in capturing capturing and killing 3,435 of the rodents, rodents, using steel traps to catch them. In spite of this enormous laughter, his farm Is still overrun and there appears to be no diminishing diminishing of the number. The rats attack droves ogs, biting biting them end tearing their flesh, which results in blood poisoning Hundreds of hogs have been killed in this manner. The rata also kill J'ttle pigs outright and devour them. These complaints come from all parts of the three counties Poison has been used, cats by the hundreds hive been Imported into the counties, but there is no abatement of the plague, aai the farmers are greatly worried over the outcome INSPECTOR IS HEBE W. P. Beck, of Cleveland, 0 , in - epector of rural routes, has come to Tort Wayne and will remain here a month or six weeks for the purpose of making an Inspection of Allen county with a view of establishlDj a full county mail delivery service Mr Heck will open an office In the government building and will start out in a few days on his trip of Inspection Inspection It will take several weeks to go over the county, and In addition addition Mr. Heck will be obliged to map out the proposed routes and forward a complete report to the postofflce department department at Washington. There are at present twenty routes hlstor of democracy to praise H declared that democracy was without an Issue In the coming campaign He asserted that the presidents courie n the postoflUe scandal had shown that the republican course was to expose corruption wherever It was to be found Turning; to the tariff. Mr Watson declared declared that his party was ready to meet the Issue of tariff at every, point, that the Dingle) bill represents the highest and bet expressions of the wisdom of the country upon this point thai weighty consideration alone should Impel us to tariff revision, and that the present system was fortified by every fact, figure and argument end fully sustained by the Irresistible logic of events. Free coinage of silver, he said, had been oltmlruited from consld - eratlon. There was. he said. Ho Justification Justification for the cry of "Imperialism" and militarism"' four years ago and there Is none now. TUB TRUST QUESTION The republican party was given credit for every step that had ever been taken to curb and control the trusts The policy of territorial expansion, expansion, he said, had been fully Justified Justified by history. In state issues he declared declared the machinery had been running so smoothly that democrats were unable unable to And anything to criticise There is no Panama canal question, he said, for the reason that It has been settled by the republican party Rural free delivery of mall was cited as another achievement of republicanism, and he asserted that democracy was today without a leader, without a platform, without an Issue and without a pollcj He lauded Senators Fairbanks and Beverldge and other republicans - In con. gress and in conclusion said ' Such Is our hHtory such our principles, principles, such our leaders Are uq worthy Have we not earned the renewed renewed confidence of the nation Have we not merited the unlersal approval approval of the people' Who can doubt If Yes fellow citizens, e shall succeed, succeed, not for our own gratification, but because of what we have done and what we propose to do Succeed because because we cannot afford to fall because our country cannot afford to hae m fall It Is said that at the battle of Trafalgar, Trafalgar, which was to determine tho dominion of the seas. Lord Nelson, the great admiral called all his men on board their ships and standing In the midst of them, addressed them thus Sailors I hae naught but this to say In the battle that shall be waged tomorrow our country expects eery man to do his duty 'That was all that he said but It was an Inspiration that fired the heart anl nered the arm of eery man And on the next day aboe the swish of the ocean, above the roar of the battle, above the flash of the conflict while the sea was red and the waves were strewn with the wreck above It all, that command rang In the ear and heart of every man as clear as a bugle call Our country expects every man to do his dutj.' 'Who can doubt that today Lincoln and Orant and Haves and Garfield and McKlnley and Morton and Blulne and Hanna and all our mighty deud are

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Sentinel,
  2. 26 Apr 1904, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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